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I draw them all the time, because they're my favorite animal. I can draw them anime style, but that's about it. I also draw wolves more than anything else combined, probably.


Wolves are amazing, they are just so beautiful. I love drawing them more than anything else.
I love the fur details and the eyes. Such beautiful animals. I still haven't drawn one though, and hope to soon with pen and ink.
[Newest]They are my ultimate favorite animal! They are also very majestic to draw.

I love drawing cats. It's so fun to draw them, with different poses and markings, and it's not that hard. I love the Warrior Cats series and drawing characters from the stories, or making my own.
I love drawing cats, I draw them all the time, warrior cats style :). I draw them so much that when I try to draw a dog, it looks like a cat.
This is about the only thing I can draw well, since I am a Warrior Cat fan. Really easy to structure and you can implement so many emotions and variety to the cat.
[Newest]Cats are really fun to draw. I like drawing my cats and just random cartoon cats in math class. They're pretty easy to draw too.


Only thing I can draw that's on this entire list.
How pathetic am I.
I can't even draw it that well...
Well, have fun. They aren't easy always. (I can only draw the same kind of thing over and over. )
I think dog are cuddly especially Yellow labs and I have one she's the queen of the house laugh out loud!
There are so many breed it is endless what kind of dog you can draw

These are so cute I wish I had one
I love rabbit's so I draw them. The thing I like about drawing rabbit's is the body.

In the past 4 years my dragon drawing skills including anatomy, detail, originality, poses, and movement went from being extremely terrible to being amazing. I love drawing them so much. I'm actually drawing one right now. It's actually a horse/dragon hybrid though, but still a dragon.


Over the last few weeks, they have been the only creature I can draw. their mean eyes, slightly smug but sweet expression and majestic wings. I love them
I'm really good at drawing but this what I love to draw the most


[Newest]Dragons are fun and easy to draw

They're my favorite animal and they are such amazing creatures and so much fun to draw!
There so easy 2 draw lol.


I love turtles and they have so much details great if you want to impress someone special
[Newest]Love to draw sea animals, the reflections and shifting light the water creates is really so beautiful!


I've always loved horses since age three. A boy horse under 4 years old is a colt, and a boy horse over 4 years old is called a stallion. A girl horse under 4 years old is a filly and one over 4 years is a mare. Horses are naturally hard to draw. I have drawn horses forever and I am now skilled at drawing one. All you have to do is get a How to draw horses book at the library and you'll be mastered in no time!

I also wish horses were number one on the list.
I ride horses and I love to draw them. They are absolutely stunning and show strength, power and beauty. THeir body has wonderful contours and I find it so fun and interesting. I really recommend that you try to draw a horse because I'm sure it would improve your skills as well as providing something to stop you getting bored. I'm not an expert at art though :? I agree with 4 votes above. ^^^^^
Ridden horses for ever. Horses were put on this earth for 3 reasons. To ride, to draw, and most of all, to love like family.
[Newest]Horses are so boss. I love them so much 😍.

Penguins look so regal in every drawing. If you draw them, make sure any colour REALLY stands out, because they live in such a dull environment.
I love penguins so much

What is the best animal to think of that first comes in mind is the magical and amazing animal the unicorn. My little sister loves unicorns she makes me read her a story about unicorns. I guess that's how my sister loves the unicorn and I.
I love unicorns they can be scary or cute and cuddly
Unicorns are so magical so I like to draw them from time to tine

I am an lion expert and I study them for a living. I truly agree with you.
I love drawing these animals! They're a little hard, but really fun and unique.
How could you forget

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Foxes are my favorite animal, and are really fun to draw. And look! The name of the person who made this list is even named "Foxrocks"!
No cats or dogs for the basic?... At least there's foxes


Some are simple and some are not but if you are to show tone it's best to start on smaller birds than others.
Birds are stunning and easily my favorite animal to draw! Free and creative...


Birds are very simple and nice to draw. Birds are also very good to draw because they are very small and are beautiful features.

harder more than dragons... because they have more of details
I draw really good phoenixes


The detail that can be put into these is amazing... Their the first thing I learned to draw, so that also makes them my favorite!

Bout the only thing I can draw

Tigers for me are the best and most beautiful thing to draw because it has the best patterns and awesome eyes and shape.
Big cats are beautiful to draw. Especially their captivating eyes. Heck, I just like drawing eyes!


17Sea Horse

Pigs r amazing even though I can't draw them

They are cute, know to swim, have soft feathers and there feathers are color yellow and white.

Tiger plus lion cross breed

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