Top 10 Worst Songs of All Time

The Top Ten
1 Baby - Justin Bieber

How is this not higher up! I apologize if I'm offending any Justin Bieber fans but come on it needs to be said. He can't sing (he moans and shrieks), he's a horribly fake person, he's not actually a nice person and he can't write songs to save his life. I mean I've tried to write songs before and it went horribly wrong but was still easier to listen to than his shrieking. I just feel sorry for Selena Gomez if she ever has to hear him "singing" in the shower.

The lyrics are even worse than music of Blood on the Dance Floor. It's just Baby, Baby, Baby repeated again and again. No passion, no real voice, no heart, no soul. This song contains nothing what a good song should have.

You cannot study anything about pop culture these days without talking about Justin Bieber. He's consistently in the top 10 trending things on Twitter, and any discussion of music can easily turn to him.
Yet as I listen to the track that made him, I'm baffled. What was it in the first place that brought him such attention? The Beliebers- they blindly follow him, but I think it's just because these are all poppy love songs, not because they actually like Bieber.
Sappy, poppy, bubblegum electro rap love songs have their place. But it just doesn't seem like this kid should've become bigger than The Beatles for it.

And who said he started the dubstep revolution?!

His voice is enough to make this song an abomination. It sounds like a dying, choking cat with its larynx ripped out trying to speak human language. Exaggerations aside, I was horrified when I realized it was sung by a 16 year old. What the hell? 16? It has to be a joke or something.
That's just the tip of the iceberg, there are so many more reasons why this song is atrocious - autotune abuse, terrible lyrics, tormenting tone/beats and disgusting rap. Everything in this song is outright disgraceful, and for that it's the single worst song in human history.

2 Stupid Hoe - Nicki Minaj

To paint an accurate picture of how terrible this song is, let's compare it to every other song in the top 10.

Baby- This song is just another disposable pop song. The melody isn't bad, but Bieber's voice is annoying, the song's repetitive, and the lyrics pretty stupid.

Friday- Same situation as above, but Rebecca Black's voice is even more annoying and the lyrics are even stupider.

The Best Of Both Worlds- I don't watch Hannah Montana, but... this doesn't really sound THAT bad. I've heard several of Miley Cyrus's singles, and this one's far from the worst. The music and lyrics are okay, but once again the vocals are annoying.

Gangnam Style- I don't hate this one either. The song isn't that great, but coupled with the video it was funny for a few viewings.

Sexy and I know it- Okay, this one's pretty bad, but the worst of it is the video. The song is mainly just some overly cocky idiots who think they're so sexy but really they're not. Pretty annoying ...more

This song is so horrible that, do you even call it a song? What is it? What is this... thing?! All it is is just an extremely horrible beat, the most obnoxious singing I've er heard in my entire life, and it's message which is trying to get back at your rival! You should never make any enemies or rivals because that'll only make it worse! At least with all of the songs on the list, you can call all of these songs SONGS! But song, this song is so bad that, it can't even be classified as a song. This song serves no purpose to exist! I mean, even Baby by Justin Bieber and Friday by Rebecca Black, you can call both of those songs the worst songs ever but Stupid Hoe?! What the heck is it?! What is it?! It's so bad that it can't even be called a song! It's lower than the worst!

I've heard worse, but I cannot believe how terrible and inconsistent it is. The lyrics have no meaning, which for me is REALLY importan. Music is art, we can use it to express ourselves and talk about our feelings/life or even make up a story. This song is really disappointing. The beat is fast paced, but it just sounds like a bubble being loudly popped, it's something you easily forget, and can't hum along too, it's just awful. The actual words, though, surprise me the most. They are random words stuck together, no meaning, and I actually wanted to give up on listening, it was just getting repetitive. Honestly, I'm not sure how anyone likes this song. My favourite bit was the end.

There are some artists that shouldn't be called artist like Nicki Minaj. Music is a beautiful art and all of us should respect it, I get incredibly angry when this woman release new music or appears on the radio, she clearly doesn't know anything about music she just want to be promotional. If I were Nicki Minaj I would abandon music forever and start learning about good music like Jazz or Blues. Seriously Nicki, none is gonna remember you after you die your music is trash, if you barely can name it music!

3 Friday - Rebecca Black

I like how everyone thinks Rebecca Black is a garbage overall solely because of this song. It's overhated and Rebecca is a fun person.

Despite it being overhated, this song sucks, especially in the vocal department. Holy hell, Rebecca's voice here is terrible. It's so nasally and overautotuned that it sounds really annoying. The repetitive lyrics that were clearly written by a five year old (seriously, you couldn't think of any better lyrics aside from "partying partying, fun fun fun"? ) are also a massive issue. Thankfully Rebecca proved she is capable of more than just garbage like this. -1/5

Out of fairness, I actually listened to this pathetic train wreck in it's entirety. Then I watched the video on YouTube and about lost my stomach. I actually feel sorry for Rebecca Black for having become involved with the clowns at ARK Music Factory. She's actually got some talent and it's a same that she was "discovered" this way. Patrice Wilson and Clarence Jey actually wrote sphincter of pop music.

