Best Guitarists Ever

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Jimi Hendrix
I'm sure that Slash would admit that he and basically every guitarist since the early seventies owes Jimi Hendrix big time.
Jimi started it all. There's no denying it without Jimi some of the mind blowing solos we hear today may not have come into existence
Slash is great, he is possibly the best soloist ever, but he'll never be Hendrix. He is a legend R.I.P.
[Newest]Just listen to his music
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2Jimmy Page
The man is a god of the guitar! Pure genius don't have to say any more, his playing speaks for itself,
It's subjective as to who is the best at any art form, although there are some analysis than can help. How enduring and widely popular, how much quality content, how complex, varied and original are all factors. Page's brilliance has been obscured by the fact Zep as a band was so great. It gave him more exposure but also camouflaged him. This is true with others, of course: e, g,. Joe Walsh, Neil Young, Keith Richards. There are other reasons great guitarists don't get their due. I love guitar and for me its Page then Duane Allman. The fact Allman is so far down this list is ridiculous. Also many on this list don't really belong because so many voters are too young to know the dif.
If you take a look at the comments for Synester gates, you can see all the people worry about is speed. And he isn't even that fast, Van Halen, and pretty much any good heavy metal band guitarist can play faster, longer, and cleaner than him. Now Jimmy Paige's greatness isn't fueled by speed, its fueled by emotion and innovation. Listen to the main riff in Black dog, Slash called it, "the sexiest riff off all time"
[Newest]He is a guitar god!
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Slash is an awesome guitarist. He's got it all! He's dedicated and I think he's proven that he doesn't give up. All the music he plays is great, you don't get a song to witch Slash plays the guitar that sucks, he just dose what he loves.

Slash has earned his place in the top 5 and one day may even make it to number two. Let's face it Slash is a great guitarist.

I mean you don't just wake up and are good at something you have to earn it and Slash has. For this he is one of My greatest Idols.
Slash is the 2nd greatest guitarist EVER, only behind Hendrix. He is without a doubt the greatest soloist of all time. His solos aren't a couple of licks put together or not just playing a scale as fast as he can, his solo's are thought out masterpieces that are incredibly amazing technically and emotionally. Listen to all his recorded songs and you'll see what I mean.
Okay, slash is a great guitarist, no doubt. Bust he isn't better then eddie Van Halen or jimi page in technique, and if you wanna talk in emotions, David surpass him.
Slash gets my vote, because, since I first started hearing their songs, around 1992, when I was 13, Guns were by far my favourite band and that was largely because of Slash's amazing guitar work. It just "hit the spot" like no one else really had in the past, or has, consistently, since.
It would (and still can) give me goose bumps, on songs like Sweet Child (especially when he really winds up in the middle guitar solo) and November Rain (near the end, when it reaches a crescendo) and You Could Be Mine, but could also just go straight to the heart and soul, on other songs, like during the beautiful guitar solos earlier on November Rain and in Estranged.
One of the reasons he is so good is that he reportedly would just play what came to him in the moment, when in the studio. So someone would hand him a song and he would just let go and play what came to him in the moment (pure inspiration) and that would basically be what would end up on the album. He wouldn't generally spend weeks trying to piece something together and that would be why they flowed so well and really hit the spot.
Others might have been technically better, or faster, or whatever, but for heart and soul, especially, Slash gets my vote.
[Newest]Slash should be number 1. Listen to godfather solo made in stoke. He made that all by himself and his guitar. Axl Rose kicked out the wrong guy.
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4Eddie Van Halen
One of the most skilled and innovative guitarists ever. Fastest right hand in the business.
Must listen some of dream theater songs my friend.. John Petrucci will clear your doubts
He doesn't play the guitar, it is part of that man's body, you can hear his emotions come through
Lol the guitarist with the least emotions in the history of time
Eddie innovated 2 hand tapping. He Influenced great players like Slash, Zakk Wylde and Kerry king to play. If you can make a minute and 42 minute long solo of pure shredding that is recognized everywhere there is something special about you. People that know nothing about guitar think clapton is best but people who know all about guitar can truly agree ed is the god
[Newest]He invented a new form of guitar playing.
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5Eric Clapton
The great B.B. King once said you will never find a guitar genius that can hold down, note to note, to Eric Clapton. He is the "one". He doesn't care if he's in any top list of anything. He has nothing to prove. Kids love to hear a guitarist banging on his guitar, Clapton never does that, He actually knows how to play an instrument. Some oldies but goodies think he is the rebirth of Robert Johnson. You will seldom find anyone who knows who Robert Johnson is, so how can you expect teenagers and 20 something guys who want to be guitar heroes themselves, understand the history of true rock and roll? Step up and listen to the ballads and then listen to the riffs Clapton manages with out breaking a sweat and the magic that happens when he does. There is soul to this mans music. He is simply, The Best.
I agree with you. Hew should be above Slash, in my opinion. Also, I know who Robert Johnson is. He's a blues guitarist of the 1920s who famously "sold his soul to the Devil for rock and roll". I know this, and I'm only 14. Also, Eric Clapton is very prolific ( Cream, Blind Faith, etc)


There are thousands and thousands who can force a guitar to sputter. There are hundreds who can make a guitar talk. But at any given time, there is only a very select few who can truly let a guitar sing. Clapton is one of those few (along with Hendrix, Santana, and a couple others). Clapton writes his music straight from the heart, finding inspiration is his real life. From his relationship with Pattie Boyd, with whom he was madly in love (Wonderful Tonight), and later his deteriorating marriage with her (Running on Faith), to the death of his son (Tears in heaven), Clapton puts more raw emotion into his music than any other guitarist I've ever heard, including Hendrix.

Compared to him, more recent music can come across flat and empty in both lyrics and guitar work. No one could say he hasn't stood the test of time (1970-today), but he is being slowly forgotten in an age where playing fast and looking cool is more important than musical brilliance.

Slash and some other more recent guitarists are great, but they rely on portrayed starpower and electric instruments to give them that "cool" sound, but take that away (the acoustic test) and you will often find bland, emotionally-lacking guitar work pieced together in a way that works but doesn't resonate with the absolute excellence that is simply expected in all of Clapton's work.

I never liked Clapton when I was younger, I thought his music was a bit longwinded and slow until (at a time when I was first absolutely smitten with a girl) I heard Wonderful Tonight, and couldn't believe how much a song I didn't care for a couple weeks ago suddenly made perfect sense. So that was the only Clapton song I liked. Then (during breakup with same girl) I heard Running on Faith, and after that I was hooked.

I put Clapton second only to Hendrix. You gotta give Jimi his due, he's Mozart with a guitar. He had a bonfire going when everyone else was still rubbing 2 sticks together.
What? He is only 20? Eric is one of the best guitar gods ever! He is a great riffs creator ("Sunshine of your love", "Layla", "Cocaine") and a huge soloist too: what about his wha-wha powerful solo on "White Room", his soft duet with Allman in "Layla", his epic section of "Tales of brave Ulysse", the memorable ending of "Let it Rain" or the emotive solo on "Why got love to be so sad? "?

He is the king of blues rock. He should be in the top 3 with Jimi and Dave (Gilmour)!
[Newest]Clapton just plays better than all the rest. Others try to impress with speed while Clapton just plays simple and beautiful. He can touch my emotions with his guitar like no one else.
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6Synyster Gates
Synyster Gates has such blistering speed and yet you can hear every note played, he is a pro at dive bombs and sweep picking and definitely a amazing guitarist, and because of his young age by the time he is slash's age he will be the next slash
He is a very multitalented guitar player, almost all the techniques he mastered.
He can play well even while backing vocals.
He is very feasible juxtaposed with other guitar legends chest of Jimi Hendrix, Slash, Yngwie Malmsteen, Joe Satriani.
He is the most complete!
Slash is great, but not #1. Syn has amazing speed but still plays clean and has unforgettable solos and riffs.
[Newest]To the guy who is trying to talk about Dive Bombs and Syn, Dime invented those and he can shred circles around Syn

