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Richie Sambora (Bon Jovi)
Eddie Van Halen has Speed & Technique...
But Richie Sambora has EVERYTHING! He deserves to be the 1st!


Listen to Dry County solo... End of comment.
Sambora is a great guitarist that performs great stage act. He can play guitar while being a backed vocals. He is also a good songwriter.
[Newest]They even had to put what band he was in to make sure people know who he is... come on people! Anyone who says this guy is #1 over Jimmy Page, Eddie Van Halen, And Jimi Hendrix is insane/Doesn't know what their talking about. Everyone knows that "Richie Sambora" Doesn't compare to Jimi Hendrix! This list is good, But VERY out of order... (Joe Perry at #95 and Richie Sambora at #1)...
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2Jimi Hendrix
Shouldn't even be questioned. Ever hear of 'Voodoo Child'? Yeah, that was recorded in one take. & almost entirely improvised. & it's the greatest recording of an electric guitar being played EVER. & this isn't from some idiot who just listens to a lot of music, I play the guitar and have done a lot of reading and I know a few of your favorite guitarists would agree with me.
Jimi Hendrix All Along the Watchtower is the most insync guitar song ever made Amazing sounds each tune perfectly following one after the other
Jimi Hendrix is just like Bruce Lee he's the greatest and with the technology given of his time he perfected the sound of the guitar more than any guitarists today
The best, if you look at it objectivley. Hendrix came along in the sixties and revolutionised the instrument like no other. A great live improviser, he also wrote amazing songs, and has inspired just about anyone who has picked up a guitar since.


[Newest]Nobody can come close to his musician ship, let alone his guitar playing!

3Eddie Van Halen
Awe-inspiring, almost God-like riffs. Eruption is what made me a music fan in the first place. This man is just amazing.
He has surely got to be one of the greatest electric guitar players ever. He has everything. Some people just think he is fast, but it is his precision and technique. I have gotta be honest, Hendrix should be at the top.
eruption... Count the dots... Once I heard it... it left me speechless for this long


4Jimmy Page
What the hell!?!? Jimmy page is the greatest guitarist ever! And this is coming from a guy who has listened to many many types of music... Page is one of the reasons I fell in love Led zeppelin... From Hendrix to Vaughan to Clapton to slash to Johnson to sambora to gilmour to Santana nobody mesmerised me more than page did... He made his guitar TALK. Phhff, bucket head? Gimme a rest! Just give a listen to Achilles last stand or any song from led zeppelin 1, 2, 4, HOTH or Physical Graffiti. In my view all of the albums led zeppelin had produced rocked! Page forever!
#8 Some people need to start listening to more music than Justin Beiber! It is shameful that Page is this low. If you are 20 or under please go listen to some Led Zeppelin music and come back and then vote.
Are young insane? Jimmy #11? I really need more information why Jimmy in #11..
[Newest]He is the best!

Greatest riffs and solos look at Art of life.


6Eric Clapton
This list can't be taken seriously with Eric Clapton not even listed. What a joke. This list is based on popularity or perhaps record sales, not talent.
Clapton Clapton Clapton!
The best of the best.
Great composer and even best playing guitar.
[Newest]Just listen to Layla. It's all you need to do

7Slash (Saul Hudson)
He is possibly the greatest guitarist ever! Listen to Sweet Child o Mine, Estranged, or November Rain... Slash should absolutely be higher up on this list!
play the guitar so low..
and always perform great awesome solo with a nice style of Rock !
Slash should be much higher on this list. Hendrix should be #1, Slash should be #2 and Eric Clapton #3. All of these guys are great guitarists but Hendrix, Slash and Clapton are in a totally different league.
[Newest]Slash should be at least number 3. If you want me to prove your point listen to godfather solo made in stoke.

8Synyster Gates
Atleast Syn is in the Top ten.. It proves that some people have heard his solos and watched his live performances..! I Never say that he is the Greatest Electric guitarist.. Because Its all About Generation.. Slash, Jimi, Kirk, Randy R.. etc They were the best in that Generation.. MASTERS..

