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Suicide Silence
Bulle For My Valentine isn't even Deathcore! Suicide Silence is the greatest of all this bands, the sound great, they lyrics are excelent.
Suicide silence is amazing, Mitch is the best screamer out there
If we're talking deathcore then suicide silence all the way. But half of these aren't deathcore.
[Newest]Mitch is genius in lyrics and the rest have teamwork
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They are the top deathcore.. Listen to their music..
I swear you will like 'em..
Whitechapel, suicide silence, lamb of god..
They are the greatest band of my world..

They're the best Deathcore band to walk the earth. Suicide Silence are great too, but I feel like their fan base just skyrocketed after Mitch died and it was all a bunch of scene girls who thought he looked hot, felt sorry for him because he had a wife and a 5 yr old girl and didn't give a damn about the music he made. They just liked Mitch for his looks ad not his prowess as a deathcore vocalist. No disrespect intended for SS whatsoever, and I'm in fact looking forward to their new album with Eddie Hermida (on Nuclear Bast! ), but Whitechapel are just a far better band. Phil has an amazingly powerful and brutal voice and knows how to pump up a crowd at a show, and whitechapel's fans aren't a bunch of chicks that think Phil looks hot. They're the undisputed best deathcore band.


Whitechapel is amazing! Very technical and amazing I don't know who put some of these bands on this list all shall perish should be higher carnifex also one of my favorites I prefer the black dahlia murder and all the bands I listed over suicide silence! My personal opinion! This world is ours and we won't stand still
Infinitude sets thy vision toward the deep
Civilization will fall by the hand of all disease
Banished of all life and awoken from the grave! Whitechapel this is exile!
[Newest]I cannot go a day without shredding some Whitechapel! Should be number one!

3Chelsea Grin
Chelsea Grin is THE deathcore band. For me, they can rival with Suicide Silence. I don't know how Whitechapel got higher. Because all Phil can do is lows. His highs sucks. As for Alex, he can do some of the highest highs, and lowest lows I have ever heard; and remember he fry screams, and I as an artist in metal, it's hard to pull off amazing fry screams like Alex. Mitch WAS good at screaming, I mean, listen to The Disease (from the Cleansing) to O.C.D. (from the Black Crown). He WAS amazing. But the older he got his screams became less powerful and not as blood curdling. And the whole band didn't seem like a deathcore band anymore. They just sounded like a heavy metal band with screaming instead of singing. And I am NOT just saying that because Jonathan Davis featured with them in Witness the Addiction. Just, Mitch wasn't as good as he used to be, BUT it's like Tupac all over again. Kinda like how Eminem is the best at rapping, and you may not like him, but he is, people won't say he is because Tupac died at the height of his career. Everyone says Mitch is the best because he died when he was most famous. Alex still has a whole life ahead of him to become who he is truly destined to be. Anybody who truly listens to deathcore agrees Alex is as much as a legend as Mitch if not more legendary. We can ALL agree My Damnation had some of the best screaming known to METAL, let alone deathcore. Alex's scream in My Damnation was good and unique enough to rival against Chester Bennington. Although Chester isn't deathcore, he still screams better than most deathcore matalists. And that truly says a lot if Alex's scream can rival to THAT. Although, he didn't do that great on Ashes to Ashes, he has an exception, he had his jaw broke, and he can still scream better than most people. Chelsea Grin is overall the best deathcore band ever, and sense I don't see Suicide Silence being moved down from one anytime soon, then Chelsea Grin at LEAST deserves the #2 spot on this list. because they have heavier riffs and instrumental and have higher and lower screams than most people. People, including myself, WISH they could be as good as Chelsea Grin. CG should be at least at two.
Chelsea Grin is the best Deathcore band. Their songs are brutal and some are meaningful. When I listen to them my anger and all of my hate are disappearing. I feel very bad that I discovered them two months ago. I should've been with them since they started to play. To everyone who doesn't know CG Go to youtube and just listen and you'll know why I and other people like them.
One word - Amazing
Great Band, Ridiculously Heavy Breakdowns, Brutal Screaming, Great Riffs
[Newest]Just a brilliant band all together real technical in there old stuff and a bit experimental in there newer stuff but damn that new drummer is phenomenal and new album is similar to there older stuff, all time best deathcore band

Carnifex are an awesome band. Just listen to Lie to My Face, In Coalesce With Filth and Faith (this song has some brutal breakdowns) or Until I Feel Nothing. Scott Lewis is an awesome vocalist and Shawn Cameron is an awesome drummer. As previously stated, Carnifex are an awesome band.


