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Matchbox 20 broke though the seen in 1996 with their hit song "Push". In 1999, lead singer, Rob Thomas, teamed up with legendary guitarist and made "Smooth". Smooth received Billboard's coveted song of the year and Thomas received a Grammy. This is a list compiled of the greatest songs by Matchbox 20 and greatest songs by Rob Thomas(solo).

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Amazing guitar intro. I constantly find myself with this classic song stuck in my head. - Lakersfan97

One of my favorite songs, period. - Lakersfan97

Love this song and rob thomas's voice


When you combine legendary guitarist, Santana, and phenomenal singer, Rob Thomas, you get this killer song. - Lakersfan97

Best song anyone...when it came out, I actually made a casette with nothing but that song on it...its Dec 2016 and I still play it (acoustic) every time I pick up my Ovation guitar

Ah, this song has been lost in my memory. Glad to see it on the list, and retrieve it on my ipod.

Oh, but "Back 2 Good" is the best song. :D - waxythread13

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One of their most well known songs - Lakersfan97

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4This is How a Heart Breaks

Rob Thomas has had a very successful solo career and this song, in my opinion, has contributed in large part. - Lakersfan97

5How Far We've Come

Great song about thomas' view of the end of the world - Lakersfan97

6UnwellV2 Comments
7Real World

The best Matchbox Twenty songs and one of their first songs ever

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9Little Wonders

This hot song appeared on d"Disney's "meet the robinsons", a Disney movie about time travel. - Lakersfan97

One of the best matched soundtrack songs to a highly underrated Disney movie. Very uplifting and hopeful.

10Streetcorner Symphony

Great song. Although not very well known, it expresses thomas' acceptance of all races and genders. - Lakersfan97

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At 48 years old, this song sums up the complicated dating of my youth

13Long Day

This has always been one of my favorites!

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