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7Kirk Hammett
Kirk is definitely top 5 guitarist. You can't get better than the interlude in master of puppets or the solo in one. He is a very technical guitarist. You can't get to much faster than 220 bpm in master of puppets or 210 in fight fire with fire.
You kids need to understand that guitar is a "musical" instrument. You kids need to understand speed is not everything. It's about making the guitar cry. Talking with your guitar. I'm not saying Kirk doesn't do that. Kirk is the second best guitarist to grace metal, but he isn't top 5 material, but meh, in a list where slash is 2, j guess it's alright.
3rd... Seriously... The guy who made the one solo and the fade to black solo... Part of the biggest metal band on the earth... Yeah... He deserves at least 2nd
He's not the best, but man is he good. He's definitely heavy metal, and can go insane with a guitar. If you've heard him play any of his better songs, you'll know what I mean.
[Newest]He's the guy who got me to play leads in the first place!
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8David Gilmour
A true genius that can touch the heart of the darkest of souls & bring them back to life. His solos & melody's can't be beat for precision & perfect musical sound structure... A true master of his art.
His creativity knows no bounds! The only guitarist I feel that can place his heart on the guitar strings and strum away his soul. Listen to his end solo of Comfortably Numb on the Pulse tour and the tingles will run up your spine!
Any song He touched is pure genius. Echoes, Time and all of The Wall are great. He was the Heart of Pink Floyd.
[Newest]Comfortably Numb solo that's all I have to say, end of story.
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9Stevie Ray Vaughan
This forum is terrible. SRV, Jimmy and Clapton should all be top 5. Slash.. give me a break. Go YouTube "Texas flood" long version or "little wing cover" by Stevie Ray Vaughn and educate yourselves.
S.R.V. re-invented electric blues. He played every song from his heart and nailed every note! You will never hear the same version of a song twice from Stevie Ray. He is absolutely amazing!
There are hundreds of great guitar players but Stevie Ray Vauhan and Jimi Hendrix were the absolute best. It is a privilege just to listen to them play. Please people, listen to SRV on YouTube. Just search srv and pick any song. You'll thank me, really.
[Newest]One of the greatest guitarists, ever.

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10Angus Young
Angus feels what he is playing! He has a style of good old rock n roll like other guitarists-john lennon, george harisson, Hendrix, eddie Van Halen but angus is the best of all the best. Angus should be on 1 place
Unbelievably underrated. Listen to his solo on "Shake a Leg" to convince you. Plus, he could do all that while lying on the floor having spasms.
Angus Young isn't A guitar GOD.
He is THE guitar GOD.


[Newest]Angus young is at the top of my list. I don't like him. I love him! He is amazing and I love rock music
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The Contenders

11Brian May
Brain May flies a little under the radar. Everyone has heard Queen, but how many people actually pay attention to the guy that can make his guitar sound like a symphony. Next time Bohemian Rhapsody or Killer Queen pops up on the radio, actually listen to the harmonies that Brian alone can produce.
GREATEST GUITAR PLAYER OF ALL TIME. Next to Hendrix of course. Beautiful Guitar riffs and soloing place him at the top. He never ceases to amaze me... I listen to queen and keep finding song after song that is just unbelievable. Friends will be friends, bohemian rhapsody, hammer to fall, the invisible man, breakthru, and radio ga ga are just a few of the amazing songs queen has put together. Along with the breathtaking vocals of Freddie mercury (may he rest in peace), the bombarding drumming of Roger Taylor, and the Steady, rhythmic bass playing of John Deacon, Brian May and Queen is the #1 band in the world.
He's as good as Slash, Jimmy Page, Tommi Iommi, and Jimi Hendrix.
[Newest]Brian May is a real musician. While being not as "showing off" as other guitarists, he does not add notes which would not serve his music.

Each note has its own place inside the composition, which makes him for me a so meaningful guitarist.
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12Joe Satriani
This is what happens when people who don't listen to anything but commercialized music vote for best guitarist. There are key components that should be considered when voting for this:

1. How well does the guitarist play? A truly great master of the guitar is not just about solos or speed, because everyone and their monkey can play fast and spit out solos (as can be seen simply by looking into genres that support such). A really great guitarist needs to be versatile, to be able to play any type of music or style.

2. Composition! Guitarists who have one or two "hit songs" and compose junk otherwise aren't true masters. An artist needs to be original, especially with the guitar. If a guitarist plays in a band, his sound should be distinctive and be neither drowned out nor overbearing (though this depends on genre sometimes). I look for guitarists who push the boundaries, that look for new and different ways to play.

3. Solos... When it is the guitarist's turn to shine, how does it sound? Is it a flurry of notes that ends quickly, or is it fast because it flows well and is challenging to play? If it's slow, is it because the guitarist cannot play faster or has put thought into the composition? Where does the solo start and leave you? Of course, there is a lot of personal taste that is involved in judging solos, but you can easily see where the line is drawn between those who solo because they're expected too and have little talent, and those who solo because they have talent. And, if the guitarist rarely or never solos, like Emmpu from Nightwish, you might want to consider why. It's very simple to make noise on a guitar and to play a few chords. If the artist doesn't solo, what does he show instead? What is his contribution to the song?

4. Finally, how does the guitarist stand up over time? A great guitarist will have not one but many masterpieces, and will play well until the day they hang up their guitar. A great guitarist will improve with time, because they will constantly be pushing their limits.

Well I hope this helps. My personal vote is that the best guitarists are ranked: 1. Joe Satriani, 2. Buckethead, 3. Eric Johnson, 4. Steve Vai/Paul Gilbert, 5. John Petrucci, 6. Herman Li/Sam Totman, 7. Dave Mustaine, 8. Synyster Gates, 9. Mark Tremonti, and 10. Origa. Of course, I don't have any of the older guitarists there, so there is that. Shout out to Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Page, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Ritchie Blackmore, Randy Rhoads, Carlos Santana, and Eddie Van Halen!

As a final thought, Slash is extremely overrated in this... And whoever put Thirty Seconds to Mars up there has fallen victim to mistaking this as a "favorite band" list. There is hardly any guitar work on their new album...
Most technically skilled guitarist ever, without a doubt.
Very very fine skills with musical heart to connect every living soul
[Newest]Should at the very least be in the top 5! He's amazing!
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13Richie Sambora
What? He should definitely be top ten! Top five even! He's absolutely amazing, plays with soul and passion. Richie for the best guitarist ever! Love him!
What the hell? Top 16? Are you an idiot? Damn! RICHIE PLAYS WITH EMOTION DUDE! That's WHAT BEING A GUITARIST MEAN!
He is even better than Slash. With all due respect with other guitarists he is even with that of the Led Zeppelin...
[Newest]WHAT THE HECK?! HE SHOULD BE AT THE TOP, he the master of pentatonic scale, he makes the guitar sing, I just listen to bon jovi just because of him, a very underrated guy
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14Tomo Milicevic
He can win, he can lose. He's still the best guitarist in all the world!
I can't imagine 30 Seconds to Mars without him. He is our CRAZY MOFO AND ECHELON LOVES HIM!
Tomo always plays with passion. He's so great in what he does. And no matter what success 30 Seconds to Mars has got, he is so down to earth. A guy we can all look up to.
[Newest]HE is So Emotional in his work
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15Dimebag Darrell
Why the F is DIMEBAG DARRELL IN 21! He is the best guitarist I've ever seen and heard. He's guitar skills are very good better than SYNYSTER GATES! He needs to be in the top 3!
, Just listen to cowboys from hell / walk /revolution is my name, it will blow your mind. If he would have been in present, could have hear more mindblowing solos.
Dime was and will always be number one for me as a guitarist, not even Jimmy could compare to the amount of inspiration and skill that Dime brought to the table. He was the innovater for future metal guitarists, he was absolutely brillant! His memory will live on through his family, friends and fans. And if you think that he doesn't deserve this spot, and you've never heard him shred, I strongly suggest you watch/listen to 5 minutes alone, This Love, Walk, Cemetary Gates, and all the greatest songs by Pantera. I'm sure you'll change your mind! R.I.P. dimebag Darrell
"In this river all shall fade to black" -Zakk Wylde (In this River, a tribute to Dime)
Dime was the most emotional player there ever was. mind blowing lead AND rhythm player. He has it all.
[Newest]Dime is the best metal guitarist
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16Randy Rhoads
Just listen to and try to play some of the stuff he's done people, I mean come on! Knowing that he wasnt in the music business for that long but left as big as impression he did, just imagine how it would be now if he was still alive! No one can write or play as good as Randy.
Well I have been playing too many years to count and there is no doubt Randy was the best. Playing guitar was just too easy for this guy.
There are very few albums where I rate every song 5of5 stars. Blizzard of Oz and Diary of a Madman are two albums I rate that way. Randy was taken from us far too early. Find the song Laughing Gas (Live) when he was with Quiet Riot. During the solo you here strains of Goodbye to Romance. Randy was a perfect match for Ozzy's vocal style. Randy had a strength of technical ability matched only by Yngwie Malmsteen or Steve Vai. What sets Randy apart was his composition. He knew exactly when and where to play down and dirty. He also knew when to play classical modes such as phrygian and mixolidium. He had an uncanny ability to play a smooth solo with a trill place at just the right point to accent the song. Over the Mountain is a perfect example. Listen to the solo. Diary of a Madman the song is a perfect blend of using a classical theme to build a song on. This is a very haunting song that fits the lyrics and Ozzy's voice perfectly. Dee is a beautifully composed piece that is a great lead-in to Mr. Crowly. The guitar work on Crazy Train, I Don't Know, No Bone Movies and You Looking' at Me Looking' at You is fun to listen to. This is rock and roll with an edge and a bite. These trills I talk about are the bite that Rhoads put into his music. Hendrix was the most influential. Clapton and BB King are the greatest blues players. I'll take Randy Rhoads as the best guitar play ever.
[Newest]This guy rules, he should be on the top ten
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17Carlos Santana
From Slash to Vaughn, from Hendrix to Page, from Clapton to Van Halen, from Prince to Hammet and on, no one but no one can as masterfully sing, string, stir, and sling his guitar out to an audience without vocal ability! Carlos executes his gift by the side of angels; he sings THROUGH, not ON the electric guitar, devoid of ego. Who else could immacutely adapt to concert with the finest of musicians world-wide, such as Ottomar Leibert, and innumerable musical artists to bring incandescent soul to each with impeccable perfection? Carlos unegotistically offers God-given talent as if it were for sale on the street for one who is musically promising while abandons the forced march of solitary recognition in the music world. Carlos appears to effortlessly, unfaltering, and exponentially lift the spirit of fellow musicians of promising notorious varieties. Carlos has another gift: most transparently to bring other artists to their pinnacle without over-shadowing their style. Thus, this man appears above narcississtic motive, but proves exemplary recognition as the finest, most passionate guitarist in the world.
Without a question, nobody plays as "smooth" as Santana!
This man is by far the most talented guitarist who ever lived. It is insulting to him and his millions of fans to not have him be number one. This list is not a measure of talent and skill, but just a popularity contest
[Newest]Santana Must be on top of this list.
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18Steve Vai
You have to look on another planet for more expression, feeling an fun on an electical guitar!
Steve Vai, I think is one of the best guitarists in the world.
He is very unique and has his own mind for playing, he gives guitar playing whole different meaning when he plays.
Satriani's protege, almost as good as Satch Boogie himself.
[Newest]Can anyone make sounds out of the guitar that anyone cannot? Steve Vai can. And look at his face while he plays to know why he deserves a spot in the top 10
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19John Petrucci
Amazingly versatile guitarist. Can shred just about as well as, if not better, than anybody. Can compose a brilliantly beautiful solo, a melodic passage, an epic riff. Great songwriter and lyricist too. His technical ability, feeling for the instrument, and versatility make him the best.

