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1 Fatin Shidqia - Indonesia Fatin Shidqia Lubis, better known as Fatin Shidqia or Fatin, is an Indonesian singer and actress who won the first season of the Indonesian version of The X Factor in May 2013.

Fatin? She's just 16 years old and has already won X Factor. Her voice is unique. Maybe only one in a billion people has it. She's very low-profile and loves her fans. So, we never doubt that she's one of the best female singers in Asia.

One word to describe this girl: phenomenal. Her first appearance on X Factor Indonesia, when she sang Grenade, hypnotized the judges, the audience, the people of Indonesia, and even foreigners. Her unique voice and appearance have captivated viewers around the world in just a few months. Her audition video was even uploaded to the Bruno Mars website, and George Levendis mentioned her name in his secondary account to highlight her performance. Exceptional!

Fatin has a unique voice. Her voice is raspy and very easy to listen to. I love her voice. It has a unique character. She sings soulfully and effortlessly. Many professional Indonesian musicians want to duet with her. And believe it or not, she is just 16 years old!

2 Charice Pempengco - Philippines Jake Zyrus (born Charmaine Clarice Relucio Pempengco, formerly known by the mononym Charice), is a Filipino singer who rose to popularity through YouTube. He is a transgender man.

CHARICE is no doubt the very best among her peers. She not only has this amazing voice, but she also has a very pure heart. She mesmerizes audiences with her aura/charisma in a way that no one can explain after watching or hearing her sing. She possesses what is called MAGIC! Her rapport with her audience and fans is immeasurable, unexplainable. There are good singers out there, but none compare with this young, good-hearted, simple, and humble lady. CHARICE is the only singer that can put your emotions on a roller coaster ride. She can make you cry, laugh, feel excited, sigh, admire, and get goosebumps in one simple song that she sings. This is how great she is right now and will be even greater in the years to come.

Yes, I guess Charice tops all other known music artists in Asia this time. For a young lady to be discovered through YouTube has definitely shaken the entire world. It was then that countries like Korea and the US started inviting her to their shows just to hear that big voice from a young lady. Oprah and David Foster could not ignore her talent. Glee, the TV series, definitely awed watchers all over the world. Regine will always remain Asia's Song Bird, and Sarah Geronimo will always be the Philippines' singing sweetheart. But Charice is, no doubt, the voice that now shakes the music industry worldwide.

3 Agnes Monica - Indonesia Agnes Monica Muljoto, known professionally as Agnez Mo, is an Indonesian Diva, singer, songwriter, and music producer.

No one is like Agnes Monica. She can dance and sing. Not only does she excel vocally, but she also strives to make her movements fluid and flexible. Agnes is a truly international diva with so many achievements she's gained since her career began. Humble and always bringing her ideology through fashion and language when she performs, she faces many obstacles but has already proven herself by winning some international nominations and releasing her international single. She even has fan clubs from Brazil, Australia, and other countries. Her voice is more than just singing. It feels like conveying a message, and the audience melts into the song. Go, Agnes!

Agnes is the best Asian diva. That's why she's becoming the number one diva in Asia and the world soon. We are still waiting for her first international album. She is an amazing diva. She can sing, dance, produce, compose, direct, act, and has many other talents. She gained all of that because she is a hard worker. She never gives up on her dreams. She says, "Dream, Believe, & Make it Happen." That's why we are proud of her. If you want to listen to her new single, you can search on YouTube for "Agnes Monica - Walk." Yeah, "Walk" is the title of her new single released in Indonesia.

4 Wichayanee Pearklin - Thailand

Gam possesses a voice that is very rare for Thai/East Asian singers. The power and range of notes she can sing are exceptional. Her ability to improvise and change the personality of each song is way above average. She is one of the best female singers in Thailand, hands down, and in Asia, I believe she is definitely one of the top. The only thing she needs is international recognition, which would be the greatest obstacle for a Thai singer. I will always support you, P'Gam.

She has a good voice and is powerful. When she sings the song, her emotions really align with the song. She is very beautiful and cute. When she smiles, my world is complete. To me, she is not just a singer. She is everything. I think this because when I got to know her, I followed all her work. She has her own ideas that inspire me to strive for success. When I'm not feeling well, I always think about her and tell myself that she is my source of strength. I love you, P'Gam.

