Top Ten Most Attractive Modern Rock Singers

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1Adam Gontier - Three Days GraceAdam Wade Gontier is a Canadian musician and songwriter. He is the lead singer, rhythm guitarist and main songwriter for Saint Asonia, but is best known as the former lead singer, rhythm guitarist and main songwriter of the Canadian rock band Three Days Grace.V2 Comments
2Pete Loeffler - Chevelle
3Chester Bennington - Linkin Park

He is the best singer of this universe

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4Amy Lee - Evanescence
5Benjamin Burnley - Breaking BenjaminBenjamin Jackson Burnley IV is an American musician, composer, and producer, best known as the founder and frontman of the American rock band Breaking Benjamin.
6Corey Taylor - Slipknot/Stone SourCorey Todd Taylor was born in December 8, 1973. He is an American musician, author, and actor best known as the lead singer and lyricist of the Nu-metal band Slipknot and hard rock/alternative metal band Stone Sour.
7Hayley Williams - Paramore

Dude seriously? Hayley Williams not on the top ten? She's got the sweetest looks and personality ever.

The hottest rock vocalist I've ever seen by far... really, her curves and red hair and SpongeBob teeth are just, ummm, making me... umm... G to the A to the Y.

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8Ivan Moody - Five Finger Death PunchIvan L. Moody, known by the pseudonym Ghost during his time with Motograter, is the lead vocalist for American heavy metal band Five Finger Death Punch from Las Vegas, Nevada.
9Phil Labonte - All That Remains
10M. Shadows - Avenged SevenfoldMatthew Charles Sanders, better known by his stage name M. Shadows, is an American musician, best known as the lead vocalist, songwriter and founding member of the American heavy metal band Avenged Sevenfold.

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11Andy Biersack - Black Veil Brides
12Matt Tuck - Bullet For My Valentine
13Matt Heafy - TriviumMatthew "Matt" Kiichi Heafy is a Japanese-American musician, best known as the lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist of the Orlando based Heavy Metal/Metalcore band Trivium.
14Jared Leto - 30 Seconds To Mars

Jared Leto is the most beautiful man to ever walk the face of the earth.

I mean everyones voting according to the band, but come on jared leto is the most beautiful thing to anything. 30 Seconds to Mars is overrated (even though I used to be a echleon) but they have good songs

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15Billie Joe Armstrong - Green Day

Billie Joe is unbelievably beautiful, don't believe me? In watch the videos for Basket Case, Redundant and Boulevard of Broken Dreams

I just watched the video for Boulevard of Broken Dreams after that last comment, and holy crap he IS good looking!

Should be number one, Billie Joe is still hot even at 42

16Gerard Way - My Chemical RomanceGerard Arthur Way is an American singer, songwriter, musician, and comic book writer who was the lead vocalist and co-founder of the American alternative rock band My Chemical Romance from its formation in September 2001 until its split in March 2013. His debut solo album Hesitant Alien was released more.

Once again, the only reason Mr Way wins my vote instead of one of the other two or three I find equally attractive, is because of his beautiful personality. His natrually wonderful spirit puts him head and shoulders above the rest when it comes to a tie in appearance

I was going to vote Billie Joe Armstrong but then I saw that Gerard Way wasn't even on the list! That's just plain wrong, Gerard is 5 different kinds of sexy and then some.
Also Frank Ireo of My Chemical Romance also... He's like 6 different kinds...

17Chino Moreno - DeftonesChino Moreno is an American musician. He is best known as the lead vocalist and contributing guitarist of Deftones.
18Chris Daughtry - DaughtryChristopher Adam "Chris" Daughtry is an American musician and actor, best known as the lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist for the rock band Daughtry and as the fourth-place contestant on the fifth season of American Idol.
19Mike Shinoda - Linkin ParkMichael Kenji "Mike" Shinoda is an American musician, rapper, singer, songwriter, record producer, graphic designer, manager and film composer.V1 Comment
20Maria Brink - In This Moment
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