As for the other people on this list - Brad Delson? Seriously? Linkin Park is one of my favourite bands of all time. I love them. And Brad does alright for what Linkin Park needs - good, chunky riffs and a few melodies here and there. But among the greatest guitarists of all time? Come on. People who voted for him are probably 12 year olds who haven't discovered classic rock yet and still think that nu-metal is the coolest thing on Earth. And they will probably label me as 'not a true LP fan'. No, I am a huge LP fan and own all their stuff, plenty of posters, a jacket and have been to see them live. They were awesome. I'm just not so blind to think that Brad Delson is one of the best guitarists of all time. He's a good guitarist. But that's it.

Same for Billie Joe Armstrong at 28. Seriously? Once again, I'm a Green Day fan and I like his work with them. But he's just a good punk-rock guitarist, not among the best of all time by any means. And that has nothing to do with him not playing any 'shredding solos', it's just that he doesn't have the technical or compositional ability of the others on this list.

I also think that Kurt Cobain is a way overrated guitarist. Nirvana are a decent band and he did a very good job as their songwriter, but people seem to apply that ability to automatically mean he is a guitar genius. He's talented, but not one of the best of all time.

I'm also a HUGE Slash fan. I've seen him live four times now and I love him. But he is not the best of all time. Yes, he has a LOT of memorable riffs and solos and has done well to become an icon of the electric guitar. But he doesn't come close to the technical or compositional ability of some of the other guys here.

I'm glad to see Prince on this list. While I probably wouldn't put him in the top 20 PERSONALLY, I think he is an amazingly talented guitarist. He gets overlooked for this because of his musical style, image, etc. A lot of people aren't even aware that he plays guitar. And as one commenter suggested, they didn't know he played guitar but assumed that if he did he must be s*** at it. Not at all. He is very talented.

The obvious classics are on this list and deserve to be - Hendrix, Page, Santana, Gilmour, Satriana (who is far too low)... But where is Steve Vai? Andy Timmons?

Marty Friedman is also FAR too low. I was actually going to vote for him originally due to his unique talent for the guitar. He plays in a very distinct way and has an immediately recognizable sound. He is entirely self-taught and does not stick to the regular Pentatonic scales or anything. So everything he plays sounds weirdly unique, and very interesting. He also has great feeling for the guitar and is very versatile, and his solos are brilliantly constructed. I gave Petrucci the nod though just because his solos seem to capture a grander scale in terms of both emotion and composition.

I'm glad that Mark Tremonti is on this list too. A lot of people disregard him because they associate him the Creed and their bad reputation. They also don't realize how good he is at lead, simply because he barely ever soloed with Creed. But he is an extremely talented shredder who is also able to play and compose very melodic passages. And he's a very good songwriter and lyricist too, and one of the reasons why Alter Bridge are so damn good.

Lastly, Myles Kennedy should also be on here. I won't claim that he should be in the top 20 or 30 or anything, but he does deserve to be on this list. People don't realize how talented a guitarist he is as they only recognize his brilliant vocal ability. And if they do recognize his guitar talent, it's probably only from his limited number of solos with Alter Bridge (which, while well composed and emotionally powerful, aren't technically amazing or anything). People should listen to his early work with bands such as Cosmic Dust and Citizen Swing. He is an amazingly talented blues/jazz guitarist who can shred very, very well, and also has a fantastic feel for his instrument.
There is no way Synyster Gates is better than Petrucci!
Arguments like "He plays well while singing backing vocals" and such? You guys should really listen to Dream Theater! Wonderful music composed by 5 of the most technically and creative personalities in modern music. I realize that people who listens to Dream Theater have heard the most and at last found the best DT forever!
There's not even competition... Best guitarist ever, apart from that a sublime songwriter, DT forever.
[Newest]Petrucci is one of the most amazing guitarists of all time.
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The only guitarist who can play heavy metal about slaughterhouses and then play a soothing lullaby.
He has has more emotion than half the guitarists on this page and he wears an expressionless mask...
I am ashamed to see how low he is on the list, really. Very, very sad. Have any of you people even listened to his music? I've heard Slash, and while he is good, he is far from phenomenal. He doesn't really stand out besides proficiency. Buckethead, on the other hand? His songs stand out. Heck, his many fans' claims that he is the Guitar Jesus isn't that much of an exaggeration.

Also, it's quite stupid how people instantly assume he's emotionless due to his wearing a mask... Gentlemen and Ladies, please do get rid of the abundant piles of earwax in your ears... How can you not hear the emotion and beauty that overflows from his songs?
He is amazing. I have never seen such emotion from someone like him.
[Newest]Never ever heard anything like him.
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21Dave Mustaine
A really Great Guitarist.


More technically skilled than Hammett, but Hammett has better composition. However with all the effort put into Megadeths guitar work, Mustaine deserves to be top 10.
He rules but Metallica songs are also good... Tornado of souls, Peace Sell all crazy songs
[Newest]Just listen to Holy Wars - The punishment due in Dave's Solo and you will understand why I want him to be in top ten.
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22Tony Iommi
Almost every metal-riff that you hear today has been invented by this guy. He is the best. Guitarists like Mustaine, Friedman, Frehley, Gallagher deserve to be a lot higher on this list. And what about genius Brian Robertson (best guitarist Thin Lizzy ever had! ) and John Sykes, I don't even see them here and they should have been!
He really should be # 3... I mean come on, don't be so ignorant because of the style of music he plays.. Just listen to "War Pigs" and "Iron Man" and you will agree with me. Keep on rocking!
Iommi has inspired every single rockNroll guitarists, and deserves the first place no doubt
[Newest]22? God... the riff master and father of heavy and doom metal should be #1

23Jeff Beck
Jeff Beck listed at #74 on this list shows just how little most music fans know about the history of electric guitar. As one reviewer stated earlier, Page, Clapton, Brian May, David Gilmore, and Slash have all stated that Jeff Beck is the best guitarist on the planet. You can add Joe Perry and Steve Lukather to that list. He plays with a fire that nobody else can match and his technique is stunning, the equal of anybody on this list. Many of this generations greatest jazz musicians have recorded with Jeff, including Stanley Clarke, Jan Hammer, John McLaughlin, and Lenny White. He's toured with Stevie Ray Vaughan, Carlos Santana, BB King, Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page, Steve Lukather, and Kenny Wayne Shepard. In 1966, when Chas Chandler was trying to convince Jimi Hendrix to move to England, Hendrix agreed but only if Chandler promised to introduce him to Jeff Beck and Eric Clapton. If you don't know who Jeff Beck is, pick up a copy of Blow by Blow or Wired and give it a listen.
In a society where people worship speed, brilliant guitarists like Jeff Beck are usually forgotten. Most "modern" people have probably never heard of the name Jeff Beck, but most guitarists will tell you he's one of the best. Having experimented in most genres of music, Beck has laid down the foundations of modern music, along with other greats like Hendrix, Page, and Clapton, all of whom praise him for his genius.


