Top Ten Deadliest Animals


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The Top Ten

Human history is thousands of years of battling and wars. There isn't a greedier, more corrupt, or manipulative species on the planet. WE DOMINATE!


HELLO! We have nuclear bombs, tanks, missles, guns, torpedos!
This list is wrong. We are animals, Homo Sapiens. We kill more animals each year than mosquitoes, fleas, and crocodiles. Just because we aren't as agile as other animals, doesn't mean we don't bring fear and terror into other species.
[Newest]The human species has destroyed more habitats than any other species on this earth. We are a factor to the world's global climate change. Other organisms are starving and are being slaughtered in order to support humans on earth. We are pure evil, yet the most intelligent.


2Great White Shark
Blood in the water can excite these sharks into a feeding frenzy, where they'll use all 3,000 of their teeth to bite anything that moves.


Most people attacked by Great Whites survive, because as soon as they realize their prey is human, they recede.
Ok yes the shark is scary but hippos..? Who voted hippos? They are vegetarians people! Keep up and get them off this list!
You dimwit, they can run more than 60 kmh and will attack if disturbed by anyone or their baby is under threat from another animal.
[Newest]It would be even more deadly if it had a laser beam on its head.


This list is very incorrect; The hippo kills more people each year than the lion and the elephant. It may seem slow, but this monster can run very fast on land and have teeth that while they don't seem sharp, are capable of goring humans and animals. It is particulaly defensive around young. However, to give this list some credit, the box jellyfish is very deadly


This list is terrible. Hippos are much more dangerous and aggressive than many of the other creatures on the list (Especially if they have their young nearby). I doubt it would be nice to get slammed around by a beast weighing a ton with giant teeth that it could impale you on.


You may not no it but hippos are one of Africa's deadliest animals and guess what what they have 20 inch fangs yes fangs that can kill crocodiles yes crocodiles oh for Pete sake there super deadly they destroyed game vehicles enough said.

4Killer Whale
They eat sharks for breakfast and they are the fastest mammal in the sea. They have a jaw full of massive teeth as well as being super intelligent and having awesome power. They can own all the other animals on this list reaching speeds of up to 55 km per hour.
Probably should be number 1 beacause they eat sharks, gulls, blue whales, sperm whales, seals, sea lions, squid and other dolphins. Killer whales are technichly dolphins. Killer Whales are also called Orcas, Blackfish and Wolves Of The Sea. Killer Whales do not attack humans on purpus unless they get in their way. But their have been no known attacks that Killer Whales attacking humans. Killer Whales are enjoyed in theme parks like Sea World in Orlando Florida. You mite of heard of Killer Whales drowning people. But that is just a sign of their behavior. They do not know how long we can breathe underwater. They don't mean to drown us they are just following their ingstinks.
Killer Whales are predators but they are just eating. Killer Whales are extremly intelligent They are playful and normally travel in packs also known pods when hunting.
Finally these people wake up to the fact: nothing has been discovered that could beat a killer whale one-on-one.
[Newest]Killer whales eat sharks! So they should be higher than great whites

Most skeeter bites just make you itch. But some mosquitoes carry and transfer malaria causing parasites. As a result, these little pests are responsible for the deaths of more than two million people a year.


Mosquito's are responsible for about 2 million human deaths every year! That's more deaths than all the other animals combined!
they can carry disease and they're extremely common.


[Newest]Are responsible for the most human death world wide.

6Australian Saltwater Crocodile
This is probably the deadliest thing on earth and can send an elephant crying... Or kill it. They can kill a hippo with the worlds strongest bite. They can't chew but worse... They rip limb by limb.
Don't mistake this croc for a log! It can lay still in the water, waiting for passers by. Then, in the blink of an eye, it'll lunge at prey, pulling it under water to drown and dismember.


