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July 30, 2015 - A List of Demi Lovato Songs from Best to Worst.
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The Top Ten

the best demi lovato song so far! ''go on and try to tear me down, I'll be raising from the ground like a skyscraper''
This is THE SONG>
Think it's the best dong of dem! Lovato! î"î
Hear voice sounds really good!
I think it's the best dong of dem! Lovato! 
Hear voice sounds really good!
[Newest]I love you DEMI. This is the SADDEST SONG I heard but also the best! Make sure you don't just focus on the music- your going to get depressed!
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2Heart Attack
This Song Is From 2013 New Songs. Top On I tunes 2/26/2013.
This Song Released On 25/02/2013. But The Official Music Video Was Released on March 4 2013. This Is The Best Song Of 2013
This song should totally be number 1! It's amazing! I love it so much! It's really great and the melody is just... I dunno how to describe it, it's practically just AWESOME! I listen to this song like... Every single day, I put it on repeat on my music library, it's the best song I've ever heard.
This song is really impressive and its really awesome. It should totally be up in the top ten! I really love how Demi's voice is so strong and powerful that it doesn't need to be tweaked. Keep it up, Demi. :D
[Newest]I love it! From starting to end!
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3Give Your Heart a Break
Give your heart a break is the best song that I've ever heard in my whole life! I always listen to it and sing it all the time! I love the song and you! Love A.L.
Beautiful mesmerizing song... It is at first position for me... Listen and go deep in it

Really Good song.. I go lost every time I listen to it..
[Newest]It was so beautiful song it's my favorite song!

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4This Is Me
This song is really the best song sung by her. She is such a great singer, talented songwriter
The song is really so her touching and probably tells the life story of some girls who are introvert
Well done demi
You rock!
Love that Song
It's one of my best ever!
And Demi's best I'd say!
Her voice is Different which makes her singing extraordinary!
I Love You!
Demi's voice is really very good. This is me is her best song!
[Newest]I love camp rock and I lobe this is me

5La La Land
. . I really love DEMI's songs. .! . she's confident but she's still have her moments. . . that's just her. . .
I really love this song of demi... she can reach high notes which rearly peaople can do n thts wht I like the most about her and this song. demi you rock!
"I love this song, when I listen the Demi's Voice I feel in the blue sky flying with her. In Ours Dreamer World"
[Newest]She is the best

6Made in the USA
It's an amazing song! Demi is the best! The lyrics and music are heart touching! It should be in the top 10 songs. Please vote for it.
This song is beautiful and amazing! Should be on the top list.
I love this song and I ' love demi too!
[Newest]Her voice is so amazing.

7Fix a Heart
Holy cricket! This song is at no 33? This deserves to be in the top 10 at least!
It is so awesome, demi did an OUTSTANDING job! This song is just brilliant!
Love you demi, you rock!
I love this song it's so emotional you can really tell she poured her soul into it
AMAZING <3 should be #1
[Newest]Fix a Heart is so powerful, so emotional, so touching! Demi's strong performance will bring tears to your eyes!

8Don't Forget
This song is so powerful and a very meaningful song, this is the best song ever she wrote and sing!
Every time she perform this song called DON'T FORGET she cries.
She is so awesome singer and very talented girl. All the way demi lovato
We love you!
I really love this song... can't forget it!
It had really good lyrics and when I saw her preform it live she put so much emotion into it.
[Newest]I think this song is really cute I can relate to it. I love demi lovato and I really admire her

9Really Don't Care
Awesome song a lot of people can relate to it
It should be in the top 3 according to me
Love the beat and the rap part
The lyrics are great
The theme is also really awesome!
I love this song so much! The text is so true. Very good! I think those songs should became respect and it's fantastic that stars can write so good texts. Go on! ♥
I love this song
It really speaks to me it should be number #1
[Newest]This is the thing

10Here We Go Again
It's such a good song.. In everyones life there is a person you really can't let go.. It as a very nicely written song and can only be sang by Special singers like her.. Forever Demi Lovato!
I find that this song is the best Demi Lovato song I can relate to every single word the song says and don't get me started on the Lyrics it is really really great I personally listen to this song every single hour 3 times a day what can I say i;m obsessed
This is the best song ever! please vote for this for number 1! I LISTEN TO IT ALL THE TIME!
[Newest]This is true to me and a fantastic song

The Contenders

11Neon Lights
This song is amazing its one of my favorites from her new album.
This should be like number 10 at least!
Club like song from demi.. Watch it now on vevo!
[Newest]I love this song!

