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Amazing, amazing acoustics. I am partial to it because the Japanese imported spruce from British Columbia for the top, and I live in Vancouver. Massive volume, great tone, and my favorite neck. I played one 17 years ago, and have never been able to forget it... So I hunted and found one this year from the early 70's. Absolutely love it

Terrific guitars. I would put them up against a Martin of which I own one. However, I play the Yamaki's almost exclusively (I have 4 of them) because of their wonderful deep sound and ease of play. One of the best bangs for the buck.

70'S vintage canon japan made yamaki guitars. One of the best sounding acoustic guitar. Spruce top madagascar rosewood back brazilian rosewood sides and rosewood fret boards with abalone inlays.

EXCELLENT Guitars... I have a Yamaki 225 12 String circa 1970. Wonderful, Beautiful Tone and Sound Qualities, Solidly Built, Stay In Tune. I Am Now Looking For More Yamaki Guitars to acquire.

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They have one of the most perfect and great sounds in the world

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I love my cort, given me a great sound for 9 years. Best value for money and a great acoustic sound

High Quality and superb sound, betters with age.

Cort's excellent beginner to intermediate guitars like cort AD810 & AD880 have proved to be as good as yamaha f310 and fender squire's SA-105 & FA-100.


If you ever have the good fortune to encounter one of these, for heaven's sake try it out. There's absolutely nothing out there that sounds as good as a lowden, at least not for under 10 grand. I've never played a Lowden that didn't haunt me afterwards.

There's something pure about these guitars. Several different tweaks of engineering and hand crafted through and through. Nothing compares.. and George lowden is getting better at his craft as time goes on.

Great sustain, fantastic craftsmanship, and heavenly sound. One of the best of the best!

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I had a D710CE about 5 years, it was great guitar an easy playing guitar, and in my opinion a well made guitar.

High-quality steel-string and classical guitars at affordable prices

I own a Hawthorn HO221TB Walden guitar (Colour: Tobacco Blast Matt finish), and fascinated by its marvelous sound quality and its make, material, design and feel. A heaven at affordable price. Kick off those kings of prices who do not allow the masses to have a classical guitar in hand.

I own a D560. I love it! Easiest guitar I have ever played! Beautiful finish and what a sound! It is a shame they are no longer in business.

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26Paul Reed Smith (PRS)

What.. they are known for the high quality and great sounding electrics, but their acoustics are out of this world. Expensive yes, but we aren't talking best price. We are talking best acoustics and PRS is making just that.

Like their electrics, amazing action, extremely playable, and beautiful tones. A joy o play. Makes me look good.

27Lag Guitars

I love this guitar. Great great looks and sound quality. Great value for your money. I have t400ace and I love it

I have 2 Lags, one is a 4 seasons (spring) no electrics) and a 300DCE, both guitars are excellent value for money.
I would recommend to anyone considering a new guitar try one and I don't think you will be disappointed. In my opinion they are very much unknown out there and well worth a look.


I own a twin bird that I've had set up ie new nut and lowered, and a taylor 318 and the tone of the twin bird and the sustain is far sweeter than my taylor, it's a remarkable guitar that I will keep above all my other guitars,

They are a good guitar for the money

I've Played Taylor, Martin, and Breedlove Guitars. The Crafter DG Rose is the best guitar for the money. The tone and resonance are second to none.

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29Simon & Patrick

Only real guitar I have ever owned and I continue to get people asking me what make it is because of its sound. I can't tell you what others sound like, but everywhere I play someone asks what guitar is making that great sound.

These beautiful guitars are hand-made in La Patrie in Quebec. They have amazing sounds and you can decide if you want a bright sound (spruce top) or mellow sound (cedar top) Anyway, I believe Simon & Patrick make awesome guitars

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30Cole Clark

Incredible, unique tone and great for finger picking - try one!

Beautiful wood. Smooth neck. So easy to play and amazing sound.

Should be higher best pickup and amazing sound

Best guitars, hands down.. I own 4 of them.

