Top Ten Best Role Models for Kids

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1Taylor Swift

Taylor is a good role model she teaches little kids to stand up for bullying in her song "Mean"

She's never smoked or did drugs or any thing like that and she inspires young girls. :) I love you taylor💕 - Dangerousswift

She use to donate money to charities under her friends' name so the media wouldn't know

She is an all around good person and she doesn't try to fit in to the new cool, but is the new cool and she didn't come from a rich snobby background, but got to where she is from the love of her fans

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2Good Parents

I don't think any celebrity or political figure is worthy of being a role model. Most of them are self centered and egotistical and could give a crap about anyone except themselves or their agendas. The only time they do anything remotely unselfish is when they are trying to "buy" people's votes or their manager advises them to do a charity event because of the positive PR. Most American parents aren't even positive role models because we are so stupid that we continue to re-elect are no good politicians and we idolize our lame celebrities!


I think that parents, because of their ability to easily shape kids, are an integral part of a child's life. Good parents (not strict nor lenient but a balance of the two) are the best role models because of the personal relationship and because of a kid's admiration for a truly brilliant human being.

We may see may as our role models but the real heroes should be our parents. No celebrity pays our school fees, and take care of us so the best role models are our parents

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3Jackie Evancho

Jackie is also one of the best role models for ADULTS.

Humble, talented and charitable, Jackie is great!

Hard working, focused, charitable, does not need to leave a train wreck in her personal or professional wake; the perfect role model for today's generation.

She is the best role model ever!

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Jesus is historically the most influential character. He came to save the world but was hated. He tried to correct the evil politics of the day but was persecuted. He did not bow down to false authority because he knew true authority was within him drawn from God. Now God is real mentor material. Jesus loved unconditionally but tried to teach a better pathway for us. Jesus healed the sick, loved the unlovely, helped the poor and stood in the way of death for us so that we could have eternal life. Look up John 3:16 in the new testament of your bible. That's right - smart kids know to dodge the dodgy mentors listed and read various wisdoms - so get your hands on a bible and be cool. After all a role model has to have self control and Jesus was walking talking self control.

That is so true if he where to come again I would give my life for him

He is loving and kind

Jesus, should be everybody's role model!

And once again he will save us

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5Demi Lovato

She advocates to stop bullying and to get help right away if you have a problem. She is also living hope that recovery is possible.

Demi shared her story to help those who are in similar situations. She inspires every person to be him or her self and to ignore all the haters. She shows young girls that there is no need to be perfect and that in itself shows the perfection of her personality. LOVATIC for Life!

Demi is an amazing role model for teenagers and especially for those who go through difficult situations and bullying! She has even written a book to help people and make them believe in themselves. She celebrated her 21st birthday in Africa because she thought it would be more important than just having a party! She tries to inspire people and also has advised her fans to spend sometime with the things they love in order to forget to feel better and make themselves to forget their darkest moments!

Demi is an inspiration

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6Emma Watson

Emma is an inspiration to us all... she became one of the most successful young actresses, she graduated with honors at Ivy, she became a UN ambassador, she stood up for what she believed was right... all at the young age of twenty-four! Emma is amazing at pushing past negativity and criticism and strives to do her best and exceed expectations. She's a really great person who fights for what she believes in!

She is a fantastic human being. 'enough said!

She is the most beautiful actress I know and she values her education

She did a human rights campaign

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7Kelly Clarkson

She teaches kids to stand up for what they believe in and that they don't have to be a size 0 to be beautiful. - ilovekelly75

Kelly is one of the very few in hollywood today who do what they do just because it is their passion, not for the money, not for the fame. She has made it from a small town girl from Texas to an international superstar, and still she is a completely level headed and normal girl.

Kelly is an amazing singer. I totally agree with her teaching kids to stand up for what they believe!

I think that she is amazing

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8Ariana Grande

Um guys?
Ariana is a jerk.

She is spoiled and she was caught wishing death to fans! Like, who does that?!
So what if she is cute? That doesn't make up for being a jerk!
So what if she loves animals? That doesn't make up for wishing death on fans!

Seriously, she was caught LICKING DONUTS. And she didn't even buy them afterwards!
That is completely immature and, frankly just gross.
Then she said she hates Americans and America!
80 percent of her fans are IN America!

She DID post a "sorry" video, but she was just sorry she got caught.

But then again, sometimes I have acted like that too.

In kindergarten!

But Ariana is a great role model.

If you want kids to turn out to be spoiled, bratty, and act like little jerks the rest of their lives! If you want your kids to wish death on good people. If you want your kids to lick
Donuts and then hate America and Americans, Ariana is an awesome role model.

She is always a smiling, cute and happy person and she is beautiful without being skinny or doing stupid things that many celebrities. She has an amazing voice and her acting talent is huge too.

She is so pretty and a great singer. I love her role on victorious how she is dumb and sweet and a great friend but she is so funny on Sam and cat I love that show she has an amazing amazing voice everyone wants it.

You must be deaf, her voice is like Hannah Montana's, it's worse than a frog's croak.

Love her songs like

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9Abraham Lincoln

He is the 16th President, the first to tare the Republican title. He freed all slaves in America!