"Yesterday was Thursday, Thursday.
Today is Friday, Friday.
We, we, we so excited. We so excited.
Tomorrow is Saturday and Sunday comes afterward.
I don't want this weekend to end."

Really? Absolutely brilliant.

My vote goes to this song because of the people responsible for it. Not Rebecca Black, she's just a teenage girl who's parents were wealthy enough that they could afford to get her a song for her birthday. She was just an average teenage girl at the time and she just wanted to do something fun. No, rather, this song gets my vote because of ARK Music Production and co-writer Patrice Wilson, that creepy guy who randomly inserts himself into the video at one point. He's also the co-founder of ARK. This company essentially wanted to make a quick buck off these young teenage girls who wanted music videos made for them, and if they got harassed on the internet for them, ARK basically left them hung out to dry. The YouTuber SarahZ did an excellent video on this exact subject matter that I'd highly recommend to anyone reading this wall of text. And for God's sake don't harass Rebecca or say dumb crap like "I want to break Rebecca Black's neck with my bare hands," the poor girl's been through ...more

Now, I think that Friday sucked, but it was just the beginning of her career. Listen to her new songs such as The Great Divide and My Moment. It's amazing how someone who started out so miserably turned out to be so incredibly talented and beautiful. I think Rebecca Black is a great role model. Friday is a disgusting song, but that does not make the author a disgusting singer.I think we should stop judging her by her first song and just laugh about it in a friendly way and move on to her new content, which is a lot better.

4 Anaconda - Nicki Minaj

Anaconda. It's a long story.

When one listens to a song, what do they look for? Naturally, someone would reply and say something along the lines of a catchy beat or meaningful, powerful lyrics, instruments, or vocals. However, Anaconda manages to defy many of those things. It uses technologies which would make rap songs detestable, technology meaning techniques used in the song.

Yes, the beat is catchy. However, it is not creatively made, and just simply sampled from another. The trademark line: "My anaconda don't want none, unless you got buns, hon," is sampled from Baby Got Back by Sir-Mix-A-Lot. One thing a large amount of people dislike, and coming from my personal experience, is the stealing and usage of another artist's beat. Many modern songs tend to do this, yes, but it is still frowned upon my many people.

Secondly, the lyrics. The lyrics are of meaningless concept. If you were to go and look up the lyrics to Anaconda, the song is just references to ...more

Okay, here's a song that's deserving of the Top 3 more than...any of the songs actually in the Top 3. This is easily Nicki Minaj's worst track and it shows how when Nicki is at her worst...she's REALLY at her worst. Not only is the best a ripoff from "Baby Got Back" by Sir Mix-a-lot, but the song is shameless enough to actually plagiarize a SAMPLE of the track and make it part of the "chorus". The bridge is where the song gets even worse though, as Nicki just goes full crazy and starts saying random nonsense (she isn't even rapping) about her behind and skinny girls, and laughs maniacally.

This is one of the many reasons people think 2014 is the year music hit an all time low. -5/5

It's full of stupid innuendo. Any kid over 12 would get what it means. It's not even appropriate for the radio! Anaconda? Really? Oh look, another song about butts and sex. Yawn. And then there's the cover art. "Hmm, I don't know what to use for my new cover art! I'll just take a racy picture of my butt! " Yeah so imaginative. It's funny because the, um, cover "art" is so inappropriate they put the parental advisory sticker over nickis butt. It is the worst song of the whole year! Absolutely terrible song.

Remember the original Baby Got Back? That song was about breaking the stereotype of big butts being unattractive. It was about how we shouldn't be ashamed about ourselves just because some fashion magazine shows being extremely thin as hot.

Meanwhile, Anaconda is about Nicki Minaj bragging about her butt, and dissing skinny people. This is not only a terrible song, but it takes a much better song and drags it down with it.

5 #selfie - The Chainsmokers

Please realize people, this is not a legitimate song. It's making fun of girls who engage in the activities depicted in the song. You saying that it's horrible is exactly what The Chainsmokers wanted. It's supposed to be horrible.

This isn't even real music and it's really the worst song ever. The lady isn't really singing she is just having a conversation. this should hit number one greatly. What happened to the old music with The Beatles and Led Zepplin? If it was a grade, I would give it an F. If it was a score, I would give it 1.7 out of ten or even one out of five stars. I rather listen to Stairway to Heaven by Led Zepplin that listen to this crappy junk.

What happened to the days when lyrics were poetic and genius? Nowadays they are crappy and sound like they were created by a 12 year old.

