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1 Pillowtalk

Zayn totally changed his 'boy bandish' image with this song. Truly awesome - Ark-M

Even still got time good

About my boyfriend

Pillowtalk is good. But zayn's greatest song and by far is Golden.

Listen to it folks.
You won't regret.

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2 Dusk Till Dawn

His masterpiece

Wow.. one of the best zayn songs I've ever heard



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3 Wrong
4 Rear View
5 I Don't Wanna Live Forever

Well I am in love with this song nowadays... truly awesome

This should be on the #1 place. This song is truly amazing.

This song would've been perfect without taylor swift - DaWyteNight

6 Drunk

Love it

7 Truth
8 Like I Would

I think people bash all the other Zayn songs (especially Like I Would, my favorite Zayn song) in favor of the boring, uncatchy, 1D-like Pillowtalk!

This song along with the rest of the songs in this album is what R&B my favorite genre! This song is so nice. I shared this with girlfriend and yeah... :D

McCree:I bet your a fan of those old fashioned Zayn songs aren't you?

Me:I was, until I met this song

Zayn: Hey, what's up, it's been a while
Skinny, crying, Harry styles

Later on...

One Direction (Bart Baker version in Pillowtalk): WAA-AAA-AAA!

9 It's You

This 1 is the best 1

Loved the songs

His BEST solo song to date - JakeeGee


10 What Makes You Beautiful

I love the lyrics of this song... Such a amazing song

Amazing song

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? Borderz
? Lucozade

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11 Cruel

Awesome! - Ark-M

12 You & I

Love this song means a lot to me and love the high note he hits - Rahatali152

13 Story of My Life

I just love the lyrics!

14 I Wish
15 Fool for You
16 More Than This
17 Steal My Girl

All r just amazing

18 Rock Me
19 Befour

Amazing song

20 She

Best song of zayn

It's amazing..

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1. Pillowtalk
2. It's You
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1. What Makes You Beautiful
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