Top Ten Greatest Male Tenors

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The Top Ten

Jonathan Antoine
Jonathan Antoine will go down in history, no doubt. His ability to touch people's souls already at such a young age is incredible. Jonathan sings and becomes the music. He is unaware of many of his reactions while singing because he goes to a different place. He is not singing for fame, or money, or any other ego boosting reasons. He loves to sing. Period. Who better to sing the best music ever written? I don't think there are words to describe how magnificent he will be in a few more years as he matures and trains more.
Last year I was looking for inspirational videos to share with my students. I found the BGT auditions. As with the music that Jonathan and Charlotte create, the emotion, the story, is truly amazing. The fact that they are teenagers blew my mind. I had to share not only the YouTube clips but anything I could find. My students and I even bought their CD for the classroom.

The pure sound, the gift Jonathon has is not just his voice, it is also the emotion, the emote, he sends with ever note. The message of love, friendship, humility, sorrow, loyalty, all at 18 will have tears streaming down your face.

He shares himself, not just his performance but everything adding an instant connection. I am eagerly waiting for the 2nd CD and hope to see him perform in person someday. I am tearing up just writing this post, picturing Johnathon on stage lost in his music, watching as he feels the music, opens his body, you can see it, you can feel that the sounds are coming and they do, his soul pours out in massive emotional waves and you are lost in song. I can not wait for what is to come in this young mans life and what he will share.
Jonathan is unique in every way. His sound is rich and powerful and full of emotion! People are drawn to him not only because of his amazing voice but also because he is an amazing and courageous person. Although he possesses this phenominal talent he is humble, gentle and compassionate. He brings all of these things into his performances which makes the listener feel connected to him in a way that is deeper and more intimate. Jon shares himself in his song and that sets him apart from the other performers of his time and even though he is young and just beginning to make an impact, his presence will grow and be felt for years to come
[Newest]Look I taught music to countless people. Jonathan misses many notes. He can change between notes unlike anyone else ever. But I'm sorry. Jonathan is at the age where he will not get any better or worse. He is mature this is all that his voice he will be able until his vocals cords start to drop at an older age. In my opinion he is in the top 50 definitely not one. Jonathan is good but he isn't the greatest. come on now. Let's be realistic here.
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2Piero Barone
Such power he has in his voice for being so young! Most young tenors do not have his ability until much older. He has it now and is only going to improve with time like the finest world class wine.
Piero is AWESOME! What a gorgeous voice, so developed for someone his age! He can sing opera or he can sing popular versatile! He could walk right into an opera and begin singing and fit right in with no problem!
In the past 10 months his voice seems unleashed. His singing is effortless. At 20 his work is beginning.
[Newest]The best best best tenor today!
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3Luciano Pavarotti
Listen to his debut in 1961 singing "Che Gelida Manina" from "La Boheme". At 26, his performance left the audience gasping. The true maestro!
One of the best of the entire 20th century. The power and range of his voice is just superb. No one of his day could compare to him. His high C's were untouchable.
Best voice I've ever heard. Without the sound quality to appreciate the voices of past greats, none come close to the voice that resonated from the pav. Domingo hasn't a patch on him and carreras isn't even worth mentioning. When I was a boy my dad used to say that pav was in his own class. Now I'm old enough to appreciate his voice, I can only wholeheartedly agree
[Newest]Without a doubt he is the best I've heard in my 70 years.
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4Alfie Boe
Alfie has great warm notes in the middle and lower register with a lyric, flexible upper register. His versatility in singing all genres of music from opera (in which he trained at the Royal College of Music, National Opera Studio, and the Royal Opera House) to singing Elvis at the Queen's Diamond Jubilee shows the variety of his repertoire and his belief that there are only two kinds of music, good and bad, and he wants to sing the good stuff. He continues to defy expectations and reach more audiences with his remarkable voice. His superlative starring role as Jean Valjean in the 25th anniversary concert of Les Miserables helped redefine expectations. This past year, he was invited to sing "Bring Him Home" with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and at the Washington D.C. memorial Day Concert on the West Lawn of the US Capitol. Finally, listen to his "Alfie Warbles a Bit" YouTube version of "Nessun Dorma" and you will hear a tenor of the highest quality.
The clarity of Boe's voice whether in higher or lower register is outstanding - his voice also has a flexibility which enables Alfie to use in all the many genres of music in which he is interested. His voice has now developed a richness and warmth which has invested his fine lyric tenor with even more intensity, so important when singing classical music or indeed any other style. His lead performances in La Boheme, Pearlfishers and other operatic roles have won him plaudits although it is probably his performance in that most operatic of musical theatre pieces Les Mis for which he is best known, having won a 4 minutes standing ovation when he first performed in it.
I love Alfie Boe's voice and he is such a skilled performer. He engages and holds his audience whatever he sings. Recently made a Fellow of the Royal College of Music he dedicated nearly 20 years to training that voice and working at perfecting his natural and God given talent. He has appeared on the Opera stage worldwide and received much deserved glowing reviews. But as important as those accolades are - when he sings he stirs the heart. And that is the sign of a truly great tenor.
[Newest]Alfie Boe is outstanding. His warmth, diction and all registers of a tenor are superb. Yes, he has a God given talent, but he has worked hard to hone it and is continuing to do so. We are so lucky to have him. You can not beat his charisma.
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5Placido Domingo
Unbelievable dramatic range. The most versatile, by far, on this list. With a drop dead gorgeous velvety tone and great intensity. His forays into popular music have also been successful. He's been singing for almost 50 years!
I voted him because undoubtedly he has ( or used to have) a very beautiful voice and sang in many genres succesfully. There are better tenors on cds, but on stage there isn't. He has always cared his voice unlike other tenors who sang well for 10 years, but today their voice is over ( Alvarez, Cura etc)
I love PD. His velvety voice, his artistry, his good taste, his manliness and tenderdess which is a rare combination not found in any other tenor... To me, he is the best!
[Newest]Does not deserve to be below Alfie Boe, Placido is miles better

