Top Ten Greatest Male Tenors

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81Ermanno Balducci

Great talent from Assisi, not performing anymore, but great in the 80's and 90's.

82Michael Crawford

One one can touch him when it comes to performing in Phathom of the Opera!

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83Alejandro Granda Relayza
84Mario Filippeschi

One of the best voices, with a naturally powerful voice and a ringing top that makes a talented and exciting tenor a must be

85Jan Peerce

One of the best tenors of all time! No wonder he was, in his time, the leading tenor at the Metropolitan Opera. He sang with great feeling and his voice had a wonderful warmth.

Loved his singing, and he so reminded me od my grandfather, my grandfather sang that way and I very much miss him, but when I listen to Jan Peerce I can see him and my grandfather. I think he should definitely be in the top ten

86Vincenzo La Scola

Great italian Tenor died 2011.

87Steve Green

Tenor with very high range, capable of producing very rich and powerful resonance in his high notes.

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88Fraser Walters

What an amazing young man. Has a beautiful voice that speaks to the heart.

Formerly a tenor in the Grammy winning a cappella ensemble, Chanticleer, Fraser is now with the Juno award winning group, The Tenors. His solo, Bring Him Home, earns him a standing ovation every time. His passionate version is the Best Ever!

This man has a voice that will melt anyones heart! It's as natural as it comes. This guy has the raw talent!

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89Ronan Tynan

His beautiful voice is so comforting and brings an inner peace whenever I listen to him. I have met him on several occasions and he is so kind and genuine.

Absolutely amazing voice. I am moved to tears nearly every time I hear him.

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90Luigi InfantinoV1 Comment
91Sabino Gaita
92Glenn Yarbrough
93Luke Kennedy

A member of The Ten Tenors from Australia. He placed 2nd in the 2nd season of the Voice Australia.

94Luigi Alva

Most beautiful phrasing. He sang Don Ottavio in the Giulini legendary Mozart's "Don Giovanni" to Joan Sutherland's legendary Donna Anna. Alva's line is the most elegant of any tenor I've ever heard. He should be on the top 10 at least.

95Charles Castronovo

Wonderful, brilliant. What a voice. People like Alfie boe should not even be in the same list as this wonderful man. He should be in the top ten. If you have never heard of him look him up.

Anyone who has watch him sing Rodolfo from "La Boheme" or arias from "The Student Prince" will know how excellent he is. And his work with the John Watson Orchestra is marvellous.

96Matthew Polenzani

The next Pavarotti, to my taste

97Arthur Jordan
98Wolfgang WindgassenV1 Comment
99Sir Peter Pears

The greatest british tenor

100Jess Thomas
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