5 Yui - Japan

The only one who I know is worthy of being the best among all the best.

The way she sings always makes everyone feel calm and happy.
She is also the one who makes me want to live my life.

When I started to think that I was worthless and should not continue living my life, she suddenly appeared on TV and started singing one of her songs, LIFE.

Her beautiful voice really touched my heart and made me realize something important.

She's the best and will always be the best for me and for all YUI-Lovers. Go, go, go YUI!

YUI is a stylish singer who abstains from most of the corruption in the world.

I find her songs very touching and able to move audiences. From her different styles in Skyline, TYOKO, Rolling Star, to Green Alive, we can see her progress in life and how she turns it into extraordinary music. She is the best singer I have ever known, and it is not likely that I will ever find another.

6 Sarah Geronimo - Philippines Sarah Asher Tua Geronimo aka Sarah Geronimo or Sarah G. is a world class and multi-talented Filipino singer, actress, dancer, record producer, model, host, coach/judge, commercial/product endorser and tv personality . She can also draw and plays the piano. Sarah is popularly known as the one and only "Popstar Princess" and turned to "Popstar Royalty" and widely known as "Asia's Popstar" . She is the... read more

She is a triple threat! She can sing, dance, and act! She's an all-time top performer! Her energy can bring the house down whenever she performs! She can sing all types of genres, something that no other artist could ever do. Try to watch her live, and you will see how AWESOME and GOOD she is!

Dominating music charts and receiving awards from prestigious events - yeah, she's got all of those. Best-selling artist of the decade - yes, she is! Sold-out concerts - already proven! One of the best singers in the world - proven!

She is loved by everyone! For me, she is the only singer/actress who has remained down-to-earth, knowing that she is a superstar - a characteristic that is so rare to find nowadays.

You're so amazing! Idol Sarah should win certainly because she's beyond compare. She herself is a legend in the music industry. A versatile and impressive singer, a hardworking businesswoman, a musical actress, an excellent host, a power couple, a popular personality, and a model for various world-known brands. She's also a sweet and low-profile village girl. She's no doubt an all-rounder! Tell me, who has more collections of awards than her? Who can sing all genres of songs other than her? Who can hit high notes perfectly without screaming like a banshee, other than her?

7 Datuk Siti Nurhaliza - Malaysia

She's a legend! Name it: a versatile and impressive singer, hardworking businesswoman, musical actress, excellent host, part of a power couple, popular personality, model for various world-known brands, a sweet and low-profile village girl. She's undoubtedly an all-rounder! Tell me, who has more collections of awards than her? Who can sing all genres of songs other than her? Who can hit high notes perfectly without screaming like a banshee other than her? No doubt, she's the only one and always will be! Because she's the legend... Siti Nurhaliza.

She is a legend. She can sing any genre of song. Her voice is so beautiful and pleasant to the ear. No other singer in the world can hit high notes with such a beautiful smile and face. She doesn't need to struggle when singing. She is a legend, very humble, and very strict with her own principles. She sings with her heart. She is the voice. She has her own identity. What's amazing about her is that she never learned vocal techniques or music. She just sings and makes the audience happy. She is gifted. She has won most international competitions. These competitions are not voted on by fans, but judged by a professional jury. So, it reveals that she is popular not only because of her voice and attitude but also because of her talent. She has won the Voice of Asia. She has won more than 30 awards. She is number one.

8 Piyanut Sueajongpru - Thailand

Definitely one of the best singers of this generation. I love the way she sings. I mean, she doesn't just sing. She portrays the story and characters of each song. She conveys the messages beneath the songs incredibly well. Her voice can represent various kinds of songs differently. Also, I must respect her for her determination in doing her best in every performance, even when she wasn't as popular as she is today. Love her, Jiew!

She has talent in singing, improvising, and hitting notes. Listening to her live show is a real joy and a bit of excitement, as she always surprises audiences by excelling or introducing a new technique. This is due to the fact that she has a wide and pleasant vocal range, allowing her to design songs that best suit her style. Love her so much.