Carnifex has talent. Far more talent than any other band (aside from All Shall Perish, which is also a very talented band. Carnifex is just better. ) in this top 10. Suicide Silence, Whitechapel, Chelsea Grin, Despised Icon... All talentless excuses for deathcore bands.
How is Carnifex so low down, its below Bullet For My Valentine for gods sake (they are nothing like deathcore)

5Thy Art Is Murder
This is the band that go me into Deathcore back in 2008 with their Infinite Death E.P. I didn't really understand it but what I kept was absolutely amazing to me. They made me feel like smashing stuff up and still, even today, I maintain to have that feeling every time I hear these guys. Top 3 at least.
These are actually amazing, "Hate" is such a brutal album. They deserve so much more recognition. Look up Reign of Darkness on Youtube, and you'll see what I mean.
I think that is the best "deathcore" ( I don't like use this definition) band. They're amazing and so technical. Chelsea grin are better than TAIM!?
[Newest]I think the band is better than Suicide Silence and others...

6All Shall Perish
All Shall Perish is absolutely amazing! Every album is a piece of art! Screw the guy that said their last album isn't good. It is great!
Incredible guitar work with meaningful lyrics.
How are ASP not on here? Every album (before their most recent) is a work of art! Go check em out kids
[Newest]These guys even actually sound better than any other known deathcore bands here.

7Despised Icon
Pioneers of deathcore guys? They should get back together. Defiantly my favourite deathcore band up with suicide silence and job for a cowboy.
They recently reunited :) back together and ready to kick some more ass
They invented deathcore, they should be at number 1.
How is this band only one above alesana? This band helped create deathcore you people are dumb

8As Blood Runs Black
The best breakdowns ever (EVER) I dare anyone to get breakdowns as half as good as those guys just listen to, strife (chug chug), My Fears Have Become Phobias
To the moron beneath me that said there are no original members from "Allegiance" to "Instict" - Have you heard of this magical new website called Google? If you had, you would've known that your statement is completely wrong. Don't disrespect Lech like that, man..
THE BEST DEATHCORE BAND EVERR even though what makes me sad is they have one album only (allegiance) the new album doesn't have any members of (allegiance)
[Newest]Why are these guys not pissing on suicide silence... I guess ignorance is bliss...

9Born Of Osiris
How is this band only on 18? This band is much better than Suicide Silence. Born of Osiris have awesome Guitarists and the Keyboardist is awesome too. They deserve to be on Number 1!
One of my favorite deathcore bands insane vocals I wish I had the vocals Ronnie Canizaro has and guitar is amazing and bass Danny de roach is a mad bassist these guys should be number one
The Discovery is the best deathcore album ever recorded. it has proven that deathcore can be taken very seriously.
[Newest]How is it back? This band should win.. ­čśÉ

10Job for a Cowboy
IS this even a question? Deathcore is a mix between death metal and hardcore. This band is the only one on this damn list that is more death metal then hardcore. And seriously? Bring me the horizon? Bullet for my valentine?
Only band on the list yet that does a death metal and hardcore mix. But they have still left out the band that was the first known to mix these two... Dying fetus.
Totally awesome! My favorite deathcore band so far!

The Contenders

11Impending Doom
Very amazing and underrated band!
Maybe people won, t like it because it has got christian messages but you should admit that this band is very underrated deathcore band
Hear "Murderer" "For The Wicked"(my favourite song for them) "Deceiver"


Dark, very low more growling than screaming at least on there newer stuff. awesome. Yes they are Christian. SO WHAT! I have never heard another deathcore band that I enjoy as much as impending doom
Impending Doom : for me Impending Doom is the best band. because the shout. growl and scream they have high vocal pitch and clear voice not like other the band just only a death to death core the behavior and characteristic. while perform so blurd voice.

