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Right Here Waiting
No need to introduce, one of the greatest love song ever


If I see you next to never
But how can we say forever

Wherever you go, whatever you do
I will be right here waiting for you
Whatever it takes or how my heart breaks
I will be right here waiting for you
This one was for his wife, things which every husband has for his wife!
[Newest]I Want to hare this song.

One of those hauntingly.mysterious beautiful melodies that stays vivid in the back of your mind and comes to the´╗┐ surface when you need a lift emotionally.
Most emotive soulful song of all time. Got me through some very dark times.
Nice soundtrack... Love it

3Endless Summer Nights
Makes me wanna go back to my old days
Heart breaking. If you've never felt this way, you've never lived.

4Now and Forever

5Hold On to the Nights
Full of emotions and feel who can say this was his first single and topped the billboard charts!
I beautiful song this is what I call real music
It's a song which inspire to do better somethings

6Until I Find You Again
A very honest yet touching song about a devoted love
Actually! Find you again

Simply heart touching

Apart from ballads richard has strong impact in rock genre!

9Take This Heart

10To Where You Are

The Contenders

11This I Promise You

12At the Beginning
A Duet with donna lewis, a great soundtrack!
Should be the second best...

Super song from his new album "Stories To Tell"


14Don't Mean Nothing
Here Comes another rock song!

15Slipping Away

16Too Late to Say Goodbye

17Keep Coming Back

18When You're Gone

19Every Day of Your Life

20Children of the Night
God, I can't believe it took this long for this song to make this list... Very sad but real... I heard Richard Marx spent time with street kids and wrote this song based on their input.
Thia song makes me hauntingly sad! It should be more well known. Breaks my heart.

21Heaven Only Knows
I beautiful song this is what I call real music

22Should've Known Better
Smooth groove to set your day right.

According to me this is best of richard.. just love this guy

24Wait for the Sunrise
My all time favorite from RIchard Marx, of the amazing Repeat Offender.

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