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1 New Zealand

The all blacks are the best team ever! I've been following them since I was 2. I just love the way they play and work as a team. The 2023 world cup. Ok that SUCKED. We got cheated bye TMO and Wayne barns. Then south Africa food poisoning us in 1995 was also evil bye the way. Anyway these guys deserve 1 in everyway. I love them so much and there just so awesome to watch and cheer on!

PS: France is my 2nd favourite team. They deserve to win a world cup.

Ireland number 1?! You must be joking - when was the last time they won anything.
New Zealand's winning percentage against all opponents is 77%, compared to the South Africa the next best at 65% and Ireland 44%.
For the credibility of this website, take Ireland down!

2 Ireland

When you think about it, Ireland have had one of the best if not the best flanker(Stephen ferris) they also produced the best ever centre( Brian O'driscoll) and have the strongest centres in Europe( stuart Mclosky). Not even talking about their out half like Ronan Ogara and Johnny Sexton.

The all blacks are really good and they do deserve to be first, the springboks are great so they should be second but I think Ireland should be third and if not fourth. As long as they are infant of Englan.

Yaaa The Irish team won 56-19 against Italy in Rome a couple of days ago. We have beaten the All Blacks a few times which is a phenomenal feat since they are undoubtedly the best team In the world... Overall Ireland is very strong team for such a small country and has many very talented players. Take Johnny Sextons drop goal against France. That was complete skill.

3 England

England, number 4? Argentina is ranked 4th, England is ranked 7th I think. Interesting that the top 4 in the rankings are from the southern hemisphere. One commentator said Michael Brown is the best fullback in the world. England didn't even make it out of the group stage. I think that England rugby at the moment... SUCKS!

England are brilliant, way better than Scotland, Ireland, France, Wales and Italy, we have beaten every team in the 6 nations more times than they have beaten us, the only teams that are better than England are Australia, NZ and SA. SCOTLAND SUCK.

4 Australia

Before looking up complete statistics on this - I was of the impression that it would be NZ, Australia, South Africa, England.
Well I suggest everyone look up actual performances over the entirity of each teams history.
Not only is NZ 'All Blacks' the best rugby performers. They have performed at this incredible level for over 100 years.
Furthermore they are considered to be the best sporting team ever in the WORLD bar none.

How the hell is England in front of Australia I'm a New Zealander & I don't actually support the wallabies but they deserve 2nd place? (All Blacks first ofc) that's so stupid Australia has won the world cup twice and England has won once? That doesn't actually make sense.

5 South Africa

Ireland play like the sissy leprechauns they are! New Zealand are a bunch of people who have tatoos to make them look tough cause they are wusses! I watched Braveheart and he said " We fight for freedom ", yeh, with a rugby team like that, heck no, Scotland suck. On the other hand, SA is a team of people who can actually play Rugby. France sucks, they should go back to making crossiants.

Is this for real? South Africa third and Ireland second? How many world cups have Ireland won again? As far as I remember there is only one European team that has ever won the Rugby's biggest show piece. I respect New Zealand, they deserve to be at the top but South Africa has to be second.

6 Wales

I think it absolute bull that Canada, Italy, and Argentina are higher on this list than Wales. Wales is one of two countries (along with NZ) who are said to have rugby as a religion. Wales not only are the 5th best team in the world now, above the Aussies and French, but they had legendary teams in the 70's and 1900's.

We did come number 4 in the world cup. So I think we should be at least 4. Also we have got a young team. I think the next world rugby cup we will be at least all the northern teams.

Also we bet England, Scotland and a lot more countries in the world cup
So come on, vote for wales

7 Scotland

Obviously from English people, Scotland are in the quarter finals 2015, where are England? So Scotland are in the top 8. Simple mathematics.

What? Scotland are the worst team in the world

Going to beat Australia with no biased refs and we're going to win the World Cup

8 France

I'ma new Zealand fan all the way but I love these guys 2. They deserve to win a world cup. They've lost 3 world cups and won 0. I feel really bad for them. There an amazing team and I really enjoy watching them. I'm trying to learn the french language right now. Anyway I'm wishing these guys luck in the next world cup!

PS: after beauden Barret Antone depont (sry if I got the spelling wrong) is my 2nd favourite player

Just can't handle the jandle mate. New Zealand won against your team fair and square in RWC Finals TWICE! Aussie won against you. Your team just can't win a world cup (or the 6 Nations). They have played three times in RWC Finals, yet they didn't win any. Face it dude, France should stay where it is, if not go lower. Everybody knows that NZ deserves 1st.

9 Argentina

Yes the Pumas are getting a lot better thru the years, I think they deserved to be on the top 10 I'll say they are on top of France. They are the number 8 in the worl!

Argentina's rugby has been improving at a great rate...and they seem to be unstopable. I am super glad that they are bringing more rugby to the world. I wish a lot more countries could follow the argentinian example!.

How is Scotland ahead if they are one of the worst in 6 nations?

10 Italy

This team should be in Canada's spot. They beat Ireland and France in 2013

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11 Georgia

Georgian Rugby players are very Patriot. Georgian Rugby has always progress, this is result of the players and Trainer. Well done boys! Gaumarjos Saqartvelos.

Best Rugby in Georgia.

Georgian national team has extremely powerful and highly dedicated players.They will achieve even greater things soon.

I don't go for Georgia but they are better than this!

12 Canada

I agree Canada should not be in the top ten, but they should be in the top 15. In the world rankings, they are above the USA.

13 Fiji

Best pacific islands team of all time. Some of the greatest players ever. Should be at least in the topten.

They are the obvious best they won Rio Olmpics 2016 to prove all the other teams are just there because people like them but this team had hall of famer Waisale serevi.

Their the kings of sevens, they should surly be in the top 10 for suree.

14 Samoa

Fiji tops the Pacific. I'm surprised how this is ranked.

Fiji is better than Tonga and Samoa because Fiji bet both of them

15 Kenya

Kenya is sworming to the top, sooner or later will be number one. watching our team win the Singapore Sevens was thrilling and assuring honestly we all know where this is heading #1. Cheers to SouthAfrica and New Zealand keep the speed soon will be head to head.

Kenya are really good at sevens.

Kenya are horrible at rugby union but are kinda good at sevens

16 Japan

I really thought Japan would be a lot higher in the rankings. They made it to the quarter final. Four teams I see in front of Japan they didn't make it.

The Japanese rugby team was beat South Africa and Samoa rugby team. So, they are best.

Unlucky to not make the playoffs! Not the best but definitely my Team of the RWC 2015!

17 Malaysia
18 Romania
19 Tonga

MMT vs ENGLAND, Tonga almost caught up to England in the semi-finals in 2017. They're are a really good team. Don't disrespect another team/country.

20 Spain

They do play rugby and they are quite good at it.

21 India

Indian is trying is ways hard to get into the world rugby format. Army India is the best team of India.

INDIA is rising in all sports as well as rugby.

22 Zimbabwe

At least 2nd in Africa.
In my opinion they are 5th in the world.
How is Zimbabwe behind South Africa?
Ahead of Zimbabwe are New Zealand, Australia, Fiji, Tonga.
They are all pacific islands.

23 Bangladesh
24 Russia

Up coming team with plenty of power, speed and strength. This makes them hard to stop and solid in defense.

25 Chile
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