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How You Remind Me
Amazing Song

Hero Shoud Be #2 Or #3
This song is awesome.. It tells that how we miss someone... And how the memories tells the story behind that someone... I love this song so much... How I wish I could play this in guitar... ! :))
Slow and fast heart touching but still rock... Awesome!
[Newest]This song is unreal
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It has a mix of everything... Its crazy, its hilarious, its funny but it also tells someone to chase their dreams and be big... Love NICKELBACK for this song.. I WANNA BE A ROCKSTAR! Yay! Best part- lip sync'em every night so I don't get'em wrong...
It brings out the true rockstar in us! It is a must watch song! You have to watch it cause its different in an awesome way!
This is the BEST SONG EVER! They will never make a song better than this one!
[Newest]It's the best song of all times must listen music is the bomb

3Far Away
Probably the only nickelback Soft song!
But still!
I mean.. Nothing can be better than this!...
Ooh ya for sure!... No doubt man..
This song made me cry! It's so touching! It moves me so much. Especially if I watch the video together with the song. It is just plain awesome! I love it!
Beautiful lyrics... Got some music... A truly worthwhile wastage of 03:58... Out of nowhere makes you feel... The essence.. Makes you hear the same thing again and again... Just to gain some soulful "relishment"... Really turned me on for quite some time... Didn't expect this from the generally repetitive nickelback... Great job...
[Newest]This song is epic
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4Savin' Me
Incredible, awesome, beautiful. Not much more to add. Listen to this every night.
This song introduced me to Nickelback, love this song! Has some real power and meaning, last chorus especially. Love Nickelback!
Brilliant video!
Absolutely amazing. The song is good too, but the video is a must watch!
Not Nickelback's best, musically speaking. But easily one of the best videos I've seen!
[Newest]Love it! It is so amazing the song makes me remember all my family and happy times.

5Burn It to the Ground
Most Pumping Adrenaline Song From Nickelback, Still Heard It Everyday...! Rock and Roll
Any one will like this song at first listening itself. It really Energize me every time I listen to the music. Its a wounder full rock song.
It's a nice song
Have some real rock touch in it!
I like nickleback band after listening this song.
[Newest]Every great song an energetic

6If Today Was Your Last Day
I mean seriously it's just plain awesome, but not only that it has a deeper meaning behind it. The lyrics are saying that if today is your last day what would you do? But if you noticed it's not stuff like riding in a hot air balloon or meeting someone different. It suggests things that if we did we'd feel that little more happier. See old friends you never see, reminisce old memories. Would you forgive your enemies? They're not material items but they're personal things to make you feel happy.
What? This song isn't first? Insane. This is definitely their best song.
And "Something in your mouth" is probably their worst song, laugh out loud
This is an amazing song it should be top 5 at least, this is a classic and really makes you think about life. As well it teaches us how precious it is and to leave this world without regrets. It's a MUST listen to for thoughs who haven't already. Nickelback favourite :P
[Newest]This should be first

I'm voting till this song is number 1 it's amazing. My Favorite nickelback song out of them all. Why is it on number 10 it should be way higher. I listen to this every day. There are songs above this one that should be lower down in the list
Its awesome, the song relates to me and my love in every way... one of the best songs I'hv ever heard..!
It wouldn't have been on.10 if the drummer was Daniel Adair. Anyways it should be on 1. Such nice lyrics, such a nice solo and such a nice video too. You can understand the video only if you have brains.
[Newest]Love this song so much

Makes Me Smile, Makes Me Cry!
What more does someone need in a Song!?
Photograph, brings back days that I had to get let go of over the years, and would do anything to get back. Makes me nostalgic as hell! Brilliant song. Simply AMAZING! And with an amazingly obvious touch of 'Nickelback'.
I've been through the same thing as this song, I moved from my home and I wished I could go back. This song really brought me back some good memories and some strong nostalgia. Wonderful job, Nickelback!
[Newest]One of the best!

9If Everyone Cared
A beautiful song that is appealing and has a wise message. The video clip is inspirational. I fell in love with this song the first time I heard it, which was the day I bought the album. I just lay on my bed with my eyes closed thinking "I'm going to HAVE to learn the words".
Just amazing. Seriously, great melody, lyrics and a good message. It's because of songs like this I like Nickelback so much. The chorus is one of those that you just wanna sing along to, you know.
I've never boring with this song. Good lyric, good vocal, good music. One of the best I've ever seen. Brilliant music.
[Newest]Beautiful song, great meaningful lyrics and an altogether great tune.

10Gotta Be Somebody
This song is one of my favorites! The lyrics are perfect for me to relate to, the music sounds amazing!
Love the music and the lyrics of this song! I so can relate with this one.
This is a very nice song and the music is awesome. It should be at 4-5 position. This song has a different energy in it and the listner get enchanted. Its not a total rock song and has the element of love with chaukas beats.
[Newest]Never get bored of listening to it, makes the hair on my arms stand up, if a song can't do that to you, then it's no good

The Contenders

Should be way higher on the list! One of his best songs with great lyrics! My personal favorite
9th?! This song should be high up in the top 5!
awesome lyrics and damn good music!
one of the best by nickelback!
One of my favorite Nickelback songs that is often overlooked on Nickelback top songs lists.
It should also be rated higher on this list.
[Newest]THIS is Nickelback. Forget about the new Songs

Are you serious?
Just an amazing song, there is no physical words to describe what an awesome song this is. The music video doesn't depict what and/or whom it is directed toward. This song is actually directed toward teenagers who are trying to or thinking about committing suicide. When I heard this song, I instantly had memories of all the times I tried to commit suicide and I kept thinking to myself, "Why did I try to do all those things? So many people care about me. Obviously Nickelback cares because they wrote this song to help stop suicide and help promote suicide awareness." Since then, every time I think about that, I just listen to this song and it reminds me that I don't have a crappy life and ending my life won't ensure that the pain will end. It will only ensure that life won't get better because you ended it before it could get better.
This song deserves to be in top 10.. Amazing lyrics and a must watch video.. Video contains all emotions and make me feel crying when I saw it first time... Simply Nickelback one of best songs
[Newest]This is they're best song by far
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13When We Stand Together
Very Good Song I heard it more than two hundred times.
It has be in top ten list
Nickelback's best song ever. It has a message. We could really be feeding a starving world with what we throw away but we just serve empty words that always taste the same you know it's very true. But I always feel like starving myself when I hear this song. I even bought the album just to listen to this song.
My God what a song!
Nickelback is back... And this time they are better than ever.
This song's just what a music lover needs..
The lyrics a lot meaningful too
Keep on the music like this... WE LOVE YOU!
[Newest]Nickelback's best song ever. It has a message. We could really be feeding a starving world with what we throw away but we just serve empty words that always taste the same you know it's very true

14This Afternoon
The happiest song from Nickelback and probably one of the best, when I hear this song I feel happier than ever! It also makes you wanna go out and hangout with all of your friends for EVER!
One of the best, no words
Its an all American song about hanging out with your friends anf having a good time and not wanting it to come to an end.
[Newest]Simply one of the best

Just a great song overall. Whenever I hear this it makes me feel invincible. This also has a great guitar solo that can't be beat.
This is my favourite song from them! It's also on the spiderman soundtrack! This is probably one of their most underrated songs.
This By Far My Favorite Nickelback song, very Emotional, first time I heard it my eyes gushed with tears because my grandfathers death anniversary was coming up, and it makes you think about the family members that are now gone. I believe Hero should Number 1. And in 2nd. Rockstar.
[Newest]A beautiful song that should be in the top 10

16Never Gonna Be Alone
Such a sad yet meaningful song. When you've lost someone, listen to this song and its so helpful. Makes me cry every time - love it! Should be number 1 by far!
Makes me cry every time I hear it, it is the best song of nickelback in my opinion. Many people feels so identified with this song.
best of all! love the song, there is nothing better... to tell how much you love some one... <3 =D
[Newest]This should be #1

17I'd Come For You
Combined with the video, this song has real meaning. Too bad its not even in the top 10...
Whenever I listen this song... It's just melt my heart completely... The video is too good... Whatever our children do... We are always there to guide them and take them to the right path... NICKELBACK is just Marvelous...
This song should be the best song of Nickelback... I enjoy its every word and music... It is very touching... Please people vote for this song...


[Newest]This song deserves to be in the top 10!

18Something In Your Mouth
This songs is totally entertaining.. it beats the tiredness out of you ^^ helps you chill out! The pace is what catches your mind..
21?!?! Come on this is by far my favorite. When I saw them perform it on the here and now tour... It only made it their best song yet!
Well good and really like fast

19Too Bad
I think this is the best, most meaningful, and with great rhythm and powerful main riff, and it should be on a first place. How You Remind Me can be at second place, and third place must be for Hero
The first four tracks from Silver Side Up should be in the top ten. This is one of them.
This list is retarded beyond belief. Rockstar is crap, shouldn't be up there. This, Never Again and This Afternoon should be in the top 10 and where the heck is Hero!? That should be 2nd behind How You Remind Me with Savin Me 3rd. Get it sorted people.
[Newest]Should be in the top ten

20This Means War
Best song it has really good rock. In my opinion, it's there best song. Anybody who thinks nickelback is lame, they're so wrong.
Easy top 10 finish for this song! Insane guitar and just get one pumped whenever it is played! Heard it hundreds of times and know the lyrics off by heart. No band can match nickelback! They are the best!
That riff
Dem vocals
I've been a nickelback fan for years and when I first heard this when it came out I was absolutely blown away!


21Side of a Bullet
This song is truly amazing and definitely my fave as it is about probably the greatest guitarist to ever grace a six-string.R.I.P. dimebag
Dedicated to the late and legendary Dimebag Darrell after his murder. One of their heaviest songs. Great guitar solo near the end. My personal favorite of theirs.
Do you guys know that Hero isn't a 'Nickelback' song, it's just Chad Kroeger with Josey Scott. This song is amazing however

22Trying Not to Love You
Man I just love its video and with this song in the background yeah the person commenting before me said the exact word deadly combination I just love the song the tune changes each time and each tune is unique and better than previous one please vote for this song guys it deserves something better!
Oh I just love this song the concept is awesome the video is super awesome and the song in its background is massive awesome the deadliest combination of music earth shattering song please vote for it guys this song rocks!
Serious 27th people?!? Have you even heard this song? The vocals are amazing as usual and it describes how a lot of peoples love lives are like. The lyrics are amazing and the band even more so. It definitely deserves at least within the top 10.
[Newest]I can't belive it's in 22nd place! It's better than "How you remind me". Seriously

23Leader of Men
This song is seriously underrated. When I saw the music videos for this and Too Bad, they were the first songs I started liking more than How You Remind Me. They both deserve to be in the top 10 along with Never Again


This shows what Nickelback was capable of!


24Someone That You're With
great songs lots of different great music awesome band
I like the part in the middle amazing sound en stuff
This is how the list should go 1. Someone that you're with 2. Never again 3. Feelin way to damn good 4. Next contestant 5. Side of a bullet 6. Another hole in the head

25Bottoms Up
No comments for bottoms up... I reckon its even better than rockstar!
So cool and fast-paced... it's just awesome!

26Never Again
This, Woke Up This Morning and Too Bad should be WAY higher! They're some of Nickelback's best songs. Silver Side Up is the best album they did. Vote!
Are you people serious!? Listen to the intro, the guitar play is awesome. Should be in the top 10 at least along with Too Bad. Silver Side Up is the best album.
This is a great song it should definitely be in the top ten!

27Next Contestant
Probably the most hardcore nickelback song, and my favorite. This and this afternoon are the 2 best and should be in the top ten.
This song Should be in top ten

28Just to Get High
Reminds me of myself when I was on drugs. Love you Chad. Everyone should listen to this song, I'm impressed it is actually on here.. :)

Lots of Love from New Zealand, Keep rocking' m/
Should be definitely in top 5... Great song... Incredible guitar solo. Doesn't sound like nickelback much. I was impressed when I first heard it
Not very known, but in my opinion it's a great song.


[Newest]My number 1 nickelback song!

29Flat On the Floor
What is doing this song here? It should be so higher
Such an energizing and fast pace. Very catchy!

30Because of You
This song makes you feel emotions! Really cool sound as well


Just listen to it. Insanely good chord progression and a really catchy chorus. Deserves a much higher spot than 35th. If this was released as a single, it would have been way higher up
Amazing song could listen to it all day!
To me that is one of the best of Nickelback's songs, I'm really shocked that it isn't in the top 10

32Don't Ever Let It End
Superb song. Awesome lyrics, crisp music, it should be in the top 10 for sure. You may relate it to yourself, and yes, it actually relates you! Love you nickelback for your every song~
I can relate to this song so much. Best song off Here and Now. So underrated. I really hope they release it for the radio.


I love this song. It makes me think of my girl every time I hear it. <3

33Gotta Get Me Some

34Into the Night
A very, very good instrumental part with decent vocals from Chad, along with good lyrics. This is definitely their best.
Good song for a lonely man.. Blooms hope inside you..
One of the best in my opinion... MUST LISTEN FROM NICKLEBACK!

35Feelin' Way Too Damn Good
This song is epic! So catchy and great lyrics. I don't know how so many people hate this band. This is definitely their best song though. Check it out!
Best song from Nickelback ever
Way... Way too far down the list.

36Kiss It Goodbye
My all time favorite Nickelback song, the only one that could be better is shakin hands and I can't believe those two songs aren't in the top 10, too many people are going for their calm songs while I find songs with loud everything by Nickelback are way better!
One of the greatest I heard it's just great. Great and true lyrics and awesome guitar riff!


