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The Top Ten

Supper's Ready
best 22 minutes in your life...


This song was almost the entire second side of Fox Trot. It was the first album with Phil Collins on drums and Steve Hackett on guitar. It is similar in structure to the second side of Abbey Road, but far beyond that album in complexity and musicianship. Phil's drumming on Apocalypse in 9/8 is spectacular and Steve Hackett's Guitar work and Peters vocals are excellent. It is a metaphoric concept song of Christ's return as written in Revelations. Very moving and creative.
This is one of the most underrated songs of all time. It's so good. It's even better than Bohemian Rhapsody. The only reason people don't have it held in such high regard is because 22 minutes is too much for their short attention span. Another reason is because this song is not for the simple-minded. It requires true music taste. Any idiot can listen to Bohemian Rhapsody. It's a great song, but require nothing special from the listener. This song, however, requires true musical taste and appreciation. Not any idiot can listen to this song.
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2Firth of Fifth
More than a song a masterpiece. Beautiful piano, organ solos and maybe one of the greatest guitar solo by Steve Hackett. Collins and Rutherford are dynamic and Peter Gabriel sounds really good. It could be 2nd after"Supper's Ready" and before all the commercial stuff.
Firth of Fifth is the best Genesis song in my opinion just ahead of Supper's Ready which is also fantastic. The song is a true masterpiece in its beautifully intricate piano opening, Gabriel's awesome singing and flute solo, Bank's powerful mellotron & organ exchange and then closing with one of the greatest and powerful melodic guitar (violin sounding) solo by Steve Hackett. Collins drumming is beyond superb and Ruthrford's powerful bass lines and bass petals are great as well. The lyrics are interesting as well and were by Tony Banks. One of the greatest Prog Rock songs ever. This song is right up there with Epitaph and Starless by King Crimson, Heart of the Sunrise and Awaken by Yes, and Jacob's Ladder and Cygnus x-1 by Rush. An absolutely epic song from an epic album Selling England By The Pound.
The intro! Oh, my Lord, the Piano introduction! The awesome flute and piano interlude blasting into an exploding 'tutti' followed by the exquisite guitar performance carried out magnificently by Mr. Hackett. Structurally, it's certainly the best Genesis (with Peter Gabriel) song.
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3Land of Confusion
It was hard to choose the one and only the one. I love so many hits from Genesis but Land of Confusion always was/is special to me. Love it so much


It doesn't get any better than this! Mike Rutherford had the perfect riff and bass line when he composed this amazing Rock anthem! Perfect - just perfect!
My generation will put it right. Fantastic.
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4Carpet Crawlers
What? 7th? Land of confusion and Invisible Touch don't deserve to be that high, this is such an epic song, it has everything it takes to be one of the best Genesis song
Should be a top five selection on every list! An intense, beautifully lyrical piece. A great song from one of the greatest concept albums of all time.
A masterpiece. So pleasantly different and original. One of those songs that never gets old! Thanks Genesis.
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5Dancing With the Moonlit Knight
Genesis did several master works that are more important and of more depth than Moonlit Knight, but this piece manages to include all of progressive rock best characteristics within the minimum timeframe possible. It goes in all directions at once while maintaining full composure. Excellent!
This is the definition of a perfect song; it's perfect. Despite being 8 minutes long (short for an epic), it's epic. The music is amazing and Peter Gabriel's voice wonderfully drives you through the music. I love the part where it goes "The captain leads his dance right on through the night" and then when he says "dancing on with the moonlit knight, knights of the green shield stamp and shout" and the whole band kicks in and kicks ass.


Excellent song, Peter Gabriel's voice draws you right in and it has wonderful sound. I especially enjoy the part that goes, "there's a fat old lady outside the saloon. " Majestical.
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6The Musical Box
This is the perfect example of a song played, instrumentally, at it's best. Great guitar work, great drums, and great keyboard playing. I'm just glad to see 'Invisible Touch' on the number one spot. Don't get me wrong, I like Phil Collins. He was a great drummer and even had great songs like 'Mama. ' But they went from an excellent progressive rock band, in which you could hear their talent, to a bubblegum music band. Again, I have nothing against Phil Collins, but I feel like they betrayed the musical structure of the band once the brilliant Peter Gabriel left. The people who vote 'Invisible Touch' as their best song don't know the real Genesis.
I can't believe The Musical Box isn't a top 10 song. Both a band and crowd favorite, played at pretty much every Genesis during the Peter Gabriel era, this is great work of hard-soft fast-slow dynamics. The layered 12-strings overlaid with Gabriel-Collins counterpoint vocal duet that starts around 7:40 on the studio track is the best 60 seconds of music ever recorded by Genesis. This is a great song!
One of the best prog song ever. Should be higher...
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7The Cinema Show
Just loaded with great stuff. The "once a man, like the sea I raged" is just wonderful singing, it's got great Tony Banks keyboard, good 12-string stuff, and a great 7/8 part.
Incredibly atmospheric piece. The range of emotions conveyed by this single song is remarkable. This song, along with the brief Aisle of Plenty, offer a fantastic conclusion to a fantastic album.
Fantastic melodies, and just brilliant, sympathetic drumming from Collins. A masterpiece, and possibly the best Genesis track of all!
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Gods. Love this band so much. It really is difficult to vote for one single song, when the have such a diverse portfolio. I chose Mama because it is a song that has always stuck with me; once I hear it, its in my mind for the entire day. Its just simply a masterpiece (not that the others are not).
"home by the sea" is on the list! (that was my little joke)

