Top 10 Funniest Stand-up Comedians

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George Carlin
Friend of my mine introduced him to me couple of years ago. Since then, he's my favorite. Very observant and analytical to the bone. His material is educative and stimulates logical thinking. Worth watching again and again.
I have to agree that Carlin is the best of the best... He not only jokes but he's serious about what he saying and makes perfect sense and what he says is fact..
This guy has to be the best stand-up comedian ever! I am not American, not even a native English speaker, but I read 2 of his books, and I Know all his specials!
[Newest]If you have to make analogy in Physics, he is Einstein and Newton of comedy! If you don't know who Einstein or Newton is... Lol... Don't ever watch his comedy

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2Dave Chappelle
Never seen the Chapelle Show, so this is just based on his stand up gigs.

I think he's hilarious and it's so refreshing to see a black comic that doesn't just base 100% of their jokes on those boring "black people this white people that" nonsense he's got the right balance and I love the voice he puts on when he's pretending to be one of his white friends
His white accent is the best, hands down one of the best stand up comedians in history.
FUNNIEST GUY EVER! I love it when he switches from his real voice to a white mans voice. BRILLIANT!
[Newest]His stand-up shows on HBO are hilarious! You can't watch him without laughing!
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3Chris Rock
Funniest guy I have ever seen! There are a lot of people in Russia who likes his jokes
Wait for him in Moscow
funniest guy I've ever seen he has a lot of fans in Bulgaria, we wait him here.
Chris rock he's the best, he sets up his jokes very well and he makes sense
[Newest]Chris rock is the funniest man alive. His jokes are always in point and you know exactly what he is saying.

4Louis C. K.
Clearly number 1. I've never laughed so hard in my life before listening to Hilarious. (His latest stand-up performance)
The best out there today by a long shot. Not only does he speak so many true statements about everyday life that people never think about until they hear it but he makes it absolutely hilarious! To me he is so much funnier than Dane Cook could ever hope to be and I believe he rivals the greats of Robin Williams and George Carlin. If he continues to come out with more stuff as good or funnier than what he has out right now, I believe that he will go down as the best comedian of all time.
I watch his show every week, he has me on the floor laughing every time I see his stand up, especially his special 'Hilarious'
[Newest]The thing about Louis C.K. Is That he keeps making you laugh constantly, but he doesn't have the best jokes like george carlin, but George carlin only has good jokes from time to time, Louis makes anyone laugh all the time
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5Richard Pryor
I think a a lot of younger people voted on this list. Richard pryor is by far one of the funniest people to grace this earth. Its a shame he's so far down, let alone on the contenders list.
Richard Pryor is the measuring stick of all comedians.. He was the best.. and always will be
EVERYONE over the age of 40 knows that Pryor was the king. Ask any of the comedians on this list (the ones still living I mean) and they will tell you he was GOD!
[Newest]There will never be another comedian like him
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6Robin Williams
On MJ's death - a doctor said: "Taking propofol to sleep is like taking chemotherapy because you're tired of shaving your head! "
'We had gay burglars the other night. They broke in and rearranged the furniture. '
hands down the best at ad lib quickest thinking comedian ever
[Newest]He is the best comedian ever!
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7Eddie Murphy
How can this guy not be better then Chris Rock! Chris started out because of him. nuff said
When we talk about his stand-up comedy... it is enough to say: WATCH "DELIRIOUS" AND "RAW" So funny!
He has always been my favorite, especially when he played in "COMING TO AMERICA" I have always loved Eddie Murphy, he will always be one of my all time favorites. Great job Eddie Murphy and keep up the good work!
[Newest]Never laughed so hard

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8Bill Cosby
The fact that he could do a whole routine and never use a swear word tells you volumes about is skill with the English language. He never had to work "blue" to be funny; he didn't have to go there.
The fact that Dane Cook is above Bill is insane. I disown my generation
He is more funny than anyone on this list, and he keeps it clean. Its easy to cuss a lot, but keeping it clean and hilarious is leaps and bounds beyond everyone here! Why the heck isn't Bill at least in the top 10?
[Newest]He is so funny but so so old

9Daniel Tosh
Daniel Tosh is thoroughly funny. He has no limits, no boundaries he wont push. He isn't afraid of making the crowd gasp, in fact, I think he enjoys it. He is "HILARIOUS, " if Louis C. K doesn't mind my use of the word. I enjoy his show "Tosh.0", but for the REAL DEAL you have to check out his hour special, "Completely Serious". He's a comic genius.
"My girlfriend is Korean... For this joke. "
Should be #1 or at least #2, He is the best comedian I've ever seen and I've seen all of these people. Plus he has a top rated show Tosh.0 and is becoming a household name.

Just saying, If you want to laugh, Daniel Tosh is the way to go.

P.S. why is Dane Cook even on this list?
He's like Dane Cook, if Dane Cook actually told jokes.
[Newest]I really enjoy how his commentary is really dark and offensive towards everything. He doesn't see a line in the sand because there really isn't one, and I wish there were more comedians that were not afraid to offend for the sake of comedy. His show is okay, and some of his jokes are a bit far fetched, but his stand up is impeccable
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10Bill Hicks
Alright, I want to put it to everyone like this. What is comedy supposed to be? Is it just supposed to make us laugh or is the truth of the matter more important. I will argue that the greatest comedians have the ability, talent, and heart to not only make us laugh hysterically, but to bring into question our thoughts/philosophies and cultural beliefs. I would even argue that this is the purpose of comedy itself; education, knowledge, and greater conscious understanding through the human feeling and enjoyment of laughter. When it came to this purpose no one f put it down like Bill Hicks, George Carlin and Lenny Bruce were the only two in the same ball park as this genius. I am one of those people who claim that he was in a sense a prophet because he spoke to America(and the world) about a future in which he foresaw that basically parallels our own present period. Have you looked around at the world recently? Corporate domination of our lives and society through the deception of consumerism and advertisement. Religion run amok in fundamentalism, and literal translations of sacred texts. Ronald Regan being called a great president and Ayn Rand being compared to classical philosophers that embodied truth instead of lies and distortions to merely meet their own ends; or that of their employers. Corporations buying up American culture through the guise of easy entertainment and the marginalization of authentic art. Money spent on war and defense instead of feeding poor and starving people within our own country and that of impoverished countries (not underdeveloped, impoverished! ). Also discusses peoples patriotic stupidity to a government that clearly has demonstrated time and time again that it doesn't give a f that we have been put through from our schools, our government, our religions, and our jobs. He was so far ahead of his time, its not even fair to compare Hicks to the other comedians, even though some of them are really good. Bill's name will undoubtedly live on because his talent wasn't just getting you to laugh, but to also see reality as it is actualized and not how our feeble indoctrinated minds want to comprehend it. I guarantee you, If he was around today, he would be calling most of the people ahead of him on this list shills and "suckers of Satan's c***" along with the vast majority of musical acts today. Bring back the good and talented musical acts our generation grew up listening to in the 90's/early 2000's like Nirvana, 2Pac, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Sublime, Biggie, Eminem(he is still legit), Wu-Tang Clan etc. And put these fools like Lil Wayne, Kanye West, Lady Gaga, Toby Keith, pretty much any contemporary country or rock band, Jay-Z(sold out), LMFAO, Nicki Minaj, Drake etc. On the chopping block and our society may start to gain its consciousness back. Until then, fight the fight in your mind and spread truth to others and Bill Hick's legacy will never disappear. My generation needs to wake up and get their heads out of their own asses! I could only imagine what Hicks would have said in the midst of the stupidity of social networking and the mindless sheep inhabiting the websites of Facebook and Twitter. I honestly wish he was around today because we need such an honest, intelligent, and good person in times of the sheer ignorance and banality that people pass for today. Rest in Peace to one of America's finest heroes and forgotten patriots!
The best and most ingenious comedian of modern times. He makes jokes and satirizes the stupidity of our way of life that we think is so important. He talks about issues most comedians wouldn't dare touch because they are fake and don't really have much to say. Topics discussed include the government, smoking cigarettes, religion & hypocrisy, consumerism & advertisement, selling out in music as well as just talking about stupid people in general. He also is one of the only comedians today that bring up the issue of mind altering drugs as helping society instead of harming it as so many people claim. His sketch on Marijuana vs Alcohol is one of the best of all time sketches in my opinion and brings to life undeniable truths about pot. Like he said, seriously if you are against drugs, than you need to delete all your music, cause most of the good songs were probably made by people using drugs. Bill ingeniously argues that drugs take us to higher point in thinking and creativity that we could use to solve our problems. I know this idea is not a popular opinion, but it is one that he believed in and defended. The way he did his sets made you understand that he was merely doing comedy as an outlet to express hidden possibilities in his mind that he observed from the larger world. No one has yet to reach his level of comedy and satire. Him along with George Carlin should be on top of every list of the best comedians.
The best social critic of all time and fall over pee yourself a little funny, but only to smart people. He was too honest and real to reach the mainstream in the pre-internet 80's-early 90's. For a man who died at just 32, he left a large body of intellectually mature work, and some great jokes.
[Newest]Bill Hicks was dangerous, as all good comedy should be.
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The Contenders