This song proves that pop music gets worse every year. I absolutely hate autotuned trash vocals, but I'd take that any day over a bratty teen girl talking over repetitive electronic music. And if this song is "supposed to be bad", then that's even worse. If you purposefully make bad music, then your need to leave the music industry. NOW!

6 Sexy and I Know It - LMFAO

Is this what music has come to? Ugly men wiggling their penises to synthesized farts?

I remember when I was younger, my friend's dad turned this on whenever he wanted to torture and entertain us at the same time. Stupid and pointless as this song is, it's nothing compared to the countless wieners you'll have flashing at your face every five seconds during that godforsaken video.

Worst Group and Worst Song. Have you seen their hairstyles? Weird or you can say worst All the time party songs don't work if we can call THEM A PARTY SONG.

The song is really stupid and so is the video but I only like it because of the Nostalgia factor because me and my friends used to laugh around and have a lot of fun watching this video. But yeah the song is really stupid but bearable for me.

7 Watch Me - Silento

Now this is a bad song. Some songs above this song are pretty bad, but probably because it's trendy to hate it e.g Baby by Justin Bieber. I wouldn't personally listen to Baby, but what I can say is that at least the lyrics are okish, it's kind of got a good beat and Justin's singing isn't actually as bad as I thought it was when I was 10 when it was released.

This song ticks all the boxes for being bad. Lyrics? He's actually getting a song writing credit for this, for reeling off a bunch of dance moves? His voice is annoying and the beat isn't even that great either.

This doesn't even deserve a score out of 10 or 5 or whatever, I wouldn't even consider this a song

I hate this song so much every one plays it at school on the bus every where I go its like it's a curse it's so annoying I don't know why everyone loves this song so much? I mean are they stupid it's so annoying the lyrics repeat over and over and over again and again. This is my sisters favourite song she is 7 and she plays it NONSTOP she is the most annoying person I have ever met and that says a lot that is all she listens to.

This deserves to be much higher. Most unoriginal and uncreative song I have ever heard. The lyrics are just a list of dances that have been popular in the last 8 years. His voice is whiny and screechy, the lyrics suck, the beat is generic, and is just plain unappealing to listen to. Looks like he is a new addition to the one hit wonderland!

If you had to work at a camp and the dance competition was this song, you would understand how annoying and how bad It is. Every age group had to participate and it started getting aggravating by the time the 4th age group (guys va girls) was next to participate. I forever dislike this song and will never have anything good to say about it. It is straight up the Worst Song of all time.

8 Gangnam Style - Psy

I can't believe how this "song" got so popular. It's just a Korean guy doing stupid dance moves. I don't know how the lyrics are, but I don't want to know. I'm sure they are extremely retarded. The worst of all is, that this song was literally everywhere! In supermarkets, in shops, in loudspeakers, in theatres, even in my school! Basically every single public place I went to had the damn song playing. Thankfully, not even his mom remembers it now. Thank god. And 2 billion views on YouTube! Seriously? 2 billion? 2/5 of Earth's population saw this? Okay, now the music world is doomed forever.

Out of all the people trying to make it big on YouTube, this guy gets the break others work harder for to get. Gangnam Style is easily one of the worst songs I've ever heard. Terrible vocals, annoying video, horrific dancing. What baffles me the most is, it isn't even in English yet it's highly regarded and people love it. When I watched the video for the first time and heard the song, I didn't see how it was so special. Some people I know find him absolutely hilarious and talented then there's me who absolutely loathes him and rests my hand on my head. Terrible terrible song

When I first heard it, I thought it was catchy. But when everybody in town started playing it wherever they went and danced to it all the time, it started getting in my nerve. Then I had to dance to it and felt so stupid, realising the dance sucked! I can't understand a single word, nobody can, unless your Korean or something. I'm not being racist! When I decided to listen to the song closely, I thought he said "seamen in the air" I gasped and told my friends to stop listening to it!

It was popular for a while, but there is one thing that I will never forgive this song for doing. It started off the great Korean wave of music that hasn't ended since. More and more k-pops appear everywhere, and the music gets more popular, and the bands get gay-er, and now we have a million Asian one direction bands occupying the charts. And by the way, this comment was from 2018.

9 Never Say Never - Justin Bieber

I think this is worse than Baby. After all, one time in my elementary school, when we were studying for the EOG's, we had to sing a parody of this song to motivate us. I know Baby is bad, but this song proves JB made songs worse than Baby. Not to mention other songs such as Stupid Hoe and Anaconda are worse.

Never say never? Really? You just said it a million times in your crappy song. If I had to choose between an ant or Justin Bieber to live. It would be the ant. At least ants work hard.

Never say never. But she's just said it twice

This song is sickening. It comes on sometimes on the radio and I feel like throwing the whole thing out the window. This is not music, this is pure terror. #Justinbeiberaphobia.

