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The Top Ten

the best demi lovato song so far! ''go on and try to tear me down, I'll be raising from the ground like a skyscraper''
This is THE SONG>
Think it's the best dong of dem! Lovato! î"î
Hear voice sounds really good!
I think it's the best dong of dem! Lovato! 
Hear voice sounds really good!
[Newest]Very good song... but the best is heart attack
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2Heart Attack
This Song Is From 2013 New Songs. Top On I tunes 2/26/2013.
This Song Released On 25/02/2013. But The Official Music Video Was Released on March 4 2013. This Is The Best Song Of 2013
This song should totally be number 1! It's amazing! I love it so much! It's really great and the melody is just... I dunno how to describe it, it's practically just AWESOME! I listen to this song like... Every single day, I put it on repeat on my music library, it's the best song I've ever heard.
This song is really impressive and its really awesome. It should totally be up in the top ten! I really love how Demi's voice is so strong and powerful that it doesn't need to be tweaked. Keep it up, Demi. :D
[Newest]Top song by demi
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3Give Your Heart a Break
Give your heart a break is the best song that I've ever heard in my whole life! I always listen to it and sing it all the time! I love the song and you! Love A.L.
Beautiful mesmerizing song... It is at first position for me... Listen and go deep in it

Really Good song.. I go lost every time I listen to it..
[Newest]She sung very well

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4This Is Me
This song is really the best song sung by her. She is such a great singer, talented songwriter
The song is really so her touching and probably tells the life story of some girls who are introvert
Well done demi
You rock!
Love that Song
It's one of my best ever!
And Demi's best I'd say!
Her voice is Different which makes her singing extraordinary!
I Love You!
Demi's voice is really very good. This is me is her best song!
[Newest]I love camp rock and I lobe this is me

5La La Land
. . I really love DEMI's songs. .! . she's confident but she's still have her moments. . . that's just her. . .
I really love this song of demi... she can reach high notes which rearly peaople can do n thts wht I like the most about her and this song. demi you rock!
"I love this song, when I listen the Demi's Voice I feel in the blue sky flying with her. In Ours Dreamer World"
[Newest]Best song by Demi it's my #1

6Made in the USA
It's an amazing song! Demi is the best! The lyrics and music are heart touching! It should be in the top 10 songs. Please vote for it.
This song is beautiful and amazing! Should be on the top list.
I love this song and I ' love demi too!
[Newest]Her voice is so amazing.

7Fix a Heart
Holy cricket! This song is at no 33? This deserves to be in the top 10 at least!
It is so awesome, demi did an OUTSTANDING job! This song is just brilliant!
Love you demi, you rock!
I love this song it's so emotional you can really tell she poured her soul into it
AMAZING <3 should be #1
[Newest]Fix a Heart is so powerful, so emotional, so touching! Demi's strong performance will bring tears to your eyes!

8Don't Forget
This song is so powerful and a very meaningful song, this is the best song ever she wrote and sing!
Every time she perform this song called DON'T FORGET she cries.
She is so awesome singer and very talented girl. All the way demi lovato
We love you!
I really love this song... can't forget it!
It had really good lyrics and when I saw her preform it live she put so much emotion into it.
[Newest]I think this song is really cute I can relate to it. I love demi lovato and I really admire her

9For the Love of a Daughter
This is great and among the songs she sang, for me this is the most emotional because it shows her family background, and mostly her struggles with her father. This deserves to be at least in the top ten because it shows the DEMI LOVATO

SO sad and yet so beautiful. I think it kind of shows what she had to deal with and how she just wanted her father to love her. It's very emotional and sad. I don't even think there are words to describe how perfect and opened it is. Great work Demi!
This song just sets free the best of Demi's voice. Plus, it's a very personal, raw and emotional song. It actually has a meaning that some people can relate to. It makes me cry every time I listen to it. :')
[Newest]It's so beautiful to have her show her fans her past and to some it makes them feel like they're not alone.

