Top 10 Things the Xbox Series X Should Have

Now that the PS5 has been revealed Microsoft needs make the Xbox Series X a masterpiece if they want to keep up with Sony.
The Top Ten
1 Artificial Intelligence
2 Compatibility with PlayStation Games

That would make the sales results interesting.

3 Backwards Compatibility
4 Mini Fridge

That would be way better than having to yell at your mother for her to bring you a drink.

A better idea is that the console IS a mini fridge that can play games at the same time.

This would be great but honestly sounds somewhat unrealistic.

5 200 FPS
6 Free Online

That's the reason why I miss the PS3 and Xbox 360. Multiplayer was free! I wonder if Sony and Microsoft will make only free on PS4 and Xbox One since those systems won't used as much as before in the coming years.

7 Virtual Reality
8 No Noise
9 Extreme Durability
10 Touch Screen

Any console should have a touch screen

The Contenders
11 Infinite Storage
12 Heater
13 Portable Handheld Console
14 Web Browser
15 Ability to Download Flash Games
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