Agreed, all of the names you have here are "of the calibre" for the title of "Greatest" guitar player of ALL time. But Jeff Beck should certainly be #2 if not #1, only because he once stated that (at the time) "Jimmy Page and I may be considered the best (guitar players) in the world, but neither of us could hold a candle to Hendrix. " And that is the truth! Jimi Hendrix WAS. IS and shall for ever be, the greatest ROCK guitar player in the History of the Electric Guitar! Furthermore, Mitch Mitchell, Jimi's favorite. Drummer, was/and is one of the greatest drummers of all time!
Hendrix is overrated. Seriously. Just because he was the first at a lot of things doesn't mean he was the best. Innovative, yes. Original, sort of. The best ever, no. Not even close.
[Newest]How about we restrict this voting to persons over the age of 13? Jeff Beck is top 5 when this dust clears.
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24B. B. King
BB King, the man who started it all when the other greats were just babies are perhaps not even conceived yet. Quite literally he didn't create this amazing instrument but besides T-Bone Walker he brought electric guitar to the fore-front along with Albert King, Freddy King, Buddy Guy and a vast majority of the older and late great bluesmen. His "hummingbird" vibrato effect and nuance and style has made him a house hold name for some 50 or 60 years or so and today with all the different types of music he is still a house hold name though in this day and age Blues is no longer the mainstream music it was way back when.


B b King is the greatest player that ever pick up a guitar in my opinon
Should be on the overrated list, great voice but one or two notes of minor chord "feeling" from Lucille don't interest me

25Ritchie Blackmore
I love and admire so guitar players for different reasons, to many to list. But the guy who has it all for me is Ritchie Blackmore. He is a true virtuoso of rock guitar, between 1969 and 83 (very long time) he was at the top of the tree. I love Gilmore and Knopfler on record excellent as well as in concert, but, when playing live they can't really change things around in the Blackmore could (all of purple in fact) Gilmore pretty much plays the same thing every night for every solo just like Knopfler, they don't take chances like Blackmore. Page was never clean like Blackmore, all the shredders can play fast but most can't keep up the melodic quality to make a great solo, they just play million notes and end at the top of the neck with the inevitable screaming bend up. Even with a bit of tape echo Blackmore always sounded like he was plugged straight into the amp. That's one of the reasons I put him ahead of Jeff beck. Beck along with Hendrix and Les Paul are probably the most innovative guitarists of all all time because of there pioneering work in shaping sounds from an electric guitar. Blackmore is a straight player, it's all pure emotion with him. Beck can do more with a Strat than anybody he has explored it like a technician, he knows more tricks than anyone. But Blackmore in his prime, played for musicality like Beethoven and Bach, even when he was getting wild. He burnt out from rock ( I think ) when the blues and funkiness went out of his playing (he was funky as hell - in a rocking way) and he pioneered the neo classical stuff which is has still never been bettered, everyone is just copying him and just trying desperately to add something new. But he lost what he was best at in doing so. Up until 1968 Blackmore was very good but a bit all over place guitarist, by 69 he was on another planet. I won't list a load of stuff for anyone to check but, there is so much, but, the jon lord deep purple concerto album from 1969 I think has the finest straight (Through an A C 30. Amp) guitar playing you will ever hear. Not beck, Hendrix, Page, Green, Vai or even the very similar in attack Rory G could play as amazing as this. How he got to this level in one year is just beyond reason.
Blackmore is one of the top guitarists for sure, but your statement about Gilmour and Knopfler being not very good improvisers is the most absurd and inaccurate statement ever.
Best guitarist ever! How is he not in the top 10?
The guitar solos in songs such as Highway Star are amazing!
Genius. Listen to Catch the Rainbow live in Munich. Feeling feeding technique. Number one guitarist. Surpass Hendrix and Page easily. Just listen to all of his work. There'll never be anyone like him, as there are no more Bach, Mozart or Beethoven. Before him guitar was just blues and country rock. After him guitar is music for itself.
Ritchie is phenomenal. Technique and composition light years ahead of most of the list. I really have no beef with Beck being higher, but Jeff and Hank Marvin were my "idols" growing up so I am a little biased. In any event, the idea of 30 others higher than Ritchie is ridiculous. Ritchie should be Top 5 at the very lowest. Even Page said that he couldn't touch Blackmore when it came to soloing.
[Newest]Ritchie Blackmore was Deep Purple of course but how about his amazing work in Blackmore's Night.
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26John Frusciante
John Frusciante needs to be #1. He contributes incredible feel for music. His playing is not shredding like many others.. People think fast playing and shredding.. His playing is incredibly melodic and beautiful to the ear. He is one of the rare guitarists which improvises solos playing live.. And that improvisation is almost better than any other guitar solos. He knows to put such emotions in his guitar playing and really is the best guitar player now.. And maybe EVER!
The best guitarist, and does not get enough recognition. He can play any style, any speed, and even can sing a little if needed. His guitar playing was the part of the artistry of the Red Hot Chili Peppers for some of their best years, and I wish him the best now even after leaving RHCP.
John Frusciante set the guitar standard for a generation by combining both a funk and rock style. He revolutionized the way alternative music should sound and set the bar for anyone unlucky enough to come after him.


[Newest]He looks like Jesus not by coincidence... Think about that.
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27Tom Kaulitz
For me he will always be more than just a amazing guitarist, when he plays, the music is from his heart and soul. On concerts he doesn't have to be someone that he isn't, he can be who he wants to be and that's beautiful.
Forever in my heart...
I like a volume of his determination, calm approach. For all this he still knows how to come off.
He is the best guitarist ever! I really love this guy! If you agree with me vote Tom Kaulitz!
[Newest]It's not often someone with such talent just appears from nowhere.
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28Yngwie J. Malmsteen
He is the strong root of neo-classical if anybody follow his theory and practical as well he can be a legend so he he legend of legends (only the shredders can judge him) normal musician and public can't understand his glory
Just epic
He is one of the greatest guitarist on earth. No way someone of this earth could do what he does
With that passion. Sure he isn't a Kirk Hammet or a slash but he is his own unique guitarist like a snow flake
Influenced a whole generation of axe players to research neo-classical playing techniques. Mr appegio.
[Newest]Definitely deserves top 3... Just compared his acoustic playing to Slash's acoustic playing, Slash is a far cry from Yngwie... Not even close.
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29Mark Knopfler
Man, how many times did I get goozebumbs when listening to Dire Straits? The man does it every time. Such distinctive rifs, unmistakable Mark Knopfler. My personal favorite: Private Investigations, which is one of the greatest songs of all time!


Mark Knopfler is the Best! Lets see Jimi Hendrix do a unplugged version or work the guitar with a simple pick. That is true guitar skill for you. Mark can make make the guitar sing literally, his Sultans of Swing solo is by far the best guitar solo rendition I have ever heard.
Knopfler's great but no Hendrix by far -- for more reasons than I can count!
Not only one of the greatest guitarists ever but also one of the greatest songwriters ever too. His solos are musically flawless and he doesn't rely on overdrive for his guitar work to stand out.

Just find any live versions of Sultans of Swing on YouTube etc. And try and prove me wrong... You won't! :-D
[Newest]The Guitar solo in Sultan's of Swing. "enough said"
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30Chuck Berry
Are you people retarted? Without Chuck Berry, no one on this list would be famous
Guitar playing rock legend
Chuck Berry is a legend an one othe most influent guitars all over the world
[Newest]I keep scrolling through the list going "oh surely chuck is next..." Number 30? Really? This guy practically invented rock and roll! Have half of you people even listened to johnny b Goode? Come on!

