Countries With the Hottest Girls


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Brazilians have the sexiest butts in the whole wide world. those are nice little sexy butts
Ladies throughout all regions of Brazil (including tropical Brazil) are gorgeous. They have variable physical features, even though they are mostly light skinned. Even in mid-size cities of the state of Amazonas, the tall light-skin ladies, who are young and well-fit (NOT chubby and NOT skinny) are abundant.

About 90% of Brazil is white (based only on physical appearances). Nearly 64% of the country's total population is predominantly continental Western European (by ancestry). Additional 25% of the population consists of light skin people, who are a mixture of mostly Native Americans and continental Western Europeans. Yet, Brazilian consider Pardo to be anyone who has more than one racial root. Thus, it does NOT matter how you look physically, you are a Pardo if you have more than one racial root. Somehow, most Brazilians are young adult ladies (who are in their 20s) of nowadays.

With respect to the key demographics of people and the large population size, there are obviously many gorgeous young ladies of nowadays in this country. Most Brazilians of tropical Brazil (e.G. , Carauri in the state of Amazonas) have the major roots of Portuguese, Germans (mostly from western Germany, including Rhineland and Baden-Wurttemberg (Black Forest Region) and Native Americans. In the Northeast Brazil, you get a mixture of Portuguese, Native Americans and Dutch. Since mid-2006 and thereafter, there have been significant permanent migrations of young adult Swedish ladies from Sweden, United States, Australia and Canada to Northeastern Brazil. Southeastern and Southern Brazil has mostly Norwegian, Finnish, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese. Most Oriental Asians (which are very few in number) live along with Norwegians, Finnish and Italians in Southern and Southeastern Brazil.

Different immigrant groups bring in various genetics. Parapuebas (in the state of Para) is one of the city with so many immigrants, who come from other parts of Northeastern Brazil, France, Sweden, Spain, Portugal and Netherlands, as well as Hispanics from South America. We see a mixture of Brazilian Native Americans of tropical Brazil, Dutch, Portuguese, French, Italians (mostly from Northern Italy) and Swedish. Yes, there are both pureblood continental Western Europeans and mix-race people in that city. Indeed, throughout Brazil, we have so many varieties of continental Western Europeans and Native Americans, even though the African-descents (including Mulattos) and Asians are very few in numbers. These immigrants and their descendants bring forth diverse physical features, and thus, contribute greatly to so many beautiful young ladies of nowadays (mostly in their 20s).
Highest percentage goes to brazil. I mean sweden comes close, but they are over rated, norway is equal to sweden, but brazil is the best.
[Newest]They have curvy figure with huge natural boobs.
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I agree they are #1 in the world
so beautiful, cute, polite, cheerful, sexy, I love there behavior, and they have a great manners, I never met a bad behavior one, actually they deserve to be the best girls in the world, for more than 7 years every time I meet a great girl in the internet I found out in the end shes a Swedish. To make things easier.. No one Beat Swedish Girls
Swedish GIRLS for the win %!
Lovely young adult ladies (mostly in their 20s) of nowadays are rife in Sweden. People witness their physical beauties easily. Their tall statures are very alluring, comparable to the most of the Brazilian ladies throughout all regions of Brazil (including tropical Brazil) --who are very tall, well-fit (neither obese nor lank) physically and gorgeous. Swedish ladies have proportionally more blondes, even though their population stock of young adults (in their mid-20s) is small.

Sweden, in contrast to Brazil, has much higher percentage of people who are mid-adults (age 33--59) and elder adults (age 60 and above). Their population is small. Nonetheless, there are enough beautiful girls in Sweden, even though tropical dry areas of Northeast Brazil has larger populations of young adult beautiful light-skin ladies (mostly in their mid-20s, in terms of age) of nowadays. Swedish girls are lovely and gorgeous. Even though they appear to be reserved, they are benevolent. You only have to be yourself. Then, when they warm up to you, they desire to get to know you and befriend you for life.
So true! They are simply the hottest.
Girls simply hanging around in the streets or malls, they all are just too hot
[Newest]Swedish girls are very sweet and they actually look pleasant too!
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Russian women are the most beautiful women! They have elegant face and wonderful bodies. You can say pretty much that Slavic women are the most beautiful women in the world
' awesome girls, nothing compares them...
The sexiest bodies ever seen, the most feminine character ever!
The hottest, modelesque, doll-faced girls indeed.

[Newest]I like Russian girls...

Italian girls are beautiful, fiery, and passionate! Also, they are, hands down, the best gurls in the world in bed.
Italian girls are the best in everything.
They all are very good in everything.
Only vote for Italy, because its the best country in general

Italian girls and Italy forever
They are so feminine. Dark haired, tanned beauties that demonstrate passion and all that is good in women.
[Newest]Come on Italy is the best hands down!

they are having so sweet and different eyes and smile


Girls are everywhere
I heard that people who visit japan even broke up with their western partner and switch to the ones here


Heard that too and then they afterwards get divorced because the westerner wants to live in Japan and the Japanese man/woman wants to live abroad.
I am Japanese and take only Japanese girls even though Westerners girls are so beautiful. Japanese girls are the best for me.
[Newest]They are the best looking from the Asian continent.

I'm visiting poland now. Its a no brainer. I live in USA. There is noway you can say Poland is down this far. Every girl is like a model. No Fat girls either. Its nuts!
Sexy.. gorgeous face, beautiful thin curvy bodies, smart, can cook, athletic, caring, wonderful
Should be in the top 3. Along with other east europeans.
America. No. Lots of made up cosmetically enhanced girls but no
Beautiful ones.

Eastern europe is the way to go.
[Newest]I love polish girls and also I am polish
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If You Don't Know Indian Women, Google them-
1) Katrina Kaif
2) Aishwarya Rai
3) Deepika Padukone
4) Sushmita Sen
By the way, Katrina Kaif is the most googled person, Highest downloads the previous year. Aishwarya Rai before Katrina.

