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Mariah Carey
As Good as all the other singers in this list is, Mariah Carey is the better singer. She, for me, is a complete package. She can sing very low notes that I, a man, cannot reach (My all - last note) and she also have a very high range that makes any musician freeze, extremely powerful singer (O Holy night - the end of the chorus the first time and the verse afterwards. Mariah also has a really controlled whistle register that not all singers can sing or reach. The way she controls it really should make her the best singer in the world. (O Holy Night, I wanna no what love is, Emotions, etc. ). Here's a hint for all fans to note: If no one on this planet can sing a song that your favorite singer has performed or originated, then you know that he/she is special and one in a trillion. No one can perform Mariah carey songs like Mariah Carey does. Charice sings Whitney Houston and Celine Dion songs really well and they two are Mariah's most fierced rivals in singing. Based on that, I can really safely say, Mariah Carey is the greatest female singer that has ever lived.
I heard Mariah Carey singing Emotion. I have never heard anyone hit those high notes like she could. Her voice is a beautiful freak of God and nature.
Her voice is like an angel she has a natural tune to her voice it makes me forget the things that hurt me and I become better, mariah carey is a brilliant singer and has the ability to blow someones mind with new songs that she brings out, I was shocked at obsessed and touch my body as she wasnt the type of singer to sing these songs but she did amazing and they really did suit her voice.
[Newest]I love Mariah Carey she is the best singer I ever sow ๐Ÿ˜˜ ๐Ÿ˜š ๐Ÿ’ ๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿ’• ๐Ÿ’ ๐ŸŒˆ ๐ŸŒน ๐Ÿ’ ๐Ÿ˜ป โค
More comments about Mariah Carey

2Whitney Houston
Absolute AMAZING god-hood singer. She was on another level compared to other vocalists in every aspect and way possible when it comes to singing. She had natural range that's big and strong. NO OTHER ARTIST has shown, not only the perplexing agility she possessed (almost bird-like), but the sheer range and control she "naturally" possessed in her chest voice without much effort. Really, I've never heard anyone able to take their chest voice up as high as she demonstrates consecutively, song after song in her hits and especially live performances with no hint of struggle. Her head voice is the most beautiful and focused I've ever heard in pop music. And this was all in her golden years.
Whitney Houston will never be 6? WHAT! She topped Mariah Carey. For anything Mariah Carey Should be second! Whitney Houston won and there is no doubts about it for me! Don't be whack saying oh she is better than Whitney.. THEIR NOT! ~ thanks
She must be the first! She have strong voice than mariah!
[Newest]She is awesome the voice that's what she is no question

3Celine Dion
All by myself,
power of love,
all time favorite!
no one can do better other than celine!
I don't even know why she's #3 and not #1. This upsets me. Celine should be nicknamed the goddess of song. She has not a sour note in her body. She pierces the galaxy and makes bright red roses rise from the bone dry concrete. I consider it more than disrespectful to not put her as number one.
Of course celine dion. None other than her... She hits even the highest note and while making it long.
[Newest]She is THE GREATEST VOICE... Listen any of her songs.

Always rocks

4Ariana Grande
Shes awesome I know she only done like a few songs but wow her voice is amazing really I think shes awesome so vote this girl because shes got star quality and another thing shes great in victorious I believe shes GREAT AT SINGING...
She is the QUEEN for me. She is a truly talented girl, and only criticise her if you can sing a F6 with no problem, anytime. I never heard Mariah Carey, so I still have to compare the two. But I am really sure that no one will ever take Ariana's place in my heart. She is the queen, no matter what you say.
Ariana is no Mariah.. They are both talented and have ridiculously amazing voices, and in my opinion only people who have no idea about music and vocals think they sound alike, only time Ari sounded like Mariah was the whistles in her cover of Emotion, and only the whistles. People should really accept the fact that Ari is proving to be the voice of our time
[Newest]Wow I agree, she's the "queen of the birds".