10Here We Go Again
It's such a good song.. In everyones life there is a person you really can't let go.. It as a very nicely written song and can only be sang by Special singers like her.. Forever Demi Lovato!
I find that this song is the best Demi Lovato song I can relate to every single word the song says and don't get me started on the Lyrics it is really really great I personally listen to this song every single hour 3 times a day what can I say i;m obsessed
This is the best song ever! please vote for this for number 1! I LISTEN TO IT ALL THE TIME!
[Newest]This is true to me and a fantastic song

The Contenders

11Neon Lights
This song is amazing its one of my favorites from her new album.
This should be like number 10 at least!
Club like song from demi.. Watch it now on vevo!
[Newest]A very nice song I like it must be in a top 10. Super!

12Two Worlds Collide
I love demi. I'm a huge fan of her. Her voice is amazing just like her. She's pretty, amazing and talented! Lovatic for life! I will love Demi 'til infinity end!
Hi I am a huge fan of her I love her songs very talented as well I will always love her to the end.
Love this song. It describes a friendship between me and a nice girl
[Newest]This is best bff song ever!

13Gift of a Friend
Why this song can't caught anyone's attention? I love this song (the music & the lyrics) so much! Anyone who love to listen to demi lovato's song must listen to this!
That's the best song describe your love for your friends. I just love this song because I love my friends very much... I often sing the song to them and they also love the song... "sometimes you think you'll be fine by urself cause dream is a wish that you make all alone, it's easy to feel like you don't need help, but it's harder to walk on your own... "
Best song ever love you demi! I I always dedicate this song to my friends... this song is awesome... no word can describe how good the lyrics and music R. If I were to rate this song I would have given 101 out of 100! Demi you simply rock, just keep going we are always with you.
[Newest]A very wonderful song.

14Let It Go
Amazing song! Should be in top 10 at least!
Best song ever! It has cartoon mixed with real life acting and it sort of explains that you don't have to hold back your feelings and just let it all go
This should be on the top! This such an amazing song! You rock DEMI!
[Newest]A really stupid song but the film is awesome

There's so much emotion in this song... I absolutely love this song. It is also a song I can relate to. Now I'm a warrior.
His lyrics are amazing, you can feel so identified
This song is so incredibly beautiful I don't see how it's not in the top ten. Anyone going through a tough time can listen to this song and honestly it's so powerful It could help them. definitely one of her best songs.
[Newest]This is such a powerful song, it's beautifully written and filled with emotion, one of her bests!

16Really Don't Care
Awesome song a lot of people can relate to it
It should be in the top 3 according to me
Love the beat and the rap part
The lyrics are great
The theme is also really awesome!
I love this song so much! The text is so true. Very good! I think those songs should became respect and it's fantastic that stars can write so good texts. Go on! ♥
I love this song
It really speaks to me it should be number #1
[Newest]This is why I started to like her. She should make a lot more songs like this and change her album name to Really Don't Care or a song that's even better. But in my opinion there's not.

17Catch Me
Holy smokes guys! HOW THE HECK IS THIS 16! ITS AMAZING! She wrote this song completely on her own, no cowriting at all. And it's a beautiful love-song with a great guitar part and everything. Lyrics = O for how old she was, just a great piece of music. AMAZING and demi's voice is flawless... But I'm happy every time you lie is up there... Because it deserves to be up there too.
This song should be in the top ten without a doubt. It is one of my favourite Demi songs and her voice is so touching and appealing in it. The lyrics are very relate-able for most people and Demi's voice is just amazing in this. It should be way up in the top ten, above 5! One of my favourite songs ever. Here We Go Again is another of my favourites on the album Here We Go Again. I'm a mega Lovatic.
I understand this song so well, it tells the tale of how someone is afraid of loving, and how every little gesture feels like you're being given the world. You don't want to be caught, because by now, you should be able to handle this all on your own... but in the end, you just want to fall and know that you yourself don't have to solve everything...
[Newest]Another favorite from Demi! 😘