Katrina Is the most sexiest woman of Asia(consecutively 2 times and presently) and World
Indian women have a blend of beauty & sexiness which you cannot see in other countries.
They have the unique charm in the faces & spark in the eyes
I'm lucky to born in India
Truly india having sexy, hot, seductive girls which are enough to arouse any men in the world
[Newest]I love Indian girls... Because of innocent behavior, lovely face
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8United States
People judge the USA off of hollywood, not knowing that no average american gets plastic surgery and all that.
There are so many different people from around the world that the variety is ridiculous.
Pick your choice, you can find any kind of woman you want in the US.
Mostly because Americans are mixed with just about everything.
Though we have girls from many countries I feel like when they come here they get obsessed with all the clothes, and make up and it takes away most of their natural beauty. As for most Americans they have no natural beauty and need to wear make up and everything to look decent.


Whoever replied below, are you saying that only white women in the US are beautiful?


here they come from all around China Brazil Australia Egypt everywhere


[Newest]They are so sexy they deserve first place.

Philippines have the most beautiful women in the world
Google this all filipina name below and you see to yourself and proved that it's true, truly the FILIPINA BEAUTY IS WORLD CLASS! The Philippines is leading in Asia in terms of more beautiful ladies...
World class beauty...

8.)angel locsin
9.)miriam quiambao
10)maja salvador
Philippine women is the true picture of beauty.. and additional most cleanliness and hygienic people..
Filipino women are naturally beautiful inside and out, THEY DO NOT UNDERGONE PLASTIC SURGERY AND ARE NOT OBSESSED WITH THEIR LOOKS! Because they are very religious and PLASTIC SURGERIES are not acceptable in the society.

Filipinas has natural CHARM and has EXOTIC BEAUTY. Filipinas are a mix of Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, Malay etc.

Filipinas have the BODY - have butts and small belly - NOT very thin and are NOT fat and NOT big tall monster despite of eating much carbs and fatty foods.

Filipina has NATURAL TAN skin - not white but not so brown which other country are jealous about. They do not need to die 'spanking' under the sun.

Filipinas look too young for their age, they have cute BABY FACE. Don't get fat when old.

Filipinas are gentle, friendly, cheerful, hospitable, respectful, easy-going, optimistic, caring, gentle.

Filipina women are proclaimed by many men to have the best female traits in the world.

If you want to see example of beautiful 100% filipina women (both parents are filipino) search: Shamcey Supsup, Joyce Jimenez, Diana Zubiri, Kaye Abad, Angel Locsin, Michelle Madrigal or see FHM Philippines top 100.


[Newest]Here is a country which you don't need to undergo plastic surgery
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I am in Mexico right now, and Mexican girls are gorgeous! All Latinas are gorgeous, but especially Mexicans! VIVA MEXICO! They have a great sense of humor too!
Mexican women.. Oh my God, beautiful and sensual. I was in Guadalajara, and around Jalisco, I have to say they're Beautiful and sexy

The hottest of all Latin American Nations


[Newest]They are so beautiful they should be at least three!

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Mah I'm British but I gotta admit German girls are well fit! ;D
They have the highest IQ and nicest citizens of Europe.
My dreamest country ever germany I love german poeple
Yea but German people aren't only in Germany. There are many people with German descent around the globe.
[Newest]Germany has the most beautiful and smart people and girls. Every where you look at are beautiful and cute girls. But it's a taste thing.

Come on we've got the hottest girls I should know laugh out loud


Mia Wasikowska, Emily Browning... I could go on forever. Mia in particular gives the likes of Gwyneth Paltrow a run for her money.
Come on, you love us! Laid back, sexy and great accent (well most of us anyway)


[Newest]Aussie are laid back & love a good time!

Ukraine is so disproportionately blessed with beautiful women it's unreal! It seems that every time I see a women of uniquely goddess-like beauty I discover that she is from Ukraine! Yeah, they REALLY knock me out!


Ukrainian girls are amazingly beautiful and sexy... They are also very unique... Honestly love them
they are really beautiful! come and visit Ukraine! I had ukrainian girlfriend before they sound so hot when english is involved.!
[Newest]Blondes, Brunettes, Redheads... All of them are beautiful and sexy!

Come on I'm canadian and this country is full of different nationalities. No matter if you hang out around montreal, toronto, vancouver and all you'll see plenty of chicks from around the world. Also, canadian girls are nicely curved and they have sweet and beautiful faces. Compared to the American ones few canadians are fat and their accent and personnality beat any other nationality
Quebec girls are the hottest things ever!


SO MANY! Avril Lavigne, Elisha Cuthbert, Anna Paquin, Mia Kirschner, Nelly Furtado, Shania Twain, Kristin Kreuk, Elizabeth Banks, Evangeline Lilly, Gabrielle Miller, Estelle Warren... there's more... There's always more!


[Newest]Not bad gals there

from here is the hottest girl... KEELEY HAZELL


girls from everywhere are gorgeous, but english are the hottest
If you like them sexy and posh then england is right for you. I'm from Australia and every time I've visited england I've fallen in love with at least 20 diferent girls. They have the sexiest accents and incredible fashion sense. And they have the amazing English eyelashes. Did you know that a majority of supermodels are English. No matter what anyone says england is full of the hottest sexiest women on earth
[Newest]I've seen the most sexiest girls over here.

Its Colombia And Those Are The Hottest Girls In The World


colombian girls are sexy, cheerful, smart, but I think the most important, are so natural, who come to Colombia and admire the beauty of women do not want to leave, because they have a special energy only know what they have come.
Colombians have good bodies, are smart and not arrogant or something. I live in the Netherlands and here all the girls are arrogant. They Colombians are very sweet, pure and lovely. They have great bodies as well.
[Newest]Miss universe enough said

I love being a true Sapnish! honestly I think the sexiest women in the world definitely come from Spain!
I've never seen more sexy girls than spanish girls!
I am Spanish and I have to say, after living in the UK nearly all of my life, Spain has the sexiest women one can ever bestow eyes upon
[Newest]Spain girls are the hottest when I was travelling I saw 4 Spain girls and they were smoking hot

I went to France last year, got off the plane and took two steps in the airport and saw a sea of the cutest girls you have ever seen. WHERE HAVE I BEEN ALL MY LIFE?! Got back to Australia, ugh is this all we have to offer? French girls make Australian girls look not as good, what does that tell you?
The hottest in bed are French girls.


