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1 Toxic

A song with a great melody that has one of the sexiest lyrics ever. When Britney says "Do you feel me now? ", you can really feel that something's taking over you. The catchiest tune ever and the greatest song of the 2000's decade.

Purely original - changed the face of pop music. In The Zone was an experimental album that set the tone for pop music today. Brilliant track, brilliant production. Looking back, it is amazing to see how much influence Britney has on music released today.

Almost 15 years since I heard this song for the first time. My mom had a Sony J7 phone that could record sound for like 15 sec or so. And she had recorded Toxic. Man.. I feel so old. Long live the Princess of Pop Music!

I find myself this this song everywhere: in the shower, in the car, at work, when I'm doing my homework... This song is just intoxicating! Easily Britney's best song EVER!

2 ... Baby One More Time

Its 2013 I listen to this song a lot. This song is really catchy, memorable, and I love the rhythm and lyrics. This song is certainly britney spears's best song! This song is probably the one that made her famous at the first place. I like her dances and her look in her music video! She looked much better without plastic surgery :(

This song started her career. Where Toxic is bland, banal, and overly breathy,... Baby One More Time is innovative and launched her global takeover... Baby One More Time is clearly her best song.

This is the most AMAZING song by Britney that I've ever heard. The music video is brilliant, the choreography is fantastic and it shows just how talented Britney truly is.

Her very first song ever and it was amazing! Only listened it once and it has been stuck in my head until today! I've only listened like an year ago and its still stuck in my head. She danced awesome

3 Till the World Ends

I am in love with Britney spears and her song till the world ends because it always gets everyone to dance along with the music. The beat and the singing is catchy and perfect for a party.

I will love Britney Till the World Ends!
Just a perfect club song, everyone loves it!
A songs that makes us dance, sing and feel all the best of Britney

Fantabulous, Electrifying, and very catchy! An excellent choice for playlists in your phones, tablets and ipods.
I absolutely loved it, great job done by Britney Spears (again)!

Oh god! Just look at her... How brilliant she has become over the years... And song is one of the best party song... I m loving it...

4 Everytime

She may not have a voice like Christina or Whitney but this song is very touching. Her vocals may not be the strongest but they instill a saddening touch that reminds you of the true meaning of the song. This should be No. 1 on the list. Her songwriting skills are truly amazing.

Every time is definitely one of my favorite Britney songs. Beautiful melody, absolutely amazingly written, her voice sounds amazing! It's truly one of her best songs in my opinion. I always love Britney's ballads and this one is no different!

Best song I've ever heard her sing! I find myself constantly pressing play again on my ipod. I wish everyone of her songs were like this one. You will never get tired of this one.

Britney Spears is a much better singer/songwriter when she sings with her own voice. None of that autotune bs we get nowadays. The melancholic notes she hits in this song is so mesmerizing, I always come back to it every time.

5 Gimme More

Are you kidding me? This song should be in the top 3 league. In my opinion this is the most catchiest song of Britney ever! The opening lines to the song are the best, the rhythm and the beats are mesmerising. To sum it up this song needs to be appreciated. So please vote for this song guys and iin case if you haven't listened to this one, you are missing a lot in your life!

I heard this song the first time on Grand Theft Auto V radio. It was my favorite song in the game. It has a really catchy chorus and a sexy instrumental.

My favorite all time Britney song. A deliciously hypnotizing sound that sucks you in and tempts you to just listen to the song on repeat for hours.

Has a vintage vibe to it which adds to it's dark theme. I hope she makes this type of music again. This really differ from all her other classics.

6 Womanizer

Womanizer, Woman-womanizer, you're womanizer oh womanizer, oh you're a womanizer... I love this part the most! Her voice is so sexy... Directly in love with this song when I first tuned this song Love you Britney!

Best song of all time in my opinion. This is such a great song to get up and dance to. I honestly think this should be first cause it's too good to be just number 9.

I love this song britney is really a legend
No one. Can argue with that I love all her song but this is my favourite now it is so god
you're a womanizer womanizer I absolutely love it spears rocks and always will

Awesome song! Just can't get bored of it. It's tune is really great, and the music is amazing! Totally describes half of the boys in the world. No offense, guys :-D

7 Circus

The anthem of Britney Spears' career life. Her life is like is a circus. We're the audience and she's the ring leader. Better pay attention when she's the center of attention. The show is about to begin.

Listened the others too. But this one leaves a long lasting impression. Doesn't seem to be boring even when played straight for an hour.

It is one of the best songs from Britney, to be honest. Even though it has been so long, I am still not bored of it.

This song is totally cool! When you listen to it, it will brcome one of your favorite song!

8 Piece of Me

"Piece Of Me" is such a unique song with such a unique vibe. Only she can make a song of barely any pitch range extend to this amazing standard. The production of the track is amazing as well. Love this song!

Everybody just want a piece of Britney after listening this song
It's just her classic that I can't stop hitting the replay
Nobody can do electropop better than Britney!

