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1 Take Five - Dave Brubeck

This was a defining song, it was the first time a white person had created a successful jazz song.It issued the style of modern Jazz, Paul Desmond's solo is a catchy but skilful masterpiece in a 5/4 format and not to mention the cheekiness of Dave out weighs everything.

The most important jazz composition of all time; technically and for content. A blessing.

All has been said, but personally I just get lost in the solo wishing it would never end.

2 What a Wonderful World - Louis Armstrong

This is a beautiful, really really beautiful song. Just listening to it makes me so happy and if you search the video on YouTube Louis Armstrong also sings it so beautifully, smiling the whole time. Beautiful Lyrics, great, soulful singer.

This is just great, with an amazing message "They're really saying/I love you" "What a wonderful World." And Armstrong is a wonderful singer/musician. My grandfather saw him perform this live. Though for the beginning of my life I was sure he was the space guy...

It is really a nice song, I have just begun to listen to jazz and came across this, it is soothing to ears, and sounds like a vintage classic.

3 Acknowledgment - John Coltrane Quartet

This has got to be one of the best songs ever recorded. It's just do beautiful and expressive. Trane was so beautiful.

Just the best one. What a wonderful world is beautiful, but is not jazz, is pop.

Came to see this one in the top 3. I was not disappointed.

4 Sing, Sing, Sing - Benny Goodman and His Orchestra

It is impossible to hear this song without wanting to get up and dance. The thump of the drums, the edge of the brass, and the melodic sound of the saxophones come together beautifully in this instantly recognizable piece.

Name one bad thing about this piece.

Got nothing?

Well, get up and dance, darnit.

So much energy. This piece really stands out.

5 My Favorite Things - Dave Brubeck
6 Caravan - Whiplash
7 All Blues - Kenny Burrell
8 Lazy Sunday - Duncan Lamont
9 Birdland - Maynard Ferguson

Such a good song! I wish I could play it. (I don't have the chart) It starts with a sick hook and it makes you stop switching through your music to listen to it. Plus it's played by one of the hottest trumpets ever, as well as the original screem trumpet. Yes there came after him the legend that is Arturo Sandoval, but even then Maynard was a beast and this song is one if not his best song ever. It has such a good melody over a great chord progression. Again I wish I could play it it's so good.

This song has a great bass riff, excellent solos on multiple instruments and a very memorable 'chorus.' It's an enjoyable listen and Ferguson's outstanding trumpet playing makes it all the more so.

I've played this piece many times before and the trumpet solo is utter genius. Though it might not sound that way when I play it. I'll try not to ruin it

10 Freddie Freeloader - Miles Davis
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11 Strange Fruit - Nina Simone

One of the best voices forgotten today. Real diva of blues/jazz when the word "Diva" meant something

12 So What - Miles Davis

A classic from a classic album. This song is new every time I listen to it. It is not the only song from 'Kind of Blue' that should be on the list but it is my favorite. This song, and the album it is on, influenced multiple jazz, pop, and rock musicians.

After you listen to this song you can't help but be more knowledgeable about music.

As a trumpeter, there's no argument here. It's Miles.

13 Bags' Groove - Milt Jackson, J.J. Johnson & Ray Brown
14 Song for My Father - Hermao Feriera

This song is very rhythmic also has a great melody. Gets my vote

My favorite piece. That's it.

15 The Apartment - Duncan Lamont
16 You Know I'm No Good - Amy Winehouse

Died too young with such talent and great voice. Love it when they redo oldies

17 Feeling Good - Nina Simone

Very smooth; very sexy; very soulful and VERY Nina Simone.

18 Cascades - Oliver Nelson
19 My Funny Valentine - Marian McPartland
20 O Pato - Stan Getz & Charlie Byrd;
21 Let the Good Times Roll - Louis Jordan
22 The National Anthem - Radiohead

Bass rock, psychedelic and jazz if you ask me. Yes, not jazz only but as a whole builds up with jazz music and a jazzy feel. Both the calm kind to the more stressful kind. Another jazz tune by them is Life In A Glass House and Pyramid Song (Egyptian Song) is inspired by the works of none other than Charles Mingus and his song Freedom.

What this is jazz? I came here because I've been wanting to get more into jazz. Great song, but I feel like while it's jazzy at parts, its overall genre would be more akin to experimental rock.

Starts slow, then upbeat and then irritating. A mix of drums, electric guitar and a trumpet later on. A more calmer one is Life In A Glass House

23 I Know What You're Putting Down - Louis Jordan
24 Minnie the Moocher - Cab Calloway
25 Take the A Train - The Dave Brubeck Quartet

Nice and short, with a great trumpet solo and piano introduction!

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