6Ignazio Boschetto
Ignazio is 19 years old, and has nothing but a great future ahead of him. He's been singing professionally since he was 14 years old. His voice sounds crystal clear, like a body of water that you can see the bottom of even though it is miles away.
Ignazio has the most glorious lyric tenor voice! He is one-third of the Il Volo, a group which, once you hear them, you will not be able to enjoy any other nearly as much. Ignazio Boschetto is a name we will hear for many, many years to come.
Ignazio Boschetto has a voice like the clear tones of a French horn. If you hear him sing without seeing him you will expect to see a man of 45 not a teenager of 19. His career is in it's infancy and there is no limit to what he will achieve. He is part of the classical pop trio, IL VOLO, from Italy. His voice is magical.
[Newest]Need to hear Ignazio in order to understand the many facets of this voice! Such a talented person is born once in a hundred years. I love this young man and his voice.

7Andrea Bocelli
What the hell? How can't he be #1?
He has a great voice, the best I've ever heard in my life, every time I listen to his songs I cry.
Are you kidding? This guy is an Italian pop lounge singer that hit it big because he is decent at singing Italian pop lounge songs and is blind. His vibrator is awful, his voice is weak. Any note above A he goes into falsetto, and without amplification and a microphone he can't get over the orchestra. He is popular because he is good at Lounge singing and making 30-50 yo women cry, because he sings of lost love. He has NO voice for Opera! He belongs next to a piano in a bar.
There are many technically superior tenors but Andrea's voice is more pleasing to the ear in most songs, even arias. I can listen to him for hours without ear fatigue.
Totally love andrea's honeyed tones, vesitility in so many genres, not so crazy about his singing in english, endearing but the accent is terrible! Love his opera, arias, sacred music, also great pop/popera voice. Adore any duets he does with the ladies, he, s such a romantic old guy, like his male duets too, never feels the need to show off or compete. He's also very sexy, yummy!
He sings in many languages including mine which is French I just heard him sing on Stevie wonders tribute and sang it beautifully in English, remembers every words! He is so versatile, can sing opera and ballads beautifully. I have seen him live, and my only comment is that I wish he would wear dark glasses.
[Newest]I loved listening to his Lord, s prayer song

8Enrico Caruso
Bjorling, a darn good tenor, but not even in the same league as Caruso! Other top tenors not mentioned are: J. McCormack, B. Gigli, M. Del Monaco, G. Di Stefano, F, Corelli, PS Groban, Safina, and Bocelli are not real Tenors, they are good male voices!
No doubt the greatest tenor of all times. When I listen to Pavarotti or Di Stefano and then I turn to Caruso is like powerful fresh air from the Mediterranean see...
He had a sense of dramatic power in his tone and his expression can not be matched! This tenor didn't even really perform with a full voice high C but is the greatest one!
[Newest]My father told me, his voice was so powerful, he could shatter a glass

9Mario Lanza
If you're judging only on freedom from technical errors, the magic Mario doesn't rank near the top. But if you're judging by rich, highly-versatile beautiful vocal tonality, especially in the mid-tenor range where most tenor singing occurs, Mario's voice is, among those we have well recorded (doesn't include Caruso), the standard by which all others must be judged. For instance Pavarotti's highs were wonderful but it midrange was unexceptional, not particularly resonant and weak in harmonics. Lanza's midrange was incredibly great yet his highs sounded clear while retaining nicely balanced harmonics where most tenors loose them and sound strident by comparison. On balance, if judging by VOICE alone, Mario Lanza is still the best I've ever heard during the last 50 years of being a tenor.
A very short lived career that still resulted in a considerable amount of influence to some more recent operatic singers (i.E. pavarotti, Carreras, Domingo). He had a demanding presence, with emotion and power driven renditions of arias that stand their own with some of the greats like: Caruso, Gigli, Bjorling, Del Monaco, etc.
I think each generation has its heroes in music. Those who grew up in the fifties knew the voice of Mario Lanza and those of the next generation that heard his voice on Reader's digest albums that are parents played knew it as well. I was one of these and in my humble opinion I have never heard a voice so golden as Mario Lanza. As Pavarotti said of him "fantastic, his voice was fantastic." I agree!
[Newest]I have Mario Lanza to thank for my great love of Italian Opera and for the tenor voice - he starred in the film "The Great Caruso", which I saw many, many times - my mother worked at the cinema! - He had a fine voice and deserves to be on any top-50 list.
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10José Carreras
Slim and very good looking, which was highly unusual for tenors in his era, Jose Carreras epitomised the romantic hero. His deeply moving, sincere singing always touches you. Once someone had described him as having a 'voice of extraordinary beauty'. I could not agree more with this. What he had sang from his soul remains at an unreachable level of appeal to opera lovers.
His incomparable velvet voice. Even his late recordings sound in a very elegant, deep and sincere way. I also like his passion in each song, that sounds like it is done the last time forever. These things are much more important than only high notes, that most critics like ro mentione while talk about Carreras.
Carreras is the best, compare "no puede ser" with Domingo and Carreras crushes him. Listen to granada and only Carreras and Lanza