But Comparing to that Generation we need something better or better change. So By far SYNYSTER is one of the greatest guitarists of all times.. & Brandon Jacobs from the band MUTINY WITHIN, Herman li, Mark tremonti, Alexi Wildchild.. etc these guys have MORE TALENT than those oldies.. BUT I LOVE THEM TOO THATS WHY I TOLD SYN IS ONE OF MY FAVS...

Synyster soloes - Bat country, Beast and the harlot, Afterlife, Almost easy, So far away, Seize the day, Nightmare, Scream, Second heartbeat.. etc

Ok let me tell you, Pick any song from AVENGED SEVENFOLD [all albums] And just listen.. Thats what a great guitarist should be.. not one or two solos...! Amazing musical talent should be there to make & Write good music..!
Thats why I gave my vote to SYN... !


6th PLACE?! some people should get brains and listen to afterlife! SO FAST PACED! I say he is an expert at chugging and all of that and in afterlife, his guitar can make cool screaming sounds and I call synyster gates fans "synners" and he's got a great sense of humor and a beautiful voice!
Syn should be higher up
List should be
1. Slash
2. Jimi Hendrix
3. Stevie Ray Vaughan
4. Synyster Gates
After that, I don't really care. But any person with an actual brain for music knows that Slash, Jimi and Stevie need to be at the top of the list. Come on. Syn is the best of the modern guitar players. That's why he should be 4th, behind the greats.
[Newest]Syn can be a legend some day. He is awesome.

9Yngwie Malmsteen
Guitarists like satriani and vai kneel before the feet of Malmsteen and his awsome power over the guitar.. just TRY and match his fretting speed and precision.. you'll be trying for the rest of your life.
Icarus' Dream Suite Op.4... Enough said
Words other then genius couldn't describe him A #1

10David Gilmour
Of course the most talented and creative guitarist in the World. Guitarists like Slash can give stunts but cannot be such creative like Gilmour. I don't know why people cannot understand and like silly stunts rather than real talent. A layman can listen to the guitar solos of Echoes, Dogs, Coming BAck to Life, Comfortably Numb, Time... Of Pink Floyd and they will easily know his vast talent. Gilmour must be ranked higher.
Should be higher, and I wish he was. Pink Floyd are my favourite band, and David Gilmour's guitar solos can be matched by few, if any. Gilmour is famous for his bluesy, slow style that puts the emphasis on phrasing rather than technique.


Of the living.. He is the best and seasoned guitarist there is hands down.

The Contenders

11Randy Rhoads
One of the greatest guitarists of all time... Randy Rhoads. Just listen to what the other guy said and Diary of a Madman...


He is the best guitarist ever, but got lost in the mist of time because of the tragic plane accident. R. I. P Randy Rhoads.


The best guitarist of all time just listen to Crazy Train and Mr. Crowley.
[Newest]RANDY RIP one if the best

12Ritchie Blackmore
Greatest electric guitarist ever. He has the style that no one can beat. Just listen to Mistreated from Deep Purple and his early songs with Rainbow. He has the riffs that make our soul fly away.
He has the technique, speed and the soul... He is I think the top rock guitarist with a classical touch.
He can do it all hands down the greatest of time wether you love or hate him!

13Steve Vai
The most technical electric guitarist...ever. Steve Vai may not be as flash as the likes of John Petrucci and Paul Gilbert, but when he does go flat-out, he's untouchable. Vai has mastered every technique imaginable, but still has soul. 'Passion and Warfare' and 'The Ultra Zone' are must haves.


El mejor de todos

14Frank Zappa
I would rank him second next to Hendrix, or maybe even first. He's a musical genius, none else would ever dare to play his solos.
As good as Jimi Hendrix but often overlooked.
Frank had it great player-composer- and a great sense pf humor

15Carlos Santana
For someone who has been playing guitar LONGER than some of these punks have been alive - listeners should give "Moonflower" a listen...
Who has a better mix of tone and phrasing? Nobody
He should in the top 10 and if you don't belive me get his song into the night

16Jeff Beck
Jeff Beck paved the way for heavy metal with the 1968 album 'Truth', and virtuoso instumental music with 1974s 'Blow By Blow'. Beck isn't the most talented songwriter, and some would say that he's wilfully underachieved, but he's one of the best guitarists ever, period.