18Every Time You Lie
This is such an awesome it has some kind of jazz thing which is really cool I love this song like it is my boyfriend I love this song so much this song should be at the top and not this is me this song is so so so so good I mean it this is me isn't so good but this song is it really is I love this song so much it has such a good meaning and all of demi's songs are so messed up
This is one of the best demi songs ever and the thing which makes it really good is that it is different from other songs.. Listening to Every time you lie has a different feeling, which I thing anyone would like... So on the whole, I love demi... She's my inspiration and I love this song! Demi, don't pay attention to the haters, they are just jealous of your talent! Keep on rocking! With love, Sazuna
I love this song, probably my favorite of Demi's because it had this amazing swingy, jazzy feel to it, and it just shows how versatile and classic her voice is! The music is just so great, and I get so transported to the 50's. Reminds me so much of my childhood friend who's in love with my best friends, but he lies to me and says he doesn't love her, even though he's pretty much addicted (;
[Newest]How can this be no. 18 it is such a good song and deserves to be in the top ten

19Remember December
This is definitely her best what a great song! It really means a lot to me and you can tell she sings it with such emotion! I wish I could sing like her! This should be at number three in the list not six!
All her songs are good but this one is the best.
[Newest]I just love this. Its awesome.

20Get Back
oh hold me like you mean it, like you miss me.. because I know that you do.. I wanna get back, with you.. demi lovato rockzz m/
What Makes this Song so great is that it's written by Demi Lovato Herself!
Really catchy song! Great beats, and lyrics by demi herself!
[Newest]This is so amazing! This should be number 1!

I hate it when the most popular songs are seen as the best songs. This is me IS NOT A GOOD SONG. Songs that have a meaning are better, like nightingale, warrior or for the love of a daughter
Nightingale has such a fragile and powerful tune that makes me fall in live with it every time I listen to it. Demi poured her heart and soul into it. This song has a meaning that makes it twice as special as any other!
So touching, it really speaks of needing someone next to you that matters. She really outdoes herself vocally sounding sweet and fragile. This needs to be in the top ten at least
[Newest]THis song is about her depressing drug addiction she had! I love it

22Send It On
Come on! This is totally the best! I just love this! It should be number 1 cause it has a strong impact on those who listen to it!
Such a meaningful song and it should at least be in the top 10!
It's quite amazing that this was made back in 2009 and it's crazy how since then they've all changed drastically. Some more than others but it makes me wish I would've cherished this part of my Childhood a little more instead of denying that I actually liked these 6 at the time


23Shouldn't Come Back
After I heard this song for the first time, I fell in love with it and was listening to it over and over again. I can never fully pick a favorite with Demi Lovato because all of her songs are amazing, but this is a very good one, I can assure you.

"Sorry I'm not sorry for the times. " has got to be one of my favorite lines.
The story behinds the song is really sad... It's a pity that Demi doesn't talk to her father Patrick before he died. But we all know the reason why.
I love this song. Her voice is wonderful!
The best of all songs od demi lovato... I can't believe it is rated this low
Fell in love with it for the first time I heard it
[Newest]I adore this song

24Stop the World
Demi I love you all songs but this is so cool it should be on the top :-)
Favorite song right now

25Two Pieces
This is definitely Demi's best song. No one realizes it but it's just so beautifully structured. The lyrics are wonderful. And for once, the song is not entirely about love, it's about finding a friend. Such a wonderful message and can totally relate to the "lost" feeling. Plus every time that bass drops (especially second chorus) I get the chills.
It's her best song by far. The lyrics are meaningful, she sounds beautiful, and it's catchy. It should definitely be the next single from DEMI.
My GOD, I m so surprised that this song ain't on Top 20! This is an amazing song, full of emotions sprinkled on it.
[Newest]Should be number 1! This song is so beautiful and catchy!