11Lewis Black
Listen to Lewis Black every night falling asleep - I find something exceptionally calming about his caustic, but down-to-earth jokes. I've listened to most of the comedians on this list, but there are non I can listen to with the regularity of Mr. Black and still enjoy.
Give him time - there's something very intelligent in much of what he says.
If it weren't for my horse, I never would have spent that year in college.
He is without a doubt, one of the top funniest men alive. His actions, like rolling his eyes and raising his voice, just crack me up. Nobody will ever fill Rodney's shoes but, if I were you' I'd add a Lewis Black show to my bucket list. This guy is hilarious. Top 5 in my opinion. He seems like an average Joe and then starts to lose his mind. A must see act!
[Newest]To bad the language problem otherwise he is great

12Kevin Hart
He's the funniest guy ever. You 'll die laughing if you see his concerts. The best and funniest stand-up comedy ever! Promise. Download some of his movies and watch the whole thing without stopping cause his jokes are interconnected. I couldn't stop laughing when I went to his concert. He is the best for sure!
He is one of my FAVORITE comedians today! This guy has a way of telling a story that can make a situation that's happened to nearly all of us, seem like the most hilarious thing you've ever heard. Nearly all of his material is on things that everyone can relate with. I LOVE THIS GUY!
I've seen all three of his specials and saw the last one live. Funniest guy ever! Everything is funny; his facial expressions, impersonations and jokes are the best! Check him out if you haven't yet!
[Newest]Should at least be #8
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13Jerry Seinfeld
he's so good, he doesn't even need to swear to make you laugh


The Master of Comedy, He changed the Comedy world and took it to a new level!
I don't think people who have not seen jerry's work should vote in here... It'll be a big mistake... he is the best... ever!
[Newest]He can make you laugh in the first minute of the show
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14Mitch Hedberg
"I'm against picketing, but I don't know how to show it. "

"I got a business card, cause I wanna win some lunches. That's what my business card says: "Mitch Hedberg, Potential Lunch Winner. "

"I saw this wino, he was eating grapes. It's like, "dude, you have to wait. "
"A severed foot is the ultimate stocking stuffer. "

"An escalator can never break: it can only become stairs. You should never see an Escalator Temporarily Out Of Order sign, just Escalator Temporarily Stairs. Sorry for the convenience. "

"Dogs are forever in the push up postion. "

"Every time I go and shave, I assume there's someone else on the planet shaving. So I say, 'I'm gonna go shave, too. '"

"I had a stick of CareFree gum, but it didn't work. I felt pretty good while I was blowing that bubble, but as soon as the gum lost its flavor, I was back to pondering my mortality. "

"I was at this casino minding my own business, and this guy came up to me and said, 'You're gonna have to move, you're blocking a fire exit. ' As though if there was a fire, I wasn't gonna run. If you're flammible and have legs, you are never blocking a fire exit. "

"Wearing a turtleneck is like being strangled by a really weak guy, all day. Wearing a backpack and a turtleneck is like a weak midget trying to bring you down. "

"My belt holds my pants up, but the belt loops hold my belt up. I don't really know what's happening down there. Who is the real hero? "

"There are six ducks out there, and they all want Sun Chips. "

So, yeah. Best ever. Nuffsed
Saw him and feel in love with his humor. Sadly I also found out that he had died. What he would have offered would of been priceless.
[Newest]Some friends took me to see Mitch in Boston & I had not heard of him... My face and stomach were hurting by the end of the show from laughing so hard. What a bummer he left us early. Brainy humor said like a stoner. SO GOOD.
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15Gabriel Iglesias
I'm watching him right now and I can barely type this because I'm laughing so dang much!
He is so funny... I love his jokes he should be on the top.. And for the record he's not fat he's FLUFFY!
"rink diet soda now, so you can have regular cake later"
[Newest]He is honestly the best
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16Russell Peters
The best stand up comedy I've ever seen was red white and brown. I just laughed through out the damn show.
He is Awesome... Comedian I ever seen, I used to watch all his comedy shows and I recommend people to watch it. I love his accent of all different nationalities. In simple... I love him.
There is lots of funny people but if I had to pick 1 it would be R.P.
[Newest]The best ever comedian
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17Jim Gaffigan
Jim is funny to people of all ages. He doesn't rely upon cursing or other typical comic methods. He takes ordinary topics and makes them funny. Even my five year old was laughing at old videos of his Hot Pocket routine. I first heard Jim on the radio and thought he was great. His second voice, which operates as if an audience member is making commentary on his act, while maintaing the flow of his routine, is genius.
So good, one of the best of all time. I think Gaffigan is amazing and needs more air time all over the world. At this point I'm just typing to make this little bar go farther. END
His voices create excellent imagery - a sense required to enjoy true quality
[Newest]The best, right after Brian Regan
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18Jim Carrey
I can't believe Jim Carrey didn't make to the top ten! Super funney in all of his movies!
hes just so funny i die by laughing to much lol




[Newest]Jim carrey is so funny I don get why he was not on the top 10

19Rodney Dangerfield
Rodney is #47? Ask the comedians rated above him who's funnier. You'll then get a proper ranking for him: Definitely Top 5. Mike Birbiglia edges out Rodney?
Rodney's gravestone: There goes the neighborhood.
My favorite of all times.
Dangerfield's the man. Watch any of his spots on Johnny and you'll agree. Many of the people rated above are hacks next to this ace of comedy.
Why is Rodney ranked way down the list? He is definitely in the top 10. Let us not forget not only his classic one-liners but also how many comedians he introduced to the world through his comedy club.
[Newest]Still getting no respect!