12Let It Go
Amazing song! Should be in top 10 at least!
Best song ever! It has cartoon mixed with real life acting and it sort of explains that you don't have to hold back your feelings and just let it all go
This should be on the top! This such an amazing song! You rock DEMI!
[Newest]Get this song up people, who doesn't love this song?

There's so much emotion in this song... I absolutely love this song. It is also a song I can relate to. Now I'm a warrior.
His lyrics are amazing, you can feel so identified
This song is so incredibly beautiful I don't see how it's not in the top ten. Anyone going through a tough time can listen to this song and honestly it's so powerful It could help them. definitely one of her best songs.
[Newest]This is such a powerful song, it's beautifully written and filled with emotion, one of her bests!

I hate it when the most popular songs are seen as the best songs. This is me IS NOT A GOOD SONG. Songs that have a meaning are better, like nightingale, warrior or for the love of a daughter
Nightingale has such a fragile and powerful tune that makes me fall in live with it every time I listen to it. Demi poured her heart and soul into it. This song has a meaning that makes it twice as special as any other!
So touching, it really speaks of needing someone next to you that matters. She really outdoes herself vocally sounding sweet and fragile. This needs to be in the top ten at least
[Newest]This is the best song of demi SERIOUSLY

15For the Love of a Daughter
This is great and among the songs she sang, for me this is the most emotional because it shows her family background, and mostly her struggles with her father. This deserves to be at least in the top ten because it shows the DEMI LOVATO

SO sad and yet so beautiful. I think it kind of shows what she had to deal with and how she just wanted her father to love her. It's very emotional and sad. I don't even think there are words to describe how perfect and opened it is. Great work Demi!
This song just sets free the best of Demi's voice. Plus, it's a very personal, raw and emotional song. It actually has a meaning that some people can relate to. It makes me cry every time I listen to it. :')
[Newest]It's so beautiful to have her show her fans her past and to some it makes them feel like they're not alone.

16Two Worlds Collide
I love demi. I'm a huge fan of her. Her voice is amazing just like her. She's pretty, amazing and talented! Lovatic for life! I will love Demi 'til infinity end!
Hi I am a huge fan of her I love her songs very talented as well I will always love her to the end.
Love this song. It describes a friendship between me and a nice girl
[Newest]This is best bff song ever!

17Remember December
This is definitely her best what a great song! It really means a lot to me and you can tell she sings it with such emotion! I wish I could sing like her! This should be at number three in the list not six!
All her songs are good but this one is the best.
[Newest]I just love this. Its awesome.

18Get Back
oh hold me like you mean it, like you miss me.. because I know that you do.. I wanna get back, with you.. demi lovato rockzz m/
What Makes this Song so great is that it's written by Demi Lovato Herself!
Really catchy song! Great beats, and lyrics by demi herself!
[Newest]This is so amazing! This should be number 1!

19Gift of a Friend
Why this song can't caught anyone's attention? I love this song (the music & the lyrics) so much! Anyone who love to listen to demi lovato's song must listen to this!
That's the best song describe your love for your friends. I just love this song because I love my friends very much... I often sing the song to them and they also love the song... "sometimes you think you'll be fine by urself cause dream is a wish that you make all alone, it's easy to feel like you don't need help, but it's harder to walk on your own... "
Best song ever love you demi! I I always dedicate this song to my friends... this song is awesome... no word can describe how good the lyrics and music R. If I were to rate this song I would have given 101 out of 100! Demi you simply rock, just keep going we are always with you.
[Newest]I love this song

This song is on her new album with skyscraper. It is really beautiful and sweet
Listen to this song guys it's amazing she did a good Job indeed!
This is one of my favourite songs by her <3
[Newest]This is her best song ever! The vocals are incredible and it's extremely catchy!

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