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1 How You Remind Me

Yep, This song deserves its number one spot! It's the song that put this band on the map to their success and it's just a great song!
The lyrics are meaningful and relatable, and the sound to it fits in very nicely.

I believe it was around 637th in the top 1000 songs of all time from one of the charts.

By the way, Rockstar shouldn't be 2nd, me being a huge fan of Nickelback, Rockstar, while still an alright song, is very overrated.

This Song is really something special, I love all Nickelback songs, but this one, it always have been my favorite song from the moment I heard it for the first time, Nickelback will always be mine favorite band because all of their songs are good, you can't find one bad song from this band!

The greatest song of all time! There is so much in this song that makes it great! Its about how we miss someone and how we need someone in our lives to live life to the fullest! By far my favorite song of all time and it deserves to be in first spot.

I haven't listened to this song in a while, hearing it again makes me realize why I loved it so much, it is amazing! Sometimes we all need a reminder! I want everyone that you know and you to listen to this song!

2 Rockstar

Yeah! Everyone wants to be a rockstar... Amazing song by nickelback.. It's a complete song with awesome lyrics, pumping music and it sounds like rap too (but it's not actually). That makes it great!

It brings out the true rockstar in us! It is a must watch song! You have to watch it cause its different in an awesome way!

Grreaatest ever so emotional so inspirational so hell awesome...
The singin is not that easy... And every line merges so smoothly with the next that it carries on the equilibrium of the song...

I LOVE this song! It has an amzing beat and lyrics. Obviously it has been placed in the wrong spot because this is the #1 song! You HAVE to download it guys, if you don't you're definitely missin' out, bro.

3 Far Away

This is a great song! I think I'm going to use it for my Spanish project. It is by far one of the best Nickleback songs ever. I could listen to it over and over again because the words even make the song that much better. It is a very moving song and I wish that they would make a whole lot more songs that are like this one. Their other songs are great as well but this one really sticks out to me for some reason.

Beautiful lyrics... Got some music... A truly worthwhile wastage of 03:58... Out of nowhere makes you feel... The essence.. Makes you hear the same thing again and again... Just to gain some soulful "relishment"... Really turned me on for quite some time... Didn't expect this from the generally repetitive nickelback... Great job...

I had the DJ play this song at my brothers wedding after I got home from Iraq and that was when I proposed to my girlfriend. She accepted and we got married 5 years ago. We are happily married and every time we hear this song it is like we fall in love all over again. Thank you nickelback!

I love this song. It's so cool and I really like to listen to it any time. Very Moving. If I feel sad it cheers me up and my sadness just seems to go away. My Favourite song for quite a long time. It goes really well with the music video.

4 Savin' Me

One of the first songs that got me super hooked more than a little bit to make Nickelback become my fave band ever! Someday was my introduction but Savin Me made me a fan!

Brilliant video!
Absolutely amazing. The song is good too, but the video is a must watch!
Not Nickelback's best, musically speaking. But easily one of the best videos I've seen!

I'm not a big fan of rockstar, I haven't heard burn it to the ground and how you remind me is a great song no doubt, I think savin' me is a great song. I feel a lot of emotion when I listen to it, In my opinion Savin' me should be in the top two.

This song introduced me to Nickelback, love this song! Has some real power and meaning, last chorus especially. Love Nickelback!

5 Burn It to the Ground

According to me, this song should be No. 1...
The music is especially enchanting. You can't stop thinking about it. Also the lyrics are awesome... This was the first Nickelback song I heard, and it really got me hooked.

Awesome guitar work.. And the beat catch all guitar movements... Its more a concert type song with full of spirit and power... Every should listen at least once then you will be listening multiple times...

Awesome song with awesome beats... It's got real rock in it... Being a huge fan if rock, this is my favorite rock song... It's been my all time favourite... It makes you more energetic... Love this number...

The first song I herad by them some time ago, now I love this band! This us the most pumping and energetic song ever! I used to keep this song on repeat in the morning to wake myself properly, then I heard Carnifex...

6 If Today Was Your Last Day

I mean seriously it's just plain awesome, but not only that it has a deeper meaning behind it. The lyrics are saying that if today is your last day what would you do? But if you noticed it's not stuff like riding in a hot air balloon or meeting someone different. It suggests things that if we did we'd feel that little more happier. See old friends you never see, reminisce old memories. Would you forgive your enemies? They're not material items but they're personal things to make you feel happy.

This was my sister Jeanie Sextons and my song. Jeanie passed away 4 years ago from stage 4 lung cancer. I miss my sister every day. She was the most amazing person ever. I have loved Nickleback from day one, my favorite band ever, But this song touched both our lives. I remembered sending her this CD and telling her to listen to this song. She called and cried and said this was the most beautiful and expiring song she had ever heard and thanked me for helping her to do the right things before she passed away. Thanks Nickleback for helping me to help her

Seriously, if you know if today was your last day, you would do something that will make you feel compatible enough to leave this world by doing everything good you can and trying doing things that circumstances had always hindered you from doing so. Awesome song and lovely composition as well. Shared with everybody I know hasn't listened to this beautiful song before.