10 What Makes You Beautiful - One Direction

Boy bands have two catagories for their songs to fall into: Decent or Annoying/Boring. Guess which one this song falls into? If you said the secret one: Automatically turn the band into a joke for anyone other than hormonal teenage girls, You are correct! This was 1D's first and possibly biggest hit, and is played EVERYWHERE and CONSTANTLY. The worst part is that it's awful the first time you hear it, and just gets worse the more you listen to it. The "singing" is really whiny, the instruments sound like they were ripped from Garage Band, and the lyrics are the typical pandering boy band ones. It is a shame that this disaster of a song was their first song, as it forever tarnished how I thought of them. The only song I can listen to without getting a headache is 'Drag Me Down'.

The meaning is not what most stupid and naive girls think it is, they're saying you're beautiful, because you are SHY! For God's sake go seduce someone with some effort rather than saying that they're shy. These Five boys should be at home playing on their X-Box and not making millions of pounds.They don't even write their own songs, they just perform them in the sucking way possible, go get some talent 1D, sure their aren't any Whitney Houston's or Stevie Wonder's around, but at least most of the people making music have more talent than these geezers.

Oh gosh, this song is annoying, not the worst, but very annoying. They want teen girls to like this song, but I don't like this annoying boppy song. The music video ripped off Blink-182, my favorite band of all time, how dare they rip off my favorite band! Not the worst band ever, but a pretty cheesy band. They only got famous because they are hot, their music is not even good, it is awful and cheesy. They try so hard to impress teen girls, but it is annoying and cliche.

This song is just the generic "I love you, baby girl. You're the most perfect being on Earth and your beauty is superior to everyone else". Look, if I wanted to listen to crappy music made for the tween demographic, I would have listened to Beiber back in 2012. But fortunately I,and many others, have MUCH better tastes in music. The world doesn't need any more garbage like this!

The Newcomers

? Commander in Chief - Demi Lovato
? U Love U - Jax
The Contenders
11 Crank That - Soulja Boy

Garbage! Stupid, disgusting and the lyrics don't even make sense!
It's just screaming and repeating random things over and over again!
Once, I saw a comment saying that this is better than Bohemian Rhapsody! No, just NO, Bohemian Rhapsody is one of the 15 greatest songs of all time and it's A LOT better than this piece of trash!

No-one cares about Soulja Boy anymore! No wonder if Soulja Boy works at McDonald's, at Burger King or even at Pizza Hut!

I always hated this song! One of the worst songs ever! There's just no worse or stupider artist than Soulja Boy! Once, I saw him pulling down his pants so I can see his underwear! Eww, that's just gross and stupid!
And also, this song gave me some of the worst memories as a kid. I remember listening to this on the radio everyday and I was always asking my parents to put another song!
Soulja Boy, I'm sorry, but you're probably the worst rapper EVER!

Seriously don't care for Justin beaver, but I'd rather listen to 'baby' all day long then have to listen to even a second of one of Soulja prick's songs. This isn't as bad as 'yahhh! ' Or whatever, but it's still obnoxious, stupid, & there is no singing. So glad he's forgotten now. He honestly should have never became big.

Worst song, worst rapper, worst genre, worst musician.. Everything is worst. The beatings are all the same and why the song is so mainstream?

12 I Love You - Barney

Including a Barney song in a worst list is like doing a roast of someone with Down's Syndrome. You'll never hear it on the radio, it's meant for infants and small children, and actually succeeds wonderfully at doing what it set out to do: teach children at an early age to love and appreciate one another. Anyone who dismisses that aesthetic as some kind of liberal hippie garbage is frankly, a much bigger pansy ass than Barney, Baby Bop, and B.J. combined.

Some kids show songs are catchy I admit, and they are meant for kids, so I understand, but I honestly don't like this song. It is stupid and Barney can't sing, though the lyrics have a good message, I just find the song bad. I don't like any Barney songs. Though I have heard worse songs that are not kids songs.

I hate this! I hate you, you hate me, let's gang up to kill Barney! He's awful, ugly, scary and teaches bad things to kids like talking to strangers and stealing. Barney needs a diaper around his mouth because all the crap comes out of there.

Barney sucks. The song should go "I hate you. You hate me. Let's go out to kill Barney, with a big shotgun and shoot him in the head. Sorry children, Barney's dead" I mean that music in the background sounds like it came from a horror movie!

13 Barbie Girl - Aqua

This song was the worst song that was ever created in the name of humanity despite how this song was pretty catchy enough and the lyrics was so just disturbing that far...

To be honest, it's a weird song about a girly, plastic doll that we already know today going on a sexually explicit rampage as the lyric says. Also, Ken sounded like Pitbull than the actual Ken. It's even worst that the word "hanky-panky" was... ugh... I don't want to define that word... it's disturbing as I was writing this comment.