31Zakk Wylde
His sound is just amazing and not a lot of people sound like that and those pinch harmonics all his techniques his songs are much harder to play than Hendrix songs I should know I play guitar he's faster then Hendrix to and has feeling like Santana and slash he's simply the best eruptions pretty easy compared to bark at the moon and know one knows the solo he does live it's to damn hard to figure out
Zakk wylde the power complimenting ozzy and his own band black label society, his fast blues influenced metal solo's are the perfect compliment to his chugging riffs... A master of guitar
I agree with other comments and think that dimebag and wylde should be higher on the list than they R. I respect wylde more then any other guitarist because he also sing's well and can play the crap out of a acoustic. Wylde deserves a lot of credit playing the super fast riffs he does with using little or no hammer-ons.
"The Guitar God"
[Newest]I'm my opinion Zakk is the best guitarist alive right now. He definitely deserves to be in the top 10.

32Tom Morello
The DJ GUITARIST of all time!
A true form of guitar god quality, he made rap/rock a good quality sound through his variety of music influences and made him reach his distinct and over the edge guitar performances!
Tom Morello is the greatest guitarist ever because of one simple reason: His guitar playing is many times more creative and innovative than a lot of guitarists on this list. Sure, they may be able to play really fast solos that sound really impressive, but Tom's guitar playing (not just his solos) doesn't sound like anything I've ever heard before. This is obviously a good thing.


For years I went back and forth between my favorites: Tom Morello, Stevie Ray Vaughan, and John Frusciante. I love almost all genres of music, but Tom takes the cake for guitarists. THE REASON: his guitar can match literally anyone else. On top of that fact, his guitar does innovative things that no other has done since. There was a reason RATM included "NO SAMPLES USED IN THE MAKING OF OUR ALBUM" on all their CDs. Everything was done with the instruments they had. Listen to Metallica, then listen to Guns N Roses, and finally Van Halen. The speed? Tom matches it. The scales? Tom can do them plus odd ones that he studied while graduating with honors from Harvard. Clapton? Brian Setzer? Hendrix? The melodies that are so famous? Morello has them too. Just listen to the solo on Freedom or some of his earlier Audioslave solos (especially off Out Of Exile). Don't even challenge on riffs; only Kurt Cobain or Adam Jones beats him there. Then there are his other solos. Bulls On Parade, Mic Check, Original Fire, Sleep Now In The Fire, Testify and MORE all solos that use techniques, sounds, and sonic pulses that no other guitarist has since matched. It would take the merging of Kirk Hammett, Slash, Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix, Brian Setzer, Jack White, and Adam Jones plus a whole heaping helping of sheer MAGIC to create a guitarist similar to Morello.
[Newest]I like Tom Morello
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33George Harrison
The most, the best, the amazing... That can I say.. The Beatles had one great guitarist of all time... Vote for george
He's really talented but always quiet, he has never wanted to be a superstar with scandals, he just wanted to play the guitar and sing. I think it's why he's underestimated.
He's hella tight! He was one the first to ever play the sitar in pop culture music. He made history!
[Newest]Why not in the top ten? He is quiet and very underestimated, but he's a king.
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34Duane Allman
If the late Duane Allman had done nothing but session work, he would still be on this list. His contributions on lead and slide guitar to dozens of records as fine and as varied as Wilson Pickett's down-home '69 cover of "Hey Jude" and Eric Clapton's 1970 masterpiece with Derek and the Dominos, Layla and Other Assorted Love Songs, constitute an astounding body of work. But Allman also transformed the poetry of jamming with the Allman Brothers Band, the group he founded in 1969 with his younger brother, singer-organist Gregg. Duane applied the same black soul and rebel fire he displayed as a sideman to the Allmans' extended investigations of Muddy Waters and Blind Willie McTell covers and to his psychedelic-jazz interplay with second guitarist Dickey Betts in live showpieces such as "Whipping Post. " Although Duane and Gregg had played in bands together since 1960, Duane did not learn to play slide until shortly before the start of the Allmans. In his only Rolling Stone interview, in early' 71, Duane said that the first song he tried to conquer was McTell's "Statesboro Blues. " Allman's blastoff licks in the recording that opens his band's third album, At Fillmore East, show how far and fast he had come " and leave you wondering how much further he could have gone. In October 1971, eight months after the Fillmore East gigs, Allman died in a motorcycle accident in the band's home base of Macon, Georgia.


I don't know which is more of a joke - Duane at no. 52 or BB King at no. 76!

Rolling Stone put Duane at no. 2 in its list of '100 Best Guitarists Ever' (followed by BB King, Duane's great admirer Clapton, and Robert Johnson (any of you kids heard of him? ).

Basically, all these five taught their guitar a new language.

I love Prince, and he certainly made his guitar talk a new language.. but it was basically a 'theatrical' language. In purely musical terms, in expressive control and range, he's a baby crying to Duane's astonishing fluency. Even Hendrix seems coarse in comparison.. but then Jimi trips over into another dimension from all other guitarists in history, and you'd have to be more insane than he was, not to put him at the top.
This is simply asinine. People need to have their eyes opened up to what Duane was all about. Please go listen to Live at Fillmore East. Oh and by the way, have you ever heard of a little song called "Layla? " Duane gave Clapton those seven notes that made that song what it was. Also, listen to the slide guitar at the end of Layla. God, wake up people
[Newest]A number of voters have probably not heard him. A pity he died so young - if he had lived another ten years everybody would have known him! An inspiration!
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35Keith Richards
We are talking about rock and roll, right? How anyone can be listed higher than Keef is mind blowing. It all starts with a riff and the king of riffs is Keith Richards!
You want to rock, listen to keith!
Keith is the Range Rover of guitarists. Not too flashy in his playing, but dependable and value to last the ages. Sophistication in a drugged out way.
[Newest]He should be higher

36Rory Gallagher
Rory never sold out, never released a single and would not worry about being placed at no.62 in this list. His concert's sold out, his fans never forgot him, and I've noticed a steady interest in his music because of YouTube and other online free music. In time when most of those above are found out and loose their popularity it will be Rory that will be talked about and admired by the new Guitarists in the generations to come.
Listen to the live rendition of "Walk On Hot Coals" from Rory's "Irish Tour" and you know why the Irish prodigy is considered one of the greatest guitarists to ever grace the face of the earth.

A people's guitarist, modest, truthful, down-to-earth, never compromising his vision, never selling out. Probably too shy for his own good, definitively too good for this world.
Any "Best or Top Guitarist" list that doesn't have Rory Gallagher in the Top 5 is obviously a joke! Rory Gallagher is probably the best guitarist you have never heard, especially if you are under 40 years old. Check out his stuff on YouTube---it is amazing! He could play any type of music and any kind of guitar, as well as harmonica and even sax sometimes in the earlier days. Rory still has many adoring fans all over the world. With some new releases of lots of his older material, hopefully more people will get to hear Rory play----and love him forever like we all do! RORY ON!
[Newest]Too low, jimmy page above rory is an insult to a true guitarist, Gary Moore also wipes the floor with many of the so called top 10
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37Matt Bellamy
There is no way to explain how awesome Matt's guitar skills are. Who could forget the New Born solo? Not to mention he composes all of his music, he has such a great influence in the world of music that he deserves a good place in this top 10.
Well I honestly heard just a few of the guitarist with such incredible sense of musicality. I enjoy his search for new stuff/sounds to add, he is a true guitarist in every possible way, his stage performance is like he is making love to his guitar!
Just the best.. Human bean can't play a guitar and sing like him. Nobody else can do it. Th
[Newest]So much great solos from Bellamy
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38Tariqh Akoni
Great guitarist! Very versatile playing varying types of music. Always a professional and is a great guy. Perfect compliment to Josh on stage


I love Tariqh's passion he pours into his playing. You can just see he LOVES what he does, which is make that thing TALK! I am partial to acoustic, because it is so romantic, but he plays a mean electric too! Even Lola would agree...


Plays for Josh Groban, Christina Aguilera and others and he is a joy to watch. He puts his all into it and the guitar is just speaking to you when he plays. I especially love his beautiful acoustic but then I've always been partial to that. But he is hot no matter what guitar he has picked up.


[Newest]He's a very good guitarist, you can see the emotions changing on his face while playing, he totally gets into the song. I love it when musicians can share what they feel through music.

39Pete Townshend
Pete Townshend, Keith Richards, Joe Perry, Frank Zappa, BB King, Jeff Beck, and Peter Frampton, are all listed lower than the rhythm guitarist for stupid, whiny, emo, lame Avenged Sevenfold, people these days just don't know good music. This list is meaningless.