Make mefull of energy. Make my body shake

37Shakin' Hands
This is my favorite song from all time. It should be at least #6. So fast-paced and awesome.
Best song ever should be at least fourth
One of the best songs from them!

38Believe It or Not
This is one of their most underrated songs it's really Deep and Emotion!


Believe it or not This song is amazing! Great Message Too


39Edge of a Revolution
Nickelback is the worst rock band known due to some of their songs sounding lame, but this track is EPIC. (I don't think Nickelback is the worst band)
This new song is Superb!

The rocking Awesome song Edge Of A Revolution makes me Proud to be a Nickelback Die Hard Fan!


I feel like I have heard this song for years since if fits in so good with nickelback but sounds different at the same time

40Should've Listened
Maybe their most under appreciated song ever! It's so good!


Should be in a better position :/
Listened to this song over 400 times. Still awesome

42Follow You Home
This song is awesoms! It has the best melody in the horus and awesome lyrics! Chads voice is awesome!
You might break my heart... But you will comeout on the worst end of the deal!
What the hell is this doing all the way down here, easily 4th

43Woke Up this Morning
Wow, such a retarded list. "Rockstar" is getting way too many votes, this song is MUCH better.
This is their heaviest song, heavier than Burn It To The Ground and Never Again. All 3 songs should be in the top 10. How the top 10 is now makes Nickelback looks like a wuss of a band or a Pop band, and they aren't.

44Next Go Round

45Saturday Nights Alright (For Fighting)
They took a chance and did it well


46Do This Anymore
This has amazing lyrics, and I'm sure a lot of people can relate to the words as I can!


48Everything I Wanna Do
Best nickelback song ever
Good lyrics and makes me listen to it everyday because this song simply makes you go crazy, (In a rock way) Every thing I wanna do if it was on T.V. or ever in a magazine she could take the fantasy and make it a reality. She delivers every dirty thoughts.
This is one of my favorite songs

49She Keeps Me Up

50We Will Rock You
What this is the best

51Good Times Gone
One of my favorites by them, just couldn't stand it not being on this list! Truly an under appreciated song. It is unique with good lyrics and music!


This track goes on repeat every time I hear it. The pedal steel guitar raises the bar on this. It should really be much higher up the list!

52Favorite Damn Disease

53What Are You Waiting For
This is a new song but wow does this song have an outstanding meaning! Not too bad of a song at all! Everyone could take the lyrics from this song and ask yourself the same question What Are you waiting for?
Nickelback is great!


54Old Enough

55Just For

56See You at the Show
How the hell happened that this song isn't on the list! It's EPIC!
A really Cool Song and I love singing along to it


Nickelback's 1st Big Hit Off of there 1st ever album Curb! Still sounds cool even in 2013!


I Love this song

59Miss You
My favorite song from their new album


61Sharp Dressed Man
Their version is kick ass!


62Cowboy Hat
This song sounds awesome!



64Little Friend

65Hold Out Your Hand

66Yanking Out My Heart

67The Hammer's Coming Down

68Million Miles an Hour
Amazing song, very nice guitar work.
This song is awesome I when I hear it I think of some new sci fi movie amd expect to hear it on there!

69Money Bought


71In Front of Me
This song is very underrated, I know it's old but I like it.





76Sea Groove
I really like this song!


77Falls Back On

78Just Four
The old and the new version are both awesome!


79Window Shopper
Not bad at all!


80I Don't Have

81Not Leavin' Yet

82One Last Run


84Worthy to Say

85Learn the Hard Way

86Slow Motion
It's understandable that this song is low but that's only because it's only part of one of the Punisher Movie!

This song though is a hidden gem!


87Love Will Keep Us Together

88Why Don't You and I

89Get Em Up

90Make Me Believe Again
Great song from their new album

91Sister Sin
Has a cool Western feel to it.


92Got Me Runnin' Round

93Figured You Out
Great song, has AC/DC like qualities, most notably the opening line, that straight out goess: I like you pants around your feet


Okay this would be in the 30's if some idiot could get the title right... Geez some "fans" we got here
I'm Stunned this is so low it's one of Their most Popular songs ever!


94Holding On to Heaven
This song is just to Romantic to keep out of the top 10 this should be moved up higher

95Midnight Queen
Not as bad as I thought it'd be, considering it's so low. Just listen to it- it's awesome.


96Fight for All the Wrong Reasons
I love the entire song but The last half of the song is my fave part! When it builds up to the final big chorus!


97Where Do I Hide

It's my favorite song its hard core rock and roll I mean whatever genre it is it don't matter its nickelback that's how you know its awesome
The melody between the single Verses of Chad is ass kickin'!
The riff is excellent and the style of rock is TOO AWESOME!

99Diggin' This

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