They have 68 teeth abnd have the strongest bite on earth. They can weigh up to one ton. They can be up to 20 feet long. They are the only predators of lions. In world war 2 27 seven men went in to the water and 5 came out. They had been eaten by crocodile

7Siberian Tiger
A very rare species of cat, but very strong. Some can be quite shy, however others will attack most things in the russian forests.


This guy can kill a full grown grizzly bear!
My bad it actually can kill a full "brown" bear 2 down is mine

8Australian Box Jellyfish
Also known as the sea wasp, this salad-bowl sized jellyfish can have up to 60 tentacles each 15 feet long. Each tentacle has 5,000 stinging cells and enough toxins to kill 60 humans.


Definitely a lot deadlier than any other animal on this list...


It is not as deadly than Irukandji which is 500 times poisonous than Chironex Fleckeri and 5000 times than a tarantula. But still box jelly is very dangerous.

9African Lion
Giant fangs? Check. Lightning quick? That too. Razor sharp claws? You betcha. Hungry? You better hope not. These big cats are near perfect hunters.


The African Lion kills around 200 every year. The Bengal Tiger is more fierce but kills fewer than the lion.
They are the coolest animals in the world

Not at all venomous, but tightly squeeze there pray to death. They live in the wetlands of south America.


My anaconda don't my anaconda don't

The Contenders

Very bad idea to enter piranha infested water if you have a cut.
chomp chomp chomp. whos there more then one and death x2!
Piranha is deadly animal, s in sharp teeth. My compare of Piranha to deadly amazon woman with ambrosia offer serial Xena: Warrior princess, name VELASCA, opponent of Xena in many Episode, s 2 Season own ambrosia, episode this discower VELASCA my compare to Piranha be in Necessary Evil.

12Asian Cobra
While the Asian Cobra doesn't hold the title of most venomous snake, it does the most with what it has. Of the 50,000 deaths by snakebite a year, Asian Cobras are responsible for the largest chunk.


In microscope small vision be Asian Cobra compare to fighter Jolaus. Jolaus is great fighter in purple costeem, Jolaus his in serial Hercules. Jolaus part is Michael Hurst. Jolaus be best friend Hercules, Jolaus and Hercules his amount power. I his body Asian Cobra compare to JOLAUS.

Not every elephant is as friendly as Dumbo. Elephants kill more than 500 people a year worldwide. African elephants generally weigh in around 16,000 pounds - all the better to stomp you with - not to mention their sharp tusks.


Elephant is big beautiful animal have tusk and trunk. Is spectaculary of serial Xena: warrior princess, season 4 part 1. Where sorcerer in horse name (Zorgar), magic subject in tusk in nose and magic eyes. In taking to souls is micro org look like one low Elephant.
Elephants can kill many different ways to kill they can lift 20000 pounds!

14Grizzly Bear
What come on people this is the mighty grizzly were talking about it can throw a man like a ragdoll. Geez.
They would eat killer whales whole
The Grizzly Bear Should be In at least The Top Ten, They Can Crush A Bowling Ball With Just A Bite ( Don't Believe Me Then Research On it).
In India They've Been Known To Kill Siberian Tigers.
They Never Reatreat When They are in a fight (They stand very tall)
They Can Outrun A Horse. They Are Predicted To Beat A Gorilla
If They Can Beat A Gorilla And Tiger - Most likely they can beat a lion right? Come on Vote This Grizzly!

15Spotted Hyena
Spotted Hyena is speed animal in big teeth. Great microscope vision comparison his Goddess woman name ALTI, in serial Xena: warrior princess episode 4. ALTI, spiritual woman, great power and she is waiting for subject and ALTI his deadly his small slow power subject, comparision to Spotted Hyena.

16Black Mamba
This may not be the most venomouse snake in the world, but if you get bitten you will be paralyzed and will die in just minutes.


This snake is the second most deadly snake in the world and should be higher on the list
Fastest and most deadly snake. Can bite up to 5 times. Deep envenomation results in death, usually within 20 minutes with no anti venom treatment.


18Nile Crocodile
Nile Crocodile is most deadlies animal, he is wash big teeth and green and blue body. My comparison Nile Crocodile for ANCHANGEL Michael of serial: Hercules and Xena. ARCHANGEL Michael wash great power in fight and magi. My compare Nile Crocodile and Archangel Michael. Thanks really alliances of serial Xena and Hercules, his stay body and face and film actor his Archangel Michael in Xena and Hercules.
Haven't you heard of Gustave?

19King Cobra
They're one of the most deadly snakes ever because the venom is so deadly that you will die in 5 minutes
Because of there habitat, and aggressive behavior, and that most people in that region wear shorts.

20Saltwater Crocodile
1.5 tons of 7 m unpredictable river monster it has the strongest bite force of all animals. It kills the most people in Africa annually.
The other comment is wrong because Saltwater Crocs don't live in Africa. Nile Crocodiles do.

21African Elephant


23Polar Bear
Sure they might look cuddly at the zoo, but in the wild they eat elephant seals for breakfast. Get between one and its cub and it could easily rip off your head with one swipe of its giant paw.


One of the most endangered bears in the world. It's very unlikely to happen but if you are attacked by one of these bears, the power and the size of there paws could easily kill a human.


The Ultimate Heavyweight of all land carnivores power and size.

24Cape Buffalo
When faced with a predator, cape buffaloes charge head on. That's 1,500 pounds of beast topped off with two big, sharp horns. You're lucky if there's only one - the real danger comes when a herd of thousands stampedes in your direction.


I think they are the biggest dangerous army that I've ever seen...


2 times the size of a lion and super aggressive.

Cheetahs can take down a 12 year old man
Cheetah is wonder ful animal he is excellent speed

26Poison Dart Frog
Poison Dart Frog, werry Deadliest animal. My comparison in serial Hercules in 5 season, 22 episode, name Revelation to one create warrior in mask, with red blick eyes. Worst warrior in Dart costum my comparison to Poison Dart Frog. One create worst warrior in brown mask from angel attacking Hercules with big zord. This WARRIOR IN BROWN MASK sacrifice be one. Warrior in mask create last three warrior. 1 CREATE WARRIOR IN BROWN MASK by sacrifice of angel one.
These pint sized frogs aren't for kissing. Their backs ooze a slimy neurotoxin that is meant to keep predators away. Each frog produces enough of the toxin to kill 10 humans.


I agree. thy are the deadlist

27Gray Wolf
Wolfs are not dangerous unless they are very hungry, scared, or they are provoked.


28Sumatran Tiger
I don't want to go to Sumatra. Tiger acts without mercy...


In serial Hercules, end 5 season 22 episode, name Revelation his three sacrifice dead warrion. Destiny skeleton in horse of mouth push up to many number WASPS. Destiny skeleton by body and face werry identite to attacker WASP.
Wasp is deadliest animals, werry poisonous and small animals, deadlie powers. Me comparison to series in tube plus Hercules, destiny 3. And horseman, his mee kiss push up wasps. Me comparison to warrior destiny to horse in one dangerouse WASP.
OH MAN OW. Yellowjacket stings hurt. They make you sceream like crasy. Just one sting than your sceream in pian.

Cassowaries kill humans! They are the most dangerous bird in the world. They attack cars and humans in them. I'm afraid of them, as the 14th most dangerous animal in the world!

Jaguars are brave and fierce in fighting, protecting cubs and worst of all, protecting thrmselves from getting shot, making them the world's most deadliest cat and lethal animal ever.

32Ocean Sunfish
Ocean Sunfish is beautifull intellect grey fish, my compare to alliance of serial Xena: warrior princess. My compare Ocean Sunfish with warrior in great grey costum this man to compare is name JOXER. JOXER is werry discipline warrior of serial Xena: Warrior princess, JOXER his great alliance.

With razor sharp claws and fangs they bite you in the neck where you can't breathe enough said.