I went to France and I can honestly say that they are the most beautiful women I have ever seen. Great face, body and personality.
[Newest]French women are adorable

19Czech Republic
Most sexiest woman on the planet, they have nice style and attitude and their bodies are so sexy because they truely care for them. They look out for english men to learn english 100% recommend!
Bit of a joke that the Czech Republic is so low down. The girls are stunning and nice people too.
Greetings from Finland. I think Czech Republic has hottest girls. Absolutely love your ladies.

I've been in Constanta in vacation and man the girls are hot
The hottest women in the world are in Romania, they speak English, they know how to dress and behave, they will drive you crazy. You can find tall, small, blondes, brunettes all types
Never been there, but I know some really hot Romanians where I live... I love the fact that they can have a wide range of looks (from black haired to blonde), nevertheless they are all gorgeous : tall, slim, with pretty faces, great skin and hair. Again, this is just an overview, since I only know five of them.
[Newest]They really are beautiful!

Why is Greece so low in that list? I am german but I have to say I've never seen hotter girls than the greek ones.. Just beautiful!
Went this summer to Greece went back to Belgium with the most beautiful and hottest girl I've ever seen in my whole life.Greek ladies are just the best and very hot at bed ;) Every single girl in Greece is sexy
Nom nom nom, Greek girls :) they're as hot as hell; tan, big lady parts (if you know what I'm saying), and long thick dark hair
[Newest]Should be much higher on the list.. girls there are so hot, sexy and beautiful

All women are beautiful but we have to recognize that Cuban girls has something that you won't find anywhere else went there last year and I'm hoping I can go this year too had the fun of my life, after the third day I felt like I belong there they treat you like all women should treat you. I'm telling you guys if you really wanna have FUN get a Cuban girlfriend
You will fulfill your every wish in Cuba. Cuban girls are the best. They are so hot and beautiful. Blanco, negro and mulata. I had a lot of fun there.
I think Cuban women is too low on this list it should be higher Mexican women are good too.
[Newest]Just check out who Vida Guerra is, that will prove Cuban girls have no match boys.

Korean girl groups are hot!
Why do Koreans have such beautiful skin?!
They are just stunning and do not scream like a wounded dog in bed.

They are very mature at the same time as being young and energetic.

They are like Italian asians, enough said.
[Newest]Plastic surgery is a shame.

I am a Lebanese Woman and wherever I go around the world, they say Lebanese women are the most beautiful. We have had Miss World once, georgina rizk. Also, those on T.V. are not the most Beautiful. Walk on a Lebanese Street and calculate how many beautiful women you can see. Walk on another countries street and compare. Lebanon has the most beautiful. You have also blondes, brunettes, different skin types and hair colors. We are so mixed in terms of texture and color.
Haifa Wehbe is Egyptian too, but I agree that Lebanese girls are some of the hottest girls in the world. Lebanon deserves to be number 1. I don't agree that Lebanese women or Arab women are fat, that's completely individual and the majority are definitely not fat.
I Just Love being a lebanese! :) So Many Hot Lebanese women on manolith site Lebanon was #3! I Think Lebanon has very hot women! Thats For Sure! I Love Being A Lebanese!
[Newest]Lebanon is 5th in the world

Dude, if you don't say Venezuelans chicks are the hottest you've never been in Venezuela. I am convinced that if ever the Nazis did experiment on people were on those Venezuelan girls. They are so fricking hot and in so many shapes, colours and forms it is impossible that they are normal. By the way they hold more titles for Miss Universe and Miss World than any other country, also for the first time in the history they held the crown on consecutive terms... They are the best...
Are you kidding me? 37? I think is beauty everywhere and God did the right about women and countries but I am Italian-venezuelan and my country is plenty of Jlo body's shapes.
They have a polished and beautifull body that fits extremly well with their beautifull faces. They are cultured thing that makes them incredible women.
[Newest]They're currently one of the few best things of our country.

Chinese girls are very, very pretty. They are also very intelligent, generally sensitive and empathetic, genuine and kind, not to forget talented and beautiful. If you want pictures of really pretty ordinary Chinese girls, I think you should visit China. :D But as for more famous beauties, kindly just Google these names.
1. Liu YiFei
2. Rao Minli
3. Zhang ZiYi
4. Shu Qi
5. Gong Li
6. Liu ShiShi
7. Li Xiaolu
8. Zhou Xun
9. Chen Hao
10. Huang ShengYi

Not ranked and hope you find them as beautiful as I do!
Oh china girls !!very lovely!!
Chinese girls are pretty, kind and usually really smart. I don't know why its so low.
[Newest]Chinese girls are probably the hottest among Asians... Westerners seem to only like their own type.

How hot a country's girls is has nothing to do with how many hot celebrities one can cite from a country. It is what you see in the townscape, when you're out shopping, or when you're out clubbing. Denmark simply has the hottest girls. No disrespect to the countries listed above Denmark, but it is a F... Travesty that they are above Denmark on this list. I urge anyone to visit Denmark (preferable in the summer, you'll see more skin) and try tell me I'm wrong.
No need to explain, it should be a well known FACT.

Danish girls / women are amazing and HOT. They have beautiful hair, eyes, body shape, good size breasts, legs, good female curves. Not skinny like in Russian, Ukraine, not OVERSIZED butts like in Brazil, not super fat like in US and UK.. Danish girls also have nice teeth, they are smart, well spoken, sweet, funny, and GREAT in bed. Less limitations in Denmark, girls are more free! As I said.. Should be a no brainer... A FACT! Denmark has the hottest, the sexiest, the smartest and overall best girls in the world.
Your opinion. But your opinion isn't true. by the way in Denmark aren't only danish girls
There is simply no doubt the danish women deserve better on this site it should at least be like in the top 5

They are sweet, there nice, you can have a good conversation with em, they will listen to you... But they wont just go with you if your just going for the sex thing, they want your confidence, strength, intensity...
[Newest]Danish girls are sexy mama

Egyptian gals are hot as heck
Big boobs
and hot figure
Egyptian girls are absolutely beautiful. They are well educated, well mannered and sexy. They have the most gorgeous eyes, and the best sense of humor you'll ever find on a girl.
A lot of Egyptian girls are incredibly beautiful, it's unreal. And when they're hot, they are HOT. Egypt for the win!
[Newest]Sadly they are lower than men.