I was in (7th grade) math class and I was talking to the math teacher about music. And she didn't know Jeff Beck! That's crazy to me, I've been a fan since I was 6, which is 1/2 of my life. Lol
Most tasteful control with good feel.

17Joe Satriani
Satch took what Hendrix started and expanded it to its limits. Between he and Vai, there's nothing they can't touch.
How did Kirk Hammett beat Satch? Didn't Satch take him under his wing and give him lessons?
Satch not making the top 100 best guitarists rolling stone magazine list... ? What!
[Newest]Joe should be at the top ten or top 5

18Brian May
People don't realize his geniality and playing style, he's up there with hendrix, van halen and jimmy paige
Brian in my opinion is the best. his solo in bohemian rhapsody was absolutely amazing. not to even mention all his other solos in killer queen, play the game, somebody to love, one vision, who wants to live forever, we will rock you, I want it all, you are just amazing may.
Go Bri! You ROCK!
Brian May-----total amazing genius! Very underrated, just like QUEEN, the most awesome band on the planet!
Dr. Brian May-------absolutely brilliant, in so many ways, just like QUEEN!
Queen is so much more than just their hits. Their lesser known songs are all gorgeous gems, a treasure trove of sheer ecstasy!
Love you, Freddie, Brian, Roger, & John! You guys are the best of the best!

19Stevie Ray Vaughan
He can be seriously fast but has also got some slow but skilled songs such as lenny, and by my opinion has been one of the most skilled and influential guitarists of all time. RIP
GOD. The best blues guitarist an live player ever. Nothing more eneds to be said.


He never played a song the same way twice


[Newest]The best according to my opinion.

Yes, he wears a KFC bucket on his head and a Michael Myers mask on his face, but he's a genius. Buckethead (real name Brian Carroll) plays every style, from country to death metal. Albums like 'Monsters and Robots' and 'Population Override' are must-haves for any aspiring guitarists, and instrumentals like 'Nottingham Lace' and 'Too Many Humans' take some beating.


Buckethead would be Top 5 easy if he were more mainstream. The man can play anything and make it his own. If you're interested, I'd give "Nottingham Lace", "Final Wars", "Big Sur Moon", "Population Override", and "Soothsayer" a try just to get an idea of what I'm talking about. The sky is the limit from there.
No doubt, Buckethead is genius. Musician. Benediction.
Thank you Buckethead!

I can say same words for Jimmy Hendrix, Jimmy Page, Al Di Meola, Eric Clapton, David Gilmour and for a many more guitar giants and this words will be truth for every one of them.
There is no measure for the talent!
You can measure and compare mediocrity, but how you can compare the uniqueness?

All you can see in the charts is trendy people. Some of them are talented presenters, some of them are good musicians, some of them are great musicians and very few of them are genius.

21Duane Allman

22John Petrucci
Under A Glass Moon alone is enough to beat everyone else on this list, let alone all of his masterpieces
Much better than some of the overrated items in this list.
Deserves to be in the top... most underrated guitarist


23Joe Bonamassa
Great to see a continuation of guitarist greats, he is awesome!
We thought that Eric Clapton was the man until we heard Joe Bonamassa. He is incredible.
One of the greatest. Period!
[Newest]Better than the rest. He is my favorite now.

24Angus Young
Alright joke's over he should be #2 just behind Jimi Hendrix


Angus Young is a LEGEND. He should at least be in the top ten.
You can't beat ACDC.. Best live guitarist

25Billie Joe Armstrong
I'm sorry but I do not like Green Day, I may be the only one who thinks this, and get yelled at for saying this... But I truly believe they're overplayed on classic rock AND new music stations. They play them on every station, for music, on this planet! I get it people like them and all, but really, "Brain stew" Is a very overplayed song.
Not only can he make amazing guitar riffs, he can play so many other instruments! He revolutionized Punk in his era and still is. Not only with a pretty face and a voice to go with it, but his guitar trumps all.
Beast! Maybe not most talented with the instrument but he has amazing stage presence and can write sweet licks

26Tony Iommi
He invented heavy metal with Black Sabbath. Pulling out songs with such heavy riffs and beautiful solos is really amazing. Guitar in is hands is like AK47. His best work can be found in songs like 'war pigs', 'heaven and hell', 'iron man', 'Paranoid', 'Black Sabbath'...
He deserves better rank

27Rory Gallagher
Shadow play enough said
And don't forget Out On The Western Plain and Pistol Slapper Blues and...
By far my very favorite ever. Bar none.
[Newest]Even slash looked up to rory, he is number 1

28Kirk Hammett
this is the worst list I have ever seen... 14. kirk hammett and 20. joe satriani oh my god he is kirks teacher in addition jimmy page is 13. lol he must be in top ten and jimi should be the best not fourth.
Are you serious! Kirk Hammett must be in the TOP 5. Have you ever SAW HIM? He can play the guitar only with his left hand and you want talk about his sol... ! He made Metallica one of the best heavy metal bands OF THE WORLD... !
Come on kirk hammett must be on top ten, this guy is amazing...
[Newest]Kirk hammett is number 1 in my eyes

29Jeff Healey

30Dick Dale

31Tommy Emmanuel
Wheres Tommy an Absolutely fantastic guitarist and performer
Far and away the best acoustic player who ever lived...his live performances are ledgendary...go see him

32Roger Fisher
I'm so happy to see people remember this guy and for all you kids, the HEART riffs you are playing on GH1 and GH2, Barracuda-Crazy ON You, Thats pure Roger Fisher.
Let me say it one more time. From 1975 to 1979 Heart was one of the best bands ever in Rock and the lead guitar player was Fisher. Do you get my point?
His riffs are perfect. Not too much and never too little but instead a perfect placement of sound for every song.
[Newest]Its about time people remember how great this man was, during the 70's, and the impact he had on rock music.

33Shawn Lane

34Adam Jones
So, so, so good at what he does. The booming sounds in Lateralus, Schism, Vicarious, and Sober are so sick!

35Eric Johnson
Cliffs of Dover! That work alone should put Eric Johnson near the Top 10 (certainly as good if not better than any of the Top 10 currently listed. ).
Eric Johnson is one of the most respected guitar virtuosos in the world. He has a fast, slick style and a brilliant tone. In the late eighties and nineties, Johnson took blues and jazz influences and catapulted them into the next world. And not many guitarists can top 'Cliffs of Dover'.


36Brad Delson
Best of his genre

37Chuck Berry
Chuck Berry is a Guitar God.
With JB Goode, he founded Rock n Roll.

LOng live Chuck Berry.Happy Birthday!

38Ron Thal

39Robin Trower
Truely one of the best '70's rock guitar legends ever to play. He has fast overtones and sweet licks.
Still one of the best at making the guitar be himself

40Dave Mustaine
Once again, should be listed high. also where is kurt hammet
Best guitarist ever what is he doing here
Nobody makes riffs like this guy. What people? Jimmy page, hendrix, blackmore, steve vai, satriani, pettruchi, dave, tremonti should be in top 10

41Todd Rundgren

42John Frusciante
Frusciante may not come off as all that impressive but his technical skill and brilliant solos are unparalleled today. I emphasize today because I believe him to be one of if not the best guitarist of the last 20 or 30 years

Just my opinion.
his sound and style...just so different from everyone else.
John Frusciante is my guitar god! He is one of the best guitarists that we have today.

43Kurt Cobain
r.i.p. kurt great guitarist
KURT COBAIN... I regret one thing... that I wasnt born 30 years ago...
You gotta love KURT COBAIN he's a Legend ROCK ON NIRVANA!
[Newest]Kurt cobain I really admire you!

44Billy Duffy
The greatest all time innovative guitarist to come out of the UK. Such a distinctive style and sound which is most important. Many guitarists have a similar sound and tone to others. This guy got me hooked on the sound of the guitar from a young age and I have tried to find others in a similar vein to no avail and I own over 2000 rock/metal CD's and have followed the scene since the mid 80's. A totally under estimated guitarist in my opinion. Long live The Cult.
The greatest riff-writer ever. Billy Duffy is the greatest British guitarist ever, and if you don't believe me, buy 'Sonic Temple'. Duffy writes amazing riffs and solos, and although he's got blinding speed, he knows how to use it with economy.


Truly amazing it is a shame he didn't get much exposure in the US. In England the Cult was number one for a decade.
[Newest]Check out the track Love, play it loud!

45Daron Malakian
He really should be on top 10, THE BEST GUITARIST EVER ON EARTH! You never could find someone better than him at any way.


He's not the best player ever, but when you consider that he writes and produces a lot of his band's songs, he's at least top 10 or 15
Just listen to his solo's
[Newest]He is the best!

46Paul Gilbert
Omg the most underrated and perhaps best guitar player ever. Ignorant people like slash before hearing paul gilbert. "
Very under rated! He is amazing live! Wish he would do more in the USA.
One of the best in the WORLD. So versatile! He's a musical genius, a shredder from hell

47Lincoln Brewster
He can do it all
Worship leader. Serves JESUS CHRIST.
Cracking and epic solos in -
'Let Your Glory Shine', 'All To You' and instrumental tracks 'Miraculum' and 'O Little Town Of Bethlehem' are just a few.
Multi-Talented Musician, song writer and producer. God Gifted!

48Matt Bellamy
Matthew Bellamy is just Uprising. Not much to say being an amazing guitarist, I reckon the best of all time! You listen to him for the 1st time, you'll suddenly change your mind because he'll blow it like hell.
Nothing much to say about him just listen plug in baby... )
One of the greatest guitarists still alive!

49Dimebag Darrell

50Johnny Winter
I guess since he's not even on the list no one has heard of him. But in my opinion, he is much better than many of those who are at the top of this list. Just listen to his Second Winter album and you will see the light.
He's always been supremely vituosic, with a deep feel for the blues. His playing has phenomenal attack and raw power.

51Ken Kitamura

52Ichiro Takigawa
very talented guitarist of D'ERLANGER, BODY and CRAZE


53Herman Li
Herman Li of dragonforce is by far the most masterful guitar player of all time. The only person on earth that can come close to matching his skill is his apprentice that plays lead guitar simaltaneously with herman in the band.
One of the absolute best gutarists out here, better than hendrix.

54Alexi Wildchild Laiho
An Amazing Guitarist indeed. He won the Dimebag young shredder award. That should say it all.


55Alvin Lee
Woodstock, I'm going home. Watch it and weep
Alvin lee greatest rock and blues guitarist listen to live version of help me
Fast or blue just an incredible talent.

56Phil Keaggy

57Alex Lifeson
Crazy not to have him in top 5
The clowns you have ranked before him makes you an incredible douchebag

58Johnny Marr
Not a guitar hero in the conventional sense of the word, nevertheless, Johnny Marr is one of the most influential guitarists of the past twenty + years. His arpaeggiated leads are very difficult to play, and when he breaks loose with a guitar solo, the sounds are unrecognisable as having come from a guitar


How is he not higher. He is the greatest guitarist to come from 80's music. I find it hard to find the reasons why he is lower than some other guitarists on this list but you know. Great gigs as well.

59Matthias Jabs
he should be up there on the top number one he's the greatest guitarist ever at least to me you'll be always in my heart
I like matthias jabs licks.. he play the guitar so fast.. I want matthias jabs to be the greatest electric guitarist.. I hope it become truth..

60Ray Toro
Some pretty amazing solo's. Great live as well as studio albums

61Mike Campese
Mike Campese is awesome! He is so versatile and can shred as well. Plus, he is very melodic

62Ted Nugent

63Tom Morello
This is ridiculous that he is so low on this list, every song he's in, even his solo stuff is just so great! Amazing guitarist, deserves better

64Rick Nielsen (Cheap Trick)
A great guitarist and showman.

65David The Edge Evans
Should ABSOLUTELY be higher on the list
He requires no introduction.

66George Harrison

67Mark Knopfler
Why is he 67. That's a joke. Top 10. No top 5

68Peter Frampton

69C.C. Deville
Why is he 67th? C.C. is great! A great guitarist, yes, but also A really down to earth guy. He's the guitarist that replaced Slash in Poison... I remember Slash saying he was in Poison but he was kicked out/Quit because he didn't fit the "Glam look" but C.C. did! What a cool dude! :D

70John Fogerty
He is from Creedence Clearwater Revival. Just listen to Up Around The Bend or Bad Moon Rising. The most complete electric guitarist in existence.

71Marty Friedman
What the hell, even Kurt cobain is higher than him? Marty is better than like 98% of the above
A whole new way of playing guitar. Very very unique.

72Mick Thompson

73Michael Angelo Batio

74Mick Taylor
The Rolling Stones are the world's greastest rock and roll band, so they obviously have the best guitarists!

75Jan Akkerman
Maybe one of the most original guitar player ever!

76Jamed Hetfield
It is very very great

77Johnny Rao


79Mark Tremonti
How is he not on this list?! Arguably the most talented rock musician of the 21st century, this guy can do it all - solos that leave you asking "HOW?! ", the catchiest riffs in modern alt-metal, and he can sing too. Listen to Alter Bridge's "Fortress" album, he ditches pedals for the most part and just shatters your eardrums with his wicked soloing.

80Jason Becker
Becker could smoke Malmsteen, Gilbert and Van Halen by the time he was 16. Sadly, he contracted ALS before he even reached 20.


81Chris Perez

82You Adachi

83Neal Schon
This list has lost all credibility. First Richie Sambora number 1 are you kidding me. That guy is lucky to crack top 15, then Neal Schon at 81. He should be top 10 easily. Also I did not see Steve Lukathur on this list he also should be an eay top 10. This list is completely messed up. Even the guitar god Steve Vai isn't in the top 10, or his teacher Joe Satriani. I guess that's what you get when it's a list voted by the people. 😭
Just listen to Journey's guitar solos, they are extraordinary every time. I would definitely put this guy in my top ten.

84George Lynch
He has his own unique sound and style that goes beyond hair band music
Listen to Mr. Scary or heaven sent and see what you think


With speed and creativity, he might as well be able to play with hide (if he was still alive). Not only that, Syu's been creating music notes for drums, bass and obviously guitars.

87Phill Collen
The riffs in definitely lep

88Vivian Campbell

89Tomo Milicevic

90Ian D'Sa
In my opinion the best Canadian guitarist at the moment, at least deserves to be on the list somwhere

91Minoru Kojima

92Uruha (The Gazette)

93Ben Bruce

94Chris Broderick

95Michael Romeo
The greatest guitarist of all time.
Only guitarists know that, because undeniably he's known as the best guitarist in technique since he does things no one can do.
And musically, well he has masterpieces such as The Odyssey and The Divine Wings Of Tragedy and lots of other songs with his band Symphony X.

96Rocky George
Rocky could wipe the floor with most original metal guitarists and not even break a sweat. Makes Kirk look like a lost puppy.

97Joe Perry
How is JOE ' PERRY not higher on this list?! #95 though? Really people? Joe Perry is part of the "Toxic Twins" with Steven. How is he not in the top 20, AT LEAST! LOL.

98Steve Clark

99Jack White

100John McLaughlin
It's amazing how pop "guitar" players get the most recognition, like Riche Sambora, Slash, Synister Gates or Mathew Bellamy. It is shocking how if you thrust a musician or artist in peoples faces, they think it's the only thing out there. John McLaughlin has not only changed the Jazz and rock worlds, but has influenced countless guitar players with his complexity of composition and raw technical virtuosity.
You guys never listen to any jazz fusion at all. Listen to Mahavishnu Orchestra and you see what I'm saying

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