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GACKT really puts 110% into everything he does - singing, acting, dancing, etc. He is able to weave stories throughout his albums and performances, which makes it all the more breathtaking. His lives have so much power, so much feeling. Even in his concert DVD's, it feels like you are there, watching. His music and voice is able to transcend languages and boundaries.
Many people might say Gackt's among the few Japanese that come close to a "celebrity" status, but I think, even if that's true, he deserves it. Whatever he does, it's always his absolute best, even if at times weird, other times sugary sweet. He's actually one of the very few people I call Artists: he's able to CREATE. Create worlds that you get sucked into every time you listen to his music. And the lyrics he writes are plain beautiful, often so multilayered, you discover new things even if you've known a particular song for years. And the way he can re-invent himself, recycle his old songs while making them totally new is fascinating too. Not to mention his stage presence, which sweeps everyone off their feet - it's been more than a month that he's been here and I still couldn't quite process that night. He really shows his soul - throughout his music.
His voice and songs and himself is amazing. He sings them with feelings and you can feel it. His lyrics are also very meaningful and he always come out with good songs.
[Newest]All these vocalists are wonderful (I had only heard of Miyavi before seeing this poll, can I just say wow, what energy! ), but GACKT conveys a certain emotion paired with a certain visual style to make something truly unique.
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2Yuya Matsushita
He's voice is just AMAZING! I love it so much
You better listen to the sing bird by yuya it's so emotional and relaxing
Totally the best Japanese singer ever!
Amazing voice, good acting and dancing skills with good looks... A rising star in the making!
Yuya-san has a really beautiful, relaxing and kind of magical voice! Listening to his voice makes me feel so good and whenever I'm upset I just listen to his songs. And they always cheer me up. The first song I listened from him was "Futari"~ It was so good that I was really surprised! My favorite song by him is "Trust Me"~ I just never get tired of listening to it!
He's not only good in singing! But he is an awesome dancer and a very good actor too! >w< He's good n everything!
He has an awesome personality. A very kind and gentle person and very very nice to his fans always! :D
I just love him! >< keep going Yuya-san!
[Newest]I love his voice it's so relaxing and emotional to listen to
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3Ruki (The Gazette)
AWESOME! How can one guy has such an amazing voice! Unlike other singers he has a special voice which shakes our mind and let it loose free! The energy he has in his voice is unbelievable! At first, he had an emo look and now he changed his looks but I still love him! I don't care what others think of him, he is one in a million and everything that J-pop needs :D It will take another 1000 years to find another person like him with that special quality both in his voice and his personality :D
Ruki is the most wonderful vocalist ever to be. He will never fall. When he sings I feel like I can feel everything that he is feeling. In his lives there is nothing in this world that can stop him. If anyone says different they just don't have good taste.
Ruki is amazing, awesome and every other positive word out there. He always knows what to sing about whether it be happy or sad. Every time I listen to his songs or watch his lives I can feel his emotions particularly in taion, guren and reila for I always cry during those songs and after they finished
[Newest]He have the amazing voice everybody wants to hear

4Sakurai Atsushi (BUCK TICK)
He is definitely the best singer in Japan. His voice is so unique and sexy.
(Most of the famous Japanese singers have the same voice, and they are just struggling with the high-pitched voice, so annoying. )
I think Atsushi Sakurai is the best singer in JAPAN.
His voice is very very unique and very sexy too.
He can change his voice according to the song. I mean you can listen FLY HIGH and then Shanikusai Carnival then you will realise..
He is the best..
I love Atsushi Sakurai.. He can sing so sensually and clear...
He is so col I can't believe... That singers like him don't top world chats...
[Newest]Such a sexy/ calming, allover fantastic voice. I never get tired of it.
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You know? I would do just about anything just to have his voice. No, I wont kill for it. God might be upset if I do so. Anyway, Watching him and X Japan live was really awesome. He hits his high notes like no one else can. Great job Mr. Deyama


