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1 A Fever You Can't Sweat Out

This album deserves to be at number one. The songs tell stories, and they're so fun to listen to. My personal favorite is 'There's A Good Reason'. The second half of the album is so unique. AFYCSO is full of different sounds, and despite having ONE SONG with a bit of autotune, the vocals are stunning. The transition between 'But It's Better If You Do' and 'I Write Sins' is so clever. The songs on this album have a timeless retro feel, much like songs by No Doubt. I don't usually listen to 'Emo', or 'Pop Punk', but this album is AMAZING. Try listening to 'Camisado', or 'I Constantly Thank God For Esteban'. This album does have a bit of repetition, but no song can compare with one another. No matter what background you come from, you can indulge in the melodies, and appreciate the lyrics of A Fever You Can't Sweat Out.

I simply cannot get enough of this album. Ryan's song writing is simply legendary, the meaning between each and every song is pure genius. Personally, my favourite song of the record is Build God, Then We'll Talk. It is also my all-time favourite song to this day. This album was also very well performed. The live shows were astonishing, for example, this one concert in Denver was wonderful. Time To Dance live is simply spectacular!

Although all of there albums are unique in there own way, this one would have to be the most original in my opinion. Each song is telling a story and everything goes together so well and amazingly. Ross wrote such great songs and Urie sang them so well its just amazing. My fave songs are to be honest all of the but I listen to But It's Better If You Do and Nails for Breakfast, Tacks for snacks regularly since they're BOMB.

The songs all do sound similar, but not in the structure sense really, or even melody, but just the sound, which is perfect. This is by far my favorite album because almost every song on here has been my favorite at one time or another. Also to those who say there aren't any stand out songs other than the obvious two, try Build God, Suicide and Martyrdom, and But It's Better If You Do.

2 Pretty. Odd.

Pretty. Odd. is personally my favorite album because of the soul poured into it from Urie and Ross. If you couldn't already tell, Urie loves this album so much because of the experiences he has while touring and with Ross. The one song that made this album was Northern Downpour. Northern Downpour is not a face paced, loud or fun song (most off of a Fever You Can't Sweat Out), but the life that is added by Urie and Ross make this song the most beautiful thing I have ever heard. This album does not deserve to be anything other than first place.

I hope that I won't be burned at the steak by Panic! Faithful for putting this at the top, but I genuinely admire the huge risk the band took with this album. They went from fairly boring punk rock to some utterly fascinating tracks reminiscent of the Beatles. Case and Point: how many times have you heard a song that apologizes to its fans for being "being gone so long" and promises them "they don't have to worry because [they're] still the same band? " Never. This album offers lots of instant hits like "Behind the Sea", "She Had the Wprld", "Nine in the Afternoon", "Mad as Rabbits", and my personal favorite "Northern Downpour".

It's unfortunate that the rest of the Panic! Community doesn't see eye to eye with me about this fantastic album.

This album is absolute genius. I've grown out of all their other albums but I keep coming back to this one. Objectively, it is miles ahead of all the others, even Fever. It works perfectly as an album with songs flowing into each other, an introductory track and a consistent style. It has acoustic ballads (Northern Downpour), anthemic songs (Nine) just solid happy pop tracks (Day met the night, mad as rabbits, do you know, pas de cheval). Panic! swap their jumpy pop punk for lush orchestral arrangements accompanying a much stronger rhythm section that the previous album. The guitar work is more sparse but where it exists it's brilliant such as the distorted guitar on green gentleman the jaunty riff on handsome woman or the solos on pas de cheval and one other which I can't remember.
Not to mention it has some pretty obvious beatles inspiration which I love as the beatles are my favourite band.

AFYCSO is pure genius. Ryan Ross' heart is into the lyrics and the beats coming with every song are constantly getting better every time I listen too it. Pretty. Odd. and AFYCSO are tied for their best album, each getting 25% of the votes and rightfully so. Pretty. Odd. featured a new, more mature sound from Panic! which involved a Beatles meats Beach Boys meets Panic! sound. Pretty. Odd. might be too much for the new Panic! fan, but it is one of my favorite albums of all time. Some of the songs like Folkin Around and Do You Know What I'm Seeing might be too psychedelic for listeners, but songs like That Green Gentleman, Pas de Cheval, and Northern Downpour make up for the lack of sound. Their can just be too many things wrong with AFYCSO for it to be better than Pretty. Odd, but the problem is it's not. The only failure in that album is Esteban and Nails for Breakfast. The rest is just the souls of Panic! at the Disco from their high school experience.

3 Death of a Bachelor

This album is incredible, with so much range in songs. All of the songs convey a deep message, and they all somehow connect to the main theme: the death of a bachelor. It's amazing how he can go through songs full of events and tie it all together at the end with the mournful "Impossible Year." Not to mention the staple song, "Death of a Bachelor," is so beautiful, well-written, and conveyed the overwhelming emotion of the bachelor & his life.