I have been a lot of times in Croatia and I can tell you this: The ladies of Croatia are the true gems of the Adriatic. They are really beautiful and friendly. I also know that they deserve a much better place than number 25 in this ranking.
Croatia girls are very beautiful and... I was there many times and always very surprised to see haw good looking Croatian ladies are.. So they should be among number 10 in this ranking...
Perfect girls! They're just amazing, beautiful, friendly and they unite everything you want in a girl!
[Newest]I do not understand why Croatia is not among top 10!

This is right... Pakistani girl are very very pretty... They have not only physical beauty but also spiritual beauty... Beauty needs no ornaments... They wear full dress and need not to expose their bodies that is why world only knows about girls from those countries who exhibit their bodies... But as far as Pakistani girls are concerned they are perfect... They have no match... May Allah Bless Pakistan
These girls are so beautiful and don't need to strip to show it, they have beautiful figures and nice eyes.
Stani girls are not as neurotic and up the arse of white man-god and inferior complexed as indian girls... Also, they are slimmer and not as fat, dark skinned and pudgy and short like indians. The earliest slender and slim bollywood babes were Zeenat Aman & Parveen Babi- both Muslim women... Hindu women were always fat! Indian English accent is very stereotypically Peter Sellers "Indian"- Pakistani English is very much RP, Standard Oxbridge English... Very sexy and articulate!
[Newest]If you are good with others, that what its called a beauty
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Hottest girls in the world. Like they are just beautiful-- all white and blonde and fit. Yes, there are outliers, but most are so beautiful and friendly too. I walked into a fast food place and had to do a double take when I saw the gorgeous girl taking my order.
How is this so low?! Beautiful blondes with GREAT bodies, who age well, and who are living in one of the best-kept secrets in Europe!
Best combination of genes from around the world are concentrated in Estonia, big variety but damn there are some 10/10's!
[Newest]Amazing body's and eyes are so sexy they are golden hazel and it's just so cute and sexy

32Puerto Rico
Puerto Rican chicks are very hot and very sexy, beautiful, gorgeous, precious, adorable, very cute, and very pretty. They're my favorite type of Latinas and my favorite type of all kinds of girls.
They are obviously as sexy or sexier than Brazilians. Should be in the top 3. Sweedish girls don't stand a chance against the big ass and big boobs Boricuas.
They have nice sexy butts. My vote for the hottest women ever. I would love to go to Pietro Rico someday.
[Newest]Won miss universe titles 5 times, beautiful exotic women.

I have been all over the world and can honestly say that Portugal has so many gorgeous women. I am not from Portugal but was shocked to see how many of the average women walking the street or even working at a bakery were model material. They are very sweet, kind and on top of being beautiful they have amazing fashion. If everyone had been to Portugal this would at least be in the top 3.
How is this country, this far down? And where do you think Brazilian ladies came from? The cheek. 80% of Americans are fatties and England ain't much eithier - people need a reality check. Been to quite a few countries and european chicks are the hottest. But the Brazilian/Portuguese/hispanic are the best looking. Then again ukraine and czech's offer some corkers too.
Portuguese Girls are the hottest, prettiest, cutest, all over the world!
Probably if you found a hot woman in another country, there are good chances that she has some roots from portugal...
[Newest]Portuguese women have big booties and big boobies. Need I say more?

The only reason why serbia is ranked lower in this list is because not many people know about serbia. I can tell you from experience. I've been to south america, North America and most of Europe including Sweden and Serbian girls in terms of looks are the hottest I've seen. So many of them everywhere. You can find a model there in a heartbeat.
Such beautiful nation. I enjoyed my time there and the view. Your girls are something special.
Model figure with a toned body, broad shoulders, high cheekbones, long sexy legs and very slim/toned. When you walk through Serbia you will feel as if your walking through a Victoria's Secret fashion show as these women walk through the street with confidence and there striking blue eyes glisten in the sun.
[Newest]I'm from Serbia, and I'm girl. I'm really happy to see that some people think that we are most beautiful. That makes me really happy ^_^

Malaysian girls are beautiful and smart. They are brilliant as most of the valedictorians in the national universities are women. Along with that, although most of them are fun-sized, they have amazing skin tone, body, lushes lips and eyes. Girls here are also good mannered, polite, kind and friendly. Food is of course the one thing that brings most of the Malaysians together, but girls here sure know how to maintain their body and they're strong willed and hard workers...
Good manners and nice body. Wow... The best thing is you can have all types Malay, Indian, chinese, arabs you name it its all here
They have big eyes and such a nice body! Good manner and polite! Who wouldn't want them?
[Newest]Beautiful smart and great manner

36South Korea
South Korean girls are so sexy! They are gorgeous and naturally beautiful and hot. The have the puffiest boobs and sexy butts that stick into you. It feels like heaven. Their boobs are squishy and smooth. Their lips are elegant and hot. They're are the skinniest, sexiest, and prettiest bunch of girls ever. A few months ago, I slept with a sexy ans hot girl from South Korea. We laid naked and we hugged and kissed each other forever. The have a beautiful laugh and big round boobs that I kept kissing and touching. She touched every inch of my body and dug her boobs into me. Their butts are smooth and round. I felt them with my fingers and it felt so nice. Their eyes sparkle in the dark and their hair is as smooth as silk. They are the sexiest women in the world! Once you look at one, you can't take your eyes of because their so cute! ~
I love their beautiful legs and their sexy breasts. Korean girls are just so hot these days.
I love Korean girls because they are so sexy and hot. They have the most beautiful bodies and faces. Their lips feel so soft and smooth and their boobs puff out into you. They are so sexy!
[Newest]Most beautiful by far.