To everyone seeing this comment, I have nothing to say about her talent. You just need to go see her videos on YouTube. She is the best in Thailand and the winner of "The Mask Project A".

9 Hikaru Utada - Japan Utada Hikaru, who has also gone by Hikaru Utada and the mononym Utada, is a Japanese-American singer-songwriter and producer.

Her songs are amazing, and they have a very nice feel when you listen closely. Simple and Clean makes you think of the one you love the most, not wanting them to leave your side, not even for a second. Sanctuary lets you escape to that safe haven that's always there but more visible when you're with the one you love most. Her songs are amazing, and so is her voice.

Utada Hikaru is a one-of-a-kind artist - singer, songwriter, arranger, composer, and music producer/director. Her music is unique. Her voice can be soothing yet has an edge to it. You can see it in her performances that she was really born to perform and create music. She may not be as flashy on stage as others, but you know she can truly face the music.

Kingdom Hearts is the only video game that made me cry during the ending and opening. And it's all Utada Hikaru's fault. She needs to get into the top 12, at least.

10 Shreya Ghoshal - India Shreya Ghoshal is an Indian playback singer. She has received twelve National Film Awards, twenty Filmfare Awards and eight Filmfare Awards South to date.

She has an amazing, versatile voice quality. The number of awards and national awards, as well as her number of fans on Facebook and Twitter, prove that she is not just the best, but the best at everything. She is as beautiful as her voice, and her voice is completely magical. She has more than 3.5 million fans on Facebook, which clearly shows her impact on people. She started off really young and received a national award for her first song. She was also a judge on X Factor India. She can sing in so many different languages, making her undoubtedly the best. Most of all, being a big celebrity, her personality is so humble and down-to-earth that no one can resist loving her. She is simply awesome.

Shreya Ghoshal possesses a divine gift, and with her 10 years of rigorous classical training, she elevates any song in any language, including Malayalam, to a blissful level with her unique modulation and involvement. The proof lies in the nearly 80 awards she has received within just 8 years of her career, and that too at the age of 27. She is also a beauty queen. Despite these accolades and a strong following on Twitter and Facebook, she remains humble, polite, and down-to-earth. She truly deserves to be number 1 and serves as a role model for aspiring youngsters aiming for the top.

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11 Regine Velasquez - Philippines Regine Velasquez-Alcasid, dubbed as the Asia's Songbird is a Filipina recording artist, host, producer, philanthropist, commercial endorser, actress, and an Asian pop culture icon. She is widely known for possessing an extensive vocal range.

If we are talking about singing, it's got to be Regine Velasquez. Everyone knows her in the Philippines, and she's like the icon and idol of current popular singers/performers/artists, including Charice and Sarah G. She's already the benchmark in terms of singing for both amateur and professional singers. Not only is she popular among Filipino artists, but she is also internationally recognized. She has collaborated with Jacky Cheung, Coco Lee, Paul Anka, David Hasselhoff, and many others. She's also an idol to AI finalists like Ramiele Malubay and Jasmine Trias, among others. Her concerts abroad have all sold out, and speaking of standing ovations, she's the one to beat, with more than five standing ovations in a concert, whether local or international.

Regine is known as Asia's Songbird. You've got to listen to her when she sings live. The rest of the entries from the Philippines on this list can definitely say that at one time or another, Regine has been one of their favorite singers and even an inspiration that led them to where they are. Sarah Geronimo and Charice are just a few young singers who are greatly influenced by Regine's singing. Needless to say, all of these women's albums and concerts are sold out, but when you say best female singer, Regine Velasquez is definitely the best in Asia.

12 Nike Ardilla - Indonesia

While Nike still exists, many do not know that Nike had a special school and a huge concern for others, especially for the needy. For a professional singer, caring for others is not only given in the form of material directly to the needy but also through the strains of a voice in humanitarian concerts and recordings in the form of album proceeds donated to the benefit of humanity. Nike has done it all. Even after Nike is gone, she can still do good. The album From the Heart for Aceh is intended for victims of the tsunami in late 2004. Nike has dedicated these two albums to humanitarian assistance:

- 1. For World Peace, Nuance Music Album Flores
- 2. From the Heart for Aceh (TSUNAMI).