Despite the song was bad, like I said: The song was catchy enough. It would be better if the song was purely clean and made for children with better writing and much complex. Not just a lot of inappropriate imagery to poor 10-year-old, innocent kids who wanted to hear some catchy tunes, but they were glad that they don't understand the lyrics.

I shall hope that Mattel gets triggered after hearing that gritty song.

Mark my words, I will incinerate every Barbie ...more

This song, well really every song by Aqua, fills me with a desire to pour molten metal into my ears because it's so much better to die to the sound of my own boiling flesh than live with the terrible, insect like keening wail that comes out of their female lead singer and the worthless rasp-rumble of their male vocalists. All of their songs feel like they should be the backdrop to some weird sci-fi movie involving robots raping robots.

This song makes me want to bang my head into a wall a million times... Besides the fact it's terribly annoying, no offense to the people who like it but, I mean who wants to be a barbie? Worst Song EVER! (Except that Rebecca Black Song)

If I have to listen to this song ONE MORE TIME, I'll seriously sue the person who made this song. For people who have been driven insane hearing this song, I'd suggest a medication to cure that insanity: an amazing song called Disfigure-Blank. Way way better than barbie girl

14 Boyfriend - Justin Bieber

The lyrics are horrible! I mean who wants to eat fondue by the fire?! And why would you call your girlfriend a buzz lightyear toy? (don't get me wrong. I love toy story, but hearing this in a pop song especially a Justin Bieber song is mediocre at it's best). and he keeps repeating swag over and over again until he says that atrocious word SWAGIE! And the music in the background is horrible to! It sounds like an ambulance alarm dying! Lets all hope his 15 minutes of fame are up and we'll never have to see him ever again.

WORST SONG EVER. I watched Top 10 worst songs 2 by, and ever since then it's stuck in my head. If I was your boyfriend, you'd never be alone. STALKER. When I first heard the song I was like "OHH NO" not Justin! It sounded like a dying whale. Nope. That was Baby. This was a corpse coming back to life. I didn't have anything against Justin but once he delivered this song I truly dislike him. It is an attack on our ears. What has come on music? UGH.

This is worse than Baby, this is Justin Bieber's worst song. I one time had to hear this at Walmart and it was torture. I hate the fact that Justin Bieber forces girls in this song to become his girlfriend, so cheesy. The beat sounds like a whale made the sounds. Justin can't rap, and what kinda word is "swaggy"? Stupid song about Justin trying to look cool around girls, but fails at it. The music video is cringy.

If I was a girl, I would not want to be Justin Bieber's at all. He really sucks. And the video is just him spinning in a car and playing a guitar in front of girls... and boys. What? Why would boys listen to Justin Bieber? Its girls that squeal over Justin Bieber, not boys (no offense if you are a boy and do, but it is unlikely)

15 All About that Bass - Meghan Trainor

You people aren't getting the point of the song. It's not attacking skinny people, or calling them "bigoted skinny jerks" or whatever. It's also not excusing obesity. It's just saying that there's nothing wrong with being a plus size, basically. As far as dissing skinny people, it does nothing more than poke fun at them. And she's not criticizing everyone who has a "desirable" figure, she's criticizing those who go out of their way to make anyone who doesn't have a nice figure seem fat. She's not saying skinny is bad, she's saying being a bigot that bullies people over their weight is bad.

And Meghan Trainor has a beautiful voice, but I guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Basic message of the song:
"No, no overweight people, you shouldn't be concerned with the way you look. No need to exercise, go on diets, or do anything with your body! Keep munching on them drumsticks, because you're perfect the way you are. But if you are skinny, however, OH GOD HELP YOU. You are obviously a snobby, bigoted jerk who should be discriminated against at all costs, and that totally doesn't sound hypocritical in the slightest! "
Yeah. Meghan Trainor sucks. She is a bad, forgettable singer, an awful role model, and just generally a hypocrite (pardon the repetition). I'm going to go listen to some Hollywood Undead now.

I understand some people adore the song, and I cam admit, it's a fun song to jam to once in a while. It also says that you shouldn't worry about your weight all the time, which I agree with. But all the glory about it ends here. Meghan Trainor can't sing, no offense to her new fans, and she also goes out and disses skinnier people. I like the fact she's saying weight doesn't matter, but she does not get permission to say being skinny is bad for that. Great messages and bad messages galore in this song.

