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41 Gustavo Cerati
42 Julieta Venegas
43 Roque Narvaja
44 Diego Torres

I love listening to diego torres!

45 Ana Tijoux
46 Pablo Alboran
47 Lila Downs
48 Vikki Carr

With 3 Latin Grammys Awards and 1 Latin Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award, Vikki Carr should be hold the #1 spot in this category. All I can say is VIVA LA VIDA!

49 Kudai
50 Bersuit Vergarabat
51 Cristian Castro

One of the best balladeers -- he has one of the best vocals that can rival luis miguel's

His songs and voice have so much soul and passion behind it. His music touches me like no other. He's truly a amazing musician in every way possible.

One of the best voices in the whole latino music industry

Cristian should be in the top 5! he's one of the best!

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52 Chayanne

Chayanne is talent, personality, integrity, and looks wrapped into one fine entertainer. Wish he made more American movies. I'm Scot Irish, don't understand Spanish and listen to him all the time.

He is the best male latino pop singer

Good but Anthony is better and Alejandro is great! The 3 Amigos!

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53 Dulce Maria V 1 Comment
54 Belinda

She is the official princess of Latin pop! Her songs always have a special meaning and are really catchy!

55 David Bisbal

Great voice & great lyrics.

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56 Ricardo Arjona

The best that Guatemala has to offer.

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57 Luis Fonsi

Great smooth voice amazing vocals should rated higher!

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58 Sergio Dalma

He's got so much soul and passion. You can't mistake his voice for anyone else's.

59 Jose Feliciano Jose Feliciano José Montserrate Feliciano García (born September 10, 1945), better known simply as José Feliciano, is a Puerto Rican virtuoso guitarist, singer, and composer.

He's one of the best latino singers... I grew up with his songs... his interpretation of "once there was a love" is superb!

60 Ricardo Montaner
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