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21 Speed of Light Speed of Light

Epic riff, rapid-fire solo. Great technicality and vocals. My favorite Stratovarius song!

The guitar solo it is just supreme, short song, great power

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22 Deep Unknown Deep Unknown

This is a song that always seems to leap out at you, no matter how many times you hear it. Very epic with an awesome solo by Matias!

23 Dreamspace Dreamspace

This is a song that takes your breath away with it's dark atmosphere and shifting moods. Very powerful!

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24 Learning to Fly Learning to Fly
25 Castles In the Air Castles In the Air

I can't say what it is, but of all of their songs this is the one that always jumps out at me.

The best song of their new album "Nemesis".

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26 Dreamweaver Dreamweaver
27 Twilight Time Twilight Time
28 The Hands of Time The Hands of Time
29 Fantasia
30 Cold Winter Nights Cold Winter Nights
31 Lord of the Wasteland Lord of the Wasteland
32 Forever Is Today Forever Is Today
33 Out of the Fog Out of the Fog
34 Coming Home
35 Abyss Abyss
36 The Game Never Ends The Game Never Ends

Awesome song with an awesome chorus and solo!

37 S.O.S. S.O.S.
38 Soul of a Vagabond
39 Father Time Father Time

It's a perfect example of the power metal genre it's disappointing to see this song so low on the list I mean it's the best song they have ever made and to see this song 23th come on this should be at least in a top 10 :v

I think this one must be a little higehr than 23th... This is one of my favorites!

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40 A Million Light years Away A Million Light years Away

Can't believe there's only been over 100 votes on this list, the music industry is just plain messed up. Anyway, brilliant song love singing along to the chorus - wolphert

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