5Jackie Evancho
"High notes" meaning what? Screeching? Screaming? Whistle-register vocalise without words? Or genuine soprano upper-octave singing? For the latter, look no further that this young lady.
My heart rises into my throat every time Jackie Evancho presents those perfect, spot on, sustained high notes. No other singer can do that.
See her "Somewhere" duet with Barbra Streisand on YouTube or on websites all over the 'net (this has just been rediscovered from its 2011 PBS airing.
[Newest]I hope by 'high notes' you mean ACTUAL, pitch-perfect high notes, not the squeals produced by pretty much every artist on here. Jackie Evancho's high notes can move men to tears.

6Zayn Malik
Zayn definitely has one of the strongest voices around in the music industry, and he doesn't even sing rock. He can surely do the highest notes especially for a guy!
He broke Demi Lovato's Recor of Strongest Live voice And Highest Note Live! ;D
Zayn does amazing high notes, especially for a guy. They're both consistant and... Well, very high. He's an amazing singer all around.
[Newest]His notes is amazing

7Demi Lovato
Demi is the best singer I've ever heard! Her vocals are amazing! Plus she can emote and make me feel what she's feeling. She gives me chills
I think Demi is an AMAZING singer and she is by far the greatest!
SHE IS THE BEST SINGER I HAVE EVER HEARD IN ALL MY LIFE. Think that in a few years she will be totally a Christina Aguilera 2.0. Maybe youll think I'm joking but you ALL WILL SEE. I LOVE YOU DEMETRIA!
[Newest]Zayn is way better

8Regine Velasquez
She is the best singer than the other
Regz can really sing a high note... She's the one!
Wow! She can sing higher than others
[Newest]Well check her cover chandelier

9Christina Aguilera
Xtina is the queen! Anastasia could never beat her. Mariah is my second favorite, but neither artist could compare to my lovely beautiful bb Christina Aguilera! I've loved her since I was seven, and my love for her had stayed with me as life goes on. She is a phenomenon, a generation of music itself. Christina can sing anything. An angel is not enough to describe her voice. Some people hate her rasp, but I think it just makes her sound even more powerful. My dream is to meet her and/or do a duet with her. She's my idol, a very strong voice. Christina, I know you're probably not reading this, but if you are, I love you and you are my favorite, my inspiration. I will stand by you till the end of time, support you. I believe you are better than Whitney, Celine, Mariah, and Martina combined. Your voice is so soulful and amazing. It makes the hair on my spine prickle and stand erect. Team Xtina forever, you Suberb 4 octave singer! ~Jenna
She has an extremely soulful voice, and can sing high pretty well, but no that well. It's something else that captures the person who's listening. We are all beautiful.
She can hit notes pretty high she has a very soulful voice and melody.
[Newest]Christina Aguilera should be up with mariah. Christina is the best on this list!

10Charice Pempengco
From Rio: She is the best for me her high notes is very high! No one can do that, I try to sing like her but it's hard to reach the high that she hit. Charice you're my Idol all of time, I want to be like you! I love you! ^_^
Charice has a powerful voice. Even though one of a highest pitched song like LISTEN by Beyonce, Charice reached it!..
Young girl that can sing along with best singers and she has a high-ranged voice.
[Newest]Charice has a powerful voice

The Contenders

11Sissel Kyrkjebรธ

12Hayley Westenra

13Mary-Jess Leaverland

14Michael Jackson
Michael no.28! Really! He is an legend. He open many doors for singers. Lots of people look up to THE KING OF POP. How could you put him so low
He is the best singer of all time and that is why they call him the king pop! So you know what... To all of yall people who wanna hate on Michael, I bet he has done more things in life than you will EVER DO! So you can take it to the bank and deposit that
Amazingly superb high singer
[Newest]Hmm, Michael Jackson really struck a high pitch in this song: They don't care about us

15Chen (EXO)
This guy has like one of the biggest vocal range ever. He can hit the lowest notes and the highest in his group. Just Wow.
When you hear his even if he is singing using the highest notes, you can still say the word "WOW" because chen's voice is amazing
I love exo man :) and chen's voice is like heaven!
[Newest]He is the number one singer in EXO.

