Top 10 Best Marina and The Diamonds Songs

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1 Teen Idle

I love this song so much! It's so catchy and isn't a depressing song but is very mellow and melancholy. It has a very truthful meaning as it sheds light on her childhood/teenage years. It shows us what made her the woman she is today. It's so amazing and should definitely be number one!

I am so glad that this excellent song is at #1!

Yesterday, I was showing my sister a video, and this song was in it. She didn't like the song, but I do, and I said, "I don't think it has your least favorite part." Then, she said, "My least favorite part is the part about shopping at Teen Idle."

2 I Am Not a Robot

I love this song! It inspired me to want to sing! It's so catchy, but it's impossible to get out of your head! I guarantee you will fall in love with this song just like I did!

This song is very emotional, but somehow has a catchy chorus as well (it's stuck in my head right now). Also, the lyrics are incredible. This one is definitely my favorite.

Definitely, this song makes me cry because it's so beautiful. And also, it is her best song because she sings this song like nobody could.

3 Primadonna

I love Marina a lot. I think she's amazing. I love her, and I know a lot of people who hate her. They hate her for her personality, but she intends to be like that. She wants to be like that. She's just fabulous. She's my inspiration - lonely but fabulous.

I think this song just describes her perfectly. It's literally just saying she wants to be egotistic, and she knows she is. It's literally just saying that she wants everything. In my opinion, this song is definitely the best.

I've been a fan of hers since the beginning. I got her album the first day it was released, not knowing any songs. And now look where I am: Marina merch, posters, deluxe edition albums. Love her and love this song!

4 Buy the Stars

This song has so much meaning and thought. It shows how great Marina and the Diamonds is and in my opinion, this ballad is better than most Billboard topping singles.

All her songs are amazing, but in my opinion, this is the best song of Marina and the Diamonds. It is done perfectly in all aspects, from writing to performance.

I found it in the form of a Warrior Cats MAP, and I have to say, this was one of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard. Nothing beats it.

5 Oh No!

One of the first songs I've ever listened to from Marina and The Diamonds, so it has a very good spot in my heart. Oh No! dragged me into her music, and I've been loving it ever since this song came out.

I love the melody of the chorus - so catchy and fun! I also like the meaning behind it. It makes you think without being preachy or patronizing.

The lyrics are so deep. Definitely one of her best songs. I think it was really underrated and needs so much more airplay.

6 I'm a Ruin

Froot is not only Marina's best work to date, but it's essentially her "Ray of Light." The overall tone of the music sounds progressive yet genuine. Every song in it stands out, but "I'm a Ruin" is undeniably the album's finest effort due to its relatable and eloquent lyrics, powerful vocals, and dreamy production.

This song is a masterpiece. The fact that Marina was able to create a song that is neither happy nor sad is just so amazing. I'm a Ruin has a very soft, windy, sad feel to it, but the chorus just lights up the breeze. I hope she creates more songs like this one.

7 Froot

I actually hated this song at first because I thought it "lacked structure" just because the pre-chorus led up to the chorus so smoothly. However, I listened to it more and now I'm obsessed.

I didn't like this song at first, but now I think it is amazing. The lyrics are wonderful and must have been a challenge for Marina, and the beat will take you to a different era. I have always been obsessed with how Marina is able to completely change her sound per album, but this song is just phenomenal.

Dude, how is this song number 64? I mean, come on, it is far superior to most of her unreleased work. It has that dark vibe, the perfect length, the perfect construction, the perfect voice. It's a perfect song. It deserves a better place on this list. This song is amazing, and you will deal with it.

8 Fear and Loathing

Crazy good. I love this song because of the emotion and mood that she so greatly puts into it. Listening to this on gloomy days is so great and can really put you in touch with your inner sadness. But it is still enjoyable and simply beautiful.

I adore this song. It helped me get through something.

So so good! Literally makes me feel like I'm floating.

9 Bubblegum Bitch

This song is so fun, catchy, and makes you want to dance!

Uh, every mean girl inside all of us, need I say more?

This song is so catchy. What a pleasure last summer to hear this song on top of festivals' setlist.

10 Obsessions

I love it so much! It tells such a great story like most of her songs do, but this hands down is my favorite song of hers!

It's just so beautiful and creates this tragic aura around you. I could listen to this song on repeat for hours straight.

The song is practically the feeling that we have when everything is pretty bad and we know that we have to move. It's amazing, really, by far, one of the best songs. It should be in the top 3, at least top 5.

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11 Lies

My favorite Marina songs are Oh No!, Primadonna, How to Be a Heartbreaker, Starring Role, and this song. But this one is my favorite, simply because it's so powerful and the best one to sing along with. The lyrics are also very relatable.

I love the Su-Barbie-A archetype. It's so melancholic and, at the same time, so strong. I think Marina should compose a song called that way, even the video is so good (and a bit creepy), but the songs about this character (Lies and Starring Rola) are just priceless.

This is by far my favorite Marina song. Her voice is chillingly beautiful here. I was so shocked to see it in tenth place. Number one for me!

12 Valley of the Dolls

This song is so powerful - it's my favorite of hers. I feel like it illustrates so many concepts so easily, and it really paints a picture in my mind. Give it a listen - you won't regret it.

