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August 3, 2015 - What are the funniest shows to hit the air? Don't agree with the list? Vote for an existing item you think should be ranked higher or if you are a logged in, add a new item for others to vote on or create your own version of this list.

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South Park
For one, this show is extremely funny. But what it makes it unique from other shows is that it is making fun of society's flaws. It is like George Orwell's Animal Farm. While Family Guy kind of does that, South Park takes it further by showing the reaction of the innocent (the kids). Not only is the social satire perfect, but it is rated MA, which means they are less restricted than Family guy. So they basically can go all out when making fun of society, and have a damn good laugh while doing so. Truly perfect
Thats it, the funniest show of all time, the brilliant mind of the creators on making so many funy episodes, and there eccentric episodes on which picks on such famous figures such as Saddam Hussein, Al Gore, Mel Gibson. Eric Cartman has to be the funniest cartoon character of all time, his ways on seeing things are so funny.


South Park is absolutely HILARIOUS! The creators are brilliant and they know exactly how to turn any situation into a hilarious mess. Bottom line: SOUTH PARK SHOULD BE NUMBER ONE!
[Newest]It's funny in an inappropriate way, it's very inappropriate, but still very funny, however it lost quality and comedy.


2The Simpsons
Family guy is pretty funny. But after three episodes it got boring and I stopped watching.

The Simpsons never gets boring. I've watched 14 hours straight and only stopped because it was three in the morning and I needed to sleep. All that time, and I still wanted to watch more.

It's a miracle, the humour of this show. I don't know how to describe it; be it realistic, satirical, comically relieving or just downright FUNNY.

This show is the best one out there. My 6 year-old brother started watching and my parents didn't like it. But then, after watching just one episode, my dad decided that this was too good to be hidden from our children, even if they don't get the humour.

Basically, it is a blessing for the entire family when you see "The simpsons" on the list of recordings.

Family guy sucks, as for south park, round people are weird. Yellow people are better!

I spent 5 minutes of my time writing this review because I wanted to make the world a better place. Now its your turn... WATCH THE SIMPSONS!
k first of all... family guy and south park wouldn't even exist if the simpsons never started and second of all... the simpons is the best show of all time
Family Guy should not be top, Family Guy is just funny in one genre, in a sexual way or racist way. Simpsons are hilarious in every genre. Clever and not that racist.
[Newest]This is great but I think Family guy is a little bit funnier

3Family Guy
Okay when I searched this up I was hoping for Family Guy to be in first place. Because I knew South Park for years now but I hardly even watch any episodes at all. I mean Family Guy is the best Seth Green show ever I mean every time I watch an episode I feel like laughing as hard as possible. Also Seth Green is the best cartoonist ever! I love how Family Guy has all these random episodes and at my school me and a my friends were outside and we all were taking vote seeing what favorite does everybody like and Family Guy won also my favorite character is Stewie.
This show is the definition of fun and laughter. With its crazy stories and lovable characters it makes clear sense but shouldn't! With sex and violence combined this is a show for the all and is the best on T.V. rite now!
There is not a episode that fails to crack me up in all scenes


[Newest]It is inappropriate but funny... and what about American dad

4The Big Bang Theory
I really adore this show so much! I watch it everyday because it is so funny! Me and my friends love this show and I like the characters. They are extremely hilarious. I think it should be number 1. It has lots of different things that happen and I like how people are so entertaining. It is about a group of nerds who try to survive and carry on with their lives. They all try to get girlfriends and many other things happen in this extremely funny sitcom.
It should at least beat spongebob squarepants.
What the hell is this show doing so down here? It is so hilarious! Sheldon is so damn funny. I love the way he says BAZINGA!
TBBT is amazing. I don't think I've ever watched an episode without a chuckle escaping from my mouth, and I have deep respect for Jim Parsons, who plays Sheldon.

[Newest]Some of the best American humour I've seen

FRIENDS for the win! Chandler's wit, Joey's stupidity, Ross with his divorces... It seriously can't get better!
I can see every episode a thousand times, and still laugh yet again, and to be honest, it is difficult to get me to laugh, but man, the six of these nail it every damn time!
Friends combine the funny facts with the charm and the quality humour. It is not a funny show, but it also has many typologies (every actor has something special).
[Newest]Also best show ever I watch as many episodes a possible everyday

Seinfeld is an incredibly funny show with obvious talent from the actors. FOR GOD'S SAKE WHERE DID Michael RICHARDS (Kramer) GO?!
Sienfield is a show you could talk about the next day or week and still laugh at the situations. Most you can't do that. We have watched each episode at least 10 times.
O man, I recorded the episodes on the vhs when it was on T.V. in croatia¸1997-99. To me the best show of all time. And I was so sad when jerry said that the show is over. I think they would be the best even now days. Nobady beats them... Nobady

7The Office (American Version)
The office is by fare the best, or at least untill Steve Carrell left, now it stinks, but the reruns are amazing to watch.
Definitely a classic. Always funny. Steve Carrel never disappoints.
so funny I watch it all the time


[Newest]FACT. Office is best

8SpongeBob Squarepants
Woohoo! Patrick fan all the way!
Most kids shows are silly, but this one is so funny! Even adults can enjoy this show, fun for the whole family.
Wait... How is SPONGEBOB number nine on this list? It was good at first, but then it just got more and more pathetic as the series went along. More importantly, how is Ed, Edd, and Eddy LESS popular than THIS?!
[Newest]I think that I would like SpongeBob better than Patrick. Oh wait I do.

9Impractical Jokers
This seriously has to be one of the finest reality comedy shows of modern television. What makes this show so fascinating that is that it does not seem to be scripted and it is pure humor. And the best part of the show has to be the embarrassing "PUNISHMENTS", you just cannot afford to miss them. Overall an awesome show to watch. Looking forward to many more hilarious seasons.
This show is so funny more people should know about it. Its one of my favorites
Impractical jokers should be number 1! No other show, ever, has made me laugh out loud so much. The show literally brings tears to my eyes. Everyone should watch it.

10How I Met Your Mother
Family Guy and Friends also deserves 1th place, but Barney is so hilarious!
How I met your mother should be no. 1 Barney is the funniest
A beautiful show, poignantly emotional, heartbreaking, touching, moving, hilarious, and rises above so many other comedy shows to date. Fantastic relatable characters and the actors shine in their roles!
[Newest]Good show, but the funniest? Really?

The Contenders

11Modern Family
This show is AMAZING. If you want true comedy, you must watch this show. Everyone is hilarious and I hope this show never ends because I love it so much
This show's great but Gravity Falls is the best show on television ever, sorry but it's really true. Modern family's great but seriously..


Come on, watch the first five episodes of any comedy, and this beats them all, by a mile. In the first episode, the Dunphy's schedule a time on a calendar to shoot their son. It's the best written comedy in history, and you fall in love with everyone on the show. The best bad guy is Claire, yet she has moments you love her. Curb you Enthusiasm and Arrested come close. But MF is the best ever.
[Newest]This should be ahead of all of them especially the simpsons

12Whose Line is it Anyway?
Such a funny show that has humor for everyone and never fails to make people laugh. Also the fact that it's all improvised makes it funnier
Brilliant humour and scenes that you cry from laughing so hard. Genius ideas and brilliant acting that bring humour to new heights!
This show is so hilarious, GSN is bringing it back to life in the form of Drew Carey's Improv-a-Ganza. The best part, most of the original comedians from that show will be on it! Whose Line brought improvisational comedy to the mainstream audience, and no other show will do it as well.


[Newest]My parents watch this show

13Saturday Night Live
All time classic, never gets old.
Never laughed out loud at a show as much as this one
That is one of my favorite shows and I'm eleven
This show is not even appropriate for eleven year olds, it has adult content.
[Newest]This is For Adults Dumbass, God, Go Away!

14Arrested Development
Its the Story of a family, and the one son who had no choice but to keep them all together.
How is this not at least in the top 5? Number 1 in my opinion
So the guy in the $5,300 suit is supposed to explain why AD is the funniest T.V. show of all time? COME ON!
[Newest]This should be at least number 3 I mean this is the most beautiful show EVER

1530 Rock
Very fast paced 23 minutes of comedic genius. Often Goofy, always smart and great acting by Alec Baldwin, Tina Fey and the rest of the cast. The endless list of celebrity cameos is historic. Add a brilliant music score and you have it The greatest T.V. comedy of all time!
The jokes never stopped coming and the comedy was always present in every scene and every dialog
Best Show ever jenna and tracy were the best dr spaceman was hilarious the wittiest T.V. comedy of all time. Thank you tina fey!

16Looney Tunes
This should number one. South park is funny but Looney Tunes is a lot funnier.


South Park is less funny and very dirty, not the funniest, Looney Tunes is the funniest.


Funny all the way

17Mr. Bean
Mr bean is my favorite actor it should exchange with family guy and south park that's why generations of children swear because of this proggrame don't take this deffensive
Rowan Atkinson's best role ever
How is this #17? This deserves to be in the top 3


18Rocko's Modern Life
Cause its just awesome

19The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy
Punishment is also a kind of present.



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