16Sumi Jo

17Aria Tesolin

18Beyonce Knowles
Beyonce has a very powerful and beautiful voice she is so soulful, she has this jazzy tone in her voice that's very amaizing beyonce can go very low and really high she is also the greatest female performer when it on to performance the power she hold in her voice many female artist don't have that power she as a very smooth tone a lot of control and resonant, many people are stunned by. Natural beauty her voice when she speaks passionate in what she does and interact with her fans in her performances and beyonce aslo have a excellent pitch with out instrument beyonce to me is one of the greatest female singer
She's the whole package
She's mother of vocal runs. She sings riffs and runs from all genres. Is there anything she can't do? Maybe she could whistle too

19David Phelps
David Phelps is an amazing tenor who was classically trained and received his vocal training at Baylor University. David sings with the Gaither Vocal Band and also does solo performances. Two of my all time favorite songs is an Italian Aria Nesun Dorma

The other all time favorite is O Holy Night. I think you will find that David has the best vocal range of any male vocalist ever.
David has the most amazing range. Breathtaking the way he sings from his soul with such passion. I listen to him over and over. My favorite (although it's hard to choose would have to be "The end of the beginning". Please never lose your angelic voice. I am your biggest fan. He is # 1
He is the best singer. He has good vocal range. "No More Night" is one of his best song.
[Newest]Just super, thanks God!

20Layne Staley
I can not believe Layne is at no 20. He should have topped the list. Listen to love hate love and compare that with any song of Mariah Carrey.
Layne has an excellent voice. Try listening to some Alice in Chains songs, and you'll see he deserves higher.


Because of her amazing song the I like

21Patricia Janeckova

22EXO's D.O
D.O. hits the lowest note in EXO but he is also great in singing high notes especially in MAMA mv

He is the best!
Try listening one of his songs Lucia di Lammermoor and opera.2 his voice Is Super high.. THUMBS UP FOR VITAS!
Well, the only reason that can explain why Vitas is not the #1 in this list is because he isn't as famous as the other singers. But when you already heard his voice, you'll find out why is he called "the Prince of the Dolphin"..
Uh obviously Vitas can sing pretty high pitched haha. I mean, have you heard this guy just start belting out sound like a crazy little banshee? Haha but it's still the most beautiful voice I've ever heard. Seriously, this lil' russian guy deserves some respect. PEACE
[Newest]He's awesome! He is the best! I love his song opera 2. He is a guy with a voice of 5 octaves

24Shayne Ward
Listen to his song "Breathless"
I bet you will vote for him after you here the song!
I think he hits F#5 in Breathless, which is extremely good for a male vocalist... Not better than me though because I can hit G5 with great ease and I can hit Bb5 bye

25Brendon Urie
His theatrical voice is to die for! He has a spectacular range for a male voice and is an extremely versatile singer (as is his band Panic! At The Disco) and he always impresses with what new music he performs. I heard him live this past summer at a free concert in my hometown and it may have been hands down the greatest show I ever saw. This mans voice is truly magical. Just listen to his music, it speaks for itself.
His voice is simply amazing, he has perfect range and has perfect tone and great singing technique. Also has an amazing and unique band.

26Kristin Chenoweth

27Freddie Mercury
Great range as well as high notes๐Ÿ˜"


29Kim JongHyun
He know how to confess his feeling in every songs he sang.. Maybe there are some kpop artist that can sing high note higher than him but he is really perfect and also with the help of his group, SHINee, he is the best vocal plus with his handsome face and his witty..
Impressive vocal with best emotional.. For me, he is the best kpop singer.. Can reach 4 octave.. The best male singer..
He can reach a high notes! , you're the 1. !

30Ignazio Boschetto
Lyric tenor,1/3 of il vollo, handsome, Italian, funny, 19 years old, can break glass, you name it he's got it!

31Maeve Ni Mhaolchatha

32Christina Grimmie
She may not have the world's highest whistle tone, but when it comes to high notes, Christina will blow you away! She is amazing! She should be #1 on this list because she has the voice of a true rock singer, but she can also be meaningful! How can you top that? She is my all time favorite singer! She deserves all the credit she can get! I remember when she started her YouTube channel, she could barely hit high notes, and now she's hitting A5 notes! Insane!
Yes that's so true she is indeed an amazing singer..,
She's so #awesome when she sings titanium by David Guetta :D

33Lee Haeri
She make me goosebumps with her high notes!

She sings really nice I love all of her songs

35Mark Feehily
When Mark Feehily performs you can feel he's putting his heart and soul into it. His high notes cause shivers and come so effortlessly, incredibly talented.
The most amazing high notes
Simply amazing, perfect and beautiful voice. No effort needed to sing.
[Newest]His high notes cannot be compared. Amazing singer, the best high notes!

He is a good singer!
Best leader with impressive vocal.. Sweet voice and great emotional.. PS:all shinee members can sing, so all of them are talented...

37Rachelle Ann Go
I Think Ms. Rachelle ann Go goes to top 3 because 4 me Regine is one 1 and Whitney on 2. And RACHELLE is on 3 while mariah is on 4 and for 5 is Celine. Rachelle is "A REALLY GOOD SINGER" has a "powerful BELTER" a "TOTAL PERPORMANCE". Shes really good. Can hit high notes. Has Wide Vocal Range.
A young singer that can sing powerfully and she's always having a good performance
A very good singer and performer

38Lara Fabian

39King Diamond
Let's get this straight. When it comes to high notes no sings higher than King Diamond. Harry Styles and Ariadne Grande use autotune and should be disqualified instantly. King Diamond is the true falsetto master.
Agreed, no one hits higher than the King.
Just listen King... self explanatory...

She can hit high notes and she's a great singer

41Lu Han
He can't reach super duper high notes but he's a very good singer for me. He's my bias in EXO
He is a good rapper, go luhan!

42Kellin Quinn
If he can sing just as high as a girl can he should be much closer to #1, just saying
Don't think I've ever heard high-notes like his.
Highest full-voice male singer ever!

43Lani Misalucha
I've seen her perform in person. She's definitely one of the best.
The simplest but can sing the best! She's an idol!

44Katie McMahon

45Robbie Williams
His song Tripping demonstrates how powerful his falsetto is.
One hell of a voice and at his peak his voice was so powerful

Among the EXO members, he has the highest notes. That was featured in weekly idol

47Amy Lee
I love amy lee! Great voice and a beautiful face!
I love her high notes voice!
Has a great range

48Sarah Geronimo
She can dance perfectly, at the same time, can reach very high notes with full devotion and sincerity.
Sarah is a greatest singer!
[Newest]She must be on top.

49Barbra Streisand

50Avril Lavigne
Avril lavigne is awesome all of her songs are great with a wide range and she never shows off that might be one of the reasons she is underrated but she is a great vocalist and performer since 2002! Plus she never lip syncs in live
Why is Avril at the 42th position? Hello, almost all of her songs have really high notes, what the hell and when you're gone in particular...
She really sings great with high notes without crackling in her voice.

51Steven Tyler
Listen to the high notes at the end of "Crazy." For a 45 year-old man to hit those notes after 25 years of screaming and singing is amazing. To this day he can hit high notes singers half his age can't reach.

52Adam Lambert
He should be on the number 1!
How come adam be here on the list?
He should be on the toptens.. what to think more? Vote!


