Best Straight No Chaser Songs

The best a capella group from Atlantic Records has made so many memorable songs that it's really hard to pick the best of the best, but personally, I love them all. These are just ones that really stand out to me personally
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1 The 12 Days of Christmas

So glad to find this list! I'm a forever fan of this amazing group as well!
And so many people who haven't been exposed or given the attention to listening and watching what magnificent work SNC and several other a Capella groups are doing I'm this modern era.

2 Africa

When I first heard this song, all I can remember is thinking "that sounds GORGEOUS" much like Fix You, I prefer this version over the original because it's a BEAUTIFUL arrangement that is (for me) almost impossible to listen to without singing along. This arrangement is so amazing that my words are insufficient in describing the quality of beauty that this song has provided. You simply have to check it out.

Perfect song! Great musicians!

3 Rhythm of Love / Can't Help Falling In Love

Going back to the whole love song thing, this mix is so enjoyable that I actually used this song for an audition back in high school. The rhythm is so catchy and relaxing, and much like Billie Jean/Posion, they mix so well that you can't listen to one of the originals without expecting the other to suddenly start playing.

4 The Christmas Can-Can

SNC's Christmas music is such a delight to listen to. For the most part it's charming, beautiful, clever, uplifting, however, much like Who Spiked the Eggnog, most of the spirit of the holiday is played up mostly for laughs. Which of course means that this song is ESPECIALLY funny, keeping the lightheartedness of the holiday season while mixing it with a perfect dose of comedy to keep us all entertained

The first song I ever heard of theirs...hilarious! I have since searched and listened to many others; cannot believe the creativity of these guys - will be a Lifelong fan! klb, Ottawa, CANADA

5 Billie Jean / Poison

Michael Jackson and Bell Biv Devoe together at last in this clever mix of two of my favorite songs, surprisingly, they fit so perfectly together that if I listen to one song on it's own, I always expect the other song to pop out of nowhere. They are just that powerful!

6 Can't Take My Eyes Off of You

Love songs are so adorable, don't you agree? I love this one for two reasons, first off, it's Jerome Collins at his finest, and he's so enjoyable that it's almost impossible to not try and sing along with him. My second reason is that I've always wanted to hear a new twist on this song, which, ironically, is on their album entitled "With A Twist" where they twist every cover they do and quite literally make it their own creation.

7 Fix You

In my opinion, this is hands down the best version of the song that I've heard. I can't lay my finger on what it is, but when SNC does songs like this one, not only does it sound as great as the original, but half the time, it's an improvement and their version is what I stick with. Fix You is my first example of why I love this group.

This is my "go to" song. I got caught up in this version when my husband and I separated. This song makes me feel better.

8 Joy to the World

SNC's version of Three Dog Night's Joy to the World is a great rendition and compliments the accompaniment abilities of the group that were so great that it actually sounds like a background drum set.

9 You're My Best Friend

A unique twist on what the group does, because, not only is it a cover of one of Queen's best songs, but most of the singers individually have solos throughout the entire song. This wasn't obvious to me at first, and their voices blend together so perfectly that I didn't even realize it until the sixth or seventh listening.

10 Who Spiked the Eggnog?

This song has a narrative to it, in that the members of SNC are at a party and they have an encounter while drinking some eggnog and discover it's been, well, spiked. I dare not tell you how they figure out who did it, because to be honest, it's very funny.

This song is so bouncy, catchy and fun to follow the narrative, it automatically puts me in a good mood, no matter the season.

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11 Like a Prayer

This should have been number one.

12 Nutcracker
13 Mary Did You Know
14 The Nutcracker
15 Creep
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