This song is 1 of the best songs ever sung by Demi. It deserves to be in the top 10. I love almost all songs of Demi. She has an enchanting voice and her songs are full of meaning and emotion! I really wish that I could sing just about the way she does and I'd really love to meet her someday! (haha):)
Please vote for this song
It's my favorite song and... I can't believe anyone likes it. It's beautiful, really! Listen to the sample, please.
When I Listened to this song I loved it!


This song is on her new album with skyscraper. It is really beautiful and sweet
Listen to this song guys it's amazing she did a good Job indeed!
This is one of my favourite songs by her <3
[Newest]This is her best song ever! The vocals are incredible and it's extremely catchy!

28Fire Starter
It just grabs you by the first line. And I could really relate to it. The whole wallflower, hidden fire thing.
"There's an s under my clothes, on my chest where nobody else can see, I light up when the doors are closed, I am free"
I love this song. I was in Demi's world from the first line. the lyrics are amazing and I like how shes describing herself. she has an amazing voice.
From the first line it seems to ne in heaven. Sure guys, listen to this song and post a comment. It should be in the top 10... why it's just number 65?

! This is song number 28? No way! This is such an amazing song! I can't believe it! And when Demi performs it live it's even cooler! Vote for this one!
It's actually my favorite song it should be top#1 or from the top ten it doesn't deserve to be here. What's going' on your minds guys? You should definitely vote for this song! It's more than just amazing!
It is a really amazing song and shows the strengths that Demi has had to go though to get to where she is today this just shows her fans that she can get through anything that is thrown at her because she STAYS STRONG every day that's way all her Lovatics love her so much
[Newest]This song should have been #1 it's great

30Never Been Hurt
This song is great. One of the best songs on the album DEMI!
This song is the best song of the album DEMI
How is this song number 27! It should be in the top 10. Best song ever!

31The Middle
This song so amazing!

32Who's That Boy
What the hell this is doing this low! This is one of Demi's best! Such an awesome beat and Demi actually raps in this one! Demi Lovato, you rock!
No clue why this is so low, its up beat and fun!
Best song of demi lovato. Very surprised it is not on #1. Best song for a girl. Must listen to it. It has good beats
[Newest]Hey you people there, get this song up please. It's a lovely song and this is definitely not the place it deserves!

33On the Line
Wowo This Songs Really Got A music in it is is just fabulous to hear is and it has a thing called"""""""Quality It

34Can't Back Down
I love this song, cause its just so full of action. I wanna be a demi fan! some day I wanna be a singer! Demi lovato rocks! shout out to u!
Hi I love this song and if it is you that is typing back pleas I really want to become a singer so can you help me become a singer.
This is a very meaningful song done by Demi. She is my Idol. I love you Demi

35My Love Is Like a Star
I think this song should be no. 5. Point blank period. Demi's a great singer, and this is such an amazing song, I mean how could you not rate it in the top 10? The first time I heard this song, I fell in love with it.
"My loves' like a star, yeah, you can't always see me, but you know that I'm always there. If you see me shining, take it's mine, and remember I'm always near, If you see a comet, baby I'm on it, making my way back home (making my way back to you, just follow the glow, it won't be long, just know that you're not alone. "-Demi Lovato
This song is just.. Wow! The lyrics is great and her voice is fantastic. It so deserves to be in top 5.
Love this songs, her songs are just getting better and better. This song in particularly, love her singing RNB, this song really shows how versatile she can be and just be all pop.
[Newest]I think this song is the best! Love this song so much

36Heart by Heart
I love Demi and I love The Mortal Instruments. I ADORE BOTH, literally adore. The song is so well written and the sensitive tone she sang it with made me sob. It was so, so well done and Jace & Clary.. AGH, I adore them.
This is an amazing song, depicting the love journey of CLary and JACE
[Newest]Listen to this song on repeat love the mortal instruments but that made it!

37All Night Long
Awesome song! Super catchy. I don't know why it's ranked so low. It should definitely be in the top 10.