Pete Townshend is undoubtely the best rhythm guitarist that rock music has produced to date. He is one of the one of the founding fathers of modern rock and is the one who introduced the gritty sound of the guitar were so used to today. He used power chords extensively, thus laying the foundations for punk rock and came up with some of the catchiest riffs in the history of music. And Townshend COULD solo. Maybe he wasn't as good as Hendrixnor Clapton in that respect, but he certainly wasn't far behind. It'sonly because Moon's and Entwistle' playing were very busy that he mainly played rhythm (John especially used his bass as if it were a lead guitar). To end my rand, I will just point you to some songs that I consider quintessential, such as The Seeker, My Generation, I Can't Explain, Young Man Blues and Summertime Blues.
How do you choose between all these great guitarists? For me it comes down to how do they sound "LIVE"? Out of the studios and raw and I think it comes down to two! Pete and Jimi and as tough a decision it is for me Townshend gets my vote for his "Live At Leeds" performance and when I saw him in Detroit's old Cobo Hall on the Who's Next tour back in the 70's. Just spectacular guitar in the raw. But Hendrix and his Woodstocks "Star Spangled Banner" rendition comes very close for me to getting my vote but only one vote so I'll go with Pete!
[Newest]Not in the top ten. This list is bull. What about Bonamassa?

40Marty Friedman
FOR GOD SAKE, anyone who has heard the frigging amazing solos of this man on rust in peace know he has to be in the top 5 of this list easily, I haven't heard better solo's yet.
Marty freidman has got to be number one for sure. Rust in peace album is the best example for this. The speed and the difficulty of his playing is awesome. I can't believe that prince is at number 2. I didn't even think that he played guitar and I'm sure if he did then he would really suck at it. Jimi Hendrix is a good guitarist but just because he is talked about so much doesn't make him the best guitarist ever. Fredmans solos are ridiculously good and very hard to play. I play guitar myself and I find megadeth, pantera, and Metallica songs (especially the mustaine written ones) much harder and advanced then Hendrix songs and led zepplin songs. I don't see whats so great about eric clapton either. He is famous for playing tears in heaven but my friend played it for an assessment in music and got a good mark. People say if you are to be a good guitarist then you have to write great stuff. Megadeth, in my opinion are the best band ever, write the greatest songs ever. I don't know why these type of lists insist on putting all the way overrated guitarists such as jimmy paige and Hendrix at the top and forget about the heavy metal guitarist who are way better. I think its because they are too scared.


I am not angry or something but I seriously think that slash and kirk Hammett are really overrated guitarists. When I started playing guitar, I thought Slash was the best. I have been playing guitar for 3 years now and I recently listened to Marty's work - Cacophony, Dragon's Kiss (His solo album) and his work in Megadeth. Every solo and riff he plays blows my mind. Kirk is light years away from the skill and musical knowledge Marty possesses but still Kirk is in the top ten and Marty isn't. People who don't understand metal or hard rock guitar music well, think that Slash or Kirk is the best and unfortunately there are millions of such voters in this list and that's why Marty is here on #35. Just look at Marty's lesson about Melodic Control on YouTube (It is about an hour long). He tells you how he creates solos and riffs and I bet you a 1000$ that learn a lot from that video.
[Newest]Marty jason top 2
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41Eric Johnson
What makes Eric Johnson amazing is not simply his mechanical mastery of guitar techniques, but also his amazing sense of control over his instrument. He's obviously trained such that an array of amazing guitar skills are at his fingertips, but what sets him aside from other guitarists it that he knows how and when to use them. He doesn't just throw in a bunch of rad riffs and cool tricks--he uses his techniques and control in an amazingly precise and mindful manner to create experiences rather than songs.
Cliffs of Dover is one of the most amazing guitar moments in history. It's an amazing technical and groove experience. A 10. He deserves to be on this list for sure, maybe higher.
Eric Johnson may not be a mainstream musician, but he is one of the most proficient guitar players in the world. His knowledge of music theory and guitar techniques make him one of the most versatile guitar players as well. He can play anything from jazz to rock. He's an amazing lead and rhythm guitar player. People often label him a shredder, but he's a melodic shredder. Many shredders lack melody, Mr. Johnson does not. To top off his wide array of abilities, he also has a kick ass tone. YouTube Cliffs of Dover live Austin Texas 1988 and see for yourself. Come on, this man deserves to be in the top ten.
[Newest]Watch him play live from Austin, Texas 1988, you can find it on YouTube. Come back and see whether or not you think he deserves your vote.
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42Alex Lifeson
Alex Lifeson deserves more credit for his influence as not only a band member of Rush but also a very underrated and powerful musician. He not only used big swirling arpeggios to from his sound but knows how to shred. Just listen to every song on "Exit Stage Left". I read about people saying that Steve Howe was the most awesome prog rock guitarist in the 70's and today. I was hugely influenced by Howe but Lifeson brought something more to the table than any other prog guitar player. He knows how to rock, he knows how to bring diversity to the songwriting with Geddy and Rush never compromised their sound to commercially sell out. The bottom line is in the past and present if you were or are a young aspiring musician you listened to Rush and then you learned how to play their songs.
Come on people. Alex Lifeson is amazing! He plays for Rush so he plays very hard music and very long music. He is in his late 50s and he is still playing amazing. Slash could never play half as good as Alex Lifeson. I bet Slash couldn't even play a Rush song. Go Rush! 1974-2112
It is amazing to me how the truly talented guitarists like John Petrucci, Tom Morello & Joe Satriani are down at the last half of the list while the showoffs like Eddie Van Halen are at the top. People obviously have no clue what a great guitarist is. And come on, Nancy Wilson better than Alex Lifeson? Give me a break!


[Newest]Alex Lifeson is THE best guitarist of all time, so smooth but yet so technically gifted. Look up La Villa Strangiato live at Pink Pop back in 1978 and you will realize he is the best
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Prince is well known for being able to play many instruments and there is no doubt within the music industry that he is one the worlds leading guitarists. Prince taught himself to play by the age of 13 and by 16 was able to play Santana note for note. When he hit the mainstream with his first album at the age of 20 he was already being compared to the likes of Hendrix. And he still had a long way to go.

One thing that become apparent very early on with Prince was that he wasn't tied down to one style of music and excelled with a versatility not seen in anyone else before or since. Because of this versatility not all his released music is guitar focused and therefore he hasn't always been judged for his skills as a guitarist.

Arranging and Producing his own music from the beginning Prince has also become an extremely adept guitar engineer in the studio and live on stage with an ability to manage a wide range of effects simultaneously, whilst also arranging the other band members' sections.

His ability to play guitar at the top of his game in all styles of music shows how skillful he is, and there has not been one stage he has performed on where he hasn't torn the house down.

From loud, dirty, distorted and burning fast to slow acoustic and emotionally charged playing, Prince's range on guitar is even larger than that of his vocal range. There are technical guitarists and there are talented guitarists and then there is simply Prince.
Prince is the greatest guitarist of all time because he is the greatest musician of the 20th century. What makes Prince No1 is this that he understands the guitar better than any one else in the list, because he plays drums, bass & keyboards at a high level, this has allowed him to find the prefect place for a guitar within a song. His funk grooves are without equal. He can swing, push the beat, lay behind it his dynamics are incredible. Listen to when doves cry for guitar dynamics, a burst of emotions notes followed by a keyboard hook with no bass, and it's just a perfect record. Any other guitar player in the world wouldn't have been able to stop putting guitar all over that record. But Prince know when to be flashy and when to be stripped down and minimal for the best effect. That why a good as Joe Satriani & Yngwie Malmsteen are they will never have top 10 albums because they over play. Guitar playing is not an Olympic event. The guitar is an instrument. An if it's electric you must fit in with the other instruments to create some thing more synchronized and bigger than the guitar on it own. Prince is the true master of this. And you want to talk about performing live? Just watch any footage of him rocking out he would out perform the whole top ten by a mile. Slash, Kirk Hammett, Eric Clapton are all great player but have one style. Prince can play any style, any time with more funk that James Brown's band complete output. Most of this list is guitar players for other impressing other guitar players. Ask a the top drummers, keyboard players & bass players, oh and any member of the public who seen the purple one play. They would tell you who the greatest guitar player truly is... His name is Prince. Long may he reign.
I strongly agree that Prince is #1 on the list. He's by far greater than all of them. He's way ahead of his time like Jimi Hendrix was. He's very underrated as a guitarist. Because of his variety in music, he sings, dances and plays many instruments many critics over-look the genius in this man. As a guitarist of 30 years myself, he has been my biggest influence along with Jimi Hendrix, Jimi Page, Carlos Santana, Eddie Van Halen, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Eric Clapton just to name a few. If you listen 2 early Prince cuts like "Bambi", "Why you Wanna Treat Me So Bad", "For You", these cuts will show you how bad this man is and he was only a teenager playing licks like that. His more up 2 date stuff just don't do justice 4 his guitar playing. Well, some does... But it's more about his lyrical skills and all the other instruments he plays. A living legend. Check out the video of his 2004 induction of the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame on stage with the greats such as Tom Petty. Prince does a solo that kicked all of their ass's. Yet, so humble. Check out his first 2 or 3 albums starting with his first "For You", 2nd entitled "Prince" and 3rd "Dirty Mind"... The boy is bad! From Don Q the best guitarist in Fort Worth, Texas!
[Newest]You know that you are a spectacular guitar player if you have high marks from the likes of Eric Clapton & Jimmy Page...
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44Paul Gilbert
How is it paul gilbert is 60th, yet he's twice as good as buckethead and taught him everything he knows? No one can play that fast without sacrificing the quality
Holy cow Slash is number 1? Perhaps they mean a different " guitar" when they say guitarist! Paul Gilberto all the way!
The almighty guitar GOD! No one can compare to his capabilities such as, "synyster gates" or slash.
PG has such a distinguishable sound and image. PAUL GILBERT ALL THE WAY!
[Newest]Paul Gilbert at 0.4%. None of the best guitar players of this sad, sad planet is even in the top 10. Bollocks.

