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Inventors of Groove so they've got to Be my no1
Pantera is the best groove metal band... no doubt about it. Phil Anselmo, Dimebag Darrell (RIP) are deadly combination.
Pantera is one of the best bands of metal and music by their music. their style and their lyrics.
[Newest]Well they invented it and they are the most groovy. They are obviously #1 yet some of the other great bands should be higher.
More comments about Pantera

2Lamb of God
lamb of god is just the ultimate groove band. no other band can't ever sing like randy
Lamb of god is The real god for the metal heads around the world..
Chris, you are a magician
Mark, I'm worshiping you
Willie, you are a serial killer
John, you are outstanding
Randy, you are lucky bastard!
Great Staccato Riffs and growling vocals... awesome!
[Newest]Pantera may be the inventors of groove metal but log took it to new level

3Machine Head
All these top ten bands are very good metal bands, but the blackening album has pushed it to the next stage
most beautiful band ever created
The Embodiment of Thrash Metal
[Newest]Awesome band, great musicians

Without Max its not really sepultura, I love them, cavalera rules!
Sepultura with max enough said!
Ridiculously groovy, fantastic lyrics, great energy, the Cavalera brothers take name, and set the bar for many bands to come.
[Newest]With max=good, without max=not so much

5Five Finger Death Punch
The best band ever, they really relate to the listeners, for better or worse, they help fellow metal heads get through this life as better people, but better people that don't take s*** from other human beings!
One of premiers in the field of groove metal. American Capitalist has taken Groove metal to the next stage. It's an album which can be listened to over and over again.
Lets listen just one of their album doesn't matter which album, all of ther songs associated to groove metal extently.this band is greatest in 2000 decade
[Newest]I can't stop listening this awesome band! Since the American Capitalist album I have been totally sold...

One of the most underrated bands among the heavy guns... They are newcomers compared to other established metal bands; but they're grooves are so edible and they never lack the punch!
Dez Fafara and his brotha are amazing the way they play slow to heavy metal, listening DD its like you're unleashing something that will destroy others.
Awesome Brutal Drumming
Heavy Riffs and awesome brutal solos
Great vocals...
All over one the of most brutal stuffs in groove metal

7Fear Factory
One of the best in my opinion.
They are just an awesome band, full of heavy riffs, and skullcrushing drums and base.

This is the band that got me into metal music. As much as I respect other death/groove metal bands (the subgenres that seem to appeal to me the most), I have to say Gojira is my favourite by far. I like them better than Pantera and Lamb of God, for example. Their rhythm is as good as flawless and their style is unique, heavy and very technically advanced for just four people in my opinion.
Gojira fells kinda fresh and new - every time I hear their tracks again.
A great mixture of slow and fast played tracks, great vocals by Joe, combined with a skullsmashin sound.

And also kinda awesome video - check out "The Axe".
Groundbreaking and brave. Super tight live and combines a lot of elements from my already favourite bands. Mario is an absolute machine on the drums and joe is a monster frontman. The albums are transcending and beautifully recorded. If you haven't heard from mars to sirius. You must. Simple.

I don't mean to sound like a dick, but volbeat is as metal as linkin park. They have good song but saying there #1. Terrible review


Sounds like Elvis and Johnny Cash meets Metallica. Great use of harmonies vocally and instrumentally. Has a classic rock and metal fusion sound that can't and shouldn't be ignored.
This band should be number 1 because they are one of the best Heavy metal bands There is


Chimaira features energizing and neck-breaking grooves as well as recognizable influences from thrash metal in most of their songs, which makes them a god-tier groove metal band.
Simply amazing. Perfect groove metal band. No one got even close to them. Question should be "Best 9 groove metal bands after Chimaira".
Amazing sound and great vocals

The Contenders

This list is so bad, why is slipknot on the list. They are just a scene band that inspired from the worst genre of music, crossover thrash and then made it worse by adding emo lyrics and ripped off korn and sepultura.
However these guys are the most technical out of the lot, I will have to admit that LoG and Fear factory are heavier because they inspired off death metal but these guys and Pantera influenced off thrash metal which is far superior.
Really underrated they should be in top tens amazing drum skills and guitar lines and the vocals are awesome! But lamb of god is my favourite groove metal band and gojira comes to 2nd place pantera is too overrated for being best groove metal band.. And also Slipknot ain, t Groove metal they are Nu-metal and Heavy Metal..


Is everyone who voted on this list completely daft? Meshuggah plays some of the hardest, bone breaking grooves I have ever heard. Listen to "The Demons Name Is Surveillance" then get back here and change your vote.
[Newest]Meshuggah are easily one of the most (if not the) grooviest band ever. I don't even wanna state an argument. I don't need one. Just listen to them...

