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The best ground forces. I picked them only because of their training and equipment. Note that they are just ground forces not spec ops units and we won't no who's the best unless the people on my list go to war. If you are going to vote only pick the ones you really think are the best and not because they're from your homeland. Thank you. Don't agree with the list? Vote for an existing item you think should be ranked higher or if you are a logged in, add a new item for others to vote on or create your own version of this list.

The Top Ten

Pakistan Army
Pakistan Army is the best army in the world. They are the best fighters. It has defeated the Indian Amy in 1965 and India have to go to the united nation after 17 days of war to help them to stop the war. In 1971 India won the war because of the rebellion in East Pakistan and with the help of the rebels and with the help of Russia and other countries who wanted to break Pakistan through a conspiracy. Having a big army do not count but the real thing is fighting with spirit, for a cause. In the near future, if there is a war between India and Pakistan, the world will witness how the Pakistani's will create a new history of the world.
Pakistan Army is one of bravest and strongest army in the world. It has the spirit to fight for its religion(Islam), for its country and it's people..
The bravest army of the world who can defeat any army with their spirit of iman. They are peace loving but when others try to harm their country they can do anything for them. Love you pakistan army.
[Newest]I love my army
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2Indian Army
One of the only two modern armies that have fought in all theatres of war (ie. , desert, plains, mountains, highlands, trench warfare, artillery warfare, tank warfare and insurgency and counter insurgency in full fledged war post WWII. Also one of the only two nuclear powers who engaged in a war. The other is Pakistan. But obviously India emerged victorious against Pakistan in 2 out of four wars and the other two ending in stale mate. And also the one of the most experienced in combating the terrorists in the most rugged terrains of the world..
India is trying to be peace full country. That's the reason why Pakistan is still in the world map. If the defense forces of India are unleashed than in a matter of hours they fact that country like Pakistan existed will be blown away
I am not an Indian but I really feel that they are the best. they have one of the best equipment's and lets not forget their economy. Their neighboring countries are supporters of terrorism and they (Pakistan) believe the whole world is blind and think they are innocent. India keep it up.. Thums up from a friend nation (USA)
[Newest]Won against Pakistan 2/2 times. Is very brave. Technologically advanced
It's not at all brave. The Indian Army had to ask for the help of many major countries to defeat Pakistan in both wars. And besides, why are you comparing it with Pakistan? It is far more developed than Pakistan and as you said yourself, has better technology. (though in my opinion, technology has nothing to do with bravery) What I'm trying to say is that if Indian Army is so brave, why is it a milestone for them to have defeated an army with much less weapons? Why don't they try and fight their enemies, who are equally as developed? Why do they only stay in their territory and insult those countries? They don't seem brave to me.

I'm not saying this because I'm Pakistani and have something against India. No, I'm also Indian, believe it or not and obviously I have nothing against my country.

It's just that I think you didn't know about the events that occurred and wanted to make it clear that you were un-knowingly referred to facts that are described as non-bravery.

3People's Liberation Army
Very big army with more than 100 Miljons Man
World's largest ground force. Even if it faces heavy casualties, it will overrun almost any other ground force.
They have overwhelming numbers and unlike western soldier, aren't afraid to die in combat.
[Newest]Million man army is unbeatable.

4Korean People's Army Ground Force

5Russian Ground Forces
The Russian Ground Forces are experienced and have more tanks than any other army. Russia sells inferior equipment to India and Pakistan
If Russian army is so great then howcome Afghanistan and Pakistan managed to defeat the Russian invasion on Afghanistan

6Republic of Korea Army

7Turkish Army
Everyone in turkey is a soldier.
When the ottoman empire was invaded inworld war two, old men and teenagers between the ages 14 and 20 fought against the invading force.
Turkey's itself is an army not just soldiers. Every citizen of Turkey borned and raised to be brothers and sisters when a threat comes out. We grew like warriors. Every Turkish have a faith to their blood. If you want to invade this country you must destroy every living in that country. Our army is our people not just our soldiers.
[Newest]We are a military nation, we are taught to love and protect our country.

8United States Army
The U.S.A. has one of the best trained infantry troops in the world. The only others that compare are Great Britain and Israel. The U.S.A. has a larger standing army then either of those countries. Therefore U.S.A. has the best ground force.
There is no comparison with any other army.
No doubt for us but bravest army is neplease

9Egyptian Army
They are very focused on their mission and are very keen if any country will challenge them
They would sacrifice themselves for there country's sake
Characterized by sacrifice

10Islamic Republic of Iran Army
Yeah we are the best
They are very brave and never fear of any challange
The IRIA is THE BEST army. They fight for Islam.

The Contenders

11United States Marines

12Zimbabwe Defense Forces
Zim should be number one
We the number one
Best trained and can endure battle has helped in African countries like drc mocambique etc

13Nepalese Army
Nepal is in number one
You can see our bravery in first world war and second. we are the best, we should be number one.
Nepalese army should be inNo one position

14Serbian Army
They have the bravest soldiers on earth, altrough they don't have such modern equipment, they fought heroicaly in all wars.
Serbs fought agains strongest opponents (Ottoman Empire, Nazis... ), and still they won.

15Bangladesh Army
Most skilled army in the world
Best ground force all over the world.
Bangladesh army has the guts to fight with anyone in the world. They are ready to defend their motherland if US and India attack BD.

16French Army

17Greek Army

18Philippine Army
For me they are the bravest of them all. Read the history!

19Nigerian Army
One of the best in Africa and it should be top 10 in the world...
With the rate of allies and peacekeeping operations, I can vouch for my country in maintaining peace and oeder out of chaos.

20Israel Defense Forces
This country is the best they are actually trained in many ways, towards great hatred they ahead of time in preparation. And the lessons learned from the past
Best trained and under estimated forsure the best


22Canadian Armed Forces
Simply the best, easily the most versatile and elite infantry. With a great international reputation, but is always under shown by our allies because we do not boast as they do.

23Kosovo Security Force
In Kosovo War they have been defeated by the Serbian army, NATO was one who liberated Kosovo, not UCK!
It has a good defcon. Kosovo has defeated Serbia, Yugoslavia and the KFOR. This country deserves to be in this list. But so does Albania because they both have good defcons and very good groundforces.
The Albanians have no mercy, they fight to deth, in their mind is created something like '" victory or deth" God can forgive Albaniand don't.

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