Example : murderer, doomsday, silence the oppropesors, deceiver and nailed dead risen ( passion of the christ )
[Newest]Impending doom is deathcore

12Infant Annihilator
Almost overwhelmingly brutal. Great vocals, inhuman drumming, awesome sweeps and monstrously, skull-crushingly heavy breakdowns. Seriously, listen to just one of their songs and you'll be ready to smash a chair over somebodies face.
Fast, intense, brutal lyrics. They deserve to be in the top ten
I can't decide a favorite, but this band deserves the top 10. Although they were only a project they're sound is amazing. Dan Watson is a amazing vocalist, Eddie Pickard is a epic guitarist, and Aaron Kitcher's drumming is insane and the double base is so fast that you'd think he used a machine, but it was pure skill. For only one 16 track album and a couple of singles, this band owns and is seriously brutal. Deserves to be up there.
[Newest]The most brutal thing I've ever heard! - I am totally in love with this band, and hope to hear much more from them in the future.

13Heaven Shall Burn
Believe what you will, Suicide Silence isn't the best of 'em.

I prefer Heaven Shall Burn's live performances over other deathcore bands'. Marcus' vocals are much more chaotic, and the guitars don't frequent around open strings because the riffs make them heavy.
Iconoclast and Antigone are awesome Albums. They have the lyrics, the sound and the voice to make them one of the greatest bands out there.
I LOVE Endzeit, anyone reading this should listen to it.
Underrated band is underrated.

Oceano and winds of plague are the last in this list? I can't bear to see it. Vote for them people! They're too awesome to be so low in rankings.


This band is mean, angry, and the music reflects that. Oceano is number one on my list.

15Bring Me the Horizon
I can't even believe there are nerds who think that alesana, bullet for my valentine and asking alexandria are deathcore bands! Laugh out loud
Alesana is hardcore-punk
Asking Alexandria is Hardcore-screamo
Bullet for My Valentine is Metalcore-emo
This band at one point was alright. When Oliver screams especially for Diamonds aren't forever, that song is just a mess his screams are awful, they aren't even close to being deathcore, well not anymore... That was only Count your blessings. The only album that was pretty good was There is a hell but overall I don't know how they even got to be in this list
First deathcore band that I heard and make me absolutely want to playing deathcore, they make deathcore full of art and grand
[Newest]Count your blessings is just a brutal album and I advice everyone to check that out this is my favourite band so... yes check them out (the old stuff if you are searching for deathcore)

16Here Comes The Kraken
Most technically advanced, complex, and talented deathcore band out there. Their guitar work is top notch. Listen to "Confessions of what I've done", "Don't Fail Me Darko", and "From the Deepest Darkness" and you'll see what I mean.
This is top band

17Rose Funeral
More death metal than deathcore on their recent album, but still an extraordinary band. #5 on my personal top 10 followed be suicide silence, whitechapel, chelsea grin, and job for a cowboy.

Suffokate are one of my favourite bands, purely becuase they have brutal music, Ricky and Matt have incredible voices and they are just plain awesome!
Most negative upfront and real band

19Winds of Plague
Decimate the weak is fantastic. the bands look has nothing on their music!
Why the hell are they still down here? They need a higher spot


Winds of plague must be in top 10

Their bass rattled my bones at mayhem. Enough' said! M/

21Black Tongue
These guys have some of the heaviest breakdowns I've ever heard and I've listened to almost every single band on this list. The only bands I think that could contend to the heaviness are The Acacia Strain and The Red Chord
These guys are great, definitely recommend you at least listen to a song or two on YouTube if you haven't heard them before
Brutal breakdowns and gutturals.

22The Faceless
Why is the faceless on here. This band is Tech Death, not Deathcore.
The faceless is better than more than half of these bands! Just listen to Leica and the ghost of a stranger! Akeldama was a masterpiece

23The Acacia Strain
The Acacia Strain are the heaviest and the best band ever. The fact that they're not, at the very least, number 5 is depressing. Anyone who hasn't heard them are missing out and get with the program.
How the hell is one of the best deathcore bands ever outside the top 25?!
Insanely heavy and brutal, they deserve to be in the top 5.
[Newest]25 what the hell

24I Killed the Prom Queen

25In Dying Arms
The most talented screamer in deathcore thus far.
Let's get them to the number one spot asap.
I like their screaming..
[Newest]Without a doubt one of the greatest bands ever!

