Worst Seasons by an NFL Team

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1 2008 Lions

The worst of the worst. Possibly the worst franchise in all pro sports since 1960 sunk to an all-time low in 2008 (0-16). And the stench of the Matt Millen era will linger for a couple more years.

To lose a majority of games is one thing. It becomes one hell of a feat to lose every single game in the season and setting a new record in the process.

By far the worst season, losing every game and allowing the second-most points all time. However, jdsoaresfamily2 you are wrong, they actually won their full pre-season and were considered early playoff favorites.

2 1976 Buccaneers

They were a first-year expansion team, so I guess they have an "excuse", unlike the Lions.

I'll never forget that team...

3 2017 Browns

Lost every game. Blew leads to the Jets, Vikings, Lions, and Packers. Choked miserably against the Titans and Steelers. Got destroyed by the Bengals, Texans, Ravens, and Bears.

Had Hue Jackson as a 1-31 coach and still kept him around. DeShone Kizer at QB. Weren't favored in any game all season in 2016 or 2017. They should have just stayed defunct.

(Sarcasm alert) Congrats Cleveland, you have completed a perfect season! You've made history! Congrats on joining the other elite team known as the 2008 Lions! This has to be one of the biggest accomplishments in the last decade for you guys. You should hang a banner to honor your accomplishment!

Horrible QB situation, weak offense, mediocre defense, and a horrible coach. Every week, it wasn't whether they would lose or not, it was by how much. It doesn't get much worse than this.

4 2007 Dolphins

It was kind of funny just listening to guys ask "is this the week the Dolphins finally win a game?"

I still have respect, but this was bad.

5 2016 Browns

They haven't won a game in a year and a half... Something has to be wrong with the management, it's that simple. Fire the lot of them and start over. Couldn't do any worse than they are doing now. They did better when they first started back.

As a Browns fan, I am a bit shocked to not see them on here at least three times.

6 2000 Chargers

Ryan Leaf as QB. Jermaine Fazande leads the team in rushing with only 368 yards... I think that's enough to qualify this team as the worst team ever. I don't think any team in NFL history has ever shown as much offensive ineptitude as the 2000 San Diego Chargers.

7 1980 Saints
8 1991 Colts
9 1989 Cowboys
10 1960 Cowboys

Long before they were America's Team, they were just an expansion team. Oh yeah, Tom Landry was the head coach along with players like Eddie LeBaron, rookies Don Meredith, and Don Perkins.

The Cowboys' only bright spot in their winless season was an exciting 31-31 tie against the New York Giants at Yankee Stadium. Otherwise, this team gave up 48 points in a game against the Cleveland Browns. Yet this team was never shut out but didn't win a game either (0-11-1).
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11 1990 Patriots
12 1942 Lions
13 2009 Rams
14 2001 Panthers
15 1973 Oilers
16 2002 Texans
17 2006 Raiders
18 2012 Chiefs

Let's not mention that season.

19 1995 Jets

Led the Eagles late in the fourth quarter and blew the lead and lost.

20 2014 Raiders
21 1971 Bills
22 2008 Rams
23 2005 Saints
24 2004 49ers
25 1996 Jets
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