I can really relate to this song in not knowing my identity and worrying it's going to be too late to figure things out. Phenomenal song.

I hated this song at first. Then I listened to it again, then again and now I can't get the chorus out of my head! I love it!

13 Savages

This song is so thought provoking and it really makes me feel something. It's finally something that isn't about love, happiness, sorrow or 'the club'. It's outlining the flaws of humanity, which is brave of Marina. Not only is the meaning wonderful, but it is also wonderful both lyrically and musically.

The absolute standout album track from FROOT - the lyrics are incredible, and this song pulls together the best bits of all three albums.

I like this song a lot! It's got good and catchy lyrics that are deep and meaningful.

14 How to Be a Heartbreaker

I love Marina a lot! Since I first heard Primadonna, I was really addicted to her style of music. And that's the voice I always wanted to listen to all day! How to Be a Heartbreaker is really catchy and makes you confident. I really hope Marina makes awesome music again.

The beat is just so fast and gets you pumped. The lyrics also make you listen harder, and they are quite funny. My sister likes it too, which is weird because she's into super indie/hipster music.

I first heard Primadonna and loved it so much that I had to listen to her other songs. When I came across How to Be a Heartbreaker, I fell in love with her all over again! In my opinion, this is the best song and it should be #1.

15 Starring Role

This song grabbed my attention when I was fighting a losing battle with my lifelong best friend, and she decided it would be best if we never spoke again. That's when I realized how truthful the chorus to this song is. Although it is about an intimate relationship, it also corresponds well with my life in general.

All of Marina's songs are pure art, but actually, this is my favorite. I mean! The lyrics + the rhythm + Marina's voice make probably one of their best songs. Also, I can relate to this song, and it's so wonderful. It's like my aesthetic. 13? What? Deserves 1.

16 Happy

This song got me through an extremely tough time in my life. Now, whenever I hear it, I start crying uncontrollably, not because it's sad but because I honestly never thought I would be happy with myself, and somehow, now I am. Thank you, Marina.

My favorite Froot-song... it's perfectly written. The fact that you call a song "Happy" and don't make it actually happy is genius. Especially after Pharrell's "Happy" came out.

Favorite lyrics?

"So now you know, you know it all. That I've been des-desperately alone..."

Happy is just a song you can relate to. Her voice is haunting and beautiful! This song lets us see what's going on in Marina's life and realize how she feels and how she has struggled to find her happiness.

17 Mowgli's Road

This song is just WOW. I remember seeing the video and being like, "Dude, why am I scared now?" but I kept listening to it. It became better and better, and to this day, this is my favorite song. I can't believe it was so low on the list.

The lyrics depict my life. Being chased down by silver spoons, getting lost in a fork in the road. The music is so catchy and fun as well.

I love the lyrics so much! Forks, spoons, and knives. It's also just a great song in general! Got it stuck in my head for weeks.

18 Guilty

An underappreciated bop. Like most of her songs.

19 Numb

It has a nice creepy tone to it and sort of reminds me of a carnival of some sort. It doesn't have as deep a meaning as maybe Sex Yeah, Teen Idle, or Savages, but the lyrics are amazing and well thought out.

This song is an amazing close to the "The Family Jewels" era, and I say this because it is the last song on the album, and leaves you with the sense of an ending. It is also a very beautiful song.

The melody is so brilliant and her voice is so powerful, it's quite classic, and I feel independent when I listen to it. The Family Jewels never gets old. One of her best songs.

20 Are You Satisfied?

This song is one of the saddest songs I've ever listened to, in my opinion. I only listen to it when I'm crying or okay with crying even more. It just so well conveys the essence of wanting more out of life, wanting to find one's place in the world and make the world a better place at the same time, but being trapped in the flawed world we live in. Both the tune and lyrics speak to me so much.

I find this song so relatable, and I think it perfectly encapsulates this era of Marina.

Super catchy too.

21 Power & Control

This song has such a great chorus! Also, the lyrics are very clever. "Yeah, you may be good looking, but you're not a piece of art."

At first, I didn't like this song. However, it really grew on me, and now I can't stop listening to it.

The lyrics here are so beautiful! Why is this not higher?

22 Hollywood

I love this song! I mean, come on, this song is fabulous, and Marina is such an inspiration. She is a beautiful and talented singer, and once you hear this song, you get a taste of what Marina can do.

23 Living Dead

How is this song not more popular? The lyrics, like all Marina's songs, are just superb and so fitting with the Electra Heart album. But not just that, her voice in this song is incredible. So much so that the first few times I heard it, I didn't realize just how little of the great, heavy beat music was involved.

She carries so much in her voice alone... even if it's manipulated electronically to layer it... still. Listen to the audio track without her singing, and you'll realize.

Living Dead is really powerful to me. Does anyone else hear Techno Syndrome in the intro, by Austin Jons and the Immortals?

24 Solitaire

Solitaire and Immortal are the best songs on Froot. This deserves to be in the top ten!

I'm sorry, but if you hate this song, then you just have no taste.

25 The Outsider

This song basically describes my life so well. "Sitting on the outside, observing the fun" and "Inside the outsider." The lyrics are so smart and clever. Throughout the song, she describes the life of someone who is always in the background and never noticed. Completely GENIUS.

So haunting and clever! The lyrics are absolutely brilliant!

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