Irish girls are hot and sexy! They have the biggest and best boobs too. They are definitely the best in bed, I slept with a sexy galway girl and she gave me the most amazing blowjob laugh out loud ;) vote irish
Irish girls are fine! I've been with girls from all over Europe but Irish are the best, of course they all aren't beautiful but most of them are; in Dublin at least where I am from!
Yeh, Irish girls are beautiful, sensitive and intelligent, no other nationality comes close.
[Newest]They are all great looking. you can't get any better!

Seriously! I have only been there 1 time, but that was the best two weeks in my life! <3 Many people says, hungarians are a little slutty, but not all of them. They were sweet, smart, caring, wonderful with the face of an angel and a body like the devil. And made the best food ever [in a very sexy way]. <3 I have to go there one more time before I die
Hungarian girls:
Nice butt
Hot tan
In shape
Nice skin
Great boobs
Amazing hair
Beautiful faces
Awesome style
+amazing personalities
The only, only, ONLY reason we don't se them everywhere, is that not so many of them speak english. THEY'RE GORGEOUS!
[Newest]Hungarian girls are the most beautiful they should be first. This is because they are fit, a perfect mix of Asian and European and gorgeous bodies.

Those chicks - the most beautiful ever. ^^ It is a must for everyone to visit and enjoy! I have been in Riga couple of times - amazing nightlife, cool people, great atmosphere!
The latvian girl's I've met are stunning, smart and sexual with differing values which adds diversity and mystery
Latvian girls are very pretty and they have style... Compared to some of the BRITISH girls who look as fake as they can.
I think that Latvian girls are naturally pretty.
[Newest]The best girls ever.

How is Norway so far down? Everyone seems to agree that swedish girls are the hottest. So how come not Norway. Sweden, Norway, Finland, Iceland and Denmark are all Nordic countries so the girls all look very similar. In fact the girls from all of those countries can be put into a broad catagory and scandinavian, which happen to be the hottest girls in the world, no matter which one of these countries they are from!
Laugh out loud what has that to do with nordic country or not? Stupid comment. And Germany is a nordic country too. Are nordic countries now all the same? Also we speak about the most beautiful people in countries. Not the most beautiful nation or people. So that you claim at nordic is wrong. Also are these countries counties of immigration
Swedish girls and Norwegian girls are almost the same I actually can't see the different between a Swedish girl and a Norwegian girl. And Sweden are always on the list but Norwegian are not, witch is weird because its the same.
Beautiful girls everywhere! They dress very well and smell heavenly. Beautiful features and great smiles.
[Newest]How the heck did Japan make it into the top 5?

Finnish girls are blond has smooth skin and beautiful bodies, people think Swedish girls are pretty, because they mix them with Finns...
In Finland aren't only finnish girls. This is about the country, NOT about nations or people!
The most beautiful girls truly are from Finland, therefor I moved here! Can warmly recommend!
Finnish women are the real thing. A good deal of them live in Sweden... Misleading. Natural blondes of the world.
[Newest]Beauty in Sweden combined with beauty in Russia.

They are not just some pretty faces, they are trustable, strong minded and most importantly honest. You never see a "bad girl" in Turkey. Also its the fourth country with most natural breast ;D
They can dance well, speak well, dress well -- there is little more to say. The language barrier can be a good thing.
If you know how to talk with turkish girls they are most pretty and hot girls in the world.
They know how to act they know how to dress they know how to help and most important they are most honest and talkative at sametime shy girls.
You just need a turkish girl in your home to die with her and you need to care my best girls in the planet TURKISH GIRLS
[Newest]Turkish girls are the best.

Turkish girls 4 ever

I can not believe that Argentina are not among the three countries with most beautiful girls, they are beautiful and very cute, this second Indian nasty girls having first and Brazil having a cute ten
Every place has beautiful woman but this one wins
A lot of the good models come out of Buenos Aires so if that is anything to judge by then they must have some smokin' women
[Newest]They Have. Girls but not so nice

Hey, Indonesian females have natural beauty! If you come to this country you will just find so many females DO NOT use make-up, or maybe they will just use light make-up.. And very less females have done plastic surgery, even the females who want to do plastic surgery only 3%! Indonesians have mixed so many races (Dutch, Portuguese, Japanese, British) Indonesia was colonized by The Netherlands for 250 years, and colonized by Portuguese and Japanese.

Google these females who don't know Indonesian :
1. Tamara Blezynski
2. Tiara Lestari
3. Sarah Azhari
4. Julia Perez
5. Anggun Cipta Sasmi
6. Sandra Dewi
7. Atiqah Hasiholan
8. Arumi Bachsin
9. Farah Quinn
Man, you have to come to Bandung, the girls there is very beautiful, attractive, and polite
Indonesian women have beautiful face and they're always do something good.
[Newest]The girls are sexy

Wow 26 for Israel please Israel should definitely be in the top 5 girls here are unreal. Their are more hotter girls per capita here than most other countries. You go for a 5 minute walk and you realize your neck is cramped from all the left and right turning you have to do with your neck.
Exotic look, dark skin, army uniform. I'm telling you I was shocked
When I came to Israel for the first time.

I thought that all the women are ugly and looking like arabs.

Sexiest women I have ever seen!
Absolutely amazing all around. Get a jewish girl if you can! They are gorgeous, smart, kind, sexy, tough when needed... And the army suit. Dear lord. Amazing
[Newest]Very strong sexual magnet:) these girls blow my mind...