Really? I'm suprised that this song isn't first. It is so inspirational, every line is a good advice! For me it is the ultimate cheer up song, just amazing. It reminds us that we only live once, so we should make the most of it. It also tells us that we should let go of the past and take the path less traveled by. Definitely my favourite song!

7 Photograph

This song I can relate to! When I hear this song, it makes me remember the times of when I was in fourth grade. I absolutely love this song. It is one of my favorites by Nickelback. Everybody said Nickelback song sound the same, but to me, they all sound different and they all sound amazing!

I've been through the same thing as this song, I moved from my home and I wished I could go back. This song really brought me back some good memories and some strong nostalgia. Wonderful job, Nickelback!

Photograph, brings back days that I had to get let go of over the years, and would do anything to get back. Makes me nostalgic as hell! Brilliant song. Simply AMAZING! And with an amazingly obvious touch of 'Nickelback'.

This is one of the most amazing song I've ever heard. It reminds me of my home, my school days, my friends. It brings tears into my eyes every time I hear it. This song is just incredible. Just listen to it once, deserves to be #1.

8 Gotta Be Somebody

Gotta Be Somebody is my absolute #1 fave Nickelback tune and honestly its song my top 3 fave songs in the entire world! Everything about this song I enjoy and it means something to me for sure as I'm still searching for that someone!

This is a very nice song and the music is awesome. It should be at 4-5 position. This song has a different energy in it and the listner get enchanted. Its not a total rock song and has the element of love with chaukas beats.

One of my favorites by nickelback. Love the chorus. This song is a great song to listen to when you are going through a tough time in a relationship. Listenened to it after I broke up with my girlfriend

This song is one of my favorites! The lyrics are perfect for me to relate to, the music sounds amazing!

9 Someday

I love this song! I agree it should be number 1. It is not only a good song it moves people too. The video is cool... I understood it however it takes a lot of time to understand it. You should pay attention to the fact that when the girl looks back from the car the man is not there, and the girl never looks at the boy.

I'm voting till this song is number 1 it's amazing. My Favorite nickelback song out of them all. Why is it on number 10 it should be way higher. I listen to this every day. There are songs above this one that should be lower down in the list

This should really be in the top 3! Please listen to this song before you listen to far away and how you remind me! Awesome lyrics and great tune!  This is one of the best songs of all time. Just please vote for this song. It is the best song in the best album ever made! If you want to listen to Nickelback first listen to this song!

It wouldn't have been on.10 if the drummer was Daniel Adair. Anyways it should be on 1. Such nice lyrics, such a nice solo and such a nice video too. You can understand the video only if you have brains.

10 If Everyone Cared

I don't like nickelback... but I like this one and rockstar... but this song actually has meaning to it and not Chad kroeger singing about drugs and sex. Honestly can't stand the way Chad talks about how he can chug a corona in less than 3 seconds or whatever time it is. Long story short nickelback sucks. Corey Taylor and I are definitely on the same page when it comes to Nickelback. Suck it Chad!

A beautiful song that is appealing and has a wise message. The video clip is inspirational. I fell in love with this song the first time I heard it, which was the day I bought the album. I just lay on my bed with my eyes closed thinking "I'm going to HAVE to learn the words".

Probably one of the most meaningful songs they have released in their albums. The song inspires everyone to show love to each other. This song portrays that fighting and hatred is meaningless. World Peace all the way. Like I said, hatred is meaningless, no matter how corrupt a person is.

An amazing one.. My favorite. A GREAT song with great lyrics as well as a fantastic inspirational video. I have learnt the song by heart... And strangely, whenever I learn some bad news happening at some part of the world, I can't help but remember this song. Always.

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11 When We Stand Together

Nickelback's best song ever. It has a message. We could really be feeding a starving world with what we throw away but we just serve empty words that always taste the same you know it's very true. But I always feel like starving myself when I hear this song. I even bought the album just to listen to this song.

My God what a song!
Nickelback is back... And this time they are better than ever.
This song's just what a music lover needs..
The lyrics a lot meaningful too
Keep on the music like this... WE LOVE YOU!

Pure brilliance. From the first moment I heard the chorus the song immediately became my favourite Nickelback song. Fantastic tune throughout. It's a meaningful song that conveys a powerful message. Truly wonderful.

I think the only reason this song is so low on the list is because it is newer than the others. It is a beautiful song that everyone needs to hear, with amazing vocals and a truthful message. Kudos to Nickelback for this one!