20Eddie Izzard
Intellectually funny, relatable, European transvestite. LOVE HIM. He makes sure to have a joke for everyone, and bridges cultural gaps. His self referential "writing on the hand" bits are awesome.
This bloke is the best comedian in the world if you ask me! His jokes combine serious topics and give it an incredible absurd twist. His joke about "Stealing empires with the cunning use of flags" to reflect on the colonial empire of England is awesome. Bottom line: His shows are incredibly sharp, and really funny in a surprising and absurd way. Refreshing
Simply the best. He seems to really enjoy his performances, and audiences can feel it. Everyone can feel it, even from their own home. If I could recommend just one comedian, I would recommend him. There can be none other who uses such a variety of topics with such effectiveness, apart from perhaps George Carlin. However, with Izzard, you can tell he enjoys poking fun.
[Newest]"So God created Adam in his own image. But sixty five million years before that, God created the dinosaurs using the image of his cousin Ted."
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21Doug Stanhope
So, underrated. Needs to be way higher, like up there with George Carlin and Richard Pryor. Perhaps the best comic out there today. Stanhope doesn't spoon feed you his jokes. People consider what he has to say controversial, but the s*** he says is true to the point of hilarity. He is usually wasted on stage and smokes what looks like an entire pack on one set, while ranting about stupidity in society. He is not as famous as many of the people ahead of him on the list, but he must have balls to say and criticize some of the things he does. He is also becoming more deservedly well known through his appearance on the show Louis, when he plays Louis CK's friend, Eddie, who said he wanted to go through and end his life. I believe Doug and Bill Hicks should both be much higher on this list.


Without a doubt one of the best comics of his generation. To many people dismiss him as crude or offensive when if they listened to what he was saying they would hear some of the best social commentary for decades. He also has a brilliant gift for darkly poetic descriptions which are both amazingly funny and revolting.
42nd place? Sure... Dane Cook is better than him?! Really?! In times when popularity means mediocrity, being unpopular seems to be a good sensor to know if you're really good, I hope I become one of the most unpopular stand up comedians ever, like Doug Stanhope, he's the real Saint Graal of truthful stand up comedy, all hail Doug!
[Newest]His segment in The Aristocrats is one of the funniest things I've ever heard.

22John Pinette
He's not under rated as far as I can tell. His summer tour started in January, and did about half the year of shows. I'm trying to see him December 2007 in Las Vegas, but he is not doing any shows, and I think he's on vacation. I would want to be if I toured half the year. Though he is the most famous, in the sense of Jerry Seinfield, he will one day if he's ever on television series or in a movie. And who knows, maybe John perfers to not be extra ordinary famous, and prefers only to be famously talented famous. Love him!
He's not under rated as far as I can tell. His summer tour started in January, and did about half the year of shows. I'm trying to see him December 2007 in Las Vegas, but he is not doing any shows, and I think he's on vacation. I would want to be if I toured half the year. Though he is the most famous, in the sense of Jerry Seinfield, he will one day if he's ever on television series or in a movie. And who knows, maybe John prefers to not be extra ordinary famous, and prefers only to be famously talented famous. Love him!
He was probably the best comedian out there and should be much much MUCH higher on this list. He was usually clean and he was able to make you laugh so hard that milk would squirt out your nose! He always talk about different buffets and do perfect impressions of people, but it's a shame he passed away.R.I. P John Pinette, at least he is able to see Timmy again in heaven.
[Newest]Unfortunately a "one trick pony", but still very funny.

23Steven Wright
Steven Wright -No One Thinks from outside the box as Steven. He uses words and verbal images that make you think, Steven toss out an handgrenade and waits for it to go off, then 3-2-1 oh you got it. Master of controling the Audience.
Every joke is a grenade. I apologize if your skills for understatement, allusion, wordplay are at or below the average high school graduate and you get "lost" in a Steven Wright routine. He is genius.
This guy is fabulous! He makes so much sense out of nonsense! His detailed observations of life and how some words can mean so much more How he mixes theories and makes his own theories out of them... Laugh out loud, truly funny guy! Looks so dead and tired on stage... But his audience is exactly the opposite...

"Right now I'm having amnesia and deja vu at the same time. I think I've forgotten this before. "
[Newest]He should not be in the thirties. he should be number one! ! ! ! !

24Bill Burr
Seriously. This guy is hilarious. He's not offensive or degrading, for all the women out there who appreciate that. Why is Bill Burr number 38?! He is top 5 material.
I'm VERY certain that people that are voting on this list haven't seen this guy as he would be in the top 5 EASILY with Pryor, Carlin and others.
Simply one of the funniest stand up comedians on the planet... I didn't stop laughing for a whole hour with his Let It Go special.
[Newest]Best comedian out today.
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25Brian Regan
Put it all in a squeeze bottle! Can life get better? I submit that it can not!
Brian Regan is the best comedian ever! I have heard most of his specials already. They still make me laugh when I listen to them every once in a while.
-Back seat, middle, me feet on the hump!
-One thing led to another...
-What are we playing that pyramid game? Ouch, excruciating, I'd rather have shards of glass in my lungs. How do I convey this to you?
-Is there ANY WAY I could have a glass of water?
-Something about a owl or a dish...
Funniest clean comedian on this planet. Love his facial expressions too.
Best comedian ever. I before e except after c besides when by A in a neighboring way excluding weekends and holidays and all through out may and always be wrong no matter what you say
[Newest]"Hey! Don't balance your fruit juice between your chest and the table!
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26George Lopez
One of the most hilarious comics of all time. His early standup is hit or miss, but he really hit his stride when he started talking about the difference between Latino and white culture. He is so sharp, so exact with his phrasing, so incredibly on point. Never tanks, never does a bad joke, never has a bad delivery. He's a genius. That said, he does sometimes recycle jokes, but even makes old material sound different and incredibly funny.
georgelopez should be on the top ten he is way morethan funny he is hylarious!!!!!!!
wow nothing but haters G. Lo is the best alive for real came from nothing here from my town to of san fernando if you hating on him at this spot wow you ain't mexican for real choow # 1 george lopez
[Newest]I vote to george lopez

27Russell Howard
He has to be the funniest comedian I have ever seen! I have watched russell Howard's good news for 2 years and I really like watching him. I am always in stitches when I watch him even when I have watched the episode 50 times already. He makes teenager and adults laugh and faint from his excellent stand up comedy. Also, on his popular show called russell Howard's good news, he talks about a wide variety of topics like children and education and many other things and he can still make a joke out of them and all of the other topics which end up being really funny and comical.
I love russell Howard!
His stand up on his dvds ^^ Mock the Week as well as Good News is AMAZING! Should bee nearer the top ten!
Funniest guy EVER! Watch russel howard's good news for proof. DO IT! You know you want to...
[Newest]Cannot wait for the new series. Literally has me rolling on the floor laughing every time.