He is amazing for freeing all slaves in America

I'm 14 years old and I don't know this guy...maybe because I'm not american

Oh yeah! He should be there in first! So he is dead big deal! 😊

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10Steve Jobs

Um He did not make the Xbox. That's Microsoft. You should go to school and try to learn because your information IS WRONG! And Yes he was bald but still he went from nothing to Rich af.

Although his inventions are not as good as the Android system, Steve Jobs is still a good model.

The last electronic inventor ever to live.

The Xbox is nothing compared to Plug and Plays!

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?Hollywood Undead
?Kylie Jenner

She did an Anti-Bullying campaign! #IAmMoreThan

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She could be a role model for everyone. She teaches the kids to be true to themselves and that they can do amazing things if they have faith and talent. She is a very good influence.

Beyonce is always humble and is a remarkable role model for kids.

She is a good role model. She teaches kids how to be true to themselves.

She has a good photo here... - Therandom

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12Katy Perry

Katy is so amazing I love her, it would be mazing to meet her. She is a role model because she is unique and dosn't care what others think about her... I love how she is so true to her fans she is one of the only celebrites that know how much her fans mean to her and how important they are for her sucess BY LAUREN GRACE... KATY COME TO AUSTRALIA!

Yes, because dressing up almost completely naked is great for the younger generation. -_-

Because she is unique

I love your roar song a lot

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13JK Rowling

shows you what you can do if you do something you love and are willing to pay the price to do it.

she came from nothing and now she's richer than the queen! She's determined and modest and such a great women. She is giving her money to charity all the time too

She gave half the world a childhood. How's that not a role model?

And barack obama is only a a role model to American kids.
Please usa, some backbone! There are other countries in the world.

She is a great role model! She isn't doing drugs or smoking or advocating horrible messages.

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14Barack Obama

He is not a good role model AT ALL! Becoming the first African American president does NOT make him a good person. Sure, he won a Nobel Peace prize for something he SAID he would do, but he STILL hasn't done it! He is a liar. Time Magazine is a liberal magazine so their opinion of him is biased. He used uncredited ghostwriter's for his writings and speeches. He is a liar. Hitler was also a "moving orator." He is forcing people to pay for birth control, even if it is directly against their religious beliefs. He is a hypocrite. He is forcing people to pay for Obamacare whether they want it or not. He is a dictator. Spending (taxpayer) money on your family does NOT make you a good person. Telling children they can "accomplish anything" is dishonest and impractical. This generation feels too entitled already without him "encouraging" them to do anything they want. That's not the way the world works. He is a liar.

You're kidding? He should be put on the worst!

He is not perfect, but he is a good role model. To say that he has not accomplished more than average person and that he is not a good role model is rubbish... And simply letting your political preference get in the way of common sense. He is not only the first African American president of the U.S., he has won the Nobel Peace Prize, been Time Magazine’s Person of the Year, he is a celebrated author, he is a moving orator, he is a dedicated family man, and he has the talent to inspire children to believe that they can in fact accomplish anything... My son being one of those children!

He makes mistakes but I think he is a great role mode.l

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In every music video she smiles. She doesn't take drugs or smoke. In la la la she let a lot of kids into the music video and she loves football

She does got a good booty

Why dose that matter so what I don't think she is a very good role model

(Whistles at her outfit) - Therandom

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16Ellen DeGeneres

She is the loveliest person ever.

Ellen stands up for what she believes is right and always donates money to people who are struggling.

Ellen is an amazing person. She is charitable, funny, and just seems like a great person.

The episode with Talia proves this. I literally cried seeing it, it was so sweet of Ellen to do all that for a young girl who was suffering cancer!

After her coming out, a lot of other celebs came out too.

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17Selena Gomez

She is kind and caring and loves everyone

She cares of her fans & she's the youngest UNICEF ambassador on 2007. Love you Selena

She is very humble and sweet, she is a regular person. She doesn't pretend to be good person just to get that "role model" label and she also doesn't try to be super - controversial like Miley and some other stars. Selena acts her age and that's so good.

Selena advocates to stop bullying and to get help right away if you have a problem. She is also living hope that recovery is possible. and I think she is a #1 role model

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He should have been first in this list. He has been through so much and he still managed to be on top and prove people that he can really make it. He came from a black neighbourhood, getting bullied everyday at school, his father left him when he was a baby, his uncle died, he couldn't find a job, he had drug problems, he got divorced twice and look at him now. He's probably the best selling artist of all times, he is the most talented and gifted music artist. He teaches people that you can do anything you set your mind to and that's why he wil always be my biggest role model.

I don't know why he is #41. He isn't that people! He is my role model by a long shot

He is a great role model and should be ranked higher

Eminem should be rated higher. He isn't a Miley Cyrus and he has became a big part in people's life's

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19Michael Jordan

He is really down to earth guy and a great basketball player. (better than LeBron james)

He is the best person and athlete on the world and a very nice, kind person

20Ben Carson

Started life at the bottom if his class where everyone called him "Dummy." His father abandoned Ben's family and his mother was illiterate. They were extremely poor. Ben had a terrible temper to boot.

But his mom got her kids to turn off the T.V. and begin reading. They had to give her book reports. The books opened up their world and turned their life around.

Ben rose to the top of his class. Went on to save many lives as a world-class surgeon. Many people are now trying to get him to run for President of the USA.

One of the best surgeons of all time.

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