Brit has many great songs. I choose Piece of Me because it ranked #1 everywhere and made her come back look very successful

"Piece of me" is her best song. It took ages to grow on me but when it did I began to really love it

9 I'm a Slave 4 U

Absolutely the best song! This is the song that transformed her into a full sex symbol woman! Any girl who's trying to understand her sexuality can fully relate and it's amazing to just be a slave to the beat!

Hottest video of all time and the best song by britney... The beat of this song is awesome!

! How is this song at 16?! This definitely deserves a spot in the top 10! It's got a great beat and it's extremely catchy. everyone vote for this song

I hated this one no offense. She is really talented she can do so much better than this, as seen from tracks like every time

10 I Wanna Go

That's was my first song that I heard to Britney Spear and the song was just so awesome and I LIKED THE song very much. It music was awesome and Britney was bit childish in the video and I like that. She was sexy as usual in the video. LOve her

Amazing song, shows how awesomely perfect she is! Great vocals, it so catchy and has a good beat and vibe. The video is pretty damn good she wears the best shoes ever.

Britney Spears one of the great song... L love this. Very good video to. Britney spears is looking awesome.
Excellent song.

The beat is sick! All my friends love it very much, this should be in the top 10 at least. Love you Brit!

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11 Break the Ice

HOW THE HELL is this not in top ten? So in shock. This is an amazing hypnotic song! The only song I know where the beat sings to her instead of she singing to the beat. Shame it has a boring end.. but amazing from the start. Makes me want to pole dance!

Dreamy sad sounding song with substance and does not burn out quickly, but rather sounds better with every listen! Britney's voice is also extremely smooth and not too high pitched in this song! Love it

I agree that this one was overlooked! It is definitely one of my all-time favorites. I love the sound of it and the lyrics.

This song brings you to a whole new dimension, especially with headphones this song is very underrated but a great pop song!

12 Stronger

I really like how this song is inspiring and I suppose not like any of her other songs! The vocals in the beginning are on point and her voice like always sounds amazing! I picked stronger but I love all her songs to be honest

No Britney song done after Toxic matches stronger... great lyrics, great video and great beats... It has been underrated, It comes third to toxic and sometimes.

This song is perfect, I cannot think of a better song, a true masterpiece; I really do miss the old Britney, I am truly in love with her from the years of 1998-2004.

Guys, vote for this beautiful song please. Stronger is one of Britney's best ones. Great lyrics and very inspirational

13 Overprotected

I absolutely love this song! Awesome, catchy, almost dance-like beats make this song stand out. This is definitely one of Britney's best underrated songs, that deserves more attention. This song also has an awesome music video! I really miss the old Britney and her old music, but she is still the best! (: We love you Brit!

My all time fave Britney song. Very catchy song. This song also received a Grammy nomination for best pop vocal performance in 2002. The music video is awesome. She looks very beautiful in this video.

I'm still shocked this song never made it big. It's perfect. perfect Max Martin songwriting and production, and the message of the song still lives on for Britney to this day.

My favorite music video by Brit.
The song is great 2!

14 Hold It Against Me

The ultimate comeback... Not that she ever left. Brit is more Brit than ever before. She is the best out there an nobody can top her. So don't hold anything against her!

The most influent songs since 3 years. Since when Britney put dubstep on this everyone put dubstep on their songs like Madonna & Nicki.

I love this, one of the most greatest Britney songs

Her voice is so powerful in it. Her entry from FEMME FATALE shows that her days in the world of music are not over. She still rules it.
Love you britney

Yay! Best song by Britney! At first I don't know anything about her but my friend introduced me to this song and I fell in love with Britney!

15 3

Love this song! There has to be number 1, because in many charts this song was in a higher position... Therefore I want the song "3" rose to several positions at the top!

Hot on. Brittany nice song. The kid

Her best song without question.

It made me dance

16 If U Seek Amy

This song is fun and clever. One of my all-time favorites. It's a shame more people didn't really understand the point of it and only focused on the little joke about the "f-word. " Great song! Deserves to be remembered among her classics.

Please guys you gotta vote it. It is one of the most amazing songs of Britney. It at least deserves to be in top 10 well I am really shocked that why this song is not. This song has got amazing beats.

Unbelievable this song is here. I thought this song will be at least in top 5! You should listen this song... It is not the place this song deserves! Lets make the list genuine...!

Catchiest beats ever. I am a huge fan of Britney and this has got to be at least in the top ten best of Britney Spears.

17 Criminal

I've been obsessed with this song for years. It's just amazing and really unique. The flute sounds and the building up of the percussion towards the chorus is just perfect. Her voice is beautiful and matching to the song.

Forget about provocative video. Critics always say bad things about Brit.
Criminal itself, is wonderful song - one of Britney's greatest songs ever

Even though the video was kinda stupid, the actual song was one of THE best songs I have ever heard. The chorus is so catchy, and the background music is to die for.

Absolutely the best song! This song is the best song of britney spears.
I just love this song. It should be in the list of top 5.
One of Britney's greatest songs ever.