I do not believe they are the deadliest, but they can kill you! You may not fear them, but they are so deadly that... Well... LISTEN! MY MOTHER ALMOST GOT KILLED OVER OUR DOG! HE LEARNED HOW TO BEHAVE BUT HE DID! FEAR MY DOG! IF YOU ARE A KIDNAPPER HE WILL RIP YOUR FACE OFF AND HE WONT SAY R.I.P.! AND... AND... I KNOW A LITTLE BIT OF KARATE SO ILL PROTECT MY PUPPY WITH MY LIFE IN FACT! He will claw their faces of, bite their ears and wake me up to call 911! Now that is a good thing to do... Even though I don't kill, I call the police and let them make kidnappers stay in jail for the rest of their lifes! YEAH!
You may not fear them but I been cheased by one

Because it is the top cat by far and capable of bringing animals up to the size of Buffalo on its own unlike Lions.

37Komodo Dragon
I'm pretty sure these are deadly. The can kill deer monkeys buffalos and snakes so they are actually pretty deadly
Very deadly only way 2 survive is 2 cut off the part they bit I think if it bites you have like 5-10 minutes 2 live


38Mountain Lion
These big cats live in north and south America. You would be luck y to see one, but if you do then be warned, these animals are not at all shy and are one of the fastest big cats.


39Blue Ringed Octopus
The blue ringed octopus is obviously one of the most deadly animals in the world. If you get bitten by one you get injected with deadly venom and you loose your eyesight within a couple of second and soon you will have lost all your senses.


41Honey Badger
I love these guys shame you can't really have them as pets.
Thes guys are awesome that would rip your guts out as if it was butter
Shore all the animals on this lisk kill things but that's all for survival Honey Badgers kill for fun thing like lions killer whales and such us team work and strategy to kill ther pray but no not Honey Badgers they go steat for the balls and get it over with one bite from these things any wher on the body can make the strongest man in the world cry.


2 words; Weil's Disease
Rat is werry match deadliest animal and Rat is eat to small animals and last dead people. My compare to Rat in warrior man of series Xena: Warrior princess, season 3, episode 3. This name is AGATHON. AGATHON be long hair warrior with danger weapon, s and grey armament. AGATHON be danger opponent to Xena.

44Stone Fish

45Australian Funnel-Web Spider
This list should have the Funnelweb spider because it is the deadliest spider in the world! They live in Australia.
Australian Funnel-Web Spider his werry deadliest, dark spider. My comparison to Australian Funnel-Web Spider to the worst warrior of serial from Hercules. In season 5 episode 22, with comparison his two sacrifice deadly warrior to destroil face and body sed to horse. This worst warrior by create his in two. The worst (WARRION IN DESTROY FACE) I comparison in Australian Funnel-Web Spider.
The Funnelweb spider is the deadliest spider in the world

46Humpback Whale

47Tiger Shark

48Goliath Bird Eating Spider
This is the largest spider in the world and hunts and eats things like mice, and sometimes snakes.


49Russell's Viper

50Black Widow
The most venemouse spider in the world but it is not that big.


They sting you easly with their stinger

52Tsetse Fly
Transmits African Sleeping Sickness to around 500,000 annually with up to 80% dying.
The fly is responsible for sleeping sickness, a disease endemic to subsaharan Africa. Causes a lot of morbidity and high mortality rate.

Ant is deadly insect. Ant, s live after mass. Ant is black and red, my comparison of the Ant is amazon only woman of serial Xena: Warrior princess. This is amazon woman is Ephiny. Ephiny be queen of amazon. She is me dead amazon mask. Ephiny his be in episode Nescessary Evil and many last episode,s. I have comparison styl ruling Ephiny of amazonm woman, s in one Ant.


55Tasmanian Devil

56Bull Shark
The most aggressive shark.

57Box Jellyfish
The Chironex fleceri is the largest species of Box Jellyfish. Sting causes hyperkalemia, causing cardiovascular collapse and death within 2 to 5 minutes.