26Rings of Saturn
Seized and devoured listen to it!
These guys are by far the best current Deathcore band with a progressive fast paced sound.
One of the most technical bands ever...

27Bleed From Within
One of the best of the list, absolutely better than Chelsea Grin or Suicide Silence.
Really good and underground band! They should be higher

28A Skylit Drive

Emmure... You can feel this dudes hate flow freely throughout a twisted depressively homicidal ambience this bands got going on... Plus these guys have real skill working with each other... I'm surprised these beasts aren't in the top ten
Definitely should be up in at least top 5.. I like bands like I killed the prom queen.. But deathcore.. List is a fraud...
These guys should be one of the top ten
[Newest]Haha that's funny all the great band not in top 10

30Veil of Maya
Easily one of the best bands I have ever listened too the vocals are second only too those of Mitch Lucker of Suicide Silence but the guitar is by far the best guitar I have ever heard and tge song Punisher is easily my favorite song.
Ok I'm a suicide silence fan and I thought these were they were the best death-core band but after listening to these they just blew me away and I was like WOAH ain't nobody got time for that! XDD

31War From a Harlots Mouth
Just the hardest sound, best breakdowns, unique shouter!

32Motionless in White
These guys aren't deathcore, they're gothic metal, but they are probably one of the best modern metal bands I've heard and everyone looking for amazing metal should check them out.
They should be ranked higher!

Amazing band, but it's not deathcore. Sorry.
Incredible band. Deathcore... No

34Parkway Drive
To be honest there not deathcore. There metalcore. But there an anazing band. Winston's vocals kill it. I love them. There albums are amazing. There the right amount of heaviness. Not to soft and not heavy. Still think these guys should have at least bean 11 or 12. Even though not deathcore
Just listen and enjoy! Amazing guys!
If these guys are deathcore... Then they own this

35I Set My Friends on Fire
ISMFOF has one of the amazing screamos I've ever heard.
There songs are hilarious in a good way and awesome.

Try listening there songs like Ravenous Ravenous Rhino and Things that Rhymes in Orange and also that Crank that Soulja Boy screamo cover.
Man their awesome!

36I Declare War
I don't know as far as musical talent, but they really know how to make brutal, honest, and amazing songs and albums. They're vocalist Jamie is so good and powerful it's crazy
Great band. As they burn alive is one of my favorite songs ever!
By far one of the heaviest deathcore bands I have seen live, flawless performance.

37Dance Gavin Dance
They aren't even close to death core.

38We Butter the Bread With Butter
Best weirdest German Pop Deathcore band ever, their new stuff is going to be amazing.
Didn't think I would like them.. But they are pretty awesome
If you like WBTBWB you should listen to Callej├▓n!

39Chainsaw Disaster

40Lost Soul

41Make Them Suffer
This is one of the most brutal and most awesome deathcore bands ever! Widower, Weeping Wastelands, epic songs, check them out!
They are incredible. The well is heavy as absolute hell. They have some sick breakdowns too.

42Betraying the Martyrs
This band should at least me in the top 5!
Are you kidding me! Why are these guys not pissing on suicide silence!?
Why are they so low down? Betraying the Martyrs are AMAZING!

43The Agony Scene
disbanded band made into Hollywood Burning and The Valhalla War Machine


This is an awesome band, not deathcore though. But still everyone should check this band out!

45Upon a Burning Body
Best deathcore band ever! One of my favorites. Amazing breakdowns, kick ass guitar solos, better pig squealing than any other deathcore bands, meaningful lyrics. They should be #1 on this list.


They are the most realist band I know. This band should be #1 on here since they're band who know what a real solo is
This band is awesome, my favorite of the genre :D

46Eat A Helicopter
Brutal and interesting band, I'm a huge fan of these guys.

47Waking The Cadaver
These are no deathcore they are Slam, which in my opinion is better, so you need to check these guys out!
Waking is way more slam then deathcore haha
These guys suck why are they so high?

48Depths of Mariana
This band has played in the Mayhem Festival in Virginia for Sumerian Records they are a young and very heavy Deathcore Band. I am a true fan I believe they are the band to watch in 2013.
A must watch band they are so heavy taking it to the next level!
Their new sound is so heavy the vocalist kills it!
[Newest]Where are they now?

49Point Below Zero
Fairly unknown band, only have an EP out, but still are excellent.
These guys are extremely amazing and talented. These need to get known!
The EP they put out is insane. No drugs for jake has one of the most amazing breakdowns I have ever heard

50Sky Eats Airplane

51Disfigure The Goddess
More slam death than it is deathcore.. but this is on my top 10 death metal bands. cooler yet, its one guy. id love to see someone do a drum cover of the programmed beats.

52Dir En Grey
The fact Dir En Grey isn't at the top is just ridiculous. This is the real meaning of heavy metal! Kyo is one hell of a screamer and knows how to keep his range (both high and low) this beats BMTH and all you can think of, this band is insanely amazing and powerful!


54King Conquer
King conquer should be way up the list. This is super outdated Mitch lucker is dead suicide silence isn't a band anymore along with quite a few more of these bands. Also many are not even close to deathcore bands.
They are the king of deathcore, even though the band split up I still think they can put out great music. america's most haunted and 1776 are 2 albums any heavy music fan should own!

55The Contortionist
So dopeand technical as hell

56After The Burial

57Within the Ruins
Love all there albums
Not deathcore, heavy metalcore
Listen to elite and phenomina, enough said

58The Red Shore

59Through the Eyes of the Dead

60A Different Breed of Killer

61Impurity of Mriya

62Of Mice and Men
The best band Austin scream is out of this world I love these I mean listen to the storm second and serbing and Ohioisonfire

63Fit for an Autopsy
Most underrated band out there. Their last album Hellbound is the heaviest thing you'll ever listed to. Best Deathcore/Death Metal band.

64Beneath the Veil

65Worm Too Wee

Not deathcore. But my favorite band
Wormholes is their best songs

67Salt the Wound
So brutal, I go so hard in the pits for this band.

68The Red Chord
Intelligent and well thought out lyrics, vocals so brutal they make Phil Bozeman look like Miley Cyrus, insane guitars and bass and inhumanly fast drumming combine to create The Red Chord. Suicide Silence and Chelsea Grin can suck it. These guys are better than them in every aspect
They are the inventors of deathcore along with Despised Icon and Glass Casket. How are they so low?!
Incredibly brutal and punishingly technical with awesome lyrics and vocals to top it off. This band is awesome

69Arsonists Get All the Girls


71The Gun Show

72Molotov Solution
This band is incredible and terribly underrated. Politically charged lyrics, heavy breakdowns and technical riffing. To bad they broke up.
Hey, what is this Molotov solution is one of deathcore all stars and only on 92?

73The Holy Guile

74Between the Buried and Me
HOW IS THIS BAND AT NUMBER 175 AHH! This is the greatest addition to music in the past 20 years and the best progressive deathcore band I've listened to in a long time.

75Glass Casket
Friends with the lead vocalist; also a founder of this sub-genre along with despised icon and through the eyes of the dead, but not given the deserved credit
Adam is a better vocalist than Mitch
Dusty and Ian are better guitarists than Mark and Chris
Sid is a better bassist than Dan
Blake is a better drummer than Alex
Glass Casket is better than Suicide Silence (who are still good though)
This is like the only good deathcore band.
[Newest]Listen to In Between the sheets and Genesis before voting for anyone else

76Hopes Die last

77Earth From Above
unknown band that is completely epic



79Knights of the Abyss
Completely hardcore and so epic screams good.. Better than mitches


81The Paramedic

82Forget My Silence

83Cephalic Carnage

84Beyond the Aftermath

85Enemy Ac-130 Above

86Blind Witness

87Sydney Shaw

88Sentenced to Dissection


90I Killed Everyone

91Dr. Acula
Best Band in my optionion with WBTBWB

92The Agonist
Why are they at the end? I LOVE EM!
One of the best deathcore bands, I just don't know why are they so low here. Excellent music, excellent ghrowls and cleans. I reccomend listening to Panaphobia and Thank You Pain. This band deserves higher position, at least in top 10.

93Horsemen of the Apocalypse

Very little people know them but this technical brutal death metal band is one of the best. For starters try the song slave of my art

95A Plea for Purging

96See You Next Tuesday


98Thick As Blood


100My Bitter End

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