I Like They Sound and Style from they are, diferent from the othre

13Rob Zombie
I believe Rob Zombie and or the White Zombie is the standard for this genre.

14Black Label Society
Zakk is a GOD AMONMG MORTALS! And BLS are simply amazing. If you never heard them before then I don't know what rock you have been living under

You are an idiot slipknot came out 10 years after groove metal began and they aren't even remotely as good as fear factory or pantera
Best Band In The World! They have a lot of genres but the bands they're most similiar to are Lamb of God and Machine Head so yeah they belong in this genre and at least in the top 5
Slipknot is the best groove metal group they should be on top. They are one of the pioneers of this genre. They are one of the definitions of this genre.


Deveria estar entre as 10 pelo menos pois cinta com a lenda the bateria

I absolutely agree, Exhorder should definitely be #1 with Pantera and Fear Factory as # 2 and 3 in that order. The song (Cadence of) The Dirge from The Law 1992 was ahead of its time and still blows my mind... I truly regret that there won't be a new Exhorder album this year. Exhorder was ahead of its time period, they could have definitely become one of the greats. In my opinion they still are for founding the genre and feel.
Exhorder founded the genre. They should be on top!


Other bands listed are good, but these guys are the kings!

L.D. 50 is awesome

Warrel Dane is one of the best metal vocalists to grace this earth in recent years. Jeff Loomis is a monster at guitar. What more needs to be said? Nevermore should be on this list.

20Corrosion of Conformity
Most awesome old school band ever! And their album Animosity sounds so original and vocals sound amazing

21Divine Heresy

The original inventor of groove metal, everyone else followed

I am Very surprised of not seeing this band here! Moreover, Sepultura IS here, and Max Cavalera is mentioned too! How could you forget about this band?
This is Soulfly, this is Max Cavalera, the man who started this groove metal stuff and came back after his departure from Sepultura.
Hey, what the hell? How can it be that Soulfly is only at 30th place? Come on, this is Max Cavalera, an inventor of Groove Metal!
[Newest]Now 24th and climbing

The best Hungarian band ever!

The Electric Age is one of the best albums I've ever heard.
I hear black is a very Groove oriented album, you really should give it a listen

I don't know why this band is not in the top 10. Unlike bands like Machine Head, Chimaera or Lamb of god, they play real grove. Without any popular mix-ins, they call Throwdown to be resurrection of pantera. I even love this guys more than pantera, but this my own mind.
Their album "Venom and tears" sounds just like pantera made a new album. Even the vocals sound the same.

27Living Sacrifice

28White Zombie
Why in the hell is White Zombie only in 30th place? They kick ass!
Rock n Roll's dancability at metal's tempo.
It just ROCKS ASS.


Discovered this band a few months ago and I love it! Very groovey!
This band is the shit!

31Threat Signal

32Adrenaline Mob
One of the best groove metal that I ever head, mike portney is a genius
A new band of Russel Allen, can't forget that band
Has one single album and a EP
Very good band

33Life of Agony
Cues from Carnivore and Type O Negative with the energy of thrash and still manages to drive screws into your temples. One of the greats. Truly invented their own sound which has been imitated but never duplicated.
River Runs Red album only of course. My opinion number 2


35Mourning Tide
An Australian Thrash/ Cock Rock band. Some of the best music I have ever heard. Check out Thrash and Burn if you can find it. Anyone who loves raunchy music will love them

36Souls at Zero

37A Life Once Lost

A very underrated groove band

This band is so underrated. Dopesick from their self-titled album is one of my favorite songs of all time. They're not top ten material, but they definitely deserve a spot on this list.
By far the best band on the list... Can't find anything as good

40The Sword
In my opinion they are the best. Freya and Cloak of Feathers have some very good riffs. They are immensly underrated.

Good examples, Hail the apocalypse and let it burn! Keeping it heavy but spot on. Bass and drums to together like two peas in a pod.


Love this crazy freakshow of a band! These guys are badass!
Very exciting visually and musically, definitely worth checking out.
Music is really diverse and extremely good



44After the Burial

45Iron Maiden


47Pissing Razors



50Napalm Death


52Death of Chastity

53Burial of Chastity

Their first album is an absolutly brilliant masterpiece with tons of groove!

Before voting,
Check them out
U won't regret it




59Grip Inc.

60Superjoint Ritual




64Killing Culture

65Texas Hippie Coalition

66Philip H. Anselmo & The Illegals


68A Perfect Murder

6932nd Chamber


71Sacred Reich

72Rebel Meets Rebel

732 Ton Predator

74Demolition Hammer



77Brick Bath

78Obey Bizar

79Exit Sanity




83Grim Reality

84The Sign Of The Southern Cross

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