Best Songs by Alice Cooper

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this song is such an epic masterpiece of shock rock! Alice Cooper made a job in this one


I just heard this song today while watching MTV Rocks... and I must say that it is one of the greatest songs I have ever heard in my entire life... and I listen to a lot of Metal bands from the 70s and 80s...

Definitely one of Alice's best...
EPIC! One of the most amazing songs I have ever heard. Some of the best harmonies come from the chorus "I wanna hold you, but I better not touch (DON'T TOUCH)... " So amazing
[Newest]Obviously the best song. You can feel both the style of the late 80s. and the unique voice with an incredible guitar part. It rocks!

2School's Out
Alice rocks this one is his most famous by far I love this song because its also a different style its no dead babies its happy
Amazing classic song, and so fun to play on guitar !
Awesome. I listen to this song. When it is the last day of school. Nothing beats it. It needs to be number one.
[Newest]School. Favorite.. ! Rock on Alice!

3No More Mr. Nice Guy
great... I think this is my top 10! ALICE COOPER ROCKS!


Every time I hear this song I think of Mayor West paddling Chris. Lol. Beastly song tho.


I love the album its great this should have gotten in the one spot! !
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! !
[Newest]This is a great song

4I'm Eighteen
Put this in the top ten. Man. All the trouble times as a young man this hit the nail on the head. What is wrong with the rest of the rest of the bunch of the rest of you guys.
Alice's best song and one of the best song I've ever heard. Love it
I listened to this song in 2013 and I could still relate to it as much as any kid from the 70's perhaps could.

5Feed My Frankenstein
awesome song, one of my favs along with poison and schools out
This song has such a mega chorus and a great combination instruments not to mention Nikki sixx playing bass

6Only Women Bleed
This song is breath taking, I know it's a ballad, but it's one of the best Alice Cooper songs of all time.
Long live the god of shock rock, welcome to my nightmare ALICE COOPER!
By far the best song by Alice Cooper!
Great Song. Can't believe it's not in the top ten

7Welcome To My Nightmare
I hope I didn't scare you!

Its a great song with a bit of everything; jazz and rock!

8Hell Is Living Without You
I love all Cooper's songs but this really should be in the top 5 along with The Great American Success Story and You're My Temptation just to name a couple.
Amazing song with Jon Bon Jovi and Richie Sambora
This song is better than anything prior to it, should be #1 on this list

9Bed of Nails
Best Alice Cooper song. How is this so low down the list. Brilliant lyrics with 2 totally different interpretations that blend together so well.

Should be up there with Poison!
Song about sex? Awesome! Try playing this song while doing it with your girlfriend.
This song is absolutely the best alice cooper song.

10Hey, Bulldog

The Contenders

11Man With the Golden Gun

12Halo of Flies
Everyone means that is Number 2. So its 19. Indeed Number one. But the fans of the killer album are all dead. Heroin killed them. The Song will live forever.
No contest. This was the bands best song ever. Oly women bleed should be in his top 10 as well.
This is the best song from the killer album. The guitar solo in the beginning is just Wow!

13Billion Dollar Babies

14Brutal Planet
Love how heavy this song it. It punches you in the gut and the lyrics among his finest

15Spark In the Dark
AWESOME SONG! Great Alice Cooper sound! 2nd fave song on Trash after Poison. One of my favorite songs on my favorite albums!

16Under My Wheels
This song is one of the best rock songs ever, one of Alice Cooper's best songs. I especially love the version with Axl Rose. THIS IS THE SPIRIT OF HARD ROCK! HELL YEAH!
Classic rock at its best!

17Hey Stoopid
Another great song By Alice! I love how he says Hey Stoopid all throughout the song. It makes me laugh just a bit. I LOVE you, Alice Cooper!

18Love's A Loaded Gun
Definitely Alice Cooper's best song. One of the best 80's song
Should be at top five songs... Just can't understand why is it so down...

19How You Gonna See Me Now
This song is beautiful and only a true talent could write it. It should be in top ten. I recommend it to everyone who likes A.C.
One of his better ones

20Clones (We're All)
Its not real Alice Cooper but it's a nice change, a fresh sound, and it's catchy!
It's catchy and different and I love it! Good job, Alice!

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