Although a fever is a close second, this is the best album. A mix of theatrical, slow with Sinatra vibes and pop-punk, it really defines panic as an album. Every single song on there is a masterpiece. my favourite songs are hallelujah and the good, the bad and the dirty, since they are a slight throwback to their first record. Seriously, why does his get so much hate?

I liked how PATD changed their genre every album, and when I heard Victorious, I thought it would be just like the last album. When I listened to Don't Threaten Me With a Good Time, I was like " This is like, surf music or whatever. I soon realized about every song was a different genre, from swing to surf to Halloweeny music. Nice play, Urie. Nice play.

Such an awesome album. I love the whole things, which is rare for most artists as I'll like just one or two songs. Unique sound, catchy and interesting lyrics; the whole thing is so much fun.

4 Vices & Virtues

I don't get why this is only at 4th. It deserves to be at least 3rd or 2nd. This album always gets me extremely hyped when I listen to it. It brings me to a whole other world, full of pleasant and unique candies to feast upon, those candies being the songs. I really enjoy this album, and my current favorites are "Sarah Smiles", "Nearly Witches", "Hurricane", "Always", and "Let's Kill Tonight". Even though "Turn Off The Lights", "I Wanna Be Free", "Stall Me", and "Oh Glory" aren't known as much as the other songs in the fantastic album, they are still equally as great as the others.

This is my favorite album of theirs next to DOAB. It's like nothing I've ever heard before-- there are so many genres smashed into one, and every song has a unique vibe and energy. God, I love this album. Brendon's voice sounds perfect in every song, you can definitely tell its matured from A Fever You Can't Sweat Out. My favorite songs are The Calendar and Hurricane-- this album is absolutely, 10/10, PERFECTION.

After a fairly redundant first album and an adventurous and abstract second, nobody knew what Panic would think of next. We were given a collection of songs that each sounded completely different. From the mariachi horns of "Sarah Smiles" to the comically spooky organ of "Nearly Witches", each song features a special unique flavor.

Vices & Virtues is a true gem, with Urie and Smith being able to manage very well after the departure of their main lyricist, Ross. A more diverse A Fever You Can't Sweat Out under the influence of the success of the experimental and unique Pretty. Odd., Vices gives you a feel of both beloved albums, giving you the best of both worlds.

5 Too Weird to Live, Too Rare to Die!

When the weakest song on the album is "Girl You Love", you know the rest of the tracks are nothing less than stellar. As far as music is concerned, Too Weird To Live, Too Rare To Die is pop synth perfection, with the standout tracks being Far Too Young To Die, Vegas Lights, Miss Jackson, This Is Gospel, Nicotine - basically all the tracks are standout tracks. This is undoubtedly their most consistent album. The lyrics, mostly the brainchild of Dallon Weekes as well as Brendon Urie, manage to tell stories without rambling, unlike the first two albums. The entirety of the record is something you could listen to again and again. The only way this record could be more perfect is if they swapped out "Girl You Love" with "All The Boys", a demo. This is Panic! at their best.

I'm kind of conflicted with this album. Whereas there are some great, personal and meaningful songs, like This is Gospel, Girls Girls Boys, The End of All Things, Collar Full and Nicotine, there are some that I feel are lacking a lot. (Girl that You Love and Casual Affair especially. Except I can understand why the lyrics wouldn't be all that great in those two because they originally were written in French and then converted to English. French would have been so much cooler, though.)
BUT, it's still a fantastic album. It is literally impossible for Panic to make a bad album, this just wasn't their best.

I like this panic! At the disco album the best because they are all different sounding songs (I looking at you a fever you can't sweat out). Also this is the only panic album that got good critical reception (looking at a fever you can't sweat out again). Its not that I don't like their other albums, but I love this album the best for its cool synth pop emo mix that works on many levels. (in my opinion I think death of a bacholer will be better just for the amazing singles that are already on it).

I liked this album a lot! When I heard such songs as Far too young to die, Collar full, Girl that you love, Nicotine, and Vegas Lights, it automatically became my favorite album with Pretty Odd. However, I like this one more because most people don't appreciate it as much a like Pretty Odd. And don't get me wrong, all the albums are great! But this one is my most favorite out of the bunch.

6 Pray for the Wicked

Although ryan's writing is awesome, this new album brings the theatrical vibe that I love from any band. can't wait to see brendon this summer for this tour.

Very good album. 10/10. While High hopes may be a little overplayed, it's still a good song. This should be top 3.

The overall sound and feel of this album is just fantastic.

This album is good, but High Hopes was very overplayed.

7 All My Friends Were Glorious

This is a great album because it has songs from all of the albums. My personal favorite on this has to be the "A Fever You Can't Sweat Out Melody"

8 Live In Chicago

I'm a Chicago child myself. Born and raised in the city, so cool that they made a whole buyable album thing from a live show here.

9 Live in Denver

Oh my gosh this is the memorable live show for AFYCSO. All of the songs live, with covers of Radiohead and the Smashing Pumpkins. This is so good.

10 The Document
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11 Viva Las Vengeance
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