A lot of people like the lyrics to this awful excuse of a song, but it really isn't much better than anything on top 40 radio these other words, not very good. The message is a good idea, being fat isn't bad, but Trainor's execution is quite poor. If she, or the idiots on the writing team, could've just left the "skinny people" out of this, it probably would be salvageable, but NO! There is lots of slander against "skinny people" which is quite terrible and basically ruins the message of the song. Trainor's voice sounds awful, very nasally. She makes Wes Scantlin sound like Freddie Mercury. OK, maybe that was an exaggeration, but you get my point. The instruments try to bring back doo-wop, and all I have to say about that is "please don't." The first time I heard this song I threw my headphones across the room in a fit of anger, annoyance, and general instinct to keep my ears from bleeding.

16 Sweatshirt - Jacob Sartorius

Justin Bieber had talent even though it was barely there (look at his acoustic recording from way back in youtube) while this ''singer'' can't sing. AT ALL. Sure, it's catchy, but in a terrible way because his screeching voice is drowned in autotune and annoying beats. I mean, if I gotta be honest Jacob IS getting way too much hate for a little kid and I don't think he should be getting THAT much hate but honestly, that's just the way the internet is. Face reality, kid. And his video, who the hell would wanna wear a sweatshirt that's been mopping the gross school floors? Can't wait to see this song climb this chart, but fall on it's bottom on all other charts

Okay, this songs has worse vocals than many other artists. He doesn't use an interesting voice first of all. It sounds like someone who is on a bumpy road driving with a fan turned on. Second of all, he isn't a good singer. What would you expect from someone who lip syncs? He also has a terrible voice without autotune. The lyrics are kind of weird too. There are many other ways to explain love in a good way. He doesn't have an impressive vocal range. So the concluding sentence is: Don't wear your sweatshirt. It has Sarto-Virus on it!

When I listen to a terrible song, it depends on the artist. If they have talent, like JB, The Dave Matthews Band or Beyonce, I know that they are talented and I have the satisfaction that they actually put their best into this song, or anything at all into it; They suck from the heart. But this kid, Bejeezus. He is a boi/reggae/rap "singer" who became famous off the internet by lip syncing on musically, so we just cringed and walked on by with our lives. But now, he has a real career, and is infecting us like lead in tap water.

This is the worst song ever for a good reason

Jacob is a talentless hack. It funny since most bad singers are my age. Jacob and Slim Jimmy are 14.

But let's get back to topic. I would rather listen to any song than this crap. It is horrible and Jacobs autotune is really ear rapish. At least it's not Future autotune, I mean Future should be OKAY but his autotune ruined him like Jacob and Future is supposed to be worse than Jacob.

So yea this is absolute garbage!

17 The Best of Both Worlds - Hannah Montana

Honestly I personally like this song. And that's saying something because I'm a fan of heavy metal and rock genres. I'm not saying that I like Miley Cyrus songs, they're kinda crappy, but Hannah Montana songs actually have a meaning unlike the majority of 2000s pop music. I also think it's a little strange to put this song on the list as it's literally from a TV show and not a real song you would hear on the radio (unless it was radio disney). It was meant for little kids, and a lot of other age groups enjoy the song as well. You are all entitled to your own opinion of course, but a lot of people do like this song and I don't think it deserves a place on this list, at least not this high up.

I'm gonna tell you this, never watch hannah Montana unless you're trying to get something out of your throat. Because then that show would be useful.

HEY! My name is Hannah! Are you trying to make fun of my Name?! I'm so going to complain this to my boyfriend and when he finds out the person who did this, he'll... BOOM! Get you! So keep those thoughts to yourself or else. Get a life, haters

I agree with most of this list but Toni Basil's "Mickey"... You can't seriously think that's worse than Hannah Montana! It IS Toni's worst song, but I love Toni Basil and her work with Devo!

18 Birthday Cake - Rihanna

I really dislike this song and so does my mom. It drives me nuts when they repeat "Cake" and then Chris Brown comes in says just garbage. Also he says "It's been a long time, I have missed your body", there is no reason for that. Chris beat her up so why is he saying this? There is also so much cussing in that song that makes my mom hate the song.

The synth that sounds like a power drill, the skull cracking, repetitive lyrics, and creepy atmosphere and all bad enough but one thing makes this even worse. It features the man that beat up Rihanna on the track and he says this:

"Been a long time, I've been missing your body. Lemme turn the lights down"

And later Rihanna says:

"Remember how ya did it? "

Are you kidding me?

This ridiculous sing even not over 3 minutes alright much if song not over 3 minutes but some if those song is really great except this, I mean what the hell she saying?

I hate this song because Chris Brown ruined Birthday Cake by saying garbage. The song would be catchy if Rihanna continued the song alone or with someone else

19 Achy Breaky Heart - Billy Ray Cyrus

Megadeth would have actually topped the Billboard 200 with Countdown to Extinction, had it not been for the popularity of this song, which allowed Billy to still keep his album secured on the top spot. So, Megadeth apparently has a grudge on Billy Ray Cyrus on that.

That said, this song is arguably the most annoying Country track in the 90s. Says a lot when Weird Al satirizes it and openly expressing his dislike.

This song is so bad, a local country station in Texas, suffering from low funds, threatened to play it on their station every day, for 24 hours, until enough money was given to them. Don't believe me? Look it up. What's even worse is that this guy spawned the Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus franchise.

Ruined Country music back in 1992. Seems after that Country music started to really suck. Artists like Keith Whitley, Ricky Van Shelton, Clint Black, George Strait, Rodney Crowell, Reba McEntire, Lorrie Morgan, Suzy Boggus, Emmylou Harris, Roseanne Cash were the ones who had the talent and had wonderful music. But Country took a nose dive after Achy Breaky Heart. I remember someone telling me it was going to be a hit and I thought "you gotta be kidding" but she was right.

When I was three I used to jam to this song, but as I grew older I realized that there is a such thing as good music. Seriously though, it's it just so funny that him and his daughter both have a song on this same list. I think that means we need to ship them both off into space where nobody can hear them screech!

20 Fack - Eminem

Eminem is an awesome artist (at least he was in Lose Yourself) and for the most of us, he is our favorite rapper in the industry. Then later, when he was all drunk and bored, he decided to make this piece of crap. And it looks like he doesn't know much of his singing voice so he decided to impersonate Eric Cartman from South Park. He always say really gross stuff in here, for example: shoving a gerbil through a tube. Overall, I wouldn't recommend listening to this song ever.

Ok. This song isn't great but at least it has a good instrumental. This shouldn't be near the top though. Everyone who is voting for this is probably just an Eminem hater. I'd put this song below 100. Anything from Justin Bieber, Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne (besides the songs he did with Eminem), Miley Cyrus, Soulja Boy, etc is 100x worse than this. Seriously people, at least this was funny and catchy.

From the same man who brought you: Lose Yourself, The Way I Am, Stan, Sing For The Moment, White America, Till I Collapse, Just Lose It, Mockingbird, Like Toy Soldiers, Mosh, Beautiful (also, Beautiful Pain), LTWYL, Space Bound, Not Afraid, and the entire artistic masterpiece get the worst song ever made. Worse than Friday, worse than Baby, worse than even ANACONDA (though that is a close second).

Ok. Most of this are the worst. But this isn't supposed to be here. First off, let's see the intention. If we see it as a Normal song. This song sucks. But it's intention is making it into a horibble song. So by it's intention, This song succeed. And that's the difference between the others. The other tried to be good but failed. This one tried to be bad and succeed. So this doesn't belong here

21 Blurred Lines - Robin Thicke

The song and music video are absolutely disgusting. I have never felt so uncomfortable when listening to a song until I heard this. The music video is basically has two dudes dancing with multiple women that are either half naked or naked. Pharrell Williams is a good singer but this has to be one of the worst song he has ever sang.

This song is so bad. I have never heard of a song so terrible... no, not even Friday by Rebecca Black or Baby by Justin Bieber was this bad because they are actually songs (bad songs but still songs). This is not a song, I refuse to believe it as such.

It is the HOLOCAUST of the music industry.

Sexist like no other. He's just singing badly about a woman. Disrespectful to all the women involved and not involved. Disrespectful to all hearers of the song, literally. Terrible.

Without the annoying looping 'woo', it is just another bad pop song. With the annoying looping 'woo', it is a good candidate for the most annoying and worst song ever. It is not music - it is noise!

22 DDLG - Ppcocaine

Do you think Baby and Gangnam style are the worst songs ever written? Then, you need to listen to this song. This song should not be classified as music. It just a garbage noise. The music video is just a nasty pornographic twerking. The vocals sounds like a strangling cat. Do you thiink that WAP is the most pornographic song ever written? No, this is the most pornographic song ever written and can beat WAP. The music is just like your typical mainstream trap rap song. This song makes Baby look like Highway Star and Pandemonic Hyperblast into Master of Puppets.

This song makes Baby sound like Bohemian Rhapsody. This song is so bad that I laughed while listening to it. She's not a grown up girl right? Because the lyrics and her voice and beyond immature and grating. The beat is also awful, it just sounds like a bunch of farts

I initially didn't care for this but after I heard this, I have never regretted hearing something this much.

Should be in the top ten. Why this song is in the 21st place. Much worser than Baby, Watch Me, and Gangnam Style combined.

23 Gucci Gang - Lil Pump

I listened to this song once because a friend told me about it and I HATED it. I'm gonna lie that as soon as the song was over, I put on Better By You, Better Than Me by Judas Priest to wash it out of my mind. Do yourselves a favor and never listen to this abomination of music, EVER.