38World of Chances
I love this song to death. I can't get enough of it. Love you, Demi!
Perfect Song To Listen, It's Just Fantabulaus Love This Song Best Song Ever ON EARTH

39Got Dynamite
One of absoulte favorites needs to be in top 30
Love it this should be a lot higher than
It is lyrics are good my kinda song

40Wouldn't Change a Thing
I'm in love with this song! This isn't right, it just MUST be #1 or at least #2! This isn't fair!
This song is good it has a nice singers voice, a beautiful tune, a wonderful lyrics and a tremendous story... This song must be in the top 10 list
I love this song so much!
Love you demi!
[Newest]Beautiful song with joe jonas

41Who Will I Be?
It is Awesome. Truely related to real life that no one can decide that who will you become? Its only upto us.

42I Hate You, Don't Leave Me
This song is beautiful! It captures a part of being bipolar really well. You often get the feelings of confusion, tiredness, fear, indecidiveness and madness mixed together. And this song shows it really well - "I admit I'm in and out of my head", "I feel like I can't breathe", "I'm addicted to the madness" (in my opinion the most beautiful verse). It shows she wants this person to be around her and help her out, but she's scared, confused, and terrified of them - "I hate you, don't leave me", "I hate you, please love me", "Just hold me, don't touch me". Demi's vocals sound phenomenal there and she sings with so much passion. I'm just sad she didn't write it herself, but I love it anyway. Although, for me, it's kinda distressing to listen, it's without a doubt a beautiful song.
This is for sure one of my favorite songs by Demi, it's so beautiful, and relatible for me, I listen to it on repeat all the time.
One of my ABSOLUTE favorites... Along with Fix A Heart, MLILAS, & Nightingale

43One and the Same
I really love this song, because it pictures a two different girl who has an unique and unforgettable friendship. And this song reminds me of demi-selena and I really upset with the fact that they are not close anymore :(
This song is sung by Demi and Selena and its super -awesome. Its one of my favorite songs and Demi is at her best in this. Try this
I like one in the same songs because it is beautiful song and movie... :)

-"that's all thank you...

44Believe In Me
This is by far my favorite Demi song. I think almost everyone can relate to it. Basicly it aproches to all of the people who are to busy comparing themselves to others and searching what is wrong with them instead of just being themselves and learn to accept and love who they are.
It should be in a higher place in the list but it's to bad it's not a very known song of hers.
I love Demi and I love this song
This song is so good! It should defintely be higher up on the list. Its inspirational and very relatable. It makes me feel good about myself and want to be me. It does make me believe. Thanks Demi
Can't believe its so down.. The most amazing song ever.
[Newest]This song is the best.. It helped me so much

Wow... Its her new song and you can possibly guess her energy..
I love demi more after her rehab...
Amazing song this is.

46So Far So Great
this is the best song she write that song
This show is the best (sonny with a chance)

47Make a Wave
I love this movie, and when joe jonas and demi sings, it's totally awesome! And this song has contained happy and sad emotions. they both rock!
I really love this song, and The video.

48Without the Love
This song deserves to be in the top 10
It is so beautiful and catchy. I wish it was more popular! :D She has such a sweet voice in this song!

49It's On

Great song. Definitely my favorite of hers. It's extremely catchy and the lyrics are great. The chorus is AMAZING. I gets me every time. Definitely a song that I'll always love.


I love it so so much
Love this song by Demi it should definitely be in the top 20 at least. It's so catchy and mesmerising.

51In Real Life
I love this song it's my new favorite song she might sound a little squeeky but she has an amazing voice and her songs are off the chain so I think this should be one of the top 10 songs well at least top 10 demi lovato songs but hat's even better is to be one of the top 10 songs from all singers. I LOVE DEMI LOVATO AND YOU SHOULD LOVE HER TOO just saying ok well I'm done here
Its just an awesomme song! How could it be on no.38? Didn't anyone listen it? Oh common people! This is an rocking emotional truthful=best song. Please listen to this song. This is a very good song. I've never heard such a different song. And vote for it you all craps!
Love this song too33 OH MY GOODNESS. ONE OF THE MOST UNIQUE/UNDERRATED SONGS ON THE ALBUM UNBROKEN... Its just great I mean her voice, the change in lyrics... Just flawless Puts me in a great mood too!
[Newest]It's special. That's all I have to say!

