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1 Breathe

Personally, for me, this is their best song to date because it incorporates what I like about The Prodigy. They had a wacky and weird style that felt dark, and Breathe has aged well and shows it today.

How is Spitfire better than Breathe? I can see Omen as the best of this list. I think Breathe should be number three at least.

Insane in the best way possible. Really steps up the intensity in the right way, the right direction. Indescribable.

2 Omen

The Prodigy is generally awesome, but this is honestly one of the greatest songs of all time. The drums and bass feel like you are hit in the head with a baseball bat. The riff is badass. The screech of the synth rips your eardrum apart. Perfection.

It's only right this song is number one. It's just awesome. Also, I'm completely bewildered that not only is Thunder not in second place, but it's not even on this list. Anyway, they're both awesome songs.

Best one. The second one has to be "Thunder." Love it. Pity, I think I'm the only one. Damn! I love The Prodigy.

Very good song!

3 Firestarter

Firestarter is the bomb! It has a very catchy tune with a great rhythm and beat. It is by far my favorite Prodigy song as it never gets old, is always fresh, and can be related to.

One of the most legendary imprints of the underground scene ever. Filled with chaotic structure, leaving a trail of images and infinity!

Omen, IMD, and other trash since 2009 are for little kids compared with that amazing creation. They are nothing.

Love the song. I think it should be first, but at least it's in the top five.

4 Smack My Bitch Up

Awesome song from an awesome album. But Firestarter still pulls ahead. However, this song still has a way better music video.

Their iconic song and very best next to No Good. How is that one not in the top five? It still does almost 20 years later.

This should be number one. Liam put all his inspiration and intelligence here. Best Prodigy track. They say it is their best song as well.

5 Invaders Must Die

Love it! It was this song that brought me to The Prodigy. I like them all, but for me, this has to be their best song. I always join in and lip sync "Invaders Must Die" while doing the worst robot dance known to man. Ciao for now.

I really have no idea why this isn't first on the list. It's a great album, and this makes it. Love Thunder and Omen too!

Favorite song. Hear it once and you can't get it out of your head. Never gets old.

6 Voodoo People

This is by far the most worked-out track they ever made. The melodic harmony and the mood this brings you to is really insane!

7 Out of Space

Their biggest and best track from their first album.

8 Take Me to the Hospital

I can't understand why this isn't higher.

9 No Good (Start the Dance)

The only good Prodigy tune! Period! I was surprised to see this one so low. Breathe and Firestarter are simply not good. In the 90s, I really hated them, but I was in love with No Good because this is Prodigy! Their most recognizable melody!

Real rave classic! The one that made The Prodigy.

How in the blue hell isn't this in the top 5? Travesty!

10 Charly

It's so funky. The top 10 doesn't contain any classics. And where the hell is Out of Space?

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11 Warrior's Dance

I just love it. It makes me dance even when I'm lying in my bed. Sounds even better when performed live (e.g., Rock am Ring 2011). In my humble opinion, it should be much higher on this list. But with so many fantastic Prodigy tracks on it, I'm cool with that. By the way, the female vocal is a sample from an old school song, True Faith - Take Me Away.

I love the insane bass. It makes my hair stand up on end whenever it hits.

Brixton Academy... Best track that night.

12 Mindfields

The Prodigy has a lot of great songs, but this one is special. Love it.

My preferred song from The Prodigy. And The Matrix brought me here.

I don't know why, but I absolutely love this track.

13 Funky S***

The best ever. How can you possibly hate on this song? The tempo, baseline, beat, and everything is awesome!

14 Stand Up

Purely amazing. I'm surprised this isn't one of the top ones. The tune is amazing and possibly one of the most well-known in the world, but it doesn't have much commercialism. In total, I reckon this should be at the top.

Should be the number one song. It is a "kick-ass" song!

A different but amazing song!

15 Baby's Got a Temper

The fact this was rated so poorly by critics just goes to prove critics don't know what they're talking about!

16 3 Kilos
17 Thunder
18 Fire

The Sunrise Version is much better than the original.

19 Spitfire

I lost my virginity in the washroom of a nightclub and this song was playing. I tipped the bouncer five dollars to let me into the women's washroom, and the rest is history.

Spitfire is just plain wicked and perfect for getting into a killer state of mind for destroying people at the poker tables!

Great song. In my opinion, the best one they have ever done.

20 Poison

It's incredible! That's the old Prodigy and the best song with Narayan. It makes me completely in the beat and feel crazy.

Easily their best and the peak of their creativity.

21 The Day Is My Enemy
22 Rat Poison
23 Diesel Power
24 Fuel My Fire
25 Run with the Wolves
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