28Michael McIntyre
He is absolutely amazing and he always makes me laugh, I always want to watch him on the T. V and always laugh at his jokes. I love how the interlink, its amazing! He is a comedian genius. Hilarious!
I think he is so funny and always makes me laugh whenever I see him and I think he's really hot and so cute!
The greatest British comedian. Check out his "man drawer" and "spices" clips on YouTube
[Newest]One of the few comedians that makes me laugh the whole time. He is so hilarious
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29Lenny Bruce
Even though I know his material is a little dated. It is a complete disrespect to have Lenny Bruce this low on a stand up comedian list. This is a guy that even George Carlin praised extensively for pushing the boundaries of what could be said on stage. Every successful and funny comedian recognizes the impact Lenny Bruce had in stand-up.
It all starts with Lenny.

Lenny's later battles with the legal and show biz establishments tend to obscure his brilliance doing schtick (Check out his bits on Religions Incorporated, Bad Comedian Playing the Palladium or Mein Kampf Arises).

And realize that, of all the guys you have on your list, "Lenny did it first. "
Just about all the comedians on this list owe a little bit to Lenny for pushing the boundaries of free speech.
[Newest]The Mother of All Modern Satire.

30Steve Martin
I gave my cat a bath the other day... They love it. He sat there, he enjoyed it, it was fun for me. The fur would stick to my tongue, but other than that...
I guess the voters are too young here to remember how great steve martin was as standup. I remember Johnny Carson falling off his chair the first time he had Steve on the Tonight Show. I'm a young 62yrs. And Steve was by far the best comedian all ages could enjoy
Funny and compassionate! Watch "the jerk" if you really want to laugh.
[Newest]Insanity. Completely outside the box. Takes you a while to get into Steve's world, but it's really fun!

31Jimmy Carr
I like the fact he has a lot of interaction with the audience. Cutting down all the hecklers. Personally I like the dark comedy. Who cares if it's offensive. It are just jokes. You just gotta love British sense of humour.
Says what others are thinking in the nice way. Yes that is the nice version. Should not be taken as offensive as he is just making jokes. One of the best comics ever and one of the few greats!
"I'm not saying Michael Jackson was guilty. But if I was a billionaire paedophile, I'd buy a funfair for my back garden."

"My girlfriend said she wanted me to tease her, so I said: 'Alright, fatty? '"

"When I was a kid, I used to have an imaginary friend. I thought he went everywhere with me. I could talk to him and he could hear me, and he could grant me wishes and stuff too. But then I grew up, and stopped going to church."

Some of my favourite Jimmy Carr jokes.
[Newest]I can't believe this guy's nerve! He's hilarious! Goes where NO ONE would! Haha!

32Bill Maher
Don't necessarily have to agree with everything he says even though most of it is the truth, but his delivery is always great, charismatic and captivating. Like his little chuckles too.
Too political to really be funny, only those who agree think he is funny. Personally I think he is a sad little boy and feels better mocking those who think differently. Or maybe he has short syndrome and I'm not talking about height.
Best American Comic, certainly top 5. Makes you laugh and think, agree or disagree with him currently he's in the top 10 touring venue grossing comics in America.
[Newest]He's at his best on his show in the segment where he does the editorial-like part after the panel discussion. Not crazy about his standup but it's not bad.

33Rowan Atkinson
The BEST comedian ever- he is usually referred to as Mr. Bean but he also played Johnny English. He is a person to be admired and adored but is not stuck up at all.


Rowan Atkinson performed in the 2012 London Olympics Opening Ceremony with one of the best Symphony Orchestras in the World, a distinguished privilege reserved for very few comedians!
So silly, he's hilarious in his Role as Mr. Bean! The beach scene where he seemingly magically puts on a swimsuit without letting a bystander see anything, then the bystander turns out to be a blind man, is a quick laugh-getter!
[Newest]He plays Mr Bean! Best comedian ever!

34Sam Kinison
Sam Kinison is the Comedians Comedian. There is not one person on this list who think they are funnier than Sam Kinison.
Sam was in your face LOUD, so you would clearly hear his stories. The man vented without restraint. Oh! Yes, his mom probably scrubbed his mouth with soap a million times as he grew up, but he only got LOUDER and FUNNIER!
Rodney Dangerfield once called the funniest stand-up comic working. Now THAT's respect!
[Newest]My voice hurts just thinking about him.

35Demetri Martin
I like parties, but I don't like pinatas... Because the pinata promotes violence against flamboyant animals: 'Hey, there's a donkey with some pizazz... Let's kick his a'.
I used to play sports. But then I found out you can buy trophies. Now I'm good at everything...


If I ever saw a amputee being hanged I would just starting yelling out letters.
[Newest]So underrated him and steven wright should be top 20 at least people don't appreciate how funny there observations are

36Jeff Foxworthy
"If you mow your lawn and find a car, you might be a redneck" HOW CAN JEFF NOT BE HIGHER


"If you go to the Family Reunion to meet women, you might be a Redneck..."


'If you own a home with wheels on it and several cars without, you just might be a redneck. '
[Newest]I vote to jeff foxworthy

37Aziz Ansari
His bit about sheet linens maade me sheet my pants this guy is so freaking funny. He may not be number one but he is freaking hilarious.
One of the best out there right now. He should be way up on this questionable list.
Great up and comer, can't wait to see where his career goes from here.
[Newest]Just hilarious should be up top!

38Redd Foxx
Redd Foxx is funny, charming, and just a down to earth guy. Although he's rough when he plays Fred in Sanford And Son, He's just in character. I loved when Esther would show up cause then it got funny. Rollo made the show with Fred funnier and funnier.

Fred: "You want another one? Well do ya? Alright "Bim Bam Boom" Somebody get this n**** outta my room." Priceless.


Are you serious #93. What idiot came up with this poll. Redd Foxx, Flip Wilson, and Richard prior set the bar for serious stand up comedy. Yet I am seeing a whole lot of C- list even D- List comedians listed higher. If you really believe Carlos Mencia ranks higher than Redd Foxx, you probably think that Dane Cook actually is funny.
" Now Esther they should've run over your face"
[Newest]Laid the groundwork for a lot of comedians to follow, especially Pryor, Murphy, and Rock.

39John Mulaney
I watched his Comedy Central Presents special, in pain I was laughing so hard. And when it was over, I immediately started it from the beginning and watched it again! He's fantastic!
I've listened to both of his albums on Spotify at LEAST a dozen times each... His wit is sharp, and his timing is spot-on! When my spirits need a boost, I find myself going back to his albums again and again. Smart, funny and honest humor!
New in town, John Mulaney's new in town. He's spilling mustard on his shirt, and he's got some papers to deliver. Oh no! He's successful, and he's got so many crazy friends. Oh oh. New in town. Jon Mulaney's new in town!
[Newest]I watched new in town and could not stop laughing, best stand up I've ever seen

40Mike Ward
Mike Ward is my favorite humorist. His jokes, always stinging, are in contrast with his personality. Mike is a very human and empathetic person.
Nasty stand up, great sense of improvisation. Maybe the best ever seen. Happy to have him in quebec. Vote for him. Going to see an amazing show 29 june 2011
Mike you are the best. My husband and I are gonna see you on April 12, at the St-Denis. Can't wait! I bought tickets for his Christmas gift!
[Newest]Funniest guy I've seen. Ever.
More comments about Mike Ward

41Lee Evans
By far and away the BEST comedian alive today. He continually sells out arenas in the uk which is not something many comedians can do. And instead of getting big headed he remains with his feet firmly on the ground and head screwed on. My face and sides hurt from laughing too much last time I saw him. Just amazing! He always rounds off with a relevant and very well performed song which tops off the unique atmosphere created by this legend!
Absolutely hilarious...! Should be in top ten comfortably! Brilliant comedian
Lee Evans is by far my favourite comedian. I love the fact that he doesn't just stand there and tell jokes, but how he gets involved by throwing himself around the stage and singing at the end. Yes, I understand that many complain that he sweats a lot, but I think it just proves how hard he works to put on a great show, which he does every time! He seems like a lovely person and is a fantastic comedian. He should DEFINITELY be in the top 10 and he makes me cry with laughter every time I watch him! Phenomenal!
[Newest]No other comedian makes me hysterical with laughter like Lee Evans. He so clever the way he makes everyday things hilarious - I literally cry with laughter every time I see him. If you are feeling low... Watch him... he WILL make you feel better, make you smile and laugh laugh laugh. He is the most talented and amazing man. And his song 'Funny Man'? WOW... His voice and piano playing is just unbelievable. What a great talent he is. Respect.
More comments about Lee Evans

42Frank Caliendo
Frank's comedy is brilliant and I can't wait to actually see him live!
frank is one of the best comedians out there! top ten for sure!
Frank does Madden, and many others, better than they do themselves.
[Newest]Greatest impersonation in last Ten years

43Bernie Mac
RIP BERNIE MAC Bernie Mac Deserves to be nr.1 simply cause he is the very best Comedian you'll ever see. Peace
One of the original kings of camedy, if hes act was 45 mints, then u'll get a punch line of 45 mints......what ever that means!
One of the few comedians to be able to do really well during stand up comedy and also be able keep a television series afloat for years. Not to mention he was very funny in movies too.
RIP sir.
[Newest]Should be Top Ten

44Jim Jefferies
Jim jefferies is best comedian I have ever seen. I do stand up myself, but often find other comedians to be boring and simply trivial. He manage to have great jokes, great irony, while being a great story teller. I really admire him, also as a man. He's really willing to make you laugh about anything worth laughing and not a single joke of him is something. His great sense of humour is not missing any funny moment in the life happening around him. I wish I could have the talent he has, and to meet him at least once.
He's the funniest comedian I've seen in a while. His jokes have a giant range. I love how he knows how to properly make good insulting jokes because he jokes about everything and he doesn't actually hate on many things. His jokes are nasty but worth it if you want to piss your pants laughing for an hour. Feminists beware, he jokes about women but what good comedian doesn't?
I love his comedy. He knows how to make great jokes about the genders, different nationalities and religions without being offensive. I absolutely love his routines because of the logic behind them. His routine has a giant range of jokes. If you need to piss your pants laughing for an hour check out his show.
[Newest]He knows fun of people and it's funny, the problem is that there are people who give exaggeration to everything but stand up that is, to make fun of people. His Stand Up for Netflix is one of the best out there.

45Larry the Cable Guy
#57? Are you people high!? GET REAL! The guy should be in the top 10, I practically wet myself listening to him and the nice thing about him is.. Every word that comes out of his mouth doesn't need to be the F word like many of them comedians out there. RIP Mr. Carlin, you were funny and no disrespect to you, but you had a filthy mouth.
Haha I love Larry The Cable Guy, Because My cousin's husband is from the South and acts just like him, and looks just like him. If you saw them side by side at the bar you would think they were brother's tryin to pick up the hot waitresses saying We'll Get Her Done! Wink Wink and then turns around with a cigar in their mouth.
It was close tie between larry and Ron white but I like Larry a little bit better. Git-er-done
[Newest]I vote to larry the cable guy

46Conan O'Brien
Kinda just started watching his late night show and he has some funny bits!
Hy I'm kellen and I think your very funny
I won the comedian award in my class and my teacher mr rios sais that I remind him of conan obrien and I hope could be just like him when I'm older

47Richard Jeni
This guy was so funny! I can only imagine what he would be doing if he were alive today. This guy was one of the funniest comics ever and he should be in the top ten.


RIP Richard Jeni
The best ever. Got every ounce of laughter out of a premise. AMAZING!
[Newest]Loved this guy. Saw him in person and he was hilarious. Too bad he left us too soon. RIP Richard.

48Stewart Lee
The single most under rated comedian in this list and arguably the most intelligent comedian of all time. To be intellectually challenged, marvel at an art form and piss yourself laughing all at the same time, is something no one has ever done better than this man. You ain't a stand up comedian fan unless you've watched Stewart Lee's back catalog. Heavily satirical, so can understand if non-Brits don't get some of the references.
Please check out at least one of Stewart Lee's shows before you vote for anyone on this list. If he doesn't blow your mind, or at least change it a little, then please go ahead and vote for Dane Cook. Or whoever.
The best touring comedian in the last twenty years. Razor sharp delivery, clever material and highly intellectual too. Shames 99% of the comedians on this list.

49Dara O'Briain
Dara O'Briain is such a great stand up comedian. I'm surprised he's not closer to the top of the list.
If you are a little bit of a science geek, you'll probably enjoy him even more.
Great comedian! Knows how to balance fun, and smart stuff. He seems to know a little bit of everything! He makes up jokes so fast with things given to him! Should be way up there!
Clearly the best stand up comedian, just search him on YouTube. It is impossible not to laugh.
[Newest]Can work a crowd like no other! Absolutely brilliant!