The Contenders

11Jussi Björling
For those interested in tenors and who was/is best, I suggest getting Stephen Hastings (Editor of Musica since 12 years) book "The Bjorling Sound" from 2012. In the book he sincerely analyzes and discusses all the best tenor voices 1850-2012 and compares Jussi Björling's voice with Caruso's, Gigli's, Pavarotti's di Stefano's.. And many more. Who was/is best then? , answer is naturally, that not one single person performed best at each and every recording. For sure Caruso, Björling, sometimes Pavarotti, di Stefano have left the best recordings to the afterworld.
The Björling Sound, I.E. the purity of the voice, its high tones, flawless shifts, and the fragile voice, often leaves listeners in a state of deepest emotion.
To this end, many of the names on the list, is, according to me, simply a reflection of young enthusiastic (nothing wrong in that) lack of knowledge.
B Andersson
To be honest, Pavarotti has no emotional effect on me. Pavarotti has a lot of power but lacks in dynamics and sensibility, rather boring really. Jussi Björling on the other hand gives me the shivers every time.
For tonal beauty, dramatic intensity and overall nobility of phrasing, glorious high range - Björling is as close to perfection as we can hope to have in this world. As Garrison Keillor has written (in one of his Minnesotan moods),
"What was most real was something missing from my life that was intimated in great music. I would look up from my desk to hear Jussi Bjoerling sing “Nessun dorma” from Turandot and suddenly know that my life lacked nobility and purpose. "
[Newest]One of the best ever!

12Josh Groban
Although Josh Groban has considered himself from his early training a Baritone, he has proven unequivocally to own both the exacting flexibility and control to easily and naturally perform any and all tenor works. Indeed, the charismatic draw of his romantic modern stylings grow with every performance and recording. He cannot, will not be left out, indeed it is the future of great voice, meeting pop, rock, latin, and so may other rhythms of the world. His musical courage grows, as does the recognition of a gift we see perhaps once in every fifty years.
I think that if opera has any chance of continuing in the generations to come it will depend on singers like Josh Groban. He brings a fresh perspective on what some people might say is a dying musical art form. He could sing a shopping list in Italian and still take your breath away!
His voice is hard to categorize, is a large scale and it is extra-terrestrial. For me, amazing in every way. I always thought that Josh sings baritone. It does not matter, it is a great performer all kinds of music.
[Newest]Ditto for the comments thus far! Fresh perspective, vibrant, and blends all the beauty of different styles into a beautiful new creation that WILL serve to immortalize the classic voice!

13Franco Corelli
Hearing live most of the greatest tenors in the last fifty years, Franco Corelli at his best, was in a class of his own. There are great tenor voices and then there was Corelli's. Do yourself a favor and listen to some of Corelli's great recordings, and even better, his live performances. If you're unfamiliar with his voice you will understand what I mean.
Unfortunately for many, the voice of Corelli is unknown! Music is such a subjective choice as to what one likes to hear in a voice. Having listened to opera for nearly 60 years, I can tell you that certain tenors lend themselves best to certain operas. If you truly want to hear the beautiful power of Corelli's voice, then listen to his role in "Andrea Chenier". His mastery of this opera has never been matched!
I wonder who made this list. Surely people without knowledge of classical music. Listen to the Tenors, whom did not use all the technical equipment that most use today and you will have the answer.
[Newest]Corelli was in my (amateur) opinion the greatest tenor ever recorded.

14Rolando Villazon
Of the younger school this voice is currently my favourite - the emotion, the passion he brings to the fore is, for me, outstanding and I consider his to be a fine instrument.
Has magical charisma as well as one of the most beautiful voices - his passion for music is always there. Viva Villazon!
Young and as versatile as Placido Domingo.

15Russell Watson
The first time I played his CD, The Voice, in the parking lot of a new Border's Store, I just sat there and cried! The first violin notes of Nella Fanticia gripped me and then Russell, s voice. Yes, others are excellent tenors, but Russell got into my emotions and heart. His voice really ministered to me. He will always be my favorite tenor. And his story makes it even more fabulous. There is hope for anyone with talent like that. It is just too bad he was so ill for so long. He is still so very popular in the UK... Always sold-out concerts. A long way to travel for concerts from the USA, but well worth it.
Very glad Russell's fans have been alerted to this poll and have got him on the list and hopefully more will follow - insulting he wasn't on it to start with! I've been a fan right from the beginning and seen him live countless times. His voice is just sublime, there's no-one to match him in my opinion and no-one else could touch my heart & soul like he does. Every concert is a special experience. Russell's an amazing person as well as an amazing tenor and is at last being referred to as a "national treasure"!
Since being "discovered" in 1999, this ex-factory worker has performed for Royalty, the late Pope John Paul, and the President of the United States. This year Russell has performed at three Gala concerts at Buckingham Palace in celebration of Her Majesty's Diamond Jubilee. He has represented the UK at a Ground Zero memorial concert in New York and sung on the lawns of the White House. He is loved in many countries including Japan and Australia, and is a great ambassador for our country. Despite all his success in his career, he remains very modest and friendly, truly a man of the people. His concerts are truly captivating - to hear that voice live is an unforgettable experience!
[Newest]A great talent and wonderful person.
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16David Miller
David performs from his heart. He feels every vibration --his soul is always communicating with him which resonates with the people who recognize his passion. His vocal energy is healing and his smile lights up a room. He walks the Planet with love...
David has achieved success in his chosen field because of his love of singing and the desire to succeed. As a member of Il Divo, he is spotlighted in "Bring Him Home" and it is spellbindingly beautiful!
David is a very talented tenor. His voice always reminds me a fresh and sunny morning.. He can reach very high notes easily.. Definitely one of my favorite tenors..
[Newest]David Miller's beautiful voice goes straight to your soul. Consummate performer.

17Mario Del Monaco
I have never heard a tenor of such passion, power, timber, sincerity, technique, and evenness of tone than Mario Del Monaco. Yes, there are many other tenors, but Del Monaco has it all. You name it and Del Monaco has it in full measure. The all around tenor of any century. Unfortunately, the critics didn't give him the deserved reviews he deserved. Del Monaco, the creates tenor ever! S.T.
Mario del Monaco, if you know anything about the operatic voice, need I say more?