Most original voice. Excellent.
Listen to any X Japan songs.
Toshi is wonderful singer, but I also like T.T. revolution, Atsushi Sakurai and hide... I thought for a long time, for whom to vote... But Toshi chose, because he, along with Yoshiki is the founder of the legendary band X Japan, fathers of Japanese rock! It has a charming voice and crazy energy! I thank him for what he does! And let him continue to do so!
[Newest]He nails it all! The emotional ones like longing and forever love! And the heavy ones like scars and orgasm and dahlia
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hyde's voice pours out his heart, such grand passion, sometimes the most touching tenderness, or poignant pain, sometimes soaring joy, and sometimes sheer sex! Shining spirit, then dark, charismatic creature.

His ability to maintain such high quality of vocals while singing rock n roll is unsurpassed, amazing.

Enchant us, inspire us, seduce us, move us, Dear hyde.

"Let's go to heaven. "
"Let's make love. "
"I'm hungry. "
- hyde
No one can ever match up to to him... Apart from his various singing styles... Hyde.. Has a calming effect in his voice..
his "secret letters" never goes outta my head...
Fell in love when watching his live performance. He can deliver an idealistic image to all the audience through his impeccable voice and passionate movement.

He's not a person in reality! He's more like a figure that all of us dream to be, an image exist only in unconsciousness.

No matter in L'arc or in Vamps, his performance is of great variety, yet beautiful. His voice can be both masculine and feminine, yet resonating like angel. He's got talent, but never shows off.

He's definitely one of the greatest artist in the world.
[Newest]Hyde better than gackt just gackt more famous
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He's cute and I like his voice.
He's energetic! I love his voice! Especially in Daite Senorita
His voice is awesome

8Kyo (Dir en Grey)
Not only does Kyo and an amazing vocal range, from screaming, to growling and everything in between, the emotion he puts into his singing is incredible. Some songs he's sung have made me cry just from the feeling he put behind it. Music is my life, so I've heard some good vocalists and some not so good vocalists. Kyo is my favorite, and there is not one person out there like him. They can try all they want, but Kyo is the only person in the world who can do what he does, with the range and emotion that he does.
He is the most unexpected & unbelieveable vocalist! His voice is very unique! He is the #1!
Over the years, I have listen to all kinds of music. I have never came across anyone as talented as Kyo. His voice is priceless for not only how well he sings, but also because he expresses so much raw passion and emotion in every lyric that comes out of that voice of his. There is really no category that you can put him into except for brilliance. I recently was introduced to Dir en Grey, and I have to say that I have never felt as connected as I do with Dir en Grey and the brilliance of Kyo's voice.
[Newest]He have the most shocking voice and absolute act, and he also have total passion in live performance...

9Kamenashi Kazuya
God voice, a really great voice
Love him to bits! Especially his voice
Kazuya really has a great voice. every time I listen to his voice I really feel at ease and relax.

10Yasu (Janne Da Arc)
His voice same every live, recording or in video clip...
He have a different voice than another single every people will know its yasu if he sing a song
This man's versatility for writing beautiful, memorable songs and his voice are an inspiration. He sounds very much the same, whether it's during a live or on the CD. There aren't too many people out there for whom I can say the same about.
His voice touches my heart every time, sometimes brings me smile, sometimes tears... He's the most amazing singer I've ever heard!

The Contenders

11Akanishi Jin
I like Jin especially when he's with Kamenashi Kazuya.. They're perfect duo for me... They almost make me cry because of joy when I see them together... More power to both of you.. God Bless.. Hoping you to visit Philippines..
He has such a sensual voice. I love it! His voice range is really wide. Even when he was in Kat-Tun, he usually gets the really hard parts because of his voice.
he really is the best japanese singer, during kat-tun time and even now he demonstrate it
[Newest]He's a best male singer for me

12Yamada Ryosuke
Ryo-chan! No. 1 for me!
His voice is so sexy, and he has pretty face, that's so kawaii! He can be a cute boy once and be a cool guy another. he won many awards for ideal lover. he began his debut in 2013. he's the center of idol group Hey! Say! JUMP
He didn't have the best singing voice in the world but his singing voice is very soothing, calming and sweet. The latest HSJ Smart Concert DVD has shown how he has transformed into an awesome complete package idol with impressive live singing skill. Ganbatte Ryosuke! Awesome Hey say jump!

13Matsumoto Jun
Matsumoto Jun is an awesome singer oh not only a singer but also an awesome actor!
! When I saw him on HanaDan, SERIOUSLY! My jaw dropped! He's one of the cutest, plus hottest japanese actor I've ever seen in my WHOLE LIFE! Plus the curly hair looks good with him!
Jun has a good voice and cam dance well.

I'm giving kamijo yuuji my beautiful gorgeous prince my full support i want to support him in everything he does kamijo is the true prince of my heart kamijo is the man of my dreams I'm so much in love with kamijo I want to be with him kamijo is the best he's the legend of music he's my master love tanya san
He have a good voice.. And the strong vocal that will make every single person melt with his voice.. He deserves to be at list on top 3..
Kamijo have an unique and elegant voice, he's Great in scream too.. And his voice become more and more developing now
[Newest]He is very good singer from Versailles (ex. Lareine, New Sodomy)

15Ohno Satoshi
No way! I have to say that Ohno Satoshi is one of or is THE BEST singer in Johnny's! I have no idea why he is ranking so low but this ranking definitely doesn't show his worth.
He has amazing control in his voice even when it's a live performance! And his vibrato is... HNNG! His dancing is excellent too! He's perfect I swear.
His voice is so beautiful and his dance is great. He is one of my favourite singer. Even when it rains heavily, his voice is still wanderful
[Newest]I think he should be number 1 when it comes to his voice.

As a whole his vocals aren't especially amazing... But he can sing in a lot of different styles, and I think think this variation shows he is the second best second only to vistlip's Tomo
His voice is sexy and hot, he can do everything with. He can perfectly do variation that make all the difference!
Worlds best singer in the world, his songs are so inspirational and full of meaning, and his voice is awesome in music videos and lives.
[Newest]Not only can he sing, he can play the guitar too! And he's one hell of a guitarist.

17Yuta Furukawa
Yuta Furukawa is new and fresh to the Japanese music scene. He is extremely unique in the way how he can relate and connect with people all over the world and not just in Japan with his beautiful melodies and amazing lyrics that don't need translating to connect with the Western audience. Yuta Furukawa is a terrific musician specialising not just in singing but in guitar playing as well. He deserves to be more recognised in the music world not only in his own beautiful country of Japan but worldwide as well. If you want new and exciting music that connects with all aspects of life you can't go past the brilliance that is Yuta Furukawa. You wont be dissapointed!

18Masaki Aiba
His voice is so unique and great to listen to. His voice really stands out from the rest of Arashi. I hope other people can agree with me

19Tegoshi Yuya
Tegoshi has a clear and good voice either in high or low tone. So when he speaks or sings it looks perfect and I am confident that everyone will hear it comfortably. Congratulation for him.
Tegoshi is a tenor and can sing really well. He has variations and he especially in his ballad songs, his voice is really perfect for ballad songs. Tegoshi has been my very first favorite japanese singer and he still is because his voice is getting better and better.
He has one of the sweetest voices ever! In Tegomass he is the strong firm voice while Masahiro is cleaner and more precise
[Newest]He has cute face and I like his voice.

20Sakurai Sho
Sho kun,is a good rapper, and he is active in many parts, London, fighting~~

21Atsushi (Exile)
He has a very good voice, see him singing and you will know, how good this MR. Exile voice is.

22Tatsuya Ueda

23Byou (Screw)

24Asagi (Solo artist, D)
After HYDE and Gackt (everybody has to bow to them), Asagi definitely deserves top ten.