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45Neal Schon
Neal Schon will eventually be considered the most under-rated guitarist of all time. In 1971, at the age of 16, on his very first recording (Santana-3), he SOLIDIFIED his own unique style, which included frenetic time signatures, alternating with masterfully sustained notes that maintain an incredibly clean, crisp and delicate tone, which set the standard for many future shredders to come. As great as Joe Satriani is, why is he credited with inventing "melodic shredding" in 1985, when Schon was at it 14 YEARS EARLIER? The guitar interplay on Santana-3, between Carlos and Neal is mind boggling, like a volcano that is ready to explode! And this is in 1971-when guitarists had to rely on their fingers-instead of effects. A world class master!
One of the greatest ever-his work with santana is a phenomenon but lo and behold the first three journey albums before steve perry joined are the quintessential progressive/fusion albums of the 70's. Now lets get to his inhuman two works with jan hammer, his six solo albums and of course the band he had with sammy hagar for a while. Also, bad English and hardline. How quickly people forget
Neal Schon combines pure shred with spectacular song writing skills. Every album he created is loaded with ear catching melodies. People do not realize how technically skilled he is due to the radio rock era he helped create, but if you listen to him critically you realize just how skilled he is. In concert he stands up there and just shreds.
[Newest]Wow I can't think of one other guitarist who even comes close to pure melody magic.

46James Hetfield
There are people that only know slash and tell he is the best guitarist of the world, he isn't, he is good but metal guitarist are better, slash have good bents and everything but James hetfield y am guitarist and I really know who are the best band in the world and is not in this world : Kurt cobain, the rev, jimmy Hendrix, mich Thompson and Freddy mercury
Never seen such a heck of a combination in a singer/guitar player. He's great especially in rhythm parts while he sings. RESPECT this guy!
The way he has carried the band, he is what Metallica is, plays the guitar and sings, his solos are more soulful than kirk can ever think of, and he has shown he can do a kirk too in suicide and redemption solo.
[Newest]At least he is better than Kirk Hammett so he should be 6th at least...

47Alexi Wildchild Laiho
Alexi is such a great guitarist, when he plays, we are afraid when his guitar is gonna burst in flames. And remember, he plays insanely hard solos and sings at the same time...
Alexi Laiho is a guitar genius and he's very young too. If you think otherwise, go to see Children Of Bodom live. It's incredible!
He is the guitar god! He is one of the best sweep pickers in this world... he uses melody with techniques! He is the best guitariist in the metal world!
[Newest]Alexi is a great guitarist, and fast as hell. He is a genius when it comes to making songs and solos, and he can sing at the same time! That is something you got to appreciate. Of course, there are more grat guitarists, but Alexi is my favourite.

48Gary Moore
Seriously folks, Gary Moore should be in the top three list. He was an amazing technician of every style of music from heavy metal to blues. Guitarists like Randy Rhoads, Kirk Hammitt, and others were influenced by Gary Moore. Find a copy of his album Dirty Fingers--he could play faster and with more precision than Eddie Van Halen. His tone is unmistakable and all his own. He even worked with George Harrison, B.B. king, Cozy Powell, and many others. His guitar work with Collosseum II rivaled anything by Jeff Beck, (who I would rate as number two behind Gary Moore). What a shame that the guy still doesn't receive the respect and recognition he deserves even after death. What a pity.
Gary moore is a great guitar player, he is the one who made me play guitar thanks to him I play guitar, I have seen all his work and his interview and if you see it all trust me you'll be amazed how good he actully is the nummber one in my book is "the messiah will come again by gary moore" "the prophet" and "the loner" instrumental song's but in same time powerful please try it very few can play his stuff you think slash can? Slash don't do real solo's it all sounds same fast and a lot at same time. PS: slash has not impressed me since I was young, till.. I saw gary moore
Gary is the most underrated players ever! Maybe his playing with Lizzy has stifled his solo stuff a little or his diverse styles he has flirted with. But hey the man can play jazz rock, folk, classical, heavy metal, heavy rock, Celtic rock and blues to the most amazing standard! He gets so much feel from his guitar and can play everything and is looked up to by his peers. We love ya man!
[Newest]Their is no finer bluesman out their to bad he's gone
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49Jack White
Till number 58 I kept scrolling thinking, "ok next is gonna be Jack White". This makes me very sad. The guy is an unbridled genius. One of the few artists today that you know really gets consumed by what they do. Go watch him play the solo of 'blue veins' live, and I guarantee that he wont stick to his scales and he wont be crisp with his notes, but what he will do every time is leave his heart on that fretboard.
He should at least be in the top 20. I mean, come on you can do better than that. Haven't you heard icky thump, seven nation army, his cover of Jolene by Dolly Parton, him singing with Loretta Lynn on the song Portland Oregon, Blue Orchid, and all that other good stuff! In The Rolling Stones magazine, he was number 17. He deserves better than this!
He came around after guitar rock was dead and buried, and resurrected it. Half of the White Stripe's music was a guitar (the other half was a drum set), and it sounded like 10 Orchestras. You feel every note. The guy can play.
[Newest]He's Jack White. That's why.

50Adrian Smith
All iron maiden fans ll be disappointed to see this guy below top 50


Every song by iron maiden has a solo and if you haven't heard a song by iron maiden, try it.


I don't know why he is in number 62 but you have to know the real guitarist. This is to much disappointing. You have to vote for the right guy who doesn't deserves this place. Adrian is the best guitarist of one of the most legendary heavy metal band iron maiden. Yeah I agree Slash and Eddie Van Halen are legends. But they got what they deserves but Adrian still doesn't. So people vote for the right guy and take his name to his place.
[Newest]Blows away Angus Young at #10.

51Zacky Vengeance
Zacky is cleary one of the best, self-taught left handed guitarists out there.
It doesn't take a comment to say how perfect this guy is!
Zacky is like, the best lefty guitarist out in the modern metal scene right now. Rock on baby rock on!
[Newest]Zacky V is the best rhythm guitarist for me

52Dave Murray
Dave an Adrian smith are just fantastic and anyone who's not clueless about playing in a band would admire that, they play like a team the even pass solos to each other and along with Gers they just team up a 3 man guitarist witch every band would just beg to have.
I don't understand and wouldn't even want to argue about this ranking because there is no way you can just put these guys up and down, they've worked all their life, been through absolutely everything and now they're there to respect.
I don't want you to become a Maiden fan over a night but listen to his solos and you'll Respect him and his band members more that ever.
I don't understand why all guitarists of Iron Maiden are so low on this list! Thez are all much better than the most of this list and songs of Iron Maiden have always rocked... But surveys and lists like this will never be objective because they are all based on subjective opinions of the readers... Probably the only truth is that the best guitarist ever is Jimi Hendrix...
What Price, Synster Gates Are You Kidding Me, This Dave Murray Damn It He Influenced Most Hard Rock Guitarists Of Are Time, And His Guitar Solos Hallowed be thy name, run to the hills number of the beast legendary songs, I Just Don�'t Get It Why Dave Is Underrated, Way Better Than Slash. I Don�'t Get It, Why


[Newest]Only at the 52th place?

53Matthias Jabs
I would Clearly Adore that Matthias should be at Least in the First 10!
In my Opinion the Greatest Guitarist all over the Ages should be Steve Vai and no Jimi Henrix, to whom we all Rock Fans we Owe Everything, I must say! However we choose the Best Guitarist, based on Skills and no on what he has Gifted such us Open-Minded Singles or Ideas to Music! No 2 Barely would be Joe Satriani for the same reason as Steve and No 3 Jimi Page of the Legendary Led! I Would place Henrix in the 5th Place, as in the 4th would be Carlos Santana... We owe to say that one Guitarist who is very Unfair-ed by People is Ulrich Roth! Uli SHOULD be place, I insist after or before Santana! As a Matter of Fact I See on the Top of the Least a Quite Skilled Guitar Player who would Spark his Guitar every time he plays! But for the reason he's done many Mistakes on the Beginning or till a Solo while on Stage with Guns though his egoism I would have thrown him after Matthias who is much better! Slash cannot EVEN touch the Clear and very special Style of Jabbs, no because I am a Scorpion Fan, but in distance because I must judge based on my experience ( even if I have a little points of it )! Of Course we should ever not forget to Mention the one and ONLY Ritchie... Seventh Place for him... as the Couple of Adrian Smith and Dave Murray ( Iron Maiden )! I should say that the list has still MONSTERS of Guitars Remaining but I'll have Finish Writing until NEVER.. So! Vote for Mati ;) and NOBODY CAN REACH STEVE!
The Sound of Matthias Jabs' lead guitar is one of the main reasons The Scorpions became one of the biggest hard rock bands of the 80's. His melodic solos are one of the most memorable and signature sounds of the band. Jabs is impressively precise live, rarely every missing a note. His solos are complex yet perfectly melodic to the song and the rest of the music. One thing about Jabs is I have not seen a lot of improvisation by him... Which maybe why he is not ranked higher - but this Matthias Jabs is one of the best lead guitarists in the world... And has proven it for several successful decades. He should be ranked higher - except for the fact that he is not a "name" known by many, and the declining popularity of The Scorpions in the U.S. Jabs should be recognized and ranked much higher, and the band he plays for should be among the elite hard rock bands of all time.
As a fast and somehow experienced guitar player in hard rock and heavy metal... no matter how many times I listen to a matthias jabs solos, I still get amazed by the speed, skill and enthusiasm his solos have. Matthias has the best stage performance of all guitarists and his solos are so creative and fast... he's gotta be the best!
[Newest]Matthias jabs should be placed among the top 5 greatest guitarist

54Robert Johnson
Time has its' way of warping things. Robert Johnson not being in the top 100 is insane, but over time things will change. In 50 years, 98% of the top 150 guitarists on this list will not even be known, but Robert Johnson will. Think about it.
It's not just his technical skills that are still unmatched today. What's absolutely thrilling about Robert Johnson is the emotional power of his songs. Robert Johnson HAD to play and sing the songs he sang just for his sake. Unfortunately, he most likely didn't find the peace of mind he was looking for. And you can hear it. I am so deeply touched by every single note he ever played.
This guy inspired jimmy page, eric clapton and many others like them I mean if I was so good that my song was remade by cream and is now one of their most well known songs I'd die happy

55Frank Zappa
It's a shame that Frank is so low on this list. His work has always been known to musicians and weirdos (and weirdo musicians), but most people find it too off the wall to access. I was trying to introduce an acquaintance to Apostrophe the other day, and the guy asked me, "What genre is this? " I said, "Frank Zappa. What the hell does it matter? Do you have to categorize music to understand it? " He jumped on his phone and found Zappa listed as "rock and roll". Ok. Fine. Whatever.

It's amazing how hard it is for people to get him... even the retarded humor! I mean... Is it really that hard to find the funny in "Don't Eat the Yellow Snow"? Frank's world of Sears ponchos, zircon encrusted tweezers, etc. just doesn't seem to cross that psychic barrier for all but the few. Same goes for the guitar. As I'm typing this, the opening wank from "I'm the Slime" is playing. He was doing that stuff before metal guitarists had even imagined it.

But I have to admit... Sheepishly... I never fully comprehended what he was doing on guitar until one night when I'd just smoked a couple of bowls and it suddenly made PERFECT sense. Frank would've probably found that silly. He wasn't a stoner, not did he put up with stoners in his band. Fired them. I don't believe that getting high gives one any special insight into music, but... I'm not sure that I would've ever been able to access what he was doing on the fretboard if I'd been in a normal state of mind.

Bottom line... If you don't really LISTEN, many of his solos are just blurs... and most people just can'tLauren that deeply. They don't have the headspace for it.
Frank's the BEST guitarist. His playing was typically brilliant -- improvising the most intelligent, unique, inspired, moving, and energetic solos I've ever heard. While not the most accomplished "technician," he was the most creative and gifted of them all. Frank released so much material over the years that it's not possible to do justice to his talent by citing a few albums or song titles. Best to just listen, listen, listen to Zappa's material released between, say, 1967 and 1987, when his guitar playing was at it's best and most practiced. But perhaps most notable are Uncle Meat, Hot Rats, Burnt Weeny Sandwich, Just Another Band From L.A. , Apostrophe, Chunga's Revenge, One Size Fits All, Zoot Allures, Joe's Garage, Shut Up 'N Play Your Guitar, and Jazz From Hell, which all contain examples of his incredible talent, energy, and improvisational playing skills. Enjoy.. !
I agree on raising frank to much higher level. One of the best instrumental songs is off of ABSOLUTELY FREE called Invocation And Ritual Dance Of The Young Pumpkin. With brilliance when the Beatles were doing three baby chords. It came out on 6/26/1967.


[Newest]Frank was out their but loved every thing he did
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Uruha'a skill was great the best visual kei guitarist I think. Now it's just time for him to be the best guitarist ever!
When he plays, you can't see his fingers anymore, they're too fast. He' a genius!
Uruha was great, he play melody with emotion, touch listener emotion with his melody.. Great!
[Newest]He is the best. Great guitarist!
More comments about Uruha

57Herman Li
The fastest guitarist I've seen in my life!
Herman Li is the best guitarist in the world his hands is so fast in the song heroes of our time yeah
How the hell is this not in the top 5!? This is like the best guitarist EVER! Herman li can play any solo made by Jimi Hendrix, Kirk Hammet, Slash, Jimmy Page, Synyster Gates, but NONE of them can play the solos he has in Through The Fire and Flames, Valley of the Damned, Black Wintre Night, Black Fire, Heart of a Dragon, The Last Journey Home, My Spirit will go on, or Evening Star, NONE of them! This is by far the craziest, awesomest, fastes guitarist ever!


[Newest]This man plays the guitar like he has 6 fingers on each hands. Vote him. Maybe twice.
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58Mark Tremonti
Mark, when combined with Myles, is the definition of Rock and Roll. No one who has heard Blackbird can deny that.

My favourite quote from YouTube:
"The music industry gets owned whenever Myles opens his mouth. "
Same goes for both Mark's and Myles' guitar playing.
He's a living legend. It's just that he's underrated and he deserves a lot more. For me he's the best guitarist the world.
Mark Tremonti has played with Creed and Alterbridge his whole life. He made his start with Creed, and now look Creed is one of the most successful bands of all time. Mark has it all the stage presence the skill the speed the crazy attractive PRS custom Tremonti. He has found the balance of metal and hard rock that made Creed and Alter Bridge what they are today. Mark can grab that crazy attractive PRS and play not just for the fans but for himself and the pure enjoyment of music, and once an musician or in this case artist can do that then they can connect with the audience even more. He can play those crazy fast metal hard rock riffs but he is also diverse enough to through in a bluesy rock riff. So in conclusion vote Tremonti not just because his crazy sexy attractive guitar but for his pure raw talent and skill.
[Newest]He can play any fast and awesome solo. People give him a lot of flak just because he was in Creed and all, but they haven't heard how awesome of a guitarist he is until the listen to Alter Bridge. And his solo album "All I Was" is more or less speed-metal goodness.
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59Kitamura Ken
His guitar really amazing...

He can make a really beautiful melody...

I love all of his song... He is the best composer & Guitarist ever...
His ability to compose a song is in my opinion greater than his two band mates and his great strength as a guitarist is his ability to be able to be subtle and allow other sounds and styles influence his music giving him a range capable of fully expressing not only various genres but emotions even in the same song.
Ken is The Best Guitarrist In The World, and composer, is a lovely person


[Newest]He deserves to be nominated for the top five

60Steve Howe
Steve was really the 1st player I ever heard who was able to combine the genres in a totally individual way. His playing has become neither of the original forms it was inspired by - It's Steve Howe music. Most other players are very generic, nothing wrong with that, but if you're going to vote on greatness. It has to be Steve Howe. Not technically perfect, but original. Try and play it, there are some things that you will have to abandon all you've learned in order to play. Even Jimi (RIP), was basically a blues player. Looking forward to seeing Steve play in a couple of months
Steve Howe should be #1 followed by Jimmy Page, period! