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1 Joe Buck

Joe Buck and Troy Aikman. What a dumb duo. Anytime I watch a game these two are calling, I mute the volume. If one were to listen to these two and he/she muted the TV for the first dumb thing said, it would take less than two minutes. Stephen A. Smith is the most arrogant, self-promoting analyst on TV No one could ever like him as much as he does himself. Especially hard to watch when he has people like Jay Williams (an absolute idiot) or Kendrick Perkins (a complete racist) on the show. Kellerman could be OK if he didn't seem compelled to scream while he's talking. Bill Walton is spaced out either from all the hard drugs he took back in the 60's and 70's or he's just plain weird. Needs a mental evaluation. Gus Johnson and Joel Klatt are another broadcasting duo that are ineffective. Johnson is way overboard positive and Klatt thinks he knows everything about college football (especially the Big 10). Tony Romo is another self-absorbed clown on TV. He is consistent, though. He's as bad of a broadcaster as he was a quarterback.

2 Troy Aikman Troy Kenneth Aikman is a former American football quarterback who played for the Dallas Cowboys in the National Football League.

Worst I've ever heard. Truly. How can someone with so much experience have so little to say? We have to turn off the sound whenever he comments. Has nothing to say but the obvious. What an embarrassment. No analytical ability whatsoever. The rest of the announcing world must shake their head in disbelief at his inane comments. Even Joe Buck seems embarrassed by the things he says. Makes Joe Buck look bad. Wake up Joe and demand someone new. Nantz got tired of Simms and dumped him. Its your turn! Please save us from this shrill no-talent.

3 John Madden

Why? He's the legend of football announcing

4 Brent Musburger

Over hypes, and talks up some obvious point he's making as though he's telling you some inside secret that you didn't already know.

It's like your creepy old uncle had a love child with your annoying cousin.
Truly an abomination.

The worst announcer of all time.

5 Ian Eagle

It's impossible to follow the play when Ian does football. The LAST thing he says, when describing a play, is what yard line the play is at - sometimes he doesn't even mention it! Maddening! "Prescott back to pass. It's complete. Receiver avoids a tackle, spins to the right and finally taken down. Great run after the catch to the 40 yard line"

Please keep your New Jersey heritage to yourself when providing color on CBS NFL games. You embarrassed the network and yourself in the New England KC game Saturday night. You should at least seem impartial in a nationally televised game.

6 Tim McCarver
7 Cris Collinsworth

Inane comments are the standard of the day. He somehow tends to work in his "great" career in Cincinnati 40 years ago into his comments. How does this man stay employed?

''You gotta do the math here.'' - Says to Al as the game is so over with two possession down.

Grating voice... says several really stupid things (Holy Cow! ) every game.

8 Gus Johnson

He yells. He over hypes everything. The choppy speech pattern is annoying. He also tells you in detail everything that is obvious while you watch it. My vote for worst ever. I often turn the sound off in order to watch any game he does.

Gus is insufferable as an announcer. He always comes across as a home town announcer for one of the teams (turn on highlights of ANY Ohio State game he's ever done, for example) and he is so over the top excited for them it is sickening.

I'm am always perplexed by people who like him, and my guess is they are fans of Alabama, Ohio State or some other team he fan boy's out for. Of he's doing that for your team it might be tolerable, but if you're a fan of the other team, or not a fan of either team just watching 2 teams you are neutral to, it is unbearable. He's worse than Buck.

Worst announcer in all of sports.

9 Ron Pitts

The reason I wake up so early in the morning is it gives a slightly higher chance to give Pitts the gift I've been holding for a long time... POW!

10 Ed Farmer

He has to be the most boring and monotone person ever. Been a Sox fan since I was a kid. I too listen to Cubs games because I hate this guy so much. He constantly compliments the opposite team yet never really cares about Sox. I have officially left being a Sox fan and now root only for the Cubs. Thanks Ed...jerk

Ed Farmer is a self-important windbag who sucks what little fun there is out of every single White Sox game he announces. I want to listen but find myself turning off the game just to get away from his non-game-related droning. (And Darrin Jackson doesn't help matters. )

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11 Curt Menefee

Menefee is a total hack. Did he even audition? Holy heck he's the worst commentator of all time. Worse than Madden and Walton and Buck combined. Unlistenable, unwatchable.

He sucks and it is a disgrace that fox has allowed him to cover the US Open.

12 Brad Nessler

Between telling the whole world of his bathroom needs and calling Manning the best QB of his generation, he wins the award by acclamation

13 Jonathan Coachman (announces for CSTV) Jonathan William Coachman, also known as "The Coach", is a sports interviewer who works for ESPN who currently interviews WWE personnel.

It's bad if the WWE doesn't want you because they are as low as you can go in sports.

14 Bill Walton

Worthless. Shows consistent bias during games. Voice is annoying. Sounds like he is speaking with food in his mouth. Cannot understand half of the words he says and when I do it's filled with hippy nonsense. Lay off the peyote dude.

Who cares about anything he has to say. Never take about the game. I feel sorry for the co host. Get him off the air! I can't watch Pac 12 anymore!

Everyone I know turns off the sound when Walton is announcing.

15 Keith Olbermann
16 Dick Vitale

Never talks about current game. Too much effort to prepare. Just turned off audio on espn purdue-notre dame game to listen to radio. Maybe, I can find out who commits a foul. Terrible.

Dick knows his BB but talks Too much, half the time I can't understand what he's saying because he has worn out the old voice box..

Never stops his motor mouth! Too opinionated! His voice grates nerves!

17 Stephen A. Smith

Nothing needs to be said about him. Obnoxious

18 Booger McFarland

How can anybody with the name Booger be taken seriously? Constant whining about Big Ten / Ohio State. SEC is great, ok, is he capable about talking about any other subject?

19 Bill Macatee

Macatee is a wooden drone. No NOTHING! If the goal is to make an otherwise exciting event absolutely lackluster, he's your guy. He's an embarassment to the sportscasting world and a disgrace to the booth.

Why does CBS insist on putting this guy on for the big matches. He knows little about the game and his style is totally non descript. No personality at all

No business doing UFC events. Please get someone else.

20 Dennis Miller Dennis Miller is an American stand-up comedian, talk show host, political commentator, sports commentator, actor, television personality, and radio personality.

Thinks he's the smartest in the room...if you were, you'd realize to stop talking

21 Phil Simms

Eat cake he was the best QB he was even a better speller than you

22 Chris Berman

By far, the worst announcer of all time. Never understood how this guy ever got a job in TV. A Cosell wannabe with no talent...like that crazy uncle that just makes strange noises and changes his voice like it's so creative

He's annoying listening to him broadcast any sport. Especially when he's at the Masters.

23 Mike Emrick

No one can ruin a great game better than Mike Emrick. I am interested in the play, not how many adjectives you can spew. I am amazed an individual who has hung around the game for 40 plus years can know so little. Also the bias for east coast based teams is annoying.

What the hell is he taking about?

24 Dan Hicks
25 Bert Blyleven
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