Vocalist for D, and on his own projects. He makes metal and Goth lyrical and graceful.
How could asagi being placed at 22?
Well.. its up to other to describe him but for me, asagi is the best singer that I ever love beside tatsurou MUCC. both of them were so talented and I do think that he deserved top ten..
Objectively, one of the best, asagi have an unique voice
[Newest]Asagi is the best! His Philosophy about death, Live & love becoming music is the best as well

25Nishikido Ryo

26Nishijima Takahiro (AAA)
Nissy's singing is great! I love him when he sings with AAA, but I love his singles as well!

27Ninomia Kazunari
Ninomiya kazunari is just perfect

28Kota Yabu (Hey! Say! JUMP)
His voice is epic! He can sing high and low notes. Even his sempai admired his ability to sing. When I saw the making of JUMP WORLD, he seems like don't have any difficulties in singing. His techniques and voice are supported by the fact that he also can write and compose songs.

I love the way he can do so much with his voice, one minute it seems to be his "true"voice and then the next, it's changed again. Such fun.
a freedom person,, singing his own way.. I Love it..


He's an inspiration to all of us... I love him to death.
He's so amazing to listen to, I just can't get enough of his voice!

30Shou (Alice Nine)

31Isono Kyo Hiroshi (D'erlanger)
you people don't understand it at all, isono kyo hiroshi is one of the reasons influencing the formation of visual kei with dead end, x luna sea and he has a prettier voice than gackt and toshi but not hyde, but he gathers the attention of audience more than the top 4


he is not the one of the vocalist and frontman that just screams unlike some bands. he has amazing voice, he had been in Yokosuka Saver Tiger with hide of X-Japan, D'ERLANGER, DIE IN CRIES with yukihiro of L'Arc~en~Ciel, his solo at fuku517's youtube channel(check it out) and BUG.


isono higuchi has many solo singles like ANGEL at MY HEART, LISTEN to ME, ROSES, Sha-la-la and many more. he also created amazing bands like BUG and DIE IN CRIES


[Newest]Ruki? Why he was the first? O___O Isono Kyo Hiroshi - he should be in the top five! His voice does not compare to anything and do not forget.

32Mao (Sid)
All the songs from SID (that he composes) just has so much feeling... and everything he sings. justs... you can feel his emotions when he sings. He can reach many notes and his voice is just perfect! Did you know he never had vocal lessons until about 2010? Many say he is lip syncing during lives.. but that is not true. His voice is so perfect it sounds good in the studio and on the stage. (Proof he doesn't lip sync: the time he tripped, when he laughs while singing, times his mic stops working) I just can't believe how he isn't in the top ten! He can sing lively or very emotional songs.
HOW IT IS POSSIBLE MAO IS NOT IN THE TOP TEN? I really wonder! I mean... His vocals skills are just PERFECT, he gives me chills every time he opens his (cute) mouth and he has a better voice in live than in recorded song... He has an incredible power and he's also the cutest and funniest vocalist.. SID is a perfect band and Mao a great piece of this band
His voice is quite unique, there are lots of feeling in his song. Whenever he sing it seem like the song comes alive because you can feel it especially RAIN (Full Metal Alchemist)
[Newest]"Yes." That is how much he rules.

33Sono (Matenrou Opera)
His voice is very high and so wonderful!
The way for the interpretation is awesome!

34Bentley Jones (Lee Brotherton)
he may not be Japanese but he sings it AND ENGLISH and he's British his voice is pure angel


35Ikuta Toma
A fantastic singer! He brings forth so much emotion with his music. He is really the complete package with his combination of acting and singing. He has been in many musicals with singing/dancing. A truly great artist to listen to!


37Ken Hirai
He sings for real, with his falsetto he has an unique voice, Ken hirai has a widely known career about the others I don't know really they just have bunches of wannabe and fandom.
I love him so much! He should be #1

38Yomi (Nightmare)
Yomi has a great style of music. He's a great singer.. His voice is made from god.. And he looks very good.
And he like help people around his country.. He's a great person, great in all faces
Yomi's voice was what made me love the j-rock... Since I heard The World on Death Note

