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August 2, 2015 - Some of the greatest movies to come out of the horror genere involved ghosts in some form or another. Don't agree with the list? Vote for an existing item you think should be ranked higher or if you are a logged in, add a new item for others to vote on or create your own version of this list.

The Top Ten

The Woman in Black
I was glad this movie was rated pg-13. PG-13 movies generally try harder to bring in the fright with nuance and mood rather than gore, sex, and ultra-violence like some of their rated R counterparts.


Yes! This is the second list by you (fireinside96) that has made me very happy! This movie so deserves top spot.


Woman in black wasn't that scary, but I enjoyed the mystery and how it got my heart rate up.
[Newest]It is super ghost movie

2The Sixth Sense
This is the best psychological horror movie. The child of this movie acted amazingly. This movie has the great soul that make each scene as classic. I fell a feeling of hallucination at the end of this movie
This is the number one most scary movie that I have ever seen in my life. Its really gets you the spooks and makes your hairs stand up and in my opinion that's what a ghost movie should do
Glad this one is at number 1. Truly is scary, provokes different thoughts, makes you feel every emotion. An instant classic


[Newest]Although this movie does not scare me, it is a masterpiece. Fantastic actors, story line, direction etc.. Love it.

I am personally offended that this terrifying movie is number 12 on the list. This is the only horror film I got scared at and I know I am talking about considering I hysterically laughed all the whey through the grudge ha ha ha!
Not only is Insidious full of great camera tricks that scare you without relying on jump scares too heavily, but it is absolutely just a fun film to watch with a much deeper mythos than just the standard "haunted house" plot.
This movie should be first what is it doing here?
[Newest]Insidious is the best movie ever

4The Conjuring
One of the few modern horror flicks where the scares are creatively executed. The Conjuring borrows elements from The Exorcist & Amittyville Horror, but manages to uphold its' slow pacing through suspense and silence, eventually snowballing to a big bang. The Conjuring is undoubtedly a modern classic in horror cinema, that builds upon the warm legacy of Ed & Lorraine Warren.
This is for sure the scariest movie I have ever seen


This is one of the BEST horror Ghost movies!

Watch it!

5The Ring
It's a wonderful movie
At least I count this as a ghost movie.


This is the best horror movie that I had ever seen
[Newest]Love this movie! I still watch it once in awhile.

This one is a total classic. It seems like most haunted house movies still to this day try to copy this movie.
My sister took me to see this when I was 12, and it scared the bejesus out of me... I still love it all these years later, a true classic... Oh that tree and doll, shudder.
I love this movie; this could be the most unique movie I've ever seen
[Newest]Oh, I done stop watching this movie.

7The Grudge
I love this movie it's spooky and I love ghost movies the third one of this series wasn't as great but I love the first and second one. I remember seeing the first grudge in theaters and it did make me jump here an there.
Technically the grudge is a ghost movie. It is about a group of vengeful ghosts that haunt the house and anyone who enters the house gets killed. The plot was scary, and the ghost was also creepy.
I can't believe 6th sense is first because that movie is creepy how he can see the dead but no where near as scary as the grudge cause this film left me unable to sleep for ages.
[Newest]FUN FUN FUN! Creepy as heck.

8Paranormal Activity
it was boring until the end where the girl gets possessed which is fricken scary
This movie was terrible. Over hyped, overrated pile of doo doo. It is a great cure for insomnia.
this movie is shocking, scary and creepy
[Newest]I liked it, but it was very slow

9The Devil's Backbone
Looking like orginal ghost

10The Orphanage
This movie, I totally enjoyed as I first watched it in another language and didn't even know what they were saying but the movie draw- ed me into wanting to watch more so I got the English subtitle one the second time watching it and I was amazed, its my fave ghost movie ever
Excellent horror film. This is so good the subtitles will not distract, really easy to follow. If you are like me and usually do not care for subtitles, suck it up and see this movie, one of the best!
This one has the best story ever.. Besides being a horror movie it has the most amazing ending which will fill you with tears of mixed feelings... Personally this one is worth watching.. !

The Contenders

11The Unborn
Its an amazing movie
This movie got slammed by critics, but I really liked it.

12Ghost Ship
This movie isn't good at all, it isn't even horror
This movie isn't even horror, and it sucks

1313 Ghosts
I had to leave the theater the first time I tried to watch this movie. That's never happened to me. Finally saw it all the way through, and loved it. The idea of capturing malignant spirits is a really disturbing one.


When I saw this movie I scared I am only 10 years old and I love it it is very interesting and awesome movie thanks to the directer who maid this move I appreciate again thanks and congratulations
This is one of my favorite ghost movies, I use to watch it all the time.

14The Amityville Horror
Best role ever played by Ryan... Very creepy movie
I did not like the original, and the remake was worse.
So much better than the original

15The Others
One of the best movies of its kind I have ever seen. I was so happy when Nicole Kidman was nominated for a Best Actress Golden Globe for this movie. It was well-deserved.
Are you serious this ghost movie was amazing and is way better then the sixth sense wich is such an overrated ghost horror movie.

16The Haunting
Brilliant Psychological Horror. This classic horror movie is better then most modern day horror; using atmosphere wrather then cheap gore.


Not putting this one as number one should be made criminal.
The story is good but the effects and acting is terrible

17Ghost Story
While the book is much better, this film is well made and stsnds good on its own. Very under rated and well acted.

18The Shining
Still scares the poopy out of me.

19Session 9

I saw this one, too. Man, those zombies were so scary and intense... no trains left the station!

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