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How may companies are listed above the best built Acoustic guitars I'm the world...this list past 1 and 2 is is terrible.

This is probably the best brand out there but it's very expensive


One of the finest sounding guitars available. Unfortunately they are out of the price range of most people but if I ever win the lottery this will be the guitar I buy.

Heard a lot about these. Just wondering what features these guitars have that make them unique from the others.

Have you seen the demo on how these things are made? And the sound is incredible. Genius. Expensive. Someday...

Great guitar and mcpherson guitars are superb sounding especially 4.5 series

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Amazing sound.. Sweet loud and clear... These r great low cost guitars... top made from solid spruce which resonates superbly... HW-41 201 is the guitar I own... try it

It sounds like takamine.. Cort & fender.. n wht else to say... the best low budget guitar.. I bought it for Rs 4500/- a jumbo guitar... my living room sounds so good when I play it

These are really good guitars... recently I bought HW41-201... it sounds amazing like fenders takamine n gibson... sound is loud and clear & sweet... These guitars are made from spruce wood... I m happy to own it. Go for it guys... its low cost and best.

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34Sigma Guitars

Absolutely stunning guitars, that can easily compared with Martin. Beautiful sound with really great price. I own Sigma 000-15M folk/blues guitar and it's one of the most wonderful guitars I've ever played on. And I've played on much more expensive guitars.

35Greg Bennett

An awesome acoustic-electric guitar at affordable price! I felt like this is one of my smartest purchase. I have an OM one with very beautiful look - ivory-color spruce top and chocolate-color back and side. The guitar comes with built-in Fishman pick-up and tuner. It has bright and sweet sound on picking, while having strong and resonant sound on strumming. With capo, the tone can be transformed to be soft and deep suitable for sad songs. Most importantly, it is a full-sized guitar playable by a lady with small hand and short arm like me!

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36Andrew White Guitars

I've met and talked to Andrew as his shop is 20 minutes from me. When you talk guitars to Andrew, you will get the feeling that this man knows his guitar building. He strives for perfection in his small WV workshop. There is plenty of evidence seeing some of his production models hanging on display. His quiet voice belies his guitar building abilities. As a luthier, his personal hand made guitars command a big price tag. But when you understand how he builds them, you'll understand why. One day, I'll own one his creations from his workshop. But until then, I'll just drool over the pictures. Not sure why his production models are rated at 42 though.

The first time heard the sound of that guitar...I know this is the one that I am looking for. Even though when the musician play it, I couldn't see the mark. Took me a while to find it. By looking into many details on how it is made. It is not just one piece of instrument. It is a piece of art project, and a perfection to sound and notes.
Price might be a bit high if you have a tight budget, but every penny is worth it.

Andrew White's custom guitars are AMAZING! His attention to detail is second to none and his production model guitars can't be beat in their price range. If you have the chance, try one out!

Finally a good guitar maker has found out how to make a perfect production model. Beautiful- in every sense of the word. Andrew connects with people and understands exactly what the player needs and delivers every time. Should be #1.

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I think Mitchell is a great guitar brand. I happen to own a Mitchell MX 400, and it is just great. Honestly, I wouldn't say it's the best guitar brand but it definitely deserves to be somewhere in the top ten, not 43, like seriously.

I bought a Mitchell after my Fender wasn't cutting it for me and honestly like it more.

I just bought my first guitar it's a Mitchell and I really like it.


The tone from a Bourgeois produced with master grade Cocobolo wood using hot hide glue is superior to any guitar I have played, I can get an incredible reverb sound by applying a light percussion on the body with my forearm, this guitar is expensive but worth it. I believe Bourgeois builds 400 guitars per year, the other major producers production is 400 guitars per week.

Man this is sad. They aren't a well known company, but their quality is as great as any of the American acoustics and they sound amazing too. If you don't vote for these guys you know nothing of fine guitars


I think should be at least number 3 from the list

I have a 0m28 copy that resonates, sounds and feels better that the original.

40D&D Custom Guitars

They have a world class acoustic guitars :) )

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