39Shin (Vivid)
He got a really beautiful singing voice. I love his voice since I first got to hear his song. I really love everything especially his Falsetto. At first before ViViD debuted, I thougt it would be funny if he do the rap, but he actually done a really good job with Take Off. I think he is one of my most respected vocalist.
Yay...way to go shin...i will always support you and I love the song REAL so much...thank you

40Taka (ONE OK ROCK)
Just an absolutely incredible voice. And what's maybe most impressive (besides the undeniable ear candy I already mentioned) is that it is suited for anything! He kicks out all types of songs beautifully. Top 5, easily, without question.
Incredibly talented and incredibly underrated! And oh so versatile! Just an absolutely amazing singer!
I cannot describe how beautiful, hot for him
Ugh... Especially his voice on The Beginning, Rurouni Kenshin Live Action Movie
[Newest]His voice is just mesmerising and powerful! My favourite singer of ALL! His voice is just... Just perfect! In a nutshell, his voice is liquid gold!

41Kouki (D=Out)

42Yuichi Nakamaru

43Chinen Yuri

44TM Revolution
I don't know why Takenori is ranked so low in this list. Well, I'll admit that he's not that good in the past (and I meant like 5 years ago and beyond) but when you hear his performances now, you'll be blown away! He's one of the few singers who can actually sing better live than recorded. His live performances are so powerful and full of energy!
Why is Takanori so far down this list? He is such an amazing singer, especially live. He puts his heart and soul into those vocals. And his trills are absolutely breathtaking. It's unbelievable that he has such a lung capacity. Listening to his music from the later 90's and comparing to nowm you can see he has definitely improved.
I love his amazing voice, I love his songs, I love Abingdon boys school <3

45Hokama Hiroki (Orange Range)
His voice is very sexy
I love his voice


46Koshi Inaba
Laugh out loud look at all the other votes. Seems like most of the voters here are new to the Japanese music scene.

I bet they don't even know that Inaba is always in the top 5 best male vocal in every magazine poll in Japan EVERY YEAR.
Why is he not first? He's like the best singer in the world.

47Takahiro (Exile)

I just can't believe he isn't on the first places! Morrie's voice is unique, powerful and versatile with the rare ability to really connect with the audience on the emotional level.
Toshi is overrated, the best male singer of Japan are MORRIE, KYO of D'ERLANGER, Sakurai Atsushi, hyde and Koshi Inaba. in Japanese rock, morrie is an idol of many bands.


morrie is kiyoharu, sakurai atsushi, hyde, yasu's idol


49Takura (UVERworld)
His voice is just amazing!
I love UVERworld ever since the 2nd opening song of Bleach!
And the live are so good, he never lip sync and his voice is so perfect
He deserves to be in top 10
Takuya's voice is so special and amazing...
And his voice is so rare...
And then Uverworld's songs are so amazing...
I want to go to Japan and want to watch their stage show...
Uverworld Banbare...


51Ryuichi Kawamura
What is there to say? His voice is amazing, there aren't many people that are able to put so much emotions in to a song with his/her voice as Ryuichi. I will never forget the 2 times I've been able to see Luna Sea live. I mean Ryuichis voice is so powerful and live.. It's just pure happiness. His voice is one of a kind for sure.
He's listed in the Guiness World Records Book for the longest concert ever after singing 104 songs in about 60 minutes with only three breaks. Isn't this amazing score? Not many people would be able to do this.


His singing never fail! Even he had sung for 2 hours his voice still keep so well!

52Motohiro Hata
Hata Motohiro is by far the best Japanese singer I've ever heard. I love his songs, and he's got a soothing, yet strong voice and makes great use of it. Make sure to check out his work and thank me later... (^-^)/~
Love his songs. Example synchro. This is for those who don't like Japanese Rock

I hope enjoy his songs just the way I like them.

53Futoshi (Aqua Timez)

54Keisuke Kuwata
This guy should be way higher. This guy is the Bob Dylan of Japan. So many good songs they are impossible to list. Try listening to Southern all stars - Tsunami, or "と - のエリー.