This animal kills Steve Irwin!


60Moray Eels

61Deathstalker Scorpion
Finaly deadly monster, he is push up poison to body and big animal the deadly. Finaly fatality yellow monster.

62Irukandji Jellyfish
It wiped out tons of beaches full of people and even sharks. It has 5000 times more poison/venom than a tarantula and 500 times more than Chironex Fleckeri (The biggest and deadliest box jellyfish while being the largest found box jellyfish). It is only the size of half the size of your middle finger counting tentacles. Only one of four regenerating tentacles can kill an adult male in three minutes maximum. Very few things survived its sting. A dead Irukandji can still sting just as efficiently as a living one. Even touching the bell is bad. It leaves the victim Irukandji syndrome and is 100 times more deadlier than a mosquito.
It has wiped out loads of people at the beach. It can kill a full grown man in less than 3 minutes. It is 5000 times more poisonous than a tarantula and 50 times more poisonous than chironex fleckeri, it's cousin. It is only the size of your fingernail and leaves Irukandji syndrome.

63Mute Swan
You can be drown by one

Zebra is wash greate power in four foote. My comparison Zebra in strip body to goddess woman of 5 season Xena, episode name Amphipolis under siege. Name woman his (Ilanus). (Ilanus) is wash woman assistent to Athena. (Ilanus) have great power and have white strip costum, and in hand wash to bow.

Lionfish is beautifull deadliest strip fish, my comparison to lion fish and in worst sacrifice warrior serial Hercules episode name (Revelation). This episode me four create dead warrior. Acter to create his angel. The create ended skeleton the, number 4 SKELETON is black costum, I comparison to Lionfish.

66Carpet Viper
Not as venomous as the Black Mamba but due to its wide geographical presence, is responsible for more deaths than any other snake.

67Snow Leopard


69Coral Snake


71Scalloped Hammerhead


73White Rhino
White Rhino is very dangerous. It can attack. Rhinos can weight 2 tons.

Too scary to have a deadlier animal in britan

Spreads deseases to kill 8 people

76Hooded Pitohui
The most poisonous bird on earth

77Thresher Shark
Known to attack boats

78Leopard Shark
Baby leopard sharks are far more deadly then adults because they pretend to kill their prey in 1 bite

79Deer Tick
Lyme Disease! AHH! Over 50% of deer ticks carry the disease. They are small and sneaky, and latch on quickly! Once they do, we are screwed.

80Gray Reef Shark
The 6th most agressive shark

The biggest bird in australia

82Whooper Swan
You can drown by one

83Common Vampire Bat
Come on people they spread nasty diseases but they rarely attack people because they don't like the taste of people blood but the disease they spread called rabbis is super bad he careful if you go on vacation

84Inland Taipan (Fierce Snake)
Inland Taipan is the most venomous land snake in the world


86Black Bear

87Sea Lion


89Western Honey Bee

90Boa Constrictor
Boa Constrictor, is deadliest beautifull snake. My compare to Boa Constricor in amazon woman, name SOLARI from mythology serial Xena: Warrior Princess. My compare to Boa Constricor in SOLARI, this is amazon woman fighter of many Xena, episodes of 1 Season and 2 Season.

91Indian Rhinoceros


93Vampire Bat

94Nurse Shark


96Mantis Shrimp
Its pinchers has so much power that is you had 1/10th of its power you could throw a baseball into orb


One strike from the platypus can stun people also it can very poisonous the chance of living is 5 in 100 don't make them mad
They seem so cute and tiny did not now they where deadly

They may seem like week pigs, but they rearly are very fast, strong and some have very sharp horns.


99Wild Boar

100Anopheles Mosquito
The mosquito is a vector for multiple organisms that are pathogenic, including chikunmunga, malaria and dengue. Usually occurs in tropical areas but with global warming the northern reach of the diseases appears to be increasing.
Transmits Malaria to 300 to 500 million annually. Over 1 million die.

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