Yeah, this song's pretty deep...


Truly a masterpiece, at least, in my opinion. What can I say, it was love at first sight. But, in the end, the live version from 1987 is better in some ways than the studio version.
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9Invisible Touch
"I think Invisible Touch was the group's undisputed masterpiece. It's an epic meditation on intangibility. At the same time, it deepens and enriches the meaning of the preceding three albums. " - Patrick Bateman (American Psycho)
Greatest song ever. The rest can suck it!
My favorite! What an amazing song! This should definitely be number 1...
Well it is their only number one
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Probably the Quintessential Genesis Track. No coincidence that this was the finale of their live show for many years. Great tune and lyrics that build to an awesome climax.
How can you not have this on a Genesis top 10? It is their best song ever.
Afterglow and Fading LIghts are a toss up for me-both so hauntingly beautiful.
This makes me cry. Enough said
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The Contenders

11In The Cage
great musical technics, Rhythm-out-perfomer in second part... genius, very awesome
This song should Be on nummer 2. So supper's ready (seconds out version), the cage, cinema show (seconds out version) firth of fifth, musical box, carpet crawlers, moonlit knight, home by the sea I & II, one for the fine, ripples, the knife, mad man moon.
Second best Genesis song. Absolutely masterpiece.

Listen for the Glockenspiel on this gem... Fantastic.
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13Dance On a Volcano
Not just one of Genesis' greatest achievements, but one of the greatest moments in all of prog, A Trick of the Tail's "Dance On a Volcano" is, without a doubt, the best single song the band cut with Collins at the mic. Beyond its breathlessly exciting, whiplash inducing 7/8 rhythmic structure and brilliant ensemble playing, this song features what are probably the best lyrics in any Genesis song. Sample verse: "The music's playing, the notes are right/Put your left foot first and move into the light/The edge of this hill is the edge of the world/And if you're gonna cross/You better start doing it right. " Sure, the instrumental coda's riff seems to cop from King Crimson's "Fracture, " but probably unintentionally. I simply cannot think of a more exciting six minutes within the genre, and it still works gets me worked up after literally hundreds of listens. Absolutely brilliant.
Love this song. first phil Collins song ever
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14The Knife
Come on, The Knife at 21?! This is the real Genesis. This song is so good. I love it so much. Invisible Touch is good, but it's not the real Genesis. The real one is with Peter Gabriel. Anyway, Phil Collin's drums on this song are awesome! Phil Collins was an excellent drumer. The guitar work on this song is also excellent, along with Peter Gabriel's vocals.
Awesome song. Many Genesis fans call it their favorite. Maybe its missing from the list because Collins wasn't with the band yet.
This would do well as a Hunger Games anthem. My 19 year old daughter agrees; thus proving that Genesis is timeless, as is all great music.

15Watcher of the Skies
I would put it number 3 after supper's ready and fifth of fifth, the rhythm is so powerful and it charges you more than any other song, the intro is just some masterpiece. Every time I listen to it I just keep replaying.
Just listen and you'll understand exactly why this song should be on this list. It should, in my opinion, be higher, at least near the top ten...
This song showcases the band's skill, how they can play above and beyond most bands. (listen to the genesis live version)
One of the best intro and outro ever made
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16Home by the Sea
This is the song aside from "In the Cage" that drives their concerts. This song got me into Genesis and Progressive Rock. Should have been played at their induction into the Hall of Fame instead of "No Reply".
I agree, this song should have been one of the songs used at the induction, not the rot dished up by PHISH. Not only was his performance GARBAGE, but his song choice (No REPLY, WHAT THE! ) didn't highlight the incredible band Genesis have been. This is the song that brings the crowd alive at live concerts along with The Cage.
Fantastic piece that builds and releases. This song goes well live. Great instrumental middle without being boring. How this song isn't higher on the list I'll never know.
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17The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway Listen to sample

18Duke's Travels
If you were to take out two or three of the more commercial songs and ballads (Misunderstanding, Alone Tonight) from Duke, it would be a classic prog rock album. Duke's Travels and Duke's End are a brilliant climax, perhaps even on a par with the end of Supper’s Ready. Underrated.
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This is great song. After listening to it so many times, I began to realise that Ripples may actually be about Helen of Troy. One of the all time greats.
For me Ripples has become one of the greatest. Beautiful song and only beaten by the one, Firth of Fifth.
Utterly glorious.