55Tetsuya Ogawa

56Teru (GLAY)
No other vocalists has such a powerful and cheerful voice like him. The first time I listened to Glay's songs like Winter Again, Beloved, However etc... All my stress disappeared and they make me "in love" with them. They're just more than great!

57Tatsuya Mitsumura (Nico Touches the Walls)

PIKO needs more attention!
Because he voices characters and is proud to be a trap singer.
Piko has a uniqe voice that is hard to find!
WHY I PIKO AT 58!? NOW I'M MAD! PIKO IS BEST SINGER! One reason I like him is because I can relate to him. I am a ryoseirui, literally meaning both voice types, like PIKO and Sekihan. And not to mention, Binbougami Ga! Was an awesome anime, and they used Make My Day as the opening!

59Anis (MONORAL)

60Koike Teppei

61Tatsurou (Mucc)

62Maya (LM.C)

63Satoshi (Girugamesh)
Aaw.. Why you forgot bout him?! T-T I know that Popgamesh is... Whatever but he have so adorable voice

64Keita Tachibana

65Miyano Mamoru
I absolutely love his voice as a signer and as a voice actor. I found out about him through his voice acting but once I looked up his singing I fell in love with it on the spot. I am amazed by his opening pieces for the anime "Uta no prince sama" and all of his other songs!
WHY! Why can't he can't be number 1!?!?
He's simply the best!

66Itaya Tusk Tasuku

67Kyosuke Himuro (Boowy)

68Kazutoshi Sakurai
The voice is sweet, when I hear it, I feel relax, it is my style

69Miura Daichi
Golden kid-mad talent! His live performances speak for themselves!
Huge fan of miura daichi!
The Best Singer & Dancer I've Ever see.. I do Believe that Daichi will go much higher then this...D. M Ganbatte! Wish you all the Best of Luck...
[Newest]Best singer and dancer!

70Ike (Spyair)
Sexiest voice ever! I was so surprised when I saw he wasn't in the top 10!
Kinda surprise when I didn't see his name.
Nice and husky voice
He is the best : )

71Kazuya Yoshii

His voice is just breath-taking, and the amount of energy he puts into each one of his concerts is absolutely amazing!

He cares for his fans and loves to receive fan-letters.

73Ken Kitamura

74Shota Shimizu
Shimizu's voice is so soft, really can make my heart so in peace when I heart it...

75Takuya Kimura
Notable member in SMAP. His song "sekai ni hitotsu dake no hana" is one of the hits. He is an actor too. He is notable for his movie "Bushi no ichibun". He acted in many T.V. series like Engine, Mr Brain etc

76Ryoichi Endo
The voice of space!
Pure perfection.
He was born with the most wonderful voice.
Ex-Soft Ballet vocalist, who is now in the band "ENDS"

77Arimura Ryutaro (Plastic Tree)
His voice is awesome! His lyrics are pretty deep and this man really need more attention!

78Ichirou Mizuki
He's a legend he's referred by fans as the big brother of anison or anime music genre. He sung most of Mazinger series's songs and getter robo's songs and a lot too

79Hironobu Kageyama


81J (Onose Jun)

82Hizumi (D'espairsRay)


84Miku (An Cafe)

85Ryo (9Goats Black Out)



88Tsuyoshi Nagabuchi

89Kenji Sawada

90Kishō Taniyama
I love the group Granrodeo I always have ever since I heard their song "Rose hip bullet" and the opening to "kuroko no basket" Multiple of their songs fill up my i-pod. Then There is Uta no prince sama where he sings as one of the main characters and my life was complete when he was in the group with all the other beautiful singers. His voice is great and in his songs diffidently without a doubt have heart that he puts into it. He is one of my favorite all time signers!

91Klaha (Malice Mizer)

92Isshi (Kagrra)
One of the best singers to grace the Visual Kei scene, such majesty in his voice, tis a shame he passed away in 2011.

93Kyono (Mad Capsule Markets)

94Yoshiki Fukuyama

95Dada (Velvet Eden)


97Jui (Vidoll)

98Nobu Albatross

99Seth (Moi dix Mois)

100Hiromi Go

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