53K. Will

54Stevie Wonder
Best male pop/Motown voice EVER

55Jessica Jung
She is very good in high notes. If you don't believe you can listen to SNSD songs. Jessica can sing the high notes very well. She has the highest vocal in SNSD and she Can even imitate Dolphin voice

56Leona Lewis
She is such a blessed person! We all know she's super talented, even though she's still young and has a lot of things to learn. Her high notes blow me away! I know that singers like Whitney Houston, Charice and Lea Michele might have strongest vocals and do better in high notes than her, but she's definitely better than people like Demi Lovato and Christina Aguilera. Definitely.
Actually, Leona can sing higher and stronger than Lea Michele (the little baby with a fat face who steals songs and has no creativity to come up with her own), and she possesses a suberb four octave range! Leona is a phenomenon. No, her voice is not as strong as Whitney's, or Christina's, but her voice is more pure in general than Mariah Carey. Besides, Mariah is starting to lose her voice. Did anyone hear listen to her song "Migrate" where she sounded like a Spanish Nikki Minaj rapping trashily with T-Pain?

Hands down, Leona is the most gifted high notes singer besides Minnie, Deniece, and Debelah. But her voice is stronger than all of these women.

Celine, Whitney, and Christina have more powerful voices but they just don't have the same range as Leona and Minnie.
Probably she has the most beautiful, solid and sparkly falsetto and head voice right now.

57Cho Kyu-hyun
I think he must be from top 10 because he really can reach very high notes

In immortal song show he reach a very high note for a male

And he is the best Korean singer and have the most powerful voice in Korea

58Hayley Williams
Seriously, I've never heard such a wide vocal range come from a small girl such as her! Listen to All I Wanted by Paramore, she hits the high notes in that song really clean and in Conspiracy which has one note higher than the ones in All I Wanted's highest note and there's not much singers nowadays that can sing like her and hit the high notes as effortless as she does.
Best singer ever live paramore are awesome live and Hayley's vocals are amazing

59Axl Rose
He sings higher than most of the 50 up there. Only the women lie Mariah Carey sing higher.
Actually he did surpass maria carrey in there was a time!
Axl is the most versitile singer, he sings higher than the most of the singers that are above.

60Chloรซ Agnew

61Agnes Monica
She is talented singer, she can sing while dance with high note and she get the soul while she sing the best song, and she is suitable to be the best singer in the world.. And I am believe that she can to be the first in the world, cause she have a determination, and diligence in practice..
She is very talented singer,

62Lea Michele
She's the most powerful woman I've ever seen... Because she knows how to use her talent, her voice is awesome.
She should be way higher
She is amazing, your control is amazing, she's have a Eb6...
Sometimes powerful, Sometimes Sweet

63Serena Onasis
Awesome singing voice!
Listen to oh holy night serena onasi version #rj

64Perrie Edwards
Perrie is only her because of zayn
Ok she is NOT only here because of zayn. listen to change your life, about the boy, and many of little mix's cover. you'll thank me.

65Jonalyn Viray
She can whistle as Mariah and she has a high-ranged voice!
Panis si sarah geronimo kay jonalyn!

66Sheryn Regis
Sheryn regis is the best singer.. Try to compare Sheryn Regis to other singers. Even highest note, she even reach it very relaxed.
She is a singer that is having a whole and earthy voice but when it comes to high notes it became firey..
She is the a super power belter. Hitting high notes effortlessly

67Julie Andrews
I REALLY FAINTED WHEN I HEARD HER VOICE! I love her too much I will Burst this second! I am a great big fan of her! I love her no matter what! Just go to youtube an listen to her singing the Polonaise when she was just 12 when she sang it!
Her voice spans 4 octaves and she can reach very high notes.

68Rob Halford
Why is the metal god not in this list. He has some of the most epic screams in the History of Music. Example: Victim Of Changes, Dreamer Deciever, Painkiller, Blood Red Skies, Dissident Agressor, Beyond The Realms Of Death, The Ripper etc... He should at least be in the top 3.

Daehyun's high notes are amazing... Especially the cover of I remember with Yongguk

70Minnie Riperton
Her octaves (has publicly hit 7 octave and some have said 8 octave) are consistently higher than Carrey's and she had more control. Carrey is a studio singer who is helped by audio engineering. Her live performances are scratchy and much lower in the 4 octave range. Call Rippertons note a whistle note (maybe you are referring to 'Loving You"), but it's a note and it's clear.
Gliligyjlyfjlyjlhglhjjghl she can hit whistle so good it breaks glass. Don't underestimate her value she sit in couch and hit whistle note all day long ok. Quen of whistle note youtube her she is very technical most technical hostel besides flo rida

71Angeline Quinto
The next songbird of the Philippines. Maybe some will think that she just can't hit the note after what's done by Ms. Regine, but it is also the management which tells her to not go over the note of Regine because they want to create a new name and mark for Angeline. Other than that, she can hit that b5 note of regine, having done at one of her rehearsals.
Angeline is a very good singer... She has the ability to touch the heart and soul of the listeners which is the most important factor that a singer should have... She has an angelic voice and her high notes are very clear, smooth and soothing... Go Angeline:0
Shes really good in high notes in head voice..
But what I'm really looking for is she doing a song with whistles..
I hope I can hear whistle notes done by her..
By the way her chest to head transition is so amazing,
But she often over sing a song.. But still effortless for her.

72Ziana Zain
Malaysia best singer... Even though she's old now but she's a legend.. Ma
Most powerful voice I ever heard!
She has a good tone and has 4 range octave vokal range

73Harry Styles
Gosh! Harry Styles's voice is just... !

He is an amazing falsetto singer, and a wonderful person

75Niall Horan

76Miljenko Matijevic
He is the one that has high vocal

77Steve Perry
Best of his time

78Jennifer Hudson
Wow I cannot believe jennifer hudson was number 31 =0 she has such a powerful voice and she sings higher notes than beyonce she is honestly my inspiration.
Jennifer Hudson voice is amazing. She has great pitch control and should be in the top ten.
Jennifer has a very strong voice which maintains its power at very high notes.

79Kelly Clarkson
The Best vocal last decade... And was/is top singer from that day
She really can sing. Her voice maintain
Why is Kelly on 73? My goodness she's better than Rachel Ann Go and Sarah G.

80Shania Twain

81Kim Ryeowook

82Wes Hampton


84Chester Bennington
LP is the best band ever. Chester and sing the highest pitch in the world and the way he screams is awesome!
Are you kidding me! Chazzy is the best singer in the world! He can sing any type of song... From highs to lows, from screamo to melody... you rock chazzy love you! Fan from India Vaibhav sonkamble!

85Matt Bellamy

86Lata Mangeshkar
Beautiful voice excellent control at high notes
No one on this planet can sing like her

87Louis Tomlinson
:) louis is the best voice!

88Changmin (TVXQ)
I think he should be no. 1 on this list, listen to his high note in TVXQ - Catch Me. It's not falsetto where most of the singers on this list are credited for..

89Highbreed Nweze
His range is 5 beautiful octaves and his only 13 years old. Check him out singing Emotions by MC and he hit G#6, A6, C7, D7, and the E7. Just amazing.

90Bruce Dickinson
No one has better vocal skills than this guy

91Adam Levine
His vocals are so high

92Philip Bailey

93Jessica Simpson
Her vocal type is the same rage as mariah Carey and Christina aguilera, make it number 2 if you agree...

94Melba Moore

95Chaka Khan

96Miki Howard

97Deniece Williams

98Lee Taemin
He can reach a high notes,
Dancer who can sings high not... From can't sing to can sing and now can sings high not.. The best maknae!


100Jon Bon Jovi

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