I will NEVER disrespect Phil Collins again. NEVER.
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20Blood On the Rooftops
Very hard to choose... Firth of fifth has such a great guitare solo, Supper's is so great, the end of Entangled is so beautiful and the second part of the Cinema show is so amazing... so why choose Blood on the rooftops... just because listening to this song in October when the autumn is there is a spiritual step in the moment, a perfect one for me.
One of my favourite Genesis song on my favourite album, sadly never played live by the band. A moving masterpiece. Thanks mr Hackett!
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21Los Endos
This is a phenomenal instrumental that is so powerful and moving. It is a great road song. When Genesis tied this with the drum duet and 'Dance on a Volcano' it became the perfect song. I can listen to it all day and night long. It makes you want more!
Phenomenal instrumental song, it should be in the top 5
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22Duchess Listen to sample

Most beautiful song ever, nearly makes you cry...
Awesomwe sparce music and clever lyrics

'Beware the fisherman
Who's casting out his line
Into a dried up riverbed
But don't try to tell him
Because he wont believe you
Throw some bread to the duck instead
Its easier that way
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24Lilywhite Lilith

25That's All
Misunderstanding, That's All, In Too Deep, I Can't Dance, Follow You Follow Me... Seriously I don't trust this list if most of these are not in the top 10.
This should be in top ten at the very least, if not the number one song.
It should have been on the top 10 list I really love this song. Very deep and hard rock.
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26I Can't Dance
Best song ever..
Uncanny song with awesome tune...

27Many Too Many
An awesome track that is often criminally overlooked probably because it appears "And Then There Were Three". This album is not particularly popular with Genesis fans and apart from "Follow You Follow Me", is almost ignored. However, tracks like "Many Too Many" provided that vital link between the "Wind And Wuthering" and "Duke".

It's the best Genesis song. The most complete. It has a vocal part, excellent lyrics: Phil Collins does the main vocals and chorus. And an instrumental part with good battery, guitar and organ.
Phill Collins drumming is really good here. Rutherford on the keyboards is just outstanding. This song got me into early genesis. This album is a must for anybody!

29Turn It On Again
Why so low down? This is a brilliant song should be at least number 2?

Gotta make quality better...
There best tune in my opinon

30No Son of Mine
This song really deserves to be higher.
Great song with mesmerizing lyrics and an amazing finale.
Phil is amazing on the vocals.
Best collins vocal and lyric

31The Return of the Giant Hogweed Listen to sample

32Mad Man Moon Listen to sample

33Back in N.Y.C.
Most underrated Genesis song of all time. This with Hairless Heart is so powerful. Gabriel really lets go and produces some of the most fearsome vocals. My personal favourite on The Lamb along with The Lamia and In The Rapids


Still remember listening to it for the first time. Caught me like heroin. Impossible to sing along with PeterÂ's vocals, and impossible to move your head with the beat too.. Amazing.

34Get 'Em Out by Friday Listen to sample

35Fly On a Windshield
A few minutes of true Prog Rock at its finest. Should be right up there with the top few songs.
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36One for the Vine
Pure Majestic music, beautiful song this and Firth of Fifth are the best
Very sad this song but equally it is very good and well made
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37I Know What I Like (In Your Wardrobe)
Son is fantastic and chorus is a real orgasm for me... I can't stop listening to it. Genesis is never enough
Why is this song so down in the list? This is one of the best songs of Genesis By far! The chorus is epic!

