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101Martha My Dear

It's so cute that Paul wrote this for his dog, Martha. Great song!

Complex, delicate and always makes me smile

This song is definitely one of my favorite Beatle's songs. It has amazing music as well as lyrics/vocals. While this doesn't necessarily deserve the number 1 spot, it is much better than a lot of the songs ranked ahead of it.

,Amazing complex

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102No Reply

Brilliant song brilliant lyrics Johns voice fantastic

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103For You Blue

My favorite Beatle song. It reminds me of the CRJ-700 because it randomly plays in my head when I thought about flying on one. - Metts

104I'm So Tired

It's great! I think it deserves more than 180... 60?

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105Your Mother Should Know

You're kidding, right? Number 118? This is one of my favorite Beatles songs! It has great lyrics, melody, and is really catchy. This should really AT LEAST be in the top 50's! - kaitlynrad11

One of their biggest Underrated songs.

Completely underrated in this list!

I agree with the other comments

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106Mr. Moonlight

In my opinion, the best song off of Beatles For Sale. Most people hate it, but I just don't see why! I think it should be higher. - MontyPython

Some of these last songs I have never even heard of.

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107Please Please Me

The one song of theirs where I can't (no matter what) listen to it only once. The harmonies are phenomenal. "*****"! - BKAllmighty

Seriously... Their first #1 Single is at 70?!?! This song deserves to be much higher on the list. It has great harmonies and Paul does a great job of singing such a simple song! GO Beatles!

I voted for this although in my list it wouldn't be my first choice (It's much better than any songs from other bands but since The Beatles has so many great songs, this wouldn't even fit to the top 20 in my opinion) but since it's ranked so low, It hink this song really needs votes.

You've got to be kidding! 123!?

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108Dig a Pony

Rooftop Masterpiece! One off the most underrated songs from an underrated album. Come on people... just listen to John's truly heart felt love song to Yoko recorded live on a cold London rooftop. On my list of top 20 Beatles songs this would come in at 12 right after Run For Your Life. Dig That!

109Fixing a Hole

Great lyrics and wonderful fuzz guitar

Awesome song, really underrated!

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110Lovely Rita

Seriously underrated. One of my favourite Beatles songs

Very hip and cool song regardless of the message

Underrated. The best outro ever. Love the piano!

An underrated classic. Top ten for sure.

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111I Wanna Be Your Man

Such was their confidence they gave this throwaway to the Stones!

112Polythene Pam

The percussion in this song is amazing

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113Getting BetterV4 Comments
114Good Night
115You Can't Do That

All John... MORE COWBELL! - John09

Guys what. This song is life, I'm literally addicted

Love this but why 101

116When I'm Sixty Four

I think this is one of the most underrated Beatles songs ever! I think this song is actually one of their best songs in my opinion! This song should be way higher in my opinion.

This is my favorite song of all time. The tune and lyrics go excellent together.

I don't know why some people despise this song, considering it's a rather pleasant song.

This deserves so much more

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117You Won't See Me

Love the drums and harmony in this one.

One of their best pop songs.

118Good Morning, Good Morning
119I Me Mine

How is this song not even on the list?! Not the best song, but definitely deserves to be on here

So simple yet beautiful melody, I never get tired to listen it.

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120I'll Follow the Sun

The chords in this song are absolutely magnificent! The song is beautiful and really showcases the early Beatles' spirit. It's a song that should never be overlooked.

This song is amazing; more than wonderful: simply fantastic beautiful!

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