12 Animals

I love this song! How is this 10?! Burn it to the ground, rockstar, animals, when we stand together, and photograph are the best nickelback songs ever! Ill never understant why people hate this band so much, if it wasn't for nickelback I would nto have gotten throguht at least HALF of the horrible things that have gone on in my life.

Nickelback shows in this Song that theyare more than just another mainstream Band without really cool Songs. This Song has no intelligent lyrics but it's still awesome. Good Rock can be so easy. The lyrics are just cool and the guitar is awesome

One of the best nickleback songs... Lyrics are okay but not as meaningful as the others such as far away and such... Amazing music though... Very hyped up haecy rock... Drummers amazing in this song and very crazy... I love it! Definitely should've made it higher on the list

One of my favorite Nickelback songs that is often overlooked on Nickelback top songs lists.
It should also be rated higher on this list.

13 This Afternoon

My introduction to the band and the best I've ever heard. I feel at home listening to it, like all my friends are standing around me and we're drinking, and enjoying just being with each other. My absolute favorite

A phenomenal contemporary country song, up there with "Honky Tonk Badonkadonk," "Crash My Party," "Red Solo Cup," and "Before He Cheats" and several other classics. You know what I'm talking bout!

Its an all American song about hanging out with your friends anf having a good time and not wanting it to come to an end.

The happiest song from Nickelback and probably one of the best, when I hear this song I feel happier than ever! It also makes you wanna go out and hangout with all of your friends for EVER!

14 Lullaby

I'm glad to see this song has grown so much as a common favourite for many fans. Lullaby has an insane and meaningful message that certainly can help those struggling with something.

Just an amazing song, there is no physical words to describe what an awesome song this is. The music video doesn't depict what and/or whom it is directed toward. This song is actually directed toward teenagers who are trying to or thinking about committing suicide. When I heard this song, I instantly had memories of all the times I tried to commit suicide and I kept thinking to myself, "Why did I try to do all those things? So many people care about me. Obviously Nickelback cares because they wrote this song to help stop suicide and help promote suicide awareness." Since then, every time I think about that, I just listen to this song and it reminds me that I don't have a crappy life and ending my life won't ensure that the pain will end. It will only ensure that life won't get better because you ended it before it could get better.

. All though I am nickelbacks biggest fan ever, love every single one of there songs, got all the albums, know how to play 17 of there songs on guitar and 3 of there songs on keyboard ( including this one). But this is the best, you can relate it to anything, suicide, loosing a loved one. This song is the best nickelback song they've written

One of the best songs by Nickleback is 1000% in the wrong spot on this list. Take a good long listen to it! Has so much meaning behind it for me! Told my kids that if something was ever to happen to me that it is to be played at my funeral and for them to think of me EVERY SINGLE time they listen to it! LOVE LOVE IT!

15 Hero

This By Far My Favorite Nickelback song, very Emotional, first time I heard it my eyes gushed with tears because my grandfathers death anniversary was coming up, and it makes you think about the family members that are now gone. I believe Hero should Number 1. And in 2nd. Rockstar.

It probably is the best song by Chad Kroeger but it is NOT a Nickelback song! That is why it isn't higher on this list... Cause I'm sure it would be if it was a nickelback song.

Just a great song overall. Whenever I hear this it makes me feel invincible. This also has a great guitar solo that can't be beat.

This is my favourite song from them! It's also on the spiderman soundtrack! This is probably one of their most underrated songs.

16 Side of a Bullet

Looking at this list, I swear it's composed by the people who are oblivious to just how awesome Nickelback's heavy songs are. This is a song with a catchy chorus; emotional, pain-filled lyrics; great bass line and guitar riff; a guitar solo sampled from a Pantera song; and drumming that Vinnie Paul himself said was good enough for him not bbeing on the track does not bring it down in any way. Also it's about the tragic death of Dimebag Darrell. RIP Dimebag

Dedicated to the late and legendary Dimebag Darrell after his murder. One of their heaviest songs. Great guitar solo near the end. My personal favorite of theirs.

This song is my favorite from Nickelback. If they made more heavy songs like Side of a Bullet and This Means War they would get a lot less hate.

This song is truly amazing and definitely my fave as it is about probably the greatest guitarist to ever grace a six-string.R.I.P. dimebag

17 Never Gonna Be Alone

Whenever I hear or listen to this song it always reminds me of my parents. Although it's a sad song, it has so much meaningful lyrics. Maybe it deserves a bit higher than no. 13. It should be in the the top. 10

Such a sad yet meaningful song. When you've lost someone, listen to this song and it's so helpful. Makes me cry every time - love it! Should be number 1 by far!

I love his voice!.. He is such an awesome singer! Totally meaningful song and sung with great passion! M in love with this songs... It deserves to be number 1!