38Robbery, Assault and Battery
"Hello son I hope you're having fun"
"You've got it wrong sir, I'm only the cleaner"
With that he fired, the other saying as he died,
"You've done me wrong, " it's the same old song forever, forever
Robbery Assault and Battery
The felon and his felony
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39Seven Stones Listen to sample

40Tonight, Tonight, Tonight Listen to sample

41Can-Utility and the Coastliners
Nobody heard that? A strong top 5 for me
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42After the Ordeal
Best Genesis song ever! I love the whole album it was on that being "Selling England By the Pound" Complete masterpiece & gem by one of the best bands in existence.
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43In That Quiet Earth
One of my all-time favourites, matches perfectly in Wind & Wuthering B-side.
Listen to sample

44In Too Deep
Love this song. Personal
Best memories of love past
Listen to sample

45Domino, Pt 2
Fantastic, nothing more has to be said. Commercial with a sense of progressive elements. Genesis at their most popular.
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46The Lamia
I consider this to be the most beautiful song off of "The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway", due to the chilling nature of the creatures that meet Rael, as well as Tony's flowing keyboard work and Peter's soft vocal work. You don't know how to act when listening to this song. One minute, you're awestruck, then frightened, then woeful. You go through the same feelings that Rael does in this story during this song.



47Harold the Barrel Listen to sample

48Your Own Special Way
Just a great song. I recently discovered the live acoustic "unplugged" version. It's magnificent and was performed long before "unplugged" shows became popular.
Masterpeace - totally underrated

49The Grand Parade of Lifeless Packaging


51Man On the Corner
Outstanding and Underrated Song
Subtle yet powerful dish served up with a pungent yet odorless finish. Classic genesis yet not...
Amazing intro and great tune!

52Behind the Lines Listen to sample

53Throwing It All Away Listen to sample

54Hairless Heart

55No Reply At All

56Squonk Listen to sample

57The Fountain of Salmacus
I'm very surprised this song was not on the list! A story from Greek mythology beautifully told. There's a timeless, ethereal quality about this song in both the poetry and the music. The arrangement and musicianship has plenty to hold your interest, lots of change and contrast throughout. From the mellotron/cymbal crescendos accompanied by some delicate guitar work. The complex organ instrumental parts. The lively pace of the guitars, drums and flute that pick up around the lyric away from me cold blooded woman your thirst is not mine Colin's drumming is superb throughout this track. Unlike many of Genesis recordings that sadly I feel have been spoiled by the use of some odd sounding synths and 'experimental' guitar work this track survives the test of time relatively unscathed!
How is Invisible Touch in the Top 10 and this be only 49? Absolutely shameful! Maybe I love this song so much because I love greek mythology but it really sends shivers down my spine during the crescendo at the end. It creates atmosphere and tells such a vivid story, what does Invisible Touch create? Nothing that's what, just trash.


Listen to sample

58Fading Lights
Most epic Song Genesis ever did. Full of I don't know what to call it, but it is a lot... Don't know which Song should be better than this here. But I guess it is not very well known in Public.
Would have been a great way to end Genesis. (But I'm a big fan of Calling All Stations)


Poignant, heartfelt lyrics and vocals; emotional melody; genuine proggy bit in the middlle: classic Genesis.
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59Driving the Last Spike Listen to sample

60The Battle of Epping Forest
Peter Gabriel at its best
Listen to sample

61Counting Out Time Listen to sample

62The Chamber of 32 Doors
An amazing song. I like when the music just crashes down around where rael says "Every single door / that I've walked through /Brings me back, back here again"
Really an amazing song.
The whole concept of the song rocks

63Time Table
Beautiful lyrics, in my opinion this song should be higher. At least near the first 20 positions
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64The Colony of Slippermen
Should be far higher up the list - amazing keyboards and drumming. One of their very best.

Really an amazing song!
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66More Fool Me Listen to sample

67Keep It Dark
#66?!?!? Well genesis does have a lot of songs... Regardless this is by far my favorite collins-era tune, beautiful lyrics and extremely catchy beat.
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68Eleventh Earl of Mar Listen to sample

69Twilight Alehouse Listen to sample

70Dusk Listen to sample

71Calling All Stations Listen to sample

72Scenes From a Night's Dream
Amazing, catchy, great song!
Listen to sample

73The Light Dies Down On Broadway

74Illegal Alien Listen to sample

75Dreaming While You Sleep Listen to sample

Supper's Ready is nothing without Horizons to lead up to it.
Listen to sample

77Just a Job to Do Listen to sample

78For Absent Friends Listen to sample

79Inside and Out
Not very known, but its one of my favourites, though I like more P. Gabriel, this is a real masterpiece
Listen to sample

80Jesus He Knows Me
Very funny song with great rhythm.
Strangely no comments for this one.. This is groovy!
This song should be AT LEAST in the top 20!

81Follow You, Follow Me
Favorite "message" song. Complex mix with very simple, heartfelt lyrics
Surprised to see this top ten single in 1978. Only peak at 26.
This single showed how Genesis could mix there music.
I thinks should be Top Ten!
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83Who Dunnit? Listen to sample

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