Top 10 Funniest Stand-up Comedians

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1George Carlin

Friend of my mine introduced him to me couple of years ago. Since then, he's my favorite. Very observant and analytical to the bone. His material is educative and stimulates logical thinking. Worth watching again and again.

I have to agree that Carlin is the best of the best... He not only jokes but he's serious about what he saying and makes perfect sense and what he says is fact..

This guy has to be the best stand-up comedian ever! I am not American, not even a native English speaker, but I read 2 of his books, and I Know all his specials!

Not only the funnies comedian of all time, also one of the most relevant and timeless.

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2Dave Chappelle

Never seen the Chapelle Show, so this is just based on his stand up gigs.

I think he's hilarious and it's so refreshing to see a black comic that doesn't just base 100% of their jokes on those boring "black people this white people that" nonsense he's got the right balance and I love the voice he puts on when he's pretending to be one of his white friends

His white accent is the best, hands down one of the best stand up comedians in history.

FUNNIEST GUY EVER! I love it when he switches from his real voice to a white mans voice. BRILLIANT!

Dave Chappelle is the funniest comedian alive or died

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3Richard Pryor

I think a a lot of younger people voted on this list. Richard pryor is by far one of the funniest people to grace this earth. Its a shame he's so far down, let alone on the contenders list.

Richard Pryor is the measuring stick of all comedians.. He was the best.. and always will be

EVERYONE over the age of 40 knows that Pryor was the king. Ask any of the comedians on this list (the ones still living I mean) and they will tell you he was GOD!

The number one comedian of all times!

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4Louis C. K.

Clearly number 1. I've never laughed so hard in my life before listening to Hilarious. (His latest stand-up performance)

The best out there today by a long shot. Not only does he speak so many true statements about everyday life that people never think about until they hear it but he makes it absolutely hilarious! To me he is so much funnier than Dane Cook could ever hope to be and I believe he rivals the greats of Robin Williams and George Carlin. If he continues to come out with more stuff as good or funnier than what he has out right now, I believe that he will go down as the best comedian of all time.

I watch his show every week, he has me on the floor laughing every time I see his stand up, especially his special 'Hilarious'

Greatest comedian alive. He is definitely my favorite. I think he will be considered number one some day. He has an insane amount of material just like carlin. Probably because he uses the same formula carlin did for coming up with new stuff.

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5Chris Rock

Funniest guy I have ever seen! There are a lot of people in Russia who likes his jokes
Wait for him in Moscow

funniest guy I've ever seen he has a lot of fans in Bulgaria, we wait him here.

Chris rock he's the best, he sets up his jokes very well and he makes sense

This guy jokes are funny, blunt and educative but always on the borderline of racism.

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6Robin Williams

On MJ's death - a doctor said: "Taking propofol to sleep is like taking chemotherapy because you're tired of shaving your head! "

'We had gay burglars the other night. They broke in and rearranged the furniture. '

hands down the best at ad lib quickest thinking comedian ever

Tears of a clown - iron maiden

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7Eddie Murphy

How can this guy not be better then Chris Rock! Chris started out because of him. nuff said

When we talk about his stand-up comedy... it is enough to say: WATCH "DELIRIOUS" AND "RAW" So funny!

He has always been my favorite, especially when he played in "COMING TO AMERICA" I have always loved Eddie Murphy, he will always be one of my all time favorites. Great job Eddie Murphy and keep up the good work!

The Funniest, simply, the funniest

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8Bill Cosby

The fact that he could do a whole routine and never use a swear word tells you volumes about is skill with the English language. He never had to work "blue" to be funny he didn't have to go there.

The fact that Dane Cook is above Bill is insane. I disown my generation

He is more funny than anyone on this list, and he keeps it clean. Its easy to cuss a lot, but keeping it clean and hilarious is leaps and bounds beyond everyone here! Why the heck isn't Bill at least in the top 10?

I think Cosby is number 4 all time.

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9Jerry Seinfeld

he's so good, he doesn't even need to swear to make you laugh - danajs24

The Master of Comedy, He changed the Comedy world and took it to a new level!

I don't think people who have not seen jerry's work should vote in here... It'll be a big mistake... he is the best... ever!

The best thing about Seinfeld is how he makes those amazing relatable jokes. Like, you actually know what he is talking about rather than laughing along with others, hoping you would get the joke.

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10Daniel Tosh

Daniel Tosh is thoroughly funny. He has no limits, no boundaries he wont push. He isn't afraid of making the crowd gasp, in fact, I think he enjoys it. He is "HILARIOUS, " if Louis C. K doesn't mind my use of the word. I enjoy his show "Tosh.0", but for the REAL DEAL you have to check out his hour special, "Completely Serious". He's a comic genius.
"My girlfriend is Korean... For this joke. "

Should be #1 or at least #2, He is the best comedian I've ever seen and I've seen all of these people. Plus he has a top rated show Tosh.0 and is becoming a household name.

Just saying, If you want to laugh, Daniel Tosh is the way to go.

P.S. why is Dane Cook even on this list?

He's like Dane Cook, if Dane Cook actually told jokes.

Just saw him live last night in Hershey. He's the real deal. Great show.

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?Jay Pharoah

Don't know him? Check him out on Saturday Night Live (SNL). The guy does fantastic impressions

?Larry Wilmore

The man brings racism and "Black Lives Matter" into a whole new light on "The Nightly Show"

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11Bill Hicks

Alright, I want to put it to everyone like this. What is comedy supposed to be? Is it just supposed to make us laugh or is the truth of the matter more important. I will argue that the greatest comedians have the ability, talent, and heart to not only make us laugh hysterically, but to bring into question our thoughts/philosophies and cultural beliefs. I would even argue that this is the purpose of comedy itself education, knowledge, and greater conscious understanding through the human feeling and enjoyment of laughter. When it came to this purpose no one f put it down like Bill Hicks, George Carlin and Lenny Bruce were the only two in the same ball park as this genius. I am one of those people who claim that he was in a sense a prophet because he spoke to America(and the world) about a future in which he foresaw that basically parallels our own present period. Have you looked around at the world recently? Corporate domination of our lives and society through the deception of consumerism and advertisement. Religion run amok in fundamentalism, and literal translations of sacred texts. Ronald Regan being called a great president and Ayn Rand being compared to classical philosophers that embodied truth instead of lies and distortions to merely meet their own ends or that of their employers. Corporations buying up American culture through the guise of easy entertainment and the marginalization of authentic art. Money spent on war and defense instead of feeding poor and starving people within our own country and that of impoverished countries (not underdeveloped, impoverished! ). Also discusses peoples patriotic stupidity to a government that clearly has demonstrated time and time again that it doesn't give a f that we have been put through from our schools, our government, our religions, and our jobs. He was so far ahead of his time, its not even fair to compare Hicks to the other comedians, even though some of them are really good. Bill's name will undoubtedly live on because his talent wasn't just getting you to laugh, but to also see reality as it is actualized and not how our feeble indoctrinated minds want to comprehend it. I guarantee you, If he was around today, he would be calling most of the people ahead of him on this list shills and "suckers of Satan's c***" along with the vast majority of musical acts today. Bring back the good and talented musical acts our generation grew up listening to in the 90's/early 2000's like Nirvana, 2Pac, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Sublime, Biggie, Eminem(he is still legit), Wu-Tang Clan etc. And put these fools like Lil Wayne, Kanye West, Lady Gaga, Toby Keith, pretty much any contemporary country or rock band, Jay-Z(sold out), LMFAO, Nicki Minaj, Drake etc. On the chopping block and our society may start to gain its consciousness back. Until then, fight the fight in your mind and spread truth to others and Bill Hick's legacy will never disappear. My generation needs to wake up and get their heads more

The best and most ingenious comedian of modern times. He makes jokes and satirizes the stupidity of our way of life that we think is so important. He talks about issues most comedians wouldn't dare touch because they are fake and don't really have much to say. Topics discussed include the government, smoking cigarettes, religion & hypocrisy, consumerism & advertisement, selling out in music as well as just talking about stupid people in general. He also is one of the only comedians today that bring up the issue of mind altering drugs as helping society instead of harming it as so many people claim. His sketch on Marijuana vs Alcohol is one of the best of all time sketches in my opinion and brings to life undeniable truths about pot. Like he said, seriously if you are against drugs, than you need to delete all your music, cause most of the good songs were probably made by people using drugs. Bill ingeniously argues that drugs take us to higher point in thinking and creativity that we could use to solve our problems. I know this idea is not a popular opinion, but it is one that he believed in and defended. The way he did his sets made you understand that he was merely doing comedy as an outlet to express hidden possibilities in his mind that he observed from the larger world. No one has yet to reach his level of comedy and satire. Him along with George Carlin should be on top of every list of the best comedians.

The best social critic of all time and fall over pee yourself a little funny, but only to smart people. He was too honest and real to reach the mainstream in the pre-internet 80's-early 90's. For a man who died at just 32, he left a large body of intellectually mature work, and some great jokes.

Art is supposed to elevate not pander

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12Mitch Hedberg

"I'm against picketing, but I don't know how to show it. "

"I got a business card, cause I wanna win some lunches. That's what my business card says: "Mitch Hedberg, Potential Lunch Winner. "

"I saw this wino, he was eating grapes. It's like, "dude, you have to wait. "

"A severed foot is the ultimate stocking stuffer. "

"An escalator can never break: it can only become stairs. You should never see an Escalator Temporarily Out Of Order sign, just Escalator Temporarily Stairs. Sorry for the convenience. "

"Dogs are forever in the push up postion. "

"Every time I go and shave, I assume there's someone else on the planet shaving. So I say, 'I'm gonna go shave, too. '"

"I had a stick of CareFree gum, but it didn't work. I felt pretty good while I was blowing that bubble, but as soon as the gum lost its flavor, I was back to pondering my mortality. "

"I was at this casino minding my own business, and this guy came up to me and said, 'You're gonna have to move, you're blocking a fire exit. ' As though if there was a fire, I wasn't gonna run. If you're flammible and have legs, you are never blocking a fire exit. "

"Wearing a turtleneck is like being strangled by a really weak guy, all day. Wearing a backpack and a turtleneck is like a weak midget trying to bring you down. "

"My belt holds my pants up, but the belt loops hold my belt up. I don't really know what's happening down there. Who is the real hero? "

"There are six ducks out there, and they all want Sun Chips. "

So, yeah. Best ever. Nuffsed

Saw him and feel in love with his humor. Sadly I also found out that he had died. What he would have offered would of been priceless.

I'd put Mitch at number 3 all time.

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13Kevin Hart

He's the funniest guy ever. You 'll die laughing if you see his concerts. The best and funniest stand-up comedy ever! Promise. Download some of his movies and watch the whole thing without stopping cause his jokes are interconnected. I couldn't stop laughing when I went to his concert. He is the best for sure!

He is one of my FAVORITE comedians today! This guy has a way of telling a story that can make a situation that's happened to nearly all of us, seem like the most hilarious thing you've ever heard. Nearly all of his material is on things that everyone can relate with. I LOVE THIS GUY!

I've seen all three of his specials and saw the last one live. Funniest guy ever! Everything is funny his facial expressions, impersonations and jokes are the best! Check him out if you haven't yet!

I Literally Pee At His Jokes!

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14Russell Peters

The best stand up comedy I've ever seen was red white and brown. I just laughed through out the damn show.

He is Awesome... Comedian I ever seen, I used to watch all his comedy shows and I recommend people to watch it. I love his accent of all different nationalities. In simple... I love him.

There is lots of funny people but if I had to pick 1 it would be R.P.

He is smart, witty and obnoxious

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15Gabriel Iglesias

I'm watching him right now and I can barely type this because I'm laughing so dang much!

He is so funny... I love his jokes he should be on the top.. And for the record he's not fat he's FLUFFY!

"rink diet soda now, so you can have regular cake later"

Really funny and funnier than most other comedians

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16Lewis Black

Listen to Lewis Black every night falling asleep - I find something exceptionally calming about his caustic, but down-to-earth jokes. I've listened to most of the comedians on this list, but there are non I can listen to with the regularity of Mr. Black and still enjoy.
Give him time - there's something very intelligent in much of what he says.

If it weren't for my horse, I never would have spent that year in college.

He is without a doubt, one of the top funniest men alive. His actions, like rolling his eyes and raising his voice, just crack me up. Nobody will ever fill Rodney's shoes but, if I were you' I'd add a Lewis Black show to my bucket list. This guy is hilarious. Top 5 in my opinion. He seems like an average Joe and then starts to lose his mind. A must see act!

To bad the language problem otherwise he is great

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17Katt Williams

He amazes me with his punchlines and the energy he has on stage. Very funny man

He may cuss a little too much sometimes but other than that this guy is hilarious
This right here it's kryptocronokunnalite

when Katt give you something to laugh about. He really makes you cry for the good of laughter's tears.

Political approach may be old but can do it

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18Jim Gaffigan

Jim is funny to people of all ages. He doesn't rely upon cursing or other typical comic methods. He takes ordinary topics and makes them funny. Even my five year old was laughing at old videos of his Hot Pocket routine. I first heard Jim on the radio and thought he was great. His second voice, which operates as if an audience member is making commentary on his act, while maintaing the flow of his routine, is genius.

So good, one of the best of all time. I think Gaffigan is amazing and needs more air time all over the world. At this point I'm just typing to make this little bar go farther. END

His voices create excellent imagery - a sense required to enjoy true quality

Simply the funniest ever! Should be number two all time.

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19Jim Carrey

I can't believe Jim Carrey didn't make to the top ten! Super funney in all of his movies!

hes just so funny i die by laughing to much lol - chantella


He is my favorite.

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20Dane Cook

He is absolutely terrible. He has no talent and he steals jokes, from everyone, he moves around to much, jeez called stand up comedy not run around yell stories comedy

Nope you are wrong he makes this stuff up in his head while he is up there talking and Dane cook is very good at stand up comedy!

JEEZ TIMMY! Don't FLOAT ABOVE ME WHILE I'm DYING IN THE ABYSS! Uh john your son over here just tried to kill me in your pool, yeah that's right float away from me float away..

Dane Cook is one of the few comics ths t can make me laugh so hard I cry. Not too much can make me laugh these days. And the fact he moves around while he's telling his jokes makes it all the more funny. he's animated not boring and just standing still in one place with the same old style as the rest. he's original. My opinion one of the best. Thanks for making bad days brighter and good days even better. Thanks for the laughs.

Funniest comedian ever I love him.

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