52La Que Soy

Have you demi lovato fans listened to this? I was shocked it wasn't even in this page! great melody! And great lyrics; wonderful story about a nutty guy and how the girl loves her!
Holy cow! How is it not in the top ten? It should be first! It's so catchy and just perfection.
This is one of her top five songs move it up now. Written by herself and produced move it up to number 3.
[Newest]Best Demi song ever and I love all of her song. But this one really stands out

54Work of Art

55What to Do
I love this song. Most of the time her songs are pop songs or meaningful songs with her big (and gorgous strong voice) she hasnt done many songs which are just sweet and slow. This song shows demis other side. I've never heard such a sweet voice people need to know that not only can she hit those high notes but she also has the most angelic voice ever. This song is so soothing and catchy too, it definitely deserves to be in the top ten at least
It's a awesome song! Please please please listen to it... You will love it. It should be at top 20. Please vote...
How is this not in the top ten
It's my personal favorite its honestley her best song
I first heard it on sonny with a chance and then I couldn't stop listening to it

56Something That We're Not
Really people 55! It's really catchy and it has a great story Demi lovato is the type of person who knows how to write a song
I can really get up and dance to this song.
This song from Demi's 2013 album D.E.M.I. this song is so cool, along with the other song from the same album.

57Different Summers
This song has to be in the top 10. Vote for it everyone and please listen to this song. Its just amazing. The lyrics are beautiful and she has sung it with all her emotions, it is in the top 5 in my book.

It's really the best if you hear it once.
A feat with jason derulo! What more can she ask for? This is truly the best and has the most meaningful lyrics. Common guys, VOTE FOR DEMI LOVATO!
Best song ever with brilliant lyrics and true meaning in it.. It delivers a good message to the whole world.. Love it so much... Vote for this guys... It deserves more than 33rd
What a great song it jason and demi what more could you ask for come on guys
[Newest]Best song ever! Deserves more than 39th
Truly the best song ever sung by her

59U Got Nothin' On Me
I just love this song. It tells a great story and how she overcomes it with pride and not heartbreak
! 57?!?!? Guys, this song brings memories. The tune is beautiful... I don't know what to say. you broke my heart
This one is the best, in my opinion. I remember when I heard it, good times, I didn't even know she had released a new CD, because I wasn't that fan of hers. But after Here We Go Again CD and all her songs, especy this, I became a great fan of hers and I've never regreted of that.

60Me, Myself and Time
This song has been one of my favorites ever since it aired on Sonny with a chance. A brilliant chorus, meaningful lyrics, and to think this was before her difficult time, it brings tears to my eyes thinking of what she's been through and what an inspiration she is to every underdog.
This song honestly means so much to me and it says everything I'm feeling right now at this point of my life. It's a weird combination of confusing yet hopeful lyrics. I wish this song was more well known and ranked higher. I love you Demi! Thanks for saying everything I wanted to say!
This song should be one of top songs of Demi Lovato. I think this song very good to make us to confidence about ourselves. Whatever it takes to be, what we were meant to be, we gonna try!

61Brand New Day
This is such a good song.It makes me smile every time I hear it. So should be higher in the list!
Really really Good, and as she said it måles peoble smile.


My eyeballs just fell out.

64It's Not Too Late
I love this song. It should definitely be in the top 10. It has such beautiful music and the lyrics are really amazing. Demi's voice is great as usual. This song is one of the most powerful songs.
Why demi's fans omitting this song? I love it so much at the first time I listen to it!
Oh! God
It is in 48...
This song is fantastic...
Trust me, download this song and you'll love this song...
Demi lovato has a very nice voice...
[Newest]Why are you people not voting for this song?
It's such a wonderful song and it has great lyrics.
Actually the day I heard this song I knew that Demi was my favourite teen singer. PLEASE people VOTE FOR IT!