Slovak girls are truly the most beautiful in the world. They have that typical Slavic look, but with a little something else. You also don't just have blond haired blue eyed girls, there are a lot of girls there who have tan skin, dark hair, and light blue or green eyes making them especially hot. To me their like the Slavic version of Italian girls, which makes them the hottest girls in the world. they're also real feminine, and love to cook and clean, but at the same time are extremely intelligent. A lot of them are also traditional good Catholic girls, but insanely fine. If you want to go to a country with beautiful girls go to Slovakia!
Guys Slovak girls are the best but you don't know it because its really small country and when you talk about it which continent has the best girls? Europe! And where can be the best woman of the all Europe skin and hairs? In the middle! And Slovakia is the middle we have all of everything and I can tell you because I've been in a lot of countries and now I'm in us (California) and that's horrible and in Slovakia I allways meet sexy girls and all guys who have been there told the same
Knew a girl for Slovakia well. She was a perfect ten. Then I met some of her friends and I went absolutely crazy about the girls there. They all have the most beautiful faces. Plus none are stick thin or extremely large. This should be in the top 5 easily.
[Newest]Slovakia is a beautiful country, as well as women. Many girls have natural blond hair and blue (green) eyes. (I noticed that green there may be more) BUT, beauty is very subjective. (in my opinion, definitely Slovakia should be higher than 44 place)

Girls are educated and not as easy to get compared to Thai or Chinese girls. They have a really attractive/sexy accent, they sound really gentle when they speak Chinese. Seriously, I have been to 5 different Asian countries, and Taiwan is the one with the greatest amount of beautiful women!
Taiwanese girls are pretty natural. They don't need much makeups and stuff but are still looking beautiful!

Stunning girls. Very helpful and accommodating. Great in bed
Unfortunately since the country is so small they are never taken into consideration. But they are mix between polish, Russian, and Ukrainian beauties which makes Belarusian women so unique. Great bodies, big blue eyes, and blond hair.

Bulgarian women are good looking, smart, and take a great care for their husbands. They are sweet, sexy, modest, and make the greatest wives ever!
I'm from Bulgaria and almost everywhere you turn there's a hot chick. Guys need to visit this country


They are the most caring, intelligent and beautiful women on earth, I am an Arab Guy how is married to one, and I thank God everyday for the blessed wife I have, which I can see her through the eyes of my kids for how she raised them. and I think this is a good judgment for people thinking of marrying a Bulgarian women
[Newest]Stunning women. Absolutely. Just don't want the rest of the world to know it, necessarily ;-)

Have you seen them?! :S do not decide too quickly if you have not seen them.
I've been there two times and there was lots of naturally blonde beauties.
It need to be top 1 in Europe! Every 5 girls is so hot and beautiful. I want to go back to Lithuania

51Trinidad and Tobago
Come on they should be in the top 10 Trinidad women are very hot they often have curvy body's meaning huge butts and small waist have you seen nicki minaj her butt is huge and it still was big even before the surgery and her face is really beautiful even without makeup which is not easy to find
We have bits from every race on the planet all mixed into one
Trinidad n tobago have some of the most beautiful women...
[Newest]Just watch our carnival and you will agree with me

Oh! Muslim women in General are very attractive! They have dark hair, big eyes, tall and slim body figure. I cannot described they as how they are, cause they're full of manner, respect everyone, good looking, friendly and they are so kind...

Bangladesh have many kind female thy are very nice and attractive is very good, at last there good then another country girls.
Yeah I wanna share that its one of the best country for female ranking.
They are so sexy
[Newest]I love their girls

53Dominican Republic
I think Dominican republic should have been at least top 10 cause if you actually go, its really beautiful. And the girls being HOT is a bonus. I really don't know why its at the bottom of the list.
This country should be on the top ten, went on vacations here: paradise with kind beautiful woman
Dominicans. Should be higher definitely before Argentina no offense

Have you seen Albanian women?.. The are incredibly breathtaking!.. It's as if God personally molded each and every one of them before he sent them down to earth.. The majority of them have this perfectly hourglass figure, with soft perky breasts and gorgeously rounded bottoms.. Ahh, the sway of their hips gets me every time, and they know it!.. I haven't even gotten to the face yet!.. They are a very diverse looking race.. Ranging from pale skin, blond hair, brown eyes to golden skin, brown hair, and green eyes.. I've been obsessed from an early age, if you can't tell =D

~ A GREEK guy
(Yes, Greek.. Some of my fellow Greeks will hate me for this.. )
What how are places like Mexico and England and Pakistan in front of Albania? I am Swedish and went on a trip to Albania and must say the women are striking. I think it deserves second place. Who ever put Albania on number 31 is obviously stupid and is too ignorant to visit this place with gorgeous women.
Actually they put it on number 54 hun and yes they are the best race in beauty and in personality
Most of albanian girls are slim and beautiful I think they really deserve 1st place, I went holiday there and I am really impressed.
[Newest]Whoever wants a beautiful and gorgeous women should go to Albania!

55New Zealand
Accent, culture, and just overall looks.
Went there 2 years ago.
I am French, I went to New Zealand last year I can
Honestly say that women their are beautiful,
Amazing personality's, stunning and very friendly.
I can guarantee you will find a gorgeous girl if you visit!
I loved my time their! That I even met someone!
I am big lover of kiwi girls because my finance is live in this country

Vietnam was one of the countries that have the hottest girl when a person look at it it make you feel happy, joyful, cheerful, excite, and more word to design that I love Vietnamese girl the it very helpful to you when you need something they will stand up and go by for you right away that why I like about Vietnamese girl some of Vietnamese girl is super hot and sexy of them is cut and beautiful less of them is ugly is like 5% of Vietnamese is ugly and all is petty
Vietnamese girls are not only beautiful but extremely attractive. Their beauty can make any guy's heart in the this world broken.
Vietnam girls all the way
[Newest]Vietnamese girls are beautiful pure or mixed. I'm filipino American and I'm gonna get me one! They do everything! And I will do anything for her.

They are the most beautiful girls because they have pretty natural features, even through hard times their beauty is something special that couldn't be identified. They are said to be "really hot! " and "Their personality makes them more hotter due to their confidence and full optimism! "
Iraq has pretty girls, a shame they have to hide there faces. They have beautiful faces and bodies

it's the heart of europe so you can find the best mixture of girls. There are pretty blondes, gorgeous dark hair ladies on the streets and clubs.
Hot as hell, sexy, sensual, gorgeous, smart, polite, well mannered, fantastic in bed, very erotic,... The best.
Most beautiful girls


60Costa Rica
Costa Rica has the most hot girls in the world, they are smart, hot, sexy, educated.
95% of population is white for that you can find exotic beauty and all of them have something smart to talk to you always and you will have a lot of fun with costarrican girls!