Number one, beautiful song. If you're thinking about suicide and have kids, listen to this song, and especially watch the official video first!

18 Too Bad

The only song they have that doesn't represent the band they are and does represent the band they could have been. A great mix of punch and musical quality along with great vocals. The hook is alright I guess but it's the first and main rhythm section that is genius.

This list is retarded beyond belief. Rockstar is crap, shouldn't be up there. This, Never Again and This Afternoon should be in the top 10 and where the heck is Hero!? That should be 2nd behind How You Remind Me with Savin Me 3rd. Get it sorted people.

I love the dark, menacing sound of this song, that, as far as I can tell, was only otherwise used on How You Remind Me. I think Chad's best vocal and dig those two guitar solos played against each other!

I think this is the best, most meaningful, and with great rhythm and powerful main riff, and it should be on a first place. How You Remind Me can be at second place, and third place must be for Hero

19 Leader of Men

Leader of Men is a throwback to grunge days and features an awesome ramp up in the middle of the song. This is one of Nickelback's first and possibly best songs, but very few people have heard it b/c it was released in 1999.

This song is seriously underrated. When I saw the music videos for this and Too Bad, they were the first songs I started liking more than How You Remind Me. They both deserve to be in the top 10 along with Never Again

It's such a sweet song! Really shows off Chad's vocals and the harmonies and progression throughout the song are awesome

This shows what Nickelback was capable of!

20 Bottoms Up

No comments for bottoms up... I reckon its even better than rockstar!

So cool and fast-paced... it's just awesome!

21 Never Again

The best four songs the band has ever had are all off of Silver Side Up.
1. Never Again
2. How You Remind Me
3. Too Bad
4. Woke Up This Morning

Putting Rockstar as number 2 is a complete joke. That song is a complete joke.

Are you people serious!? Listen to the intro, the guitar play is awesome. Should be in the top 10 at least along with Too Bad. Silver Side Up is the best album.

This, Woke Up This Morning and Too Bad should be WAY higher! They're some of Nickelback's best songs. Silver Side Up is the best album they did. Vote!

Their 3rd consecutive number 1 song. Easy to play in a band but still delivers a classic-hard rock sound to it. Epic song. Sounds beast in concert.

22 Something in Your Mouth

This may be the most hated Nickelback song, but I don't really see what makes it worse than other sex anthems. Is sex and eroticism something that shouldn't be in a song? The song itself is actually rather tame. Basically it is about a girl in a club that behaves suggestively and is obviously promiscuous. She also aims for men spending money on her, meaning that actually she is the one taking advantage of the men, as nowhere in the song it is sung that she does more than dancing suggestively. Actually nothing in this song basically says anything explicit about sex, except for the double entendre pick-up line in the title. Which is, I admit, really cheesy, but let's face it, there ARE women who go to clubs to take guys home with them, just as there are men going there to take women home with them.

There is absolutely NOTHING misogynic about this song. Misogyny means hatred towards women. But some years ago, people started to believe that everything sex-related about women is ...more

This is one of the few good songs that the band has put out. The lyrics are stupid and immature as ever, but the instrumentation is nearly perfect on this song.

21?!?! Come on this is by far my favorite. When I saw them perform it on the here and now tour... It only made it their best song yet!

One of my favourite ways to start a heavy Nickelback song! The way the song opens is my fave part

23 I'd Come for You

Wonderful song with a great meaningful music video that I often pair with as a kind of Fathers Day like message or any parent really. But this song is easy to enjoy too

This song is my favorite by Nickelback. It weights so much emotion and regret for a person who sings it. You understand the story behind the words, how he feels about losing that person and how he would come for her whenever she needs, even if he is the one who is destroying their relationship. I find this song to be extremely powerful and touching.

Whenever I listen this song... It's just melt my heart completely... The video is too good... Whatever our children do... We are always there to guide them and take them to the right path... NICKELBACK is just Marvelous...

It is such a meaningful song! Every time I watch the video I just feel so good. Nickelback has made so many wonderful songs, and this one imparticular, really has a lot of meaning to me.

24 Just to Get High

Should be definitely in top 5... Great song... Incredible guitar solo. Doesn't sound like nickelback much. I was impressed when I first heard it

Probably one of my favourite Nickleback songs. The guitar solo, the lyrics... This song worthy of a much higher rank.

Reminds me of myself when I was on drugs. Love you Chad. Everyone should listen to this song, I'm impressed it is actually on here.. :)

Lots of Love from New Zealand, Keep rocking' m/

Love the raw emotion and angry confusion in this song.

25 Edge of a Revolution

Nickelback is the worst rock band known due to some of their songs sounding lame, but this track is EPIC. (I don't think Nickelback is the worst band)

This new song is Superb!

The rocking Awesome song Edge Of A Revolution makes me Proud to be a Nickelback Die Hard Fan!

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