She has the most powerful voice and has the ability to improvise pitch and tune. She makes difficult songs seem easy to sing. Besides, she possesses typical Bandung beauty and also has a charitable heart. Young teens still use her songs as guidance for their growing-up years. Senior adults still listen to her songs to make their day more beautiful. Truly a legend.

13 Anggun - Indonesia Anggun Cipta Sasmi is an Indonesian-born French-naturalised singer, songwriter, and television personality.

Anggun was born with that signature voice. That's why we call it talent. Everyone can learn singing techniques, but no one can buy the color of a voice. Anggun HAS IT! It's a gift from above.
She's so humble, and perhaps too idealistic. She once refused an offer to be a Bond girl in a 007 film long ago. Any other artist would see this as an opportunity, but Anggun just wants to sing. She's not into acting. Of course, many of her fans around the world were disappointed because of that. Dolce & Gabbana, Roberto Cavalli, Azzedine Alaïa, and Jean-Paul Gaultier are world-class fashion designers who have fallen in love with her. They gladly let Anggun wear their collections. She's adorable.

She is a real artist, humble and always true to her heart. She is also fully committed to her music, from songwriting to the highest interpretation of every single song she sings. She has her signature style and doesn't just follow what the market wants. If she is not voted as the best singer, she has nothing to lose as she has proven herself as a true artist in music.

14 Mika Nakashima - Japan
15 Lea Salonga - Philippines Filipina singer and actress Lea Salonga has released nine studio albums, three live recordings and is involved in at least ten cast recordings.

Lea is the best singer of all time. She brings so much honor not only to the Philippines but also to the whole of Asia. She is an international star, Asia's Queen of Musicals, the Broadway Diva, the Legendary Lea Salonga, and the Philippines' national treasure. It's very evident. There's no need for voting because she already is Asia's best female singer. Just Google her name and see for yourself. For me, they should automatically give the title to her and recognize her. Her sold-out concerts and tours in Asia and different parts of the world, along with her long list of achievements, are already proof.

Lea is number one, even without this list, because she has brought so much honor to the Philippines. She is the Legendary Lea Salonga, who has starred in many musicals here and abroad, is a Tony awardee, and a Disney legend for providing the singing voices of Jasmine and Mulan. She was the first Asian to star as Eponine in Les Mis, among many other achievements. Her accomplishments as a singer cannot be surpassed by anyone. Her crystal-clear voice makes any song beautiful to listen to. Her professionalism is truly amazing. She is also very intelligent in all she does, especially when it comes to singing. She puts so much emotion into her singing. It makes you feel the message of the song. She is an inspiration for many. I love you, Lea. You're number one for me, no matter what.

16 K.S. Chithra - India

Chithra is the best singer in the world. I'm not just saying this, but she can sing so high. She is also the prettiest female on Earth right now, and I wish she could read this.

She has her signature style and doesn't just follow what the market wants. If she is not voted as the best singer, she has nothing to lose, as she has proven herself as a true artist in music.

Her voice is so calm and peaceful. Her music relaxes me, and I have never been able to find a voice that puts me at ease, no matter what she sings.

17 Maeda Atsuko - Japan

Maeda Atsuko is a fantastic singer. Her songs are really gorgeous, and she has a beautiful voice. She is very popular in Japan and was also a member of the popular Japanese music group AKB48.

18 Kim Tae-yeon - South Korea

In my opinion, Taeyeon is the best singer, not only in South Korea but also all over the world! Her voice is so amazing that I've completely fallen in love with it. With her absolutely fantastic voice, I can enjoy a better life and relax. When I'm in a bad mood, listening to her songs is the best choice I could make.

She has never let me down because she focuses on singing and works really hard. Now she is not only a member of Girl's Generation but also a solo artist! I own her two mini-albums, "I" and "Why." Her new songs are obviously better than before. I will undoubtedly continue to listen to her excellent songs and collect her albums as long as she keeps singing.

I strongly believe that she will become an even more admirable singer in the future because she is divine in my mind. As a brilliant singer, she will undoubtedly give me more and more strength so that I can live a better life. With her songs, I believe the world is becoming more wonderful. God bless her and give her more opportunities to sing!