18 (You Drive Me) Crazy

Amazing song! I get that the melody in Crazy, Oops, and Baby are really similar, but I feel like they fit in different places, like Crazy is more dance oriented than the other (they both are also extremely danceable), Baby is the catchy heartbreak begging song, and Oops is like the confident song.
I think everyone who hasn't heard this song in a while has forgotten it and since it's so far down they don't vote for it, and they probably only remember Baby and Oops, while this is a huge contender in the trio.

I don't understand why it's not that popular. It's the best party song EVER!

I remember when I used to dance with my sister and my cousin on this song..

Very nice song but it is same like oops! I did it again but it is also dam goo

19 Oops!... I Did It Again

definitely one of Britney's best songs. Sad to see it so far down on the list. Most people are probably tired of it and forget how good the song actually is!

This is absolutely ridiculous. This should be 2nd after toxic and no one can deny its one of the most iconic songs of the 2000s. VOTE

Why isn't this at the top? It is a catchy song released by Britney. I am so surprised that it is so low down in the favourites!

This song is a masterpiece from Britney.So it should be in top 5.
My top 5 list is
1. Baby one more time
2. Criminal
3. Oops! I did it again
4. Till the world ends
5. Every time

20 Lucky

Don't care if this song is going' to be the last or first. I just love THIS song and I really miss the old Britney sweet innocent songs. It's perfect, mellow, and tuneful! You better listen to this guys! Won't miss it!

This song is the aesthetic language function itself! Jajaja, I'm exaggerating. That's the emotive function disguised as the referential function, but... HEY! It's so beautiful. It's just... Perfect!

Love this song!
But she cry, cry, cry with a lonely heart
If there's nothing missing in my life
So why do these tears come at night...

Remember my teen age.. Awesome.. Lovely

21 Work Bitch

This song is seriously one of my favorite songs ever. Other songs are good, but this one, with the British accent, with the great background music, and the amazing music video, stands out. It shows how you better work to get what you want. It doesn't just come to you. Definitely #1

This song will be number 1 soon...its very inspirational and a good workout song. If you want a hot body or a fancy car or house or whatever, you have to work for it. Kudos to the producer. Great music

This song is just amazing, it's really one of the best Britney new songs, an excellent music and sound, deserves more obviously.

Has a cool meaning behind it. It's also catchy as hell, and the music video is just plain awesome.

22 Sometimes

I just LOVE this song. I can totally relate to it. One of my favorite lines is "Sometimes I'm scared of you" because I get so scared and nervous around my crush and hearing this makes me realize that I'm not the only one that gets that way. Another one of my favorite lines is "I don't want to be so shy" because I get super shy around the dude I like. Those are just some of the lines that are very easy to relate to. I think this song is perfect for teen girls or anyone really because it is very relatable to us who are experiencing crushes or first loves. It's nice to hear something that can we can relate with for what we're feeling. This song also has a very nice rhythm to it. I constantly get this song stuck in my head. "Sometimes" should be way higher than spot 23. It's a lovely song. I love it so much that I'm jamming to it right now. What a great beat! :-)

Somtimes when I hear these song its making me cry because I'm inspired all the song of her when she was young.. Could she be write a song that fit the childs heart and like these... Britney is so beautiful inside but everything change. Coul she be more careful when she is making a music video. I really like everything since19s till 20s and like these song that it touch my heart so deeply. Love you britney forevernomatter what

SOMETIMES I ask myself, "Why wouldn't this song be I the top 3"?
SOMETIMES I'm wondering why would it be ranked here.
SOMETIMES I can't look at the song's rank. It's really shameful
Com'on! This song is meaningful, truthful and beautiful. This is the impeccable song of Britney.
This song deserves the crown!

How could it be on no. 22...? It should be in top ten... Its such a beautiful song...! I seriously can't believe that its on no. 22... And the lyrics are just awesome...! Specially this line :-
Sometimes I run, sometimes I hide...

23 Scream & Shout

This is an epic song and can turn your boring day upside down!
Deserves a better spot.

I very enjoy with this song!

24 Born to Make You Happy

I actually forgot about this song, definitely the best from her first albumn, but not of all time. Beautiful song about teenage heartbreak what else can you ask for. Go britney!

My favorite song from Britney's debut album "Baby One More Time" - sweet, beautiful and just lovely track. Oh and very underrated too

Even I'm a boy and I know it's the tipycal foolish song, it's my favourite Britney song. It's so sweet and show how marvelous and painful the love can be. My favourite song in the world

This is BY FAR her best song. How did Till the world ends, Me against the music and crap like that get ahead of this? VOTE!

25 Inside Out

"So Come On! " This underrated song not only has an insane, grinding mid-tempo beat, and incredibly catchy melodies and harmonies, but in this song Britney even references two of her old hits, "Baby One More Time" and "(You Drive Me) Crazy". "Hit me one more time it's so amazing, how you shook my world and flipped it upside down. You're the only one who ever drove me CRAZY! Cause you know me inside out... " Seriously one of my all time favorite Britney Songs, and songs period!

This really should be one on Britney's next singles!
It's not only catchy but it's also slighlty different from her more recent stuff.

It's hard to say which song is the best because Britney Spears is an angel. This song is sexy and my current favorite. :D

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