50Katt Williams
He amazes me with his punchlines and the energy he has on stage. Very funny man
He may cuss a little too much sometimes but other than that this guy is hilarious
This right here it's kryptocronokunnalite
when Katt give you something to laugh about. He really makes you cry for the good of laughter's tears.
[Newest]Political approach may be old but can do it
More comments about Katt Williams

51Peter Kay
This man is the funniest man in Britain! Look up his stand-ups on YouTube and I swear you will pee your pants! He creates hilarity from situations that happen to us everyday for example, trying to explain to your mum about her mobile phone! Look him up!
Funniest comedian in the world by far rare shows but god are they worth it the guys a genius
Phoenix knights is hilarious

52Billy Connolly
Out of all the comedians I've seen I can honestly say that Billy Connolly is my favourite! I would love to have him as a friend so that I could laugh forever!
'Marriage is a wonderful invention: then again, so is a bicycle repair kit. '
Billy Connolly is by far the best comedian in the word. His story telling techniques along with his laughter and all his facial and body expressions make his the funniest man alive.
[Newest]Hands down, the greatest comedian in the business. It doesn't matter how many times I watch his dvd's, I always almost choke with laughter. Most comedians will admit they aspire to this man! How he's only 49th on this list is beyond me!
More comments about Billy Connolly

53Joe Rogan
'Train by day, Joe Rogan Podcast by night. All day! ' Joe Rogan has the ability to couple deeply philosophic subject matter with a simplistic delivery that makes everyone laugh and think. There's also plenty of good ol' raunchy humor in his act. And he's a cool guy to boot.
Honestly the fact that joe rogan isn't in the top 10 makes this list a joke. One of the funniest guys out there. The only reason he isn't as mainstream is cause he does all his stuff his own way. Totally orginal guy who doesn't care who he's pisses off. That and he's hight all the time. Laugh out loud
Joe is the guy in comedy who feeds your intellect and yet, regardless of the complex content, can make it very simplistic and laughable. One of my favorite comedians.
[Newest]Top 15 easily. The fact that "Bill Maher" is ranked higher is laughable.

54Patton Oswalt
Easily one of the most edgy and hysterically funny comedians I have ever witnessed. If you don't know who Patton Oswalt is, you don't deserve to vote.
Patton is quirky, hilarious and intelligent. A self proclaimed "bridge troll" and geek, his nerdy sensibilities and edge make him one of the most underrated, but hysterical comedians today. "SKY CAKE! "
How the hell is this comedic genius not higher on the list? His CD "Werewolves and Lollipops" is still one of the funniest things I've ever heard
[Newest]Way to low on this list for sure.

55Jeff Dunham
I admit that I've only seen one of Jeff Dunham's specials but it was hilarious. Unlike many of the other comedians listed here he is capable of being funny without being vulgar and using f-bombs and other such words as the main source of humour. The only comedian that I know of that was better than Jeff Dunham in this respect was Red Skelton who unfortunately is not in this list.
Jeff Dunham most indefinitely has a knack at comedy. On just his facial expressions alone, someone would laugh. His jokes are so priceless, that our family has inside jokes based on some of his improvisation. It's something that one can enjoy over and over, which is a rarity in itself.
best ever love his puppets and special peanut and walter he is the gretest ever done stand up
[Newest]Jeff Dunham is funny! He his a very good ventriloquist. I love all of his puppets, but Peanut will always be my favorite.
More comments about Jeff Dunham

56Dane Cook
He is absolutely terrible. He has no talent and he steals jokes, from everyone, he moves around to much, jeez its called stand up comedy not run around yelling storys comedy
Nope you are wrong he makes this stuff up in his head while he is up there talking and Dane cook is very good at stand up comedy!
JEEZ TIMMY! Don't FLOAT ABOVE ME WHILE I'm DYING IN THE ABYSS! Uh john your son over here just tried to kill me in your pool, yeah that's right float away from me float away..
Dane Cook is one of the few comics ths t can make me laugh so hard I cry. Not too much can make me laugh these days. And the fact he moves around while he's telling his jokes makes it all the more funny. he's animated not boring and just standing still in one place with the same old style as the rest. he's original. My opinion one of the best. Thanks for making bad days brighter and good days even better. Thanks for the laughs.
[Newest]I can't believe he's on 23! He should be higher.
More comments about Dane Cook

57Miranda Hart
She is funniest comedian I know of. So funny, can't catch my breath when I watch her, she literally makes me laugh so much I strt crying :'). Such a good laugh!

58Sean Lock
Without a shade of doubt one of the most brilliant and prolific stand-up comedians of all time. He's put out two outstanding DVDs and his improvising skills are OFF THE CHARTS. Watch any episode of "8 Out Of 10 Cats", you'll see what I have in mind.

59Bill Engvall
Everyone that was on the blue Collar tour should be way higher. Bill, Jeff Foxworthy, Ron White, and Larry the Cable Guy should all be in the top ten. I've heard plenty of the comedians that are up there, so I KNOW that these guys are better. Especially Bill.


He should be way higher, Bill Engvall knows how to make comedy fun for everyone without being stupid, he is funny and true.
I think bill engvall is way underrated this list :(

60Anthony Jeselnik
One of the best joke-writers there is. You never see the punchlines coming. The jokes aren't just offensive but sometimes quite thought-provoking and smart, example: "My uncle Fritz used to be a paraplegic. But last month he had a stroke, and now we don't know what to call him.. "
Stumbled on him after recommendation from similar dark humoured comics Jimmy Carr & Frankie Boyle.
Very funny comedian whose clever interplay with taboo subjects and wordplay are a joy to behold
Witty and offensive with a dry delivery. Top notch!
[Newest]By far the best comedian out there. Offensive in a beautiful way.

61Don Rickles
Best Roast by far! Still sharp as a wit at his age, id put him up against anyone out there today
Why is Carlin rated one? Rickles always had the audience on the floor laughing. Carlin bombed twice for me, even repeating lines. The comedians ahead of his show outshined him both times.
Greatest zinger of all time - comedy genius - set the standard for generations that followed! Outrageously hilarious- don't be a dummy!
[Newest]At his age who is any better

62Bill Bailey
This guy is the most under-rated comedian out! He has me laughing just as much as gevais, eddie murphy and lee evans. Plus I meet him in tesco's brook green, hammersmith. As good a reason as any to vote for someone I think.
Bill bailey is a creative comedian with his own style which just cracks people up. Not only is he a good comedian but he also is a nice guy. He's a guy you just want to meet
Bill is the best comedian ever! I went to see his Part Troll show, and I nearly fell out of my chair laughing!

63Russell Brand
I like threesomes with two women, not because I'm a cynical sexual predator. Oh no! But because I'm a romantic. I'm looking for "The One. " And I'll find her more quickly if I audition two at a time.
Wow, I'm completely speechless that he is only #35!? I guess you might have to have the more inappropriate type of humor to like him. But still, come one he is completely hilarious, not to mention his awesome sense of style, his completely sexy accent, and not to mention that awesome hair of his!
Genius hilarious British comedian. Very quick on his feet and not afraid to talk to audience or address hecklers. He tends to get a little stuck on sex but has delivered brilliant routines otherwise.
[Newest]I vote to russell brand

64Lisa Lampanelli
She's the Queen of Mean and hilarious! Why shouldn't she be in the top ten? She really should be on there, and I hope the site sees this so that she can get her rightful place on the list.
She is the funniest comedian ever! She should be at least in the top 5. She is one of those comics where everybody gets made fun of so we can all laugh at ourselves.


she dosent care what u say she is herself and proud about it she had me rolling on the floor love her!!!
[Newest]She's one of the funniest. Love her.

65Ron White
He is my favorite ever! I think he is so funny, I love his personality too! He cracks me up every time!
My personal favorite, witty without being overbearing, you can tell he's very intelligent, but he doesn't rub it in your face. Perfect understanding of comedic timing and always has a truly hilarious premise.
This guy hands down should be in the top 10 not top 50! Tells it like it is and you will laugh until cry. I wish Ron would come to Phoenix. He is appearing mostly in Vegas and Texas. If I had the extra cash I'd pay for air fare to see him in person! He is a must watch!
[Newest]He is a classic American

66Christopher Titus
While maybe not the best ever (LOUIS CK IS AWESOME) Chris gets my vote for being a wonderful comedian who knows that true humor comes from pain. Anybody who can go through life and see the funny... That is a person that not only has my respect but my funny bone. GO CHRISTOPHER!

"You wanna hear the funniest part of that story? Where my mom, y'know, shoots and kills a man? "

"Chris Titus: People, be proud you're screwed up. But don't be too proud, like me. I got into an argument with a guy in bar; I bet him fifty bucks that I was more dysfunctional than he was. And he raped me.
Chris Titus: So I tipped him.
Chris Titus: I am very competitive. "
He is the next george carlin. Telling it like it is and he will not be ranked high because it makes "normal people mad". What ever that means. He is perfect comedy for anyone who grew up as a red dot in a blue sea, and now you find yourself as a blue dot in a red sea.
He is able to turn stories, sometimes decidedly sad stories into funny ones that you are able to relate to and laugh at and, his timing, accents, delivery and vast amounts of material is off the charts, he deserves a higher ranking
[Newest]Too all that gets crap in our face.. Funniest ever

67Jon Stewart
His stand up was so insightful and thought-provoking. I really admired how earnest he seemed in his points, yet how hilarious he would still be. As much as I love The Daily Show, I still miss his stand up!
Screamingly funny, consistently... as John, himself, would say, "tell me more! "
Very funny take on current events. If you like the Daily Show then you need to see his stand up!

68Harry Hill
How is he not in here already the funniest man on T.V I can't believe it he should be at least in top 50 come on people in don't expect him to go high on the list now but still give this hilarious man a vote or two


Not exactly sure if he is an actual stand up comedian but why has nobody added him in already the funniest man on T.V without a doubt


69Jonathan Winters
So all of you idiots think that the greatest improvisational comedian of all time is no better than #105 on your pathetic list of the funniest comedians of all time. Really? You've got to be out of your minds. No way, Jose. The guy you have at #6, the great Robin Williams worshiped Jonathan Winters, and patterned his style of comedy after that of his idol.

Robin said on more than one occasion that he believed Jonathan to be the funniest comedian of all time, and I wholeheartedly agree with him.

If you really think this is where Jonathan belongs on your phony list then

You might as well say that Babe Ruth was the 105th greatest baseball player of all time, or that Muhammad Ali was the 105th greatest boxer of all time.

In other words, your list is a bunch of bull.
He was always on, even coming to the dry cleaners to pick up his shirts. A consummate entertainer.
Okay, yeah, sure, this guy should be at the very top. Shows how short people's memories are when it comes to comedy. Robin Williams would agree.

70Jack Whitehall
THE best comedian ever! He's in fresh meat and has his own show... His stand up is hilarious I have never laughed so much, in my life. 122 is an joke this person should be number 1 x
Genuine love for this man brilliant stand up, actor, host and writer


If you don't know who he is you haven't lived just watch fresh meat to see what I mean!

71Tim Minchin
This guy is a genius. He's a cynic and a musician and a wee bit crazy. He's one of the cleverest comedians I've seen, If you haven't seen him look him up. MAD SKILLS ON PIANO!
More a musical comedian than a stand up. Despite this he still deserves to be higher up on this list.
One of the best genius comedians of all time, with funny, clever, very inteligent jokes and a way to see the world so hilariously obvious, it will make you LMFAO all over again and again. Best music I've ever heard, his songs are like listening to your favorite band over and over, you can never get enough!
[Newest]Clever, genius, great musician!

72Tommy Cooper
84!? This guy should be within the top 5! No matter how many times I see videos of his performances, I practically can't stop laughing. If you see a video of him performing, you'll understand.
Tommy C at 101? I guess that shows the age of those polled and their knowledge of comedic greats.
No question that he is the funniest person ever

73Jeff Ross
Jeff ross is great, especially on roasts, he can tear you a new one, if you know what I mean should be higher on the list


75Andrew Dice Clay
Dice is one of the funniest comedians ever! Nobody does comedy like dice does ya hear! ohhhhhh
He just brings the inner selfish, deprave, racist, individualist, morbid, pig inside of everyone out for a walk. Hypocrites don't like him and prefer to play along with correctness. I think this guy should be top ten. Hickory, dickory, dock!
Only stand up comedian I laugh at. Makes me giggle like a little girl. Funniest comedian bar none.
[Newest]Jack and Jill went up the hill, each with a buck and a quarter; Jill came back with two-fifty. OH!

76Zach Galifianakis
This guy is hilarious... Awkward and random... The only time its good to yell out "I have diarrhea! " is when you're playing scrabble because its worth a s***load of points
Extremely funny, and somewhat different form of comedy, taking a lot of risks. Some of them don't work. But when they do, they are Hilarious!
This man is"Genius"! Just the scene in the hangover where he's walking to the elevator and stands with his hand on his hips alone is enough said!
[Newest]Clever, brilliant, self deprecating and slightly off side. Makes you think and very silly. Love him

77Mike Birbiglia
"I went to a dance club the other night, which was timely, because my self-esteem had been hovering around normal and I'd been meaning to knock it down to -1000. "
"I went to the doctor the other day and they told me there was something in my bladder. But it's never anything good, like, we found something... aaaand it's season tickets to the Yankees! "
"Cracka please! " Every show gets better and better. I don't see/hear many comedians pull that off.
[Newest]Deserves to be WAY higher than he is.

78Lee Mack
87?! He is the one man that can cheer me up on a bad day, and that shows some real skill!


He is awesome at sketch's, like the sketch show
Lee is amazing especially in not going out he should be number 1!

79Jon Richardson
Jon is hilarious. He is so cynical and his stories about annoying things people do are great.

80Ralphie May
Whether you see Ralphie May in person or in one of his three OUTSTANDING T.V. specials, he is an A. He belongs top 5 without a doubt!
I can't even begin to tell you how pissed off I am that Ralphie May isn't in the top 10. I'm even more pisses off that there are people before him that aren't very funny at all.
This dope smokin pork chop had my face hurting, because I laughed so hard!
[Newest]Ralphie should be #1

81Steve Harvey
One of the best to ever do it, I can't believe he's this far down, what are they're judging! This crazy, I love everything he does.
Haven't seen his standup but he's great and really funny on Feud.
Whether it's his Stand up or his Role of Family Feud this Guy is one of the funniest Comedians ever!

His Reactions to peoples crazy answer of the Family Feud make the show 10x as funny!


82Stewart Francis
My therapist says I have a preoccupation with vengeance.. we'll see about that
I used to be in a band called " missing cat " you probably saw our posters

SF never fails to make me laugh.. top 20 material

83Dave Attell
Dave Attell at 73? Too funny to be this low. If you like comedy, you have to check Dave out, his delivery is so perfect that he can make anything funny. But thankfully, he does jokes and leave audiences in tears, he's so funny.
I love to smoke. I smoke after having sex with a beautiful woman, or, a confused young man... Jack Daniel should come with bail money! Come on people, #90! Really? Wake up! J Foxworthy,J. Dunham, R. May etc. Better than Dave? You all are out of your minds!
Not just an insomniac. Hysterical.

84Denis Leary
The only thing I really do love of Denis Leary is because of the fact that he is "Hand... Some" and is down right funny if he could do his comedies more so about Barack Obama as the Donkey he is. Even though if I was married to Denis himself id be the Next "Future Mrs. Gavin" because I have a lot of Bratty and so much congeniality towards the fact I find Denis with a good heart but could he'd be a little less of cussing... Thank you and Denis I find you really sexy for your own age and love you as the "Man... " you are and respect you and your family a lot and a great thanks for supporting the 9-11 from "Rescue Me", By the way I would love to see you to really cry for REAL even play sensitive roles too, PLEASE thanks Leah McPherson of Ohio I may have down syndrome but some more like you a little.
This man is god of the F*** Everything. He is the man. Really Carlos Mencia ranked higher? WTF SEX Drugs, Chain smoking and hating everything that sucks.
He is deff ranked too low. He is by far a top 10, maybe not number 1 but deff top 10!
[Newest]Funny with everything he does, especially in Rescue Me

85Nick Swardson
I think he lost me with his bomb of a television show, but his standup is absolutely insane. I nearly died laughing, I saw it a week ago unrated and I'm still laughing just thinking about it. The joke about getting a massage from E. Honda was insane, I honestly wanted to turn it off because I didn't think I would make it through the rest of the special.
46!? Are you kidding me? Nick Swardson's seriously who farted made me laugh non-spot for at least and 3 hours. I LOVED his story about the Asain spa with the elder woman who jerked him off at the end of the massage and he claims she "attacked his dick with her hand" so he had to masturbate himself and she started cheering him on! Haha best moment ever!
His stand-up had me laughing for an hour. I love him, I couldn't even pick one quote. Great stories

86Emo Phillips
An excellence comedian who is unapologetic in mannerism and content. One of those rare people who manages to make everyone feel good by making himself feel terrible. On purpose, even!
"I was at the bar the other day, hopping from barstool to barstool, trying to get lucky. But there wasn't gum under any of them." The best one-liner comic of the 80's.
'A computer once beat me at chess, but it was no match for me at kick boxing. '
[Newest]The Animal Square Dance. 'enough said.

87Jim Breuer
Jim is the best... His impersonations.. And most of the stand ups I've watched he does not curse, he is awesome!
I Have Only one Thing To Say...


(if you don't get this, watch Jim Breuer and laughter for all. )
Just see his Metallica impersonation! Amazing

88Tim Conway
Hilarious! Impersonations from babies to old people. A real master of comedy and a really nice guy.
I just love Tim. His kind of comedy can't be beat. Ever see the dentist skit... Absolutely hilarious
Loved him on the Carol Burnett Show - did he do stand up?

89Rhod Gilbert
Should be further up the list. Clever use of language without having to swear all the time.
BY FAR THE GR8EST! Hilarious! Witty! Original! Creative! Extremely Versatile.!... The list goes on and on really.
He should place at top the best comedian he has very nice sense of humor and he the lager of fan following on planet he is popular by his own show CNWK and he also starring in Hus first Bollywood debut.

90Martin Lawrence
Kathy Griffin & Chelsea Handler is higher then Martin What!
He's #1 he's the funniest
He should be a top 10
[Newest]He is very funny

91Kathleen Madigan
Absolutely hilarious... Love the voice too!

92Sarah Millican
He is by farr my favourite comedian
She is very endeering and you can't help but in fall in love with her the second she opens her mouth
Definitely should be number 1!

93Eddie Griffin
This guy is one of a kind. Comedy just comes natural to him and he will keep you in stitches from beginning to end. For me he is the best and should be top 3 at least
I can believe he is not on the list. He is known as the Emperor of Comedy and not on this list. And Ellen DeGeneres under the top 20?
I think Eddie is the best he needs to be in the movie instead of Kevin Hart being name the world funniest he's not! I'm not a hater I'm just real Eddie is the man keep up the great lines jokes you make me choke you r Chinese
[Newest]The dude is amazing check him out

94Henry Rollins
I love Henry! Technically he is "spoken word" but he is funnier than most of the people in the top 50 and very original, angry but with a lot of humanity.
Right up there with George Carlin. I can't believe no one else listed him.
The man speaks life's greatest truths in the funniest way.

95Tron Van Nguyen

96Johnny Carson
The only late night host besides Letterman who was truly funny and had staying power. Leno WAS funny, at first. But it wore thin very quickly because his humor was so mechanical, slick. Carson retained his vulnerability and un-slickness throughout his entire life, which made him super-funny when doing politically oriented satire especially.
I don't feel the present comedians due justice to late night the way Johnny Carson did. He was funny without using profanity!
Still very funny. No blue and always ready to skewer every sacred cow..

97Amy Schumer
What makes her do funny is her delivery and realistic subject matter

98Cedric The Entertainer
come on now cedirc is one of the best if you dont knock this list off cause this is bull
no 1 in the world ppl, just think twice


[Newest]I vote to cedric the entertainer

99Bo Burnham
Bo does very witty comedy in a theatrical way. His humor is very different than other comedians, so he ruined my ability to enjoy other comics because he is so unique. You never know what is coming with Bo Burnham! He is very impressive for his young age, 23, and became well-known for his comedic songs at the age of 16 via youtube, and became the youngest person ever to have a comedy central special, which was taped 4 days after his 18th birthday. Look him up!
What is wrong with you people I Bo Burnham is funny and witty he should be like number 3 behind kevin Heart and Daniel Tosh. Listen to his lyrics and you will under stand the amount of time and energy it take to write such amazing Songs.
This list is horribly disfigured, but the fact that Mr. Burnham is so low isn't cool. He is the smartest of the new generation of comedians, and uses the influences of the likes of Hicks and Carlin to make something great. Way better that whoever the hell is above him on this list. He is going to get better, which is awesome. He is funnier than Heart and Dane Cook... Yet are over 100 ranks lower. What the hell people
[Newest]Bo Burnham should be number 1. Not only is he just incredibly funny in general but he writes hilarious songs and poetry. He has his poetry book out called "Egghead". Plus he's been in a few movies.

100Jo Koy
When I watched his Don't Make Him Angry performance, I had top pause the video many times just to breathe. The moments that made me laugh: practically countless. I wonder how long if I could beat his grandmother at Wii Sports... Nah, probably I'd lose by a LONGSHOT!
Saw him in person when he came to Cleveland Ohio... I had to leave the room because I was laughing so hard I could not catch my breath, will go to his show any time he's performing near the Cleveland area. Thank you Jo for a wonderful night
VOTE FOR HIM! PLEASE! Everybody who doesn't vote will get their TING TING ripped off by their grandma. No matter what he is my favorite comedian EVER.

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