65You're My Only Shorty
I CAN'T BELIEVE IT! This song should be in top 10! This song is good, and I'll always listen to this song everyday!
Wonderful Tune... Must be on TOP 5... Guys PLease VOTE MORE for this tune... JAQUE

66Angels Among Us
This is a very nice song, please do vote for this song <3...
Love all of Demi's song, this is a beautiful song

67Everything You're Not
This song is one of my faves by her! I think it should be in the top 10!
Guys... 66 is not a good position for this song. This song is cool, it was recorded as a replacement for for the love of a daughter when it could not be added to the album. It is amazing, listen to the song a youll love it.

68Back Around
I's real Demi! Demi, who love rock n' roll!
It's amazing and it features some great vocals on Demi's part and I think that it deserved to be on the album rather than a bonus track.

69We Rock

Absolutely her best song! It's truely amazing. Great melody, great lyrics, great voice. It's not famous song, but it's her best.
Just great. Best Demi's song EVER.
This song t's amazing, one of her best

71High School Miserable
I listen to this song all the time sonny with a chance is so amazing so is so random

72Hold Up
Hold is on 73? How could this be?. its an amazing song thst gets you on your feet and dance. Its great for party games like musical chairs. It is sooo catcy. you guys don't like it because it has no meaning to it, that is why skyscraper is at no. 1. But this song has an amazing tune and demi was lucky to find such a great song. Way to go! Keep it up demi. I also listen to all night long, party and unbroken. I only like partying and fun songs. Speaking of which, I believe party is at the end of the line?. How come guys... Its impossible. Anyways, listen to hold up and youll be amazed.

73Shut Up and Love Me
This song is awesome best song I ever heard
Beautiful and touching AND catchy! What Not to like?

74Behind Enemy Lines
What the heck! Nobody has heard this too? Its pretty cool! Very different from her other stuff! Beautiful song with a beautiful meaning!
So amazing I love it<3<3<3:-D:-D.

75Falling Over Me
Love this song. This song should be higher than 75 because it is in my top 50 songs ever


76Yes I Am

77Got My Girls
This is a really cool song! Very different from her other stuff. Shut the front door! (first I thought she was saying shut the f up! Very unlike demi! Relieved when I found out its front door! )

78Stay With Me

79Our Time Is Here
This is one of my favorite songs from her should be in top 40 at least. Come on guys vote

80We'll Be a Dream





85Why Don't You Love Me
O like this song!

86Somebody to You
I really love demi lovato, and I really love The vamps. So that they Are makeing a Song together, I just awesome.
This is one of the best collaboration of 2014- with really don't care
Amazing vocals

Shiver is a new 2014 Demi song. It is very catchy. It should be number 50 for me... great voice and great music! Listen to it on YouTube, guys!


This is a new 2014 Demi song. It's spectacular: voice and music are perfect! Listen to it and watch the video on YouTube, guys!


Love this song been trying to find the lyrics for this song. but I can't find them.

Nick Jonas' song but demi is featured in it... sooo emotional...

This is Olly Murs's song

90Just a Dream


92Gonna Get Caught
What are You guys thinking? Have ou heard this song from don't forget album. 87 is toootally not right for this. this is an amazing song with an amazing tune. definitely my favourite of her songs! YOU ROCK!
Sure? One of my favourites Demi song at number 90? I feel so bad now. Listen to it, guys!


93Here Comes the Sun

94Besame Mucho
I wish she released this song in her album its an amazing song

95Moves Me
An amazing song with a heart touching meaning


97Not Yet
Makes me feel safe

98That's How You Know
By far the best


100Until You're Mine
LOVE THIS SONG, It should be so much higher than 38, love the build up the song! Go Demi!
Definitely should be higher up on the list. It's an amazing song, one of her best!
This song is absolutely amazing, definitely one of her best song. Should be much higher than 17
[Newest]This song is one of her best if not the best! Top 5 DEFINITELY!

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