Greatest Moments in Sports History

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The Top Ten

USA Hockey Defeats Soviets 1980
You should see the movie based on that named miracle it is amazing

2Muhammad Ali def George Foreman

3Italy Wins the 1938 World Cup
Before the World Cup Mussolini told the Italian soccer team this: "WIN OR DIE." Uruguay and Italy were up against each other in the finals and Italy won 4-2. 11 lives were saved just from a soccer game.
If a team got a death threat from one of the worst people ever and yet they found out a way to win this is truly the greatest moment in sports history.


4Larry Bird And Magic Johnson Retire
The greatest basketballer of all time and his greatest rival retire. You just can't beat that


5Red Sox Win World Series
The comeback after being down 0-3 to the Yankees was EPIC! No team was stopping them after that



6Jackie Robinson Breaks the Color Barrier

7Giants Stun Pats In the Super Bowl
greatest game I have ever watched... go giants


The Pats are going to finish 19-0... WAIT A MINUTE! The Giants won the Super Bowl 17-14. For everybody that said the Patriots were going to win, I told you they would lose. GO GIANTS!

8Tiger Wins For His Dad
Tiger's father passed away and Tiger was crushed. That didn't stop him from winning. He won his 12th major in 2006. It was te only game he won without his dad.

92007 New England Patriots Go 16-0
I'm not a fan of the Patriots, but I think this is the best team the NFL has ever seen. right now there going to the superbowl at 18-0. but I think they can beat New York.


10Peyton Wins the Super Bowl
FINALLY! Peyton got the monkey off of his back.
Now finally! Reporters will shut up!

The Contenders

11Abdul-Jabaar Breaks The Scoring Record

12Tyson Knocked Out by Buster Douglas
Buster Douglas, a 40-1 underdog stuns Mike Tyson and the boxing world by taking the heavy weight championship in Japan.

13Texas Western Beats Kentucky in the 1966 College Championship Game

14Miracle Mets Win It All

15Podsednik Walk Off Homer in World Series
Hadn't hit 1 homer all year and decided to start in the bottom of the 9th to win it for the White Sox!

16Chamberlain gets 100 Points in One Game

17Usain Bolt Breaks Michael Johnson's Record
he can be even faster and he knows it

18Galatasaray Defeats Real Madrid For the Super Cup.
The only cup that Real Madrid does not have in their collection is the super cup.

19Sachin Tendulkar Scoring 100th International 100 Including One 200*

20Aaron Beats Ruth's Record

21Bonds Beats Aaron's Record

22Dolphins Cap Off Perfect Season

23Kirby's Catch in the '91 Series

24Chicago Bears Beat New England Patriots To A Pulp In Superbowl XX
Unreal Defense, and the fridge TD was hilarious!

25Johnny Wilkinson Wins The Rugby World Cup

26Willie Mays Makes Over-the Shoulder Catch In World Series

27Appalachian State Defeats Michigan In the Big House

28Queensland State of Origin Winning 6 Straight Series In a Row (2006 - 2011)

292011 World Series - Game 6

30Sachin Tendulkars Last Match and Speech
Most emotional moment in sports

31Doug Flutie's Hail Mary

32Michael Phelps Wins 8 Gold

33When The Curse Of The Bambino Lifted

34Rumble In The Jungle

35Manchester United Win The Treble

36Bobby Jones Wins The Grand Slam

37Babe Ruth's Called Shot

38Michael Johnson Beats His Own World Record In 200 M

39Jesse Owens Debunks the Aryan Myth

401989 Michael Jordan Buzzer Beater Against Jazz (The Shot)

41Red Sox Trade Babe Ruth to Yankees

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