I have just visit Cambodia and the girls here are absolutely very beautiful! And really really kind and friendly, just as the girls in Vietnam and Japan. I think that Cambodia deserves to be in at least top 10
Cambodian girls are hot & they put out. They are very loyal and aim to please there men. I have a Cambodian women, and believe me I will never date another white girl ever. There skin is perfect color. There silky dresses make them so hot. I want to bone all of them, even the MILFS.

I been in almost all over there Asia and can proudly say Mongolian girls are best in Asia.
What people saying little filipino Vietnam's are pretty hun? Mongolian girls are the hottest prettiest in Asia no doubt
Of course most beautiful girls in the asia
[Newest]Most beautiful girls. YOu won't find anywhere else on Earth girls like Mongolian girls

Nepalese girls are simple, loyal, virgin till marriage and beautiful. Due to multi ethics, caste and different culture and diversity in geography any type of girls are found hear... No need to search in the rest of the world..
Yeh man it's the best country on the world with beautiful girls, they really have the best heart and loyalty among rest of the countries girls,
They are simply beautiful in brain as well as heart.
They have different ethnic groups and rituals but what unites them is their trust and heart!
[Newest]They are the best and the hottest

64Sri Lanka
Sri Lankan girls have a unique beauty & shape to attract anyone...
Sri Lankan Girls has golden couture skin that is unique
Srilankan girls ate pretty hot and me being a srilankan ccan say that they have the perfect figures an are beautiful inside and out
[Newest]They are so hot

65South Africa
South African girls are definitely good looking. It's because we have such a mixed diversity of races here (African, European, Indian, Asian and Mixed).
South Africa has the most beautiful girls in the world I mean ask Justin Bieber
South Africa does have a lot of beautiful and sexy woman, you should come to the country to see it and you will appreciate the beauty
[Newest]South African girls are the cutest and hottest girls although they very full of themselves!

Most people voting in this have not seen these women or been to these countries. They are only going by what they hear from the media or other ignorant people who propagate an agenda. All Balkan women in majority are super sexy as opposed to countries who have some beautiful women but also have a lot of women who are below average. On the sliding scale Bosnian women over most.
I have been to Bosnia a couple of times, and everytime I go, I see hotter and more beautiful women :) No joke - Visit Bosnia and you won't be disappointing!
Yeah! If you go to Bosnia, you will see what I'm talking about! Really cute
[Newest]Well Bosnia is all the way down here just because nobody really follows it as much as Italy and stuff. It has hella hot girlz

All of them have thick long hair. Amazing bodies and not only that either dark brown eyes for hazel
Bombest booties. 4 out of 5 have an hour glass and most are humble. I'm not Armenian either
This is not accurate, should be higher.

Here they have had two world misses that have won and there are beautiful girls in lima and trujillo abounding a large amount of beautiful girls, people with xenophobia that hates this wonderful country do not know nothing of Peru.
I like Peruvian girls, I tough they were ugly then I met a lot online and they all very beautiful and very pretty in and out, love them!
Peruvian girls are so sweet&fun, they are hot... Perfect woman for start a family.

Doutzen kroes
Gigi ravelli
sylvie meis
yolanthe cabau van kasbergen
Rianne ten Haken
Sylvia Geersen
alix schoonheijt
berber esha janssen

beautiful blue/grey/green eyes, nice lips, moslty blond/darkblond hair or brunette and blue eyes. 'the longest people in the world'.

WTF americans are from more nationatilities. -. - real americans are fake en mostly from europe.

'On her father's side, Jolie is of German and Slovak descent and on her mother's side, she is of French Canadian, DUTCH, and German ancestry'
Man these polls about women at so wrong, yes I would agree that Sweden is probaly first yet holland is definitely 2nd. In saying this I am not from holland (I'm Irish) I have lived there. The girls in holland are all babes blond blue eyed. One more thing, americans do not have the best looking women, stop voting for yourself (I have lived there too)
Just travel to Holland once and you'll definitely come again if you're looking for girls, yep and it isn't just blonde blue eyes, I for example have brown hair blue eyes, but holland is pretty much a mixture of every country in existence, you'll find them all, and for some reason everyone here is pressured to look good it seems, works out well :}
[Newest]Brown eyes, blonde hair

Brunette, sexy, CLEVER! , can cook...
Too bad their Muslim...
Mediterranean hair for the win!
I went there once for vacation, and Moroccan girls all have luxirious dark shiny hair, thick eyelashes, and a great pair of eyebrows--the dream!

I met about 8 Belgium women in Cape town at a night club. Honestly, they do not even look beautiful. They are very silly and look like plain janes. Its dumps down for them
The 63 that are higher ranked are worthing nothing compared to the stricken beautifulness and cuteness of the Belgian girls (maybe with the exception of Sweden).
Small country with a lot of gorgeous and sexy girls! More open minded than French girls and more friendly too!
[Newest]Belgium Beauties Big Booty Bouncy Boobs

Go on line, look up Miss Iceland and vote for Iceland
I guess nobody of you guys have been to Iceland
Icelandic women are the most beautiful women in the world
[Newest]No woman seen there without yellow hair and blue eyes.

Some of the best in Asia! Mix of Chinese, Malays, Indians and many other Asian cultures and so cute and sexy!

All Thai women are beautiful! Well not all of the but mostly is. It is depend on people opinion but I think thai women has many type of looking, bangkok girls are more cute but countryside girls are hot as they have dark skin and sharpe looks
Most of them have a good behavior
They are a bit sulky if they don't get their own way. But pretty.
[Newest]They are sweet and pretty!

Curacao girls are beautiful


83 is not enough we are more beautiful much more
I belive Ethiopian girls are the most beautiful girls in the world
Ethiopian girls are the most beautiful girls in the world. Brown chocolate... Tall... Lovely!
[Newest]Ethiopian females are entirely the most beautiful

78Saudi Arabia
They're so pretty their eyes, body's, skin and hair And also they have the best religion ever Islam no one is better than them, and the flag is the best flag in the world because the words in it. You don't know how much I love Saudi Arabia.
Saudi Arabian women are the most beautiful. The eyes, the hair, the bodies, you just can't pick a thing.
I worked there for two years and it is kind of a conservative culture, but once you know them and see the real women there, you'll know what beauty is. It is a country with kind of a high number of population, so the looks of women there is diversed. From fair light skinned women with colored eyes, to tanned skin with beautiful thick eyelashes. If only we can see more of them in media or something.
Pretty women, coming from an Eritrean girl. They have the best hair and features and great culture. A little bossy and self absorbant, but that's just culture laugh out loud.
[Newest]Best of best eyes and hair

They are extremely beautiful, don't believe me search up "larissa riquelme" she's hot as heck!
Paraguayans are hardworking, tall, hot, and dependable, they are great and should be in the top 20 at least, they never fail to impress me.
I'm married to a beautiful Paraguayan girl shes the most beautiful girl ever

When mixed with different ethnicity they make the cutest children, best rhythm & flow great food and best skin tone

Pretty ass in the world
These days Ghanaian girls are very pretty. They are not big but have very nice buttoms and boobs. Also thet are very strong, smart, nice and everything else you ask from a girl. They have 'swag' these days and they are just the moest beautifull girls on the planet, visit the countries ones, you shall all turn in to phedofilles.

Wow, have so few people visited Slovenia? The women here are striking: an amazing mixture of natural beauty and elegance in dress and behavior. So many pretty, slender, women with hourglass figures and coy smiles - who turn out to speak 5 languages and work as an engineer or professor! Blondes, brunettes, redheads - it's like all the neaighboring countries exported their most attractive women here. Maybe it's just that it's such a small country, but there seems to be a disproportionately high number of stunning women here.
(And you people have to be kidding about the Netherlands. Once you get out of Amsterdam, unless it's just blue eyes and blonde hair you want, the average Dutch woman is NOT attractive. Lumpy, round features, not really fat, but not in shape or shapely, either. They don't wear make-up, which is good, but they also don't seem to care about their appearance: always the most comfortable clothing, never anything feminine, no dresses or attention to their hair. Nothing against the people - they're nice, but attractive? By the way, I'm not Slovenian or Dutch, just spent the previous 2 years in Holland and the last one here, in urban and rural areas of both. )
Greetings from Slovenia and you are right about that :D

Kenyan women are very sexy, classy, hardworking. Truly charming and courteous and friendly. They make good wives and have diverse cultures based on the many tribes.
Examples of some of the hottest women in Kenya are
Debra Sanaipei
Emma Too
Maryanne Kariuki
Lilian Muli
Sanaipei Tande
Sheila Mwanyigha
Talia Oyando
Kenyan women are simply the sexiest Hot and hard working they make the best wives Example Magdalene muya
Needs to be higher.


The country that has the hottest girls is Eritrea, when I saw this I surprised because hot girl found in that country and go search for Eritrea you will find best girls ever
They are very honest when they get once marred mostly they don't get divorce and good tempered.
Prettiest woman, honestly. Surprised I had to make this "new item". Smh.

Jordanian girls are the ugliest most stuck up I've ever seen

Zambia has the most beautiful women in the world. They have the best hearts, so friendly and nurturing and they have the greatest bodies on earth with very good accents. They're kind, loving and helpful and will usually be loyal. Zambian women are intelligent, strong and love a clean environment. Always on the go for a better tomorrow... You gotta love Zambian women!
Very very true. Everybody who comes to Zambia is amazed by the type of women here. So beautiful and calm. Most people come back to Zambia with intentions of finding a wife here.
I am not Zambian. I'm from Asia but I've been to Zambia and man the women there are gorgeous. They don't have to be celebrities to be outstanding. I went to a place called siyavonga and, I couldn't stop being amazed. There after I went to the copperbelt and lusaka and same thing. The country is prety small and not famous that's the only reason why many people don't know about the women there but go there and prove me wrong I dare you!

Are very kind, they like to dance and woman are smart and are overall very nice

I Love My Jamaicans And The Women Know How To Get Down In Bed
Big time, these girls are top of the line crazy hot. Just take look for your self, they make even ugly girls look good when strolling with them.
Have you ever been there?

Mauritian girls are very hot, sexy and with an authentic beauty, exotically with the best tan and beautiful body. They enjoyed life at it best and truely humble at heart.
The prettiest girl in England is a Mauritian. And I get to kiss her. Which makes me the luckiest man in Englan.

They have good personalities how ever they have very nice bodies

Tall, slim, long haired, hot body and above all african vibe
The most cleanest ladies created so far.
They have everything perfect they r the hottest ever

Girls from chile have the most beautiful eyes and nice boobs
Chilean women are the finest and smartest of them all. They've got beautiful hair, eyes and body.

This country has the hottest girls laugh out loud
Venezuela Colombia and Ecuador are pretty much the same girl style. Check and visit. Awesomely buttie girls! :D
Ecuadorian girls are beautiful, some even look Colombian

Uzbek girls are one of the most beautiful in the world. Brunettes, beauty black eyes, charms and behaviour.

Great bodies and butts.


It's a hidden secret in Managua. The women are sweet. The next generation will shine as this county comes onto the international scene. It's Wall to Wall. I'm now living in Australia with my Nicaraguan wife. Saving to go back there asap

98Sierra Leone
Fine chicks here in Sierra-Leone they know how to dance and they got an attitude!
Chick chick chicks go leone chicks

99South Sudan
South Sudanese, they're Africa's most beautiful women! Tall, high cheekbones, amazing figure!
Very simple with good hart

Yemeni women are elegant and prosperous women. Their beauty is very much valued by the Yemeni culture and its people. Their eyes alone describe the blooming sense of purity and cleanliness of the women she is. Women like this very much value respect and loyalty. As long as humanity breathes Yemeni women will always be the most flourishing women towards the planet and the rest of its people.
Have not seen one but if they come even close to what has to be one of the best comments here then... nice, good on ya
Most beautiful. Just don't show the world. Love islam.
Yemeni girls are what the word beautiful means :D

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