Okay, it's kinda catchy but I don't like it.
1) The lyrics: It doesn't mean anything. What "gucci gang" means? And it has no message, no story, it's not about anything...It's all about drugs and sex.
2) It sounds terrible I got a headache every time I hear this piece of crap.
3) It's overrated. How could more than 7 000 000 people like that?
4) It's really annoying.
5) It don't deserve that popularity
6) Lil pump is an untalented idiot... I mean...He's not even 18 and de's smoking, drinking and doing drugs?...
And he got a lot of money only because he's "rapping" made-up words and creating annoying and cringy songs?

I would say that I remember when bands like like Led Zeppelin and Queen were around, but I was born in the 21st century so I can't. Our only hope is to pass the music on of a better time to our generation. Maybe then there will be hope.

Most of the songs on this list are bad, but they're not torture. "Baby" may be cringeworthy, and it's fun to hate "Friday," but a song that is fun to hate can't be truly horrible. Gucci Gang, however, is despicable in every possible way.

24 The Fox (What Does the Fox Say?) - Ylvis

Of all the bad music in the world, this just has to be the undoubtedly worst, most disgusting piece of vocal trash I know. Here are my reasons why:
1. At LEAST other songs have, I don't know, actual WORDS in them! Bad, stupid, annoying, and painful, but still words.
2. There is zero effort put into this. This is just garbage where a two idiots just screamed gibberish into a microphone, and added a half-assed beat over it.
3. Whenever I attack this song publicly, someone will always just shrug and say, "oh, but it's a comedy! It's purposely bad! " First, I don't see how this is "comedy", as it makes me cry rather than laugh. Second, we had a lot of GOOD music comedy examples, like with Weird Al Yankovic, or the Lonely Island. Why? Because their songs actually had effort, time, and creativity put into them. THIS did not.
4. The video, oh god the video. It looks like something you find on deep web, not on the radio every ten minutes!
5. I already mentioned how virtually ...more

You can't just make a terrible song and then say, "oh yeah, it's a parody, and thus you can't dislike it or else you have no sense of humor! Actual satirical comedy, what's that? "
An ear-piercingly terrible song with no real lyrics and no real meaning, crappy CGI, creepy dollar-store costumes, a bland beat, and noises so obnoxious they make me want to shove my genital region into a meat grinder every time I hear them is still an ear-piercingly terrible song with no real lyrics and no real meaning, crappy CGI, creepy dollar-store costumes, a bland beat, and noises so obnoxious they make me want to shove my genital region into a meat grinder. That's all there is to it. Heck, at least all the other songs on this least try to have a meaning?

Ooh how I hate this song. The fox says this song was useless and for people that have no taste in music. The fox says delete this song from people's lives and imagine life then. The fox says I hate you and everyone who loves this song. The fox says to much about hate. And go ahead, fox, I hate this song too.

Oh, what did it take? 5 minutes to come up with this song, this is annoying and I would prefer this: Ylvis: What does the fox say? Fox: (Cricket Cricket) (Ylvis makes derpy face) (Man coughs) (Baby cries) (Man coughs louder) Ylvis (Yells) WHAT DOES THE FOX SAY?!?!? Fox: SHADDUP! You people oughta be ashamed of yourselves! You interupted my beauty sleep just to make a song!?! Gimme that camera! What does the camera say?!? (Slams camera back and forth repeatedly and throws it down cliff causing it to catch on fire) Go bother another animal! Cow go moo! Sheep go baa! Mouse go squeak and fox says "GET OUTTA MY HOUSE! "

25 Stimulated - Tyga

How is this song not higher on the list? I get that this song didn't chart at all, but this song is about Tyga having sex with (or "penetrating") Kylie Jenner when she was only 17. This song can be used as evidence in the court if Tyga ever goes to jail. I wish this song was popular, not because it's enjoyable (it sure as hell isn't enjoyable), but because maybe the police might hear it and arrest Tyga. And the worst part is that this song samples a Robert Miles song called "Children". Yes, Tyga thought that sampling a song called "Children" would be good for his pedophile anthem. Easily one of the worst songs ever. 2015 was such a great year for music, and this song almost ruined it.

He should be arrested for that because he's penetrating Kylie Jenner when she's only 17 years old.

Tyga: But I didn't do anything. I just hang out with my girlfriend.

Judge: Tyga, I sentence you to many years in prison for penetrating a 17 year old.

The whole world: *cries out in relief*

I just listened to the sample, and realized how terrible Tyga is. He is admitting that he is a pedophile. Disgusting, he should go to jail, what a sicko, pathetic excuse of a musician. Terrible song by the way.

This is only #21 because almost nobody knows it. This song is just so dumb it's not funny. THIS IS LITERAL PEDOPHILIA and the way he talks about it is stupid and he even samples Children by Robert Miles. Also it's really forgettable and basic both instrumentally and vocally. If you have not heard this song, be happy of yourself... unlike me who sat down and wasted 3 minutes to listen to it.

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