18Nicola Gedda
Fantastic technique and versatility.
Gadda is still alive, born 11 July 1925. And he was marvelous!
His voice was glorious. By the way - he is Nicolai and not Nicola.

19Gianluca Ginoble
gianluca has an amazing and beautiful voice, so deep and strong, so it's impossible to believe that it's the sound of eighteen year old guy. he is especially good with songs in spanish and his native language, so many shades in his voice. and the songs of sinatra seemed to be created for him. he's very gifted young man.
gianluca ginoble has such a smooth voice. not only can he sing in his italian language but also in
spanish and english. of the three, his command of the
english is unbelievable. how in the world does an 18 year old sing like this--blows my mind. gianluca will go far in the usa. he loves the old american singers such as
sinatra. his appreciation for all music is amazing. he is such a class act. i would never put ignazio and piero (ii volo) ahead of gianluca--never!
gianluca is 18 years old only and a baritone voice that lifts me up again and again. winner of a singing competition in italy with 14 years. now on worldwide concert tour with piero barone and ignazio boschetto as il volo = the flight. and they are flying!
[newest]his voice is like fine velvet. his looks are supreme. pure class this young man.

20Sean Panikkar
Sean Panikkar has the voice of an angel, which is only fitting because he IS an angel on earth. In his voice you hear the voice of God, in his eyes you see the light. His voice is one for all tenors to aspire to, and his character one that all should aspire to.
He is not only an incredibly talented young man but he exhibits such humility, thoughtfulness, and gentlemanly characteristics in all that he does. An outstanding young man who just happens to be one of the very best tenors to enrich our lives.
Opera singer, crossover singer, member of Forte, America's Got Talent finalist, best new voice in opera today!
[Newest]His voice is like melting chocolate!

21Fritz Wunderlich
Definitely the best tenor on the list! His beautiful recordings of the Mozartian tenor arias have no equal! And, unlike the Italians, he manages to go high without sounding like his balls were cut off; a true male voice. Another tenor not mentioned, and worth mentioning, is Frank Kelley, superb with both Bach and Mozart!
Regarding lyric tenors one cannot but admire Wunderlichs artistry, his expression and also technical excellence. To make a list of the "best tenors" is quite ambivalent as there are different "prerequisites" for different composers. Wunderlich and Mozart fit perfectly, whether Wunderlich and Wagner would have matched no one can say...
Famous for his interpretations of Lieder. No one on this list sang Schubert and Schumann better than him. Please listen to "Dichterliebe" or "Die schoene Muellerin". Especially enjoyable is his brilliant articulation, which makes every word of the text understandable, which is rare and not emphasized enough with singers. Comprehensible singing is very important!
[Newest]The best ever, period!

22Josh Page
I knew he was going to be a star from the moment he was pulled on stage by Josh Groban, his amazing vocals were even noted in the New York Times review of this concert. He is an incredibly versatile performer and can go from singing opera to classical crossover and then rock/pop with his brother Zach in their group Brothers Page. I've seen him perform with Jackie Evancho and their rendention of the prayer is my all time favorite duet! I'm thrilled he has joined forces with Sean Pannikar and Fernando Varela as Forte is now my favorite tenor group, their voices blend into the most amazing harmonies! Josh Page is incredibly gifted and talented and at only 23. I'm looking forward to watching his talent develop and his career soar!
When Josh Groban called him up on stage, people were amazed that he sounded just like him! He founded the crossover group Forte that was a finalist on America's Got Talent. Now, Forte has released their first CD and performed at Carnegie Hall. A very talented young man who is on his way up!
Josh's voice has just become better and better as time has passed! I have watched him on YouTube and his beautiful voice has made me cry. He sings with such passion and emotion that you can feel it every time you hear him!
[Newest]Josh Page's tenor voice is just amazing! It sings to my very soul and I want to hear more and more from him. I love the way his voice blends with Forte and I think as a tenor trio they are just incredible!

23Joseph Calleja
Sure Joseph Calleja has a great future with such a talent. Although coming from the small island of Malta, he already can be considered among the greatest of all times.
I think Mr Calleja is still on the ascendant but his star shines bright and he is a good contender to the likes of the Italian greats.
Great voice and has a great character too. He is only going to get better. He is there as far as I am concerned, but I am sure he will beg to differ.
[Newest]Charismatic-natural smile-very masculine voice

24José Diego Floréz
He is the best right now, He can sing any song, a lot better than any other
Juan is the best currently around no doubt about it.
Simple the best as stated by Pavarotti. Please get his name correct "Juan".
[Newest]He sings like an angel

25Beniamino Gigli
Gigli had the most beautiful voice and was the best Lyric Tenor
A most gifted tenor
The voice of an Angel! For me personally this tenor is way out in front. Breath control, diction interpretation all amazing and that velvet, caressing sound is unequalled.

26Fernando Varela
Awesome tenor and member of group Forte who came in 4th on America's Got Talent. He exhibits the highest of standards in all aspects of his life!
Great range - strong in the low notes and beautiful in the highest ones. But in addition to his technical skills, especially loved is his unique style. Into every performance, every song, he puts his heart and soul. He's a Latino, with that open, unabashed emotional expression - beautiful singing from a true romantic.
Third member of the crossover group Forte, a very talented young man in his own right. Beautiful voice! One to watch for!
Amazing spinto tenor, very expressive, beautiful voice

27Carlos Marin
He is the greatest and sweetest man ever. We love him and he loves us like we are his children love you carlos.He is an amazing artist if somebody asked me who is the most careing man in the world I would say CARLOS MARIN 1MILLION PERCENT.
A baritone with a wonderful voice, emotion only listen
He have such a great voice and is always kind to his fans such a sweet man
[Newest]He has a wonderful amazing voice.

28Urs Buehler
Urs lyrical voice is filled with emotion - especially the romantic ones. He can portray strength and vulnerability equally well. I love how his eyes twinkle when he sings, reflecting the emotions of his voice and heart whether it is pop, opera, heavy metal, or a Broadway show tune. There are few tenors who can sing this well and manage to touch your very being with his voice... It is magical beyond words.
First, his last name is spelled Buhler. Second, he is so amazingly gifted, it's hard to put into words the feelings he evokes when he sings. And if you're lucky enough to be watching him while he's singing, you can see the emotions in his eyes and playing across his face. His voice is so unusual, it's not possible to compare him with standard tenors. He takes my breath away. SANDRA
Love him, again and again, he's the best!
[Newest]A very versatile voice with an unusual timbre. There are few tenors who can express a range of emotions like him.

29David Phelps
I first heard David about 2 months ago. His voice was so rich and pure. It's so flowing, I couldn't believe he could reach such notes. Just when you think he couldn't possibly go any higher, he reaches notes in the stratosphere.
No one on the planet has a voice with such range, power, fullness, softness, control and piercing tones. The fact that he is a Christian singer is the ONLY reason he is not more celebrated.
David is the best lyric tenor alive today and one of the best of all time. He sings with perfect tone, the strength of his voice is unbelieveable, and his range is unparalleled. He brings so much to the table it is hard not to consider him top 5 of all time, if not the absolute best. He can seriously do it all.
[Newest]Simply THE BEST tenor singer ever!

30Richard Tucker
Richard Tucker could fill a huge music venue like The LA Dorothy Chandler Pavillian and, even from the topmost balcony, it was like he was 10 feet away! His timbre was beautiful to behold... Smooth and powerful! He's one of the best!
Incredible passion in his voice. I cry when I hear him.
There is no second

31Aureliano Pertile

32Giuseppe Di Stefano
The fact that you placed Russell Watson and Alfie boa etc, I ahead of di stefano, gives your list about as much credibility as your knowledge of the tenor voice, stick to pop singers, or get a job at Disneyland.
You left Giuseppe DeStefano off of a list of the top 72 tenors. You must be joking.
He was a great tenor. Cannot understand this rating. For me I will place him 4th or 5th in this list.
[Newest]For me the best content I have ever existed

33Nino Bravo
With his Dramatic Tenor voice, this artist from Spain fused beautifully the Romantic Ballad with Opera. You can clearly hear the purity of his Voice with his interpretations of "Aquel Atardecer", "Te quiero Te quiero" and "Mis Noches Sin Ti". Not to mention the greatest tribute to the American continent in his song "America America". Surely his one of a kind style of music would have propelled him to world fame had he kept on living after just a short 3 year career. Any Tenor that crosses over to Popular music will never sound close to this man that died at just 28 years old. Once you hear him any voice singing the Romantic Balled will always sound inferior.
Beautiful unique style. His live performance of "Elizabeth" during the song festival in Rio de Janeiro shows off his wonderful tenor voice. Another great song apart from "America America" was "un beso y una flor". I especially love his powerful final note on his interpretation of "el tren se va". When he died the world definitely lost one of its greatest balladeers.

34Mario Frangoulis
This Greek Tenor is one of the best cross-over artists today. The voice has a haunting power, which neither Josh Groban or Andrea Bocelli can match. And he sings with a great heart! If there is to be any future for classical music, to survive and fill in the seats at the concert halls, it is in the hands of artists like Mario Frangoulis. He sings in greek, Italian, English, French and Spanish and does it effortlessly.
My absolute FAVORITE tenor! Great talent and amazing voice..


35Remigio Pereira
Without a doubt, currently one of the best Tenors in the world. He sings with passion and speaks to the heart. If you close your eyes and just listen, the transports you to another world...just with his voice. Currently with The Tenors, they primarily sing has a group but with a unique difference - at each concert they will sing individual songs which highlights even more the beauty of his voice. Thank you to his mother and father for giving him the beautiful gift for which he now gives us this incredible gift.
This gifted tenor has not gotten all of the attention he deserves, probably as a result of being a part of an ensemble (The Tenors) rather than a solo artist. But anyone who has ever heard his rendition of Caruso could not help but fall in love with this talented young man.
I call him "Sir Remigio Pereira" because of his beautiful, unigue voice! He seems to sing so effortlessly, while drawing you further and further in to an amazing unknown world of "breathtaking oneness" with him. Also, I don't even have the appropriate words to describe his "Classical Guitar" performance, only to say that I will be "thrilled beyond belief" when he finally releases an Album of "his magical fingers" playing this instrument like no other! Incredibly talented man, beyond belief!
[Newest]So talented and very handsome as well. Whether in a group setting or as a solo act, he will always be fantastic.

36Jonas Kaufmann
The most beautiful voice of today,
He does not sing you a song. He does not tell you a story. He pulls you in, pulls you under, and when he finally lets you go, you find yourself dripping with emotions you might otherwise never have felt.
The easy, natural style, the superb quality of his tone, his remarkable versatility and emotional range make him, for me, the best tenor in the world. I could listen to him all day.
[Newest]His voice is simply amazing

37Choi Sung-bong
This young man is amazing, facing unbelievable challenges in his childhood. Don't think a lot of us have strength and courage like him. Not only survived in his daily life, but also achieved more than regular people. He had never given up and had special talent with a little help later. He was not only inspirational for us, but he also gave a very touchy feelings to us. How about if he had resources and facility like others? It is a nice if we can do a fund raising for " Choi Education Program" in the area where he is interested in (heard like language and music teaching may be). Bet he will be a good teacher and give back to people in need. Wish someone with a lot of knowledge and access can direct him. Hope he can have a grant for a low cost to study in US.
This young man's voice is an instrument down in him that projects with power but warmth at the same time. His voice may not be to the level of some of the tested greats, but is different enough that it stands on its own as a magic to the listener's ear. He has a good stage and is a great entertainer.
An amazingly warm and vibrant voice! All of the emotion he has carried from living such a repressive life comes through in his voice. Why has an American music producer not jumped all over this young man? His voice, his heart, his story are all so compelling that any album produced by him would be a runaway best seller. We need to hear more of this amazing talent!

38Colm Wilkinson
Excellent range and breath control, powerful chest voice and brilliant vibrato and falsetto. Sings with more emotion than any other singer. Still the best around at 70 years old. A joy to listen to and an inspiration to all other singers. I had the pleasure of seeing him last year at Cardiff, not long after seeing Alfie Boe and Ramin Karimloo in seperate performances and although all 3 are brilliant, for me Colm is still the best.
Colm Wilkinson is good because he sings with emotion, even when he songs softly. He doesn't have to sing at the top of his lungs to give you goosebumps. His perfect vibrato and falsetto makes him, in my opinion, the best tenor.
Best Phantom of all times!
[Newest]Such an emotionally powerful singer.

39Alessandro Safina
His voice is powerful but sensitive at the same time. One can hear the passion in his voice. I don't know the technical aspects of singing, let along opera, but something in his voice touches my soul. That's good enough for me. I complete agree with bjorling being #1. He was awesome.
What a warmhearted and handsome man he is. His voice makes me melt!


His modern approach in singing dramatic tenor with a very subtle touch of rock taste is just awesome!
[Newest]Together with Carlos Marin from Il Divo he is the best. Love to hear those two sing together! Experience from out of this planet!

40Richard Tauber
Must be in the top ten. Just listen to his My Heart And I and fall in love again.
Beautiful without bellowing a song out.

41Alfredo Kraus
The only constant tenor in the world. He performed until very old age which none of the rest did with the same quality as the first day, his voice was like no other.
Found this Great Tenor in 1965, I have all of his recordings, He did so much, He is by far the one BEST! God Rest His Soul!
Alfredo Kraus was in a class of his own. Will never be another tenor as good as Kraus

42Roberto Alagna
A fantastic tenor and a brilliant actor
He invests each role he performs with tremendous passion. His "E lucevan le stelle" brings chills to the soul. He is, in my opinion, one of the top three operatic tenors performing today.

43Jon Vickers
One of the greatest dramatic tenors. Great Siegmund and Othello.

44Tito Schipa
The greatest of all and you think you know about tenors! You ignorant fool.

45Stuart Burrows

46Lauritz Melchior
He had a great voice
The absolutely finest Hildentenor of all time. No one could hold a candle to him.

47Joshua Dennis
"Two other tenors also stood out, Joseph and Joshua Dennis from McKinney, Texas, who sang wonderfully but were also terribly funny as “Alfred” and “Eisenstein” in the jail scene from FLEDERMAUS. I have previously mentioned Joshua (he was an apprentice in Santa Fe last summer and stood out in last year’s Apprentice Concert and again in an appearance in last week’s concert) but this was the first time that I had heard his twin brother Joseph. Both of them are very talented, and it will be interesting to see how their careers develop."

"The production in Santa Fe was mounted to showcase a dazzling Joyce DiDonato in the title role, and she was sensational. Not only did she sing superbly, she was actually able to make us care about the fate of her character because of her extraordinary skills as an actress...In a small role, second year apprentice tenor Joshua Dennis from McKinney, Texas (who stood out in one of the scenes in last summer’s Apprentice Concert) again made a strong impression.
All in all, another wonderful night at the Santa Fe Opera." --- Jonathan Pell, Artistic Director Dallas Opera
The greatest of this generation, bar none. No one holds a candle to this man. He learns from the greats of the past, he exceeds the expectations and thoughts of people of today. He is indeed, phenomenal and will surely be one of the greatest of all time.
Truly a phenomenal young man. His voice is absolutely beautiful, his acting is superb! He is also quite handsome. A great package indeed! Cannot wait to see where this young man ends up next! In boca al lupo!

[Newest]One of the greatest upcoming tenors of the century!


48Volker Bengel

49Lawrence Brownlee
What an awesome gift. This man can deliver to the very last row in the balcony.
Not much physical presence but he effortlessly reaches the notes

50Keith Ikaia Purdy
He sings from heart to heart with a wonderful voice. He ist one of the best singers!
For me, he is the best!
Ikaia-Purdy sang one of the best Don Carlos I ever saw and heard. And for companies like Vienna, Hamburg, Wiesbaden and Karlsruhe he proved to be one of the most reliable, musically prepared and non- "high maintenance" tenors the company tenors ever.

51Sergei Lemeshev

52Piotr Beczala

53Ramon Vargas
Ramon Vargas' voice, at his absolute best (early to mid-1990's), could arguably be the most beautiful tenor voice of all time. Unfortunately, he did not have even one studio recording of anything from the standard/romantic lyric repertoire during that period. His only recording of romantic music at the time was from a live concert of Italian/Neapolitan songs in 1995, now on YouTube. From this live concert, one can easily perceive the exceptional beauty of Vargas'lyric voice, musicality, dynamic range and maturity of interpretation. His voice changed more rapidly than any other tenor. By late 1997, his voice was more robust and darker, but retained its flexibility and agility, and other attrtactive lyrical qualities. His studio recordings starting late 90's still still show his remarkable voice and artistry. Even his latest CD on Capriccio label (C5165), made at 53 after 30 years of opera singing, is still a model of tenorial art at its most magnificent. Mostly known now for Verdi and other heavy roles (his Don Carlo from Torino 2013 is now available at premiere opera), let's not forget that he's also a superb interpreter of Rossini, Donizetti, Bellini, Mozart, etc. He's also a good singing-actor (try his DVD of Mozart's Idomeneo), and a wonderful recitalist as well. His consistently high level of performance and artistic excellence during the last thirty years is unprecedented in the history of opera. He was also the winner in four major vocal competitions. If Ramon Vargas decides to stop singing today, he has already accomplished enough to place him at the the very top rank of the greatest tenors of all time.
The true greatness of Ramon Vargas becomes more apparent when he is directly compared with the operatic tenors high up on this list. Caruso sang eighteen consecutive seasons at the Metropolitan Opera; Vargas, twenty one consecutive seasons and counting. Villazon had four seasons at the Met and has not performed there in almost seven years. Vargas is a greater singer of Mozart's operas than Domingo and Pavarotti, and even much greater in Bel Canto Operas as Pavarotti avoided Rossini's florid coloratura music, and Domingo is deficient in Rossini and Bellini. Vargas is a more complete and greater Bel Canto singer than Florez, who is limited to light belcanto roles only.At 32, Vargas was already singing the heavy, dramatic, mature Rossini roles.At 40, Florez has just done his first Nemorino at the Met, and has yet to sing his first Edgardo (Lucia) there.Having done Verdi operas for twenty years, Ramon Vargas is as distinguished a Verdi singer as any operatic tenor on this list.Domingo's voice may be heavier, but Vargas is a more dynamic and expressive Verdi singer. While Domingo has numerous Otellos to his credit, Vargas has performed more Don Carlos than Caruso, Domingo and Pavarotti combined. Don Carlo is Verdi's greatest opera, and the title role is among the most demanding, particularly the complete 5-Act version that includes the Carlo/Philip (Lacrimosa) duet. Vargas won First Prize in three prestigious international voice competitions held in Italy and one in Mexico.
In contrast, Pavarotti won one singing contest for a region in Italy.

Ramon Vargas will turn 53 on 9/11/2013, and great as ever.
The most gifted among operatic tenors on this list, with a voice of exceptional beauty, flexibility and agility. With innate musicality and formidable technique, he has command of a wide range of operatic styles: baroque (Monteverde), Mozart & Haydn, Bel Canto (Rossini, Donizetti&Bellini), Verdi, Puccini, the French romantics, etc. He is also a superb interpreter of German lieder, classic Italian & Neapolitan songs, French, Spanish, Mexican, Russian songs.. A very stylish and elegant singer of songs and operas; very disciplined and dedicated to the service of the music, first and foremost.

54John McCormack
Amazing Irish tenor who sang with a lovely lilting voice.. Perfect breath control, his voice made people all over the US and Europe weep!
The true redeemer of Bel Canto. A remarkable lyric tenor with stunning breath control and fabulous diction. His recordings remain a wonder.
Caruso himself rated McCormack as one of the very best. Number 55? Lower than Russel Watson and Alfie Boe come on!

55Jonathan Ansell
Jonathan Ansell's high tenor voice is amazing. I have heard him sing many times and his voice sends shivers of pleasure down my spine and has on occasions moved me to tears with the passion and emotion as he sings.

His new album "Two Hearts" has such a great choice of songs/arias and really needs to be heard. Some of the high notes he reaches leaves you breathless.

He is such a nice person and will always stop to speak to you.

Jonathan deserves to be named in this list along with all the other tenors.
Every time I hear him I think he cannot possibly beat his last performance, and yet he does every time! He has a beautiful and powerful voice, no matter what he sings be it pop, opera, rock. He always manages to tug at your heart strings and a beautiful quality of his is the time that he spends talking to his fans. He is renowned for his ultra long notes, and he also is a bit of a prankster and never fails to make you smile and laugh!
Is one of the best high tenors around. His range is extensive and can bring any form of music to a new high from Puccini to Queen. There's never a dull moment listing to his amazing voice

56Victor Micallef
Smooth and powerful! He lived in Italy, training under masters, for 6 years before returning to Canada to perform in operas. Now he lends his voice to the Juno award winning group, The Tenors. Highly underrated performer.
Currently one of The Tenors ( formerly known as The Canadian Tenors ), a crossover quartet, he has sung before presidents and royalty. After receiving a degree in Vocal Performances, Victor lived several years in Italy studying opera under several masters. He has performed lead in many classic operas, and worked with famous conductors, such as Zubin Mehta.
My favorite Tenor of all time. His voice is a gift. I thank God his father made him "sing in church" when he was a boy.
[Newest]I LOVE the Tenors! They're amazing!

57Antonio Paoli
Listen to his interpretation of vesti la giubba. Great voice, superior to Enrico Caruso, in my opinion. Both artists left recordings, just listen and compare to reach your own conclusion. But if Caruso is in the top 10, it is unexcusable to not even mention Paoli.

58Matti Salminen
Yes, Salminen is known for his.. high voice...
Yes! His high C si amazing! I love when he sings "sempre libera" from Pagliacci (Giacomo Donizetti) or "Vissi d'arte" from La Traviata (Gaetano Leoncavallo) :) fantastic Tenor this Salminem boy, such a cereal light and lyric voice! And so young! Reminds me a young Flacido Mingo...

59Sebastien Izambard
Even he is not a real tenor, I think he's a good good singer
He should be here in the list too. It's strange to see a bariton (Carlos Marin) among the tenors. Proves how much you know about Il Divo.
Sebastien is a self taught singer and does a fantastic job as a member of Il Divo. He does have a perfect pitch. He is also very easy on the eye, as with his group mates.

