Best Ground Force Armies In the World

The best ground forces. I picked them only because of their training and equipment. Note that they are just ground forces not spec ops units and we won't no who's the best unless the people on my list go to war. If you are going to vote only pick the ones you really think are the best and not because they're from your homeland. Thank you.

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1Pakistan Army

Pakistan Army is the best army in the world. They are the best fighters. It has defeated the Indian Amy in 1965 and India have to go to the united nation after 17 days of war to help them to stop the war. In 1971 India won the war because of the rebellion in East Pakistan and with the help of the rebels and with the help of Russia and other countries who wanted to break Pakistan through a conspiracy. Having a big army do not count but the real thing is fighting with spirit, for a cause. In the near future, if there is a war between India and Pakistan, the world will witness how the Pakistani's will create a new history of the world.

The bravest army of the world who can defeat any army with their spirit of iman. They are peace loving but when others try to harm their country they can do anything for them. Love you pakistan army.

Pakistan Army is one of bravest and strongest army in the world. It has the spirit to fight for its religion(Islam), for its country and it's people..

I'm Pakistani and I love Pak army go tigers we are with you

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2People's Liberation Army

Very big army with more than 100 Miljons Man

They have overwhelming numbers and unlike western soldier, aren't afraid to die in combat.

World's largest ground force. Even if it faces heavy casualties, it will overrun almost any other ground force.

No will to fight

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3Korean People's Army Ground Force

I don't think so

4Russian Ground Forces

Russian army is the best, because it has the best jets, tanks, most powerful nuclear warheads that can wipe hole world, and soldiers that no other country's soldiers wanna mess with them. Russia also always supports other countries, and in Afganistan they backed out, and they really didn't lose a lots of people.

The Russian Ground Forces are experienced and have more tanks than any other army. Russia sells inferior equipment to India and Pakistan

Because we the USA provided Afghan fighters with the weapons to shoot down the Russian helicopters and fight with

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5Indian Army

The Indian army has the second largest standing troops after China. It has tons of experience in wars post independence. Recent diversification of equipments from advanced countries like US and Israel give India a qualitative edge over her enemies.Indian warriors are world renowned for their battle cries.

Look Indians if you think that you are brave than prove it. You have never fought a terrorist organization. And you have the help of USA.

You guys know nothing about military

Indian army is the best army in the world because Indian army never battle for religion they battle for our mother India

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6Republic of Korea Army

One of the best armies in the world as they are constantly on the alert and face imminent threat from the North Korea.

The one who helped Korea during Korean war also known as "forgotten war" is THE Philippines! Over 7000 filipino sent in Korea to join the war. They give their life to help Korea even if not their home land..

7Turkish Army

Everyone in turkey is a soldier.
When the ottoman empire was invaded inworld war two, old men and teenagers between the ages 14 and 20 fought against the invading force.


Turkey's itself is an army not just soldiers. Every citizen of Turkey borned and raised to be brothers and sisters when a threat comes out. We grew like warriors. Every Turkish have a faith to their blood. If you want to invade this country you must destroy every living in that country. Our army is our people not just our soldiers.

Turk must have nukes

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8United States Army

The U.S.A. has one of the best trained infantry troops in the world. The only others that compare are Great Britain and Israel. The U.S.A. has a larger standing army then either of those countries. Therefore U.S.A. has the best ground force.

We spend more, have more troops, and support the good guys.

We have the best ground deployment of any other army. I'm pretty sure...

But Pakistan ARMY defeats U.S.A

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9Islamic Republic of Iran Army

They are brave because they are fighting for their country not for money or their government as it always was in a past few hundred years.

Yeah we are the best

They are very brave and never fear of any challange

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10Egyptian Army

They are armed by science and faith and carry no fear from anyone, They'd devote themselves for death rather than their lands would be colonized.

They are very focused on their mission and are very keen if any country will challenge them

They would sacrifice themselves for there country's sake

Best army in the world

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?Uganda People's Defence Force

These have spread out the wing across Africa.they even look serious in their face

Battle hardened
They can go upto 2 weeks without food but they still attack the enemy

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11Nepalese Army

The bravest army troops in the world which was never under rule of any powerful nations... Jay Nepal

Nepal is the bravest among bravest,
Because Indian army and British armies are taking the help of Nepal in their dangerous missions.
UN always choose Nepalese army at first for their every single missions.

And history is alive that no war and no mission is been lost where there were Nepalese troops.

Nepal is in number one

Nepal Army = Brave

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12Serbian Army

We may not have the most modern equipment, but we have really brave soldiers who are always willing to protect their people and country. However, the problem with equipment could be solved soon, since Russia are our great allies and partners. I hope we'll get modernized soon.

Serbians, does not have equipment, but they born like good warriors

They have the bravest soldiers on earth, altrough they don't have such modern equipment, they fought heroicaly in all wars.

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13Zimbabwe Defense Forces

Zim should be number one

Zim is the best in terms of the ground force

We have the best ground force in the world

They have the strongest ground force

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14United States Marines

SEMPER FI we may not be a branch but were part of the navy's department were not the best trained in our branches but one thing you may know is that we will not give up till we rise up and still be the best

SEMPER FI we may not be a branch but we're still part of the department of the navy not the best trained in our our branches but we get this stuff done were the first one to go in but no other nation is better than the U.S. A

15Nigerian Army

One of the best in Africa and it should be top 10 in the world...

They are the best ground force army in Africa

With the rate of allies and peacekeeping operations, I can vouch for my country in maintaining peace and oeder out of chaos.

16Philippine Army

For me they are the bravest of them all. Read the history!

They are more discipline than others because they never quit the battle

We fought to defend our beloved land even we are poor. we ready to kill and to be killed for our INANG BAYAN!

17Bangladesh Army

Most skilled army in the world

You can say it is a skilled army but can not say that it is THE MOST SKILLED ARMY. See for your self.

Bangladesh army has the guts to fight with anyone in the world. They are ready to defend their motherland if US and India attack BD.

"Bangladesh Army is the bravest army on the world...

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The British army is best trained I did 9 years Then 5 French Foreign Legion so know More than you Want To Be's
24449995 British
176398 French Legion

19Greek Army
20Australian Army

Australia should be at least in the top 10, Australia has proved to many people that they will fight with Bravery, Loyalty and Integrity. The Australian's have always fought alongside their Allies and always come out successful.

In my opinion Australia has the bravest army out there, because we have fought the battle in Gallipoli and other places in World War 1. World War 2 We got bombed by the Japanese and we fought them off at Kokoda track. And we have fought in other wars that are still happening, and we have never backed down from a fight.

The ANZACS never back down, we will always be there!

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