19 Aya Hirano - Japan

An amazing singer, she's also the voice actress for Konata Izumi and Haruhi Suzumiya!

20 Stacy AF6 - Malaysia

Stacy is always at the top. Born as a brilliant combination of superb voice and fantastic live dance, she deserves millions of awards. I impatiently wait for her to perform on stage every time. For me, she's the only singer in Malaysia who has stolen my heart. Although there are a few other singers like Dato Siti and Jaclyn Victor who can sing very well, hitting high-pitched notes with good vocal control, they can't seem to defeat Stacy's awesome combination of voice and dance. It's simply perfect, wonderful, and amazing. I expect producers out there to recognize and appreciate her talent and never underestimate her ability. I can see her determination in improving her skills, so please guide her. Fans, keep supporting her. Haters, stop gossiping. You're only making her more well-known. She is among the best singers in Asia and will soon be a Malaysian singer making our country proud on the international stage.

21 Tomiko Van - Japan

Van Chan has a beautiful voice!
She sings great in all kinds of songs.
Really looking forward to her new solo song.

22 Yuna Zarai - Malaysia

Obviously, she has already collaborated with A-list singers in the States, like Usher, Pharrell, G Eazy, Incubus, and Tyler The Creator. It's a joke if she's not considered the best in Asia!

Yuna should be in the top ten because she is the most talented singer in Asia. She writes her own songs! And now she is in Europe, trying to share her music with the world!

Why isn't she number 1 or in the top 10? She is the most successful Asian indie pop singer in the US!

23 Angeline Quinto - Philippines

She is one of the best belters of this generation. When she sings, you can feel the essence of her songs, and she is truly humble inside and out. I'm one of her avid fans and am always amazed every time she sings. She possesses a powerful voice which she takes pride in. She deserves to be the best singer in Asia because of her magical voice, which no one can replicate. She is indeed a singer like Regine Velasquez. She belts effortlessly, without showing any doubt or reaction on her face when hitting high notes. We love Angeline Quinto wherever you are, because you have the talent that a singer should possess. Now, she's known as a certified blockbuster artist with lots of awards like multiple platinum awards and more. When she belts, the charisma is there, something some others don't have. God bless our beloved belter Angeline Quinto. You're such an inspiration to the youth of this generation. Continue what you're doing. You're the best singing belter for us. We love you.

24 IU - South Korea Lee Ji-eun, also known by her stage name IU, is a South Korean singer-songwriter, record producer and actress.

IU is cute and pretty. She is very talented and has amazing vocals. She is like the best singer ever. Everyone should vote for her. She is better than the others by a lot. She debuted when she was 15. She is so young but has a great career. No one can compare with her. Love IU, vote for her, Uaena.

I choose her because she is great. No, more than great. She's awesome! Not only is her voice good, but her attitude, her manner, and she herself are good too. She's also very cute, and it is natural. I'm a girl, but I can say that I really love IU, and that's why I choose her.

IU might not have the most powerful voice out there, but she is twice as amazing as anyone in the K-pop industry. She can sing, compose, produce, write lyrics, dance, and act! She even tried b-boying and figure skating! All of her songs reach #1 on the charts and she is a digital monster. She has such a distinct and wonderful voice. How can anyone not like her?

25 Namie Amuro - Japan

She is such a talented and hardworking woman, inspiring and powerful for 20 years now! In my opinion, she is one of the world's best live performers, possessing a wonderful, powerful voice and fierce dance style. It's a shame that she is not well-known outside of Asia. Just to name a few of her great achievements:

- Youngest artist ever to have won the Grand Prix Award, the highest honor at the Japan Record Awards
- First artist to achieve million-selling albums in her teens, 20s, and 30s
- First female Japanese artist to reach the number 1 position in five Asian countries with her album "PAST<FUTURE"
- Her single "Can You Celebrate?" is the most successful single in Japanese music history
- Performed at the G8 summit held in Japan in 2001
- First female Asian artist to perform at the annual World Music Awards in 2010
- Nominated as the "World's Best Female Artist" at the current World Music Awards! VOTE FOR HER!

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