60Chris Mann
I first heard Chris when he went on tour with Idina Menzel in 2008. My daughter and I looked at each other and said, ' Who IS he, and why haven't we heard of him?! ' The purity of his tone on every style of music he sings is PERFECTION. I thought he had the most beautiful voice I'd ever heard the first night I heard him sing, and I still do! Now after being mentored by Christina Aguilera on The Voice and finishing 4th in the competition, he has expanded his fan base around the globe, and more and more people every day know what I have known for 5 years...Chris Mann is destined for greatness!
Chris Mann is a gifted and talented tenor! Classically trained at Vanderbilt University, he sings with such warmth and clarity. He possesses a beautiful, rich tonal quality: smooth, comforting and velvet-like to the senses, quietly taking you to soaring heights, eliciting chills and tears along the way. Truly magnificent!
Already with an album, a Christmas EP, a PBS special and a headlining national tour, Chris Mann is lighting up the country and making new fans every day! Now with a Christmas special on PBS and a second album in the works, his charm and good looks are icing on top an already fabulous voice that knows no bounds to genre, tempo or even language. He truly is a "Mann for ALL seasons"

61Jan Kiepura
The greatest TENOR of UNIVERSE

62Carlo Bergonzi
My opinion based only on available recordings- definitely in the top 10! The fact that he is rated this low must be related to facts about his career, character, or possibly a prejudicial agenda
One of the greatest and the last great Italian tenor!
One of the best!

63Harry Secombe
Most of the tenors are stated are harsh this is a true silver tenor
An amazingly powerful voice

64Bryan Hymel
Bryan has been singing for years impressing all who hear him. Watch out for this tenor on the rise!

65Clifton Murray
He has my favorite Tenor voice!
Not only does he have a sweet voice, but he's also one of my sweetest friends - Hannah

Got in trouble with the bad boys

67Myles Kennedy
Proof that incredible voices exist in rock & metal as well. Not only is he one of the most powerful tenor voices in the world, he has a four octave range and can sing countertenor and baritone (and even occasionally bass) brilliantly as well.

68Ferruccio Tagliavini
One of my favourite voices, Ferruccio has a Bjorling-like quality about his singing and he deserves more recognition than your list provides - listen to him, people, and be thrilled!

69Mirko Provini
I think he's a good tenor and he gives many emotions during his performances! Really interesting to follow!

70Giacomo (Jaume) Aragall
Considered the greatest lyric tenor of the 20th century.
Jaume Aragall was the gratest lyric tenor of the 20th century. There is a video on YouTube of Pavarotti saying "He was the best of us" and Carreras, Domingo all say he was the greatest. Listen to the Barcelona Games opening ceremony and you will hear how Jaume Aragall's voice soars above all the others.

71Christopher Dallo

72Ermanno Balducci
Great talent from Assisi, not performing anymore, but great in the 80's and 90's.

73Elvis Presley
The greatest "NON-classically trained" voice of all time.
Great voice, but Elvis Presley is a baritone, not a tenor.

74Michael Crawford
One one can touch him when it comes to performing in Phathom of the Opera!

75Joseph Schmidt

76Alejandro Granda Relayza

77Mario Filippeschi
One of the best voices, with a naturally powerful voice and a ringing top that makes a talented and exciting tenor a must be

78Jan Peerce
Loved his singing, and he so reminded me od my grandfather, my grandfather sang that way and I very much miss him, but when I listen to Jan Peerce I can see him and my grandfather. I think he should definitely be in the top ten

79Vincenzo La Scola
Great italian Tenor died 2011.

80Steve Green
Tenor with very high range, capable of producing very rich and powerful resonance in his high notes.

81Fraser Walters
What an amazing young man. Has a beautiful voice that speaks to the heart.
This man has a voice that will melt anyones heart! It's as natural as it comes. This guy has the raw talent!
Formerly a tenor in the Grammy winning a cappella ensemble, Chanticleer, Fraser is now with the Juno award winning group, The Tenors. His solo, Bring Him Home, earns him a standing ovation every time. His passionate version is the Best Ever!
[Newest]Wow what a voice and he sings with such passion...

82Ronan Tynan
His beautiful voice is so comforting and brings an inner peace whenever I listen to him. I have met him on several occasions and he is so kind and genuine.
Absolutely amazing voice. I am moved to tears nearly every time I hear him.
Great voice brings me deep within.

83Fernamdo de la Mora
Mexican tenor bests of bests supply of Maestro Pavarotti on the role of Rudolph on the play La Boheme by Puccini

84Sabino Gaita

85Glenn Yarbrough

86Mark Vincent

87Charles Castronovo
Wonderful, brilliant. What a voice. People like Alfie boe should not even be in the same list as this wonderful man. He should be in the top ten. If you have never heard of him look him up.
Anyone who has watch him sing Rodolfo from "La Boheme" or arias from "The Student Prince" will know how excellent he is. And his work with the John Watson Orchestra is marvellous.

88Emilio S. Belaval
The best Puertorrican Tenor of the 20th century. A delight to hear. With a beautiful flexible and agile voice of innate musicality and excellent technique. Performed in concert, opera, zarzuela and popular music with emotion and tenderness not found often. His velvety voice and exceptional diction made his performance delightful. His music fills once heart.
A musician and composer.

89Luigi Infantino
The best voice for lindoro in barber seville

90Luke Kennedy
A member of The Ten Tenors from Australia. He placed 2nd in the 2nd season of the Voice Australia.

91Luigi Alva
Most beautiful phrasing. He sang Don Ottavio in the Giulini legendary Mozart's "Don Giovanni" to Joan Sutherland's legendary Donna Anna. Alva's line is the most elegant of any tenor I've ever heard. He should be on the top 10 at least.

92Matthew Polenzani
The next Pavarotti, to my taste

93Arthur Jordan

94Wolfgang Windgassen
The greatest Wagnertenor in his generation.

95Sir Peter Pears
The greatest british tenor

96Jess Thomas

97James King
Great American dramatic tenor.

98Ivan Kozlovsky
Great Russian with a sublime voice.

99James McCracken
The very first Otello I had the joy of hearing, and to this day no one else sounds like a proper Otello. There is something missing in all the rest except Melchior perhaps. McCracken's recording of Otello with Fischer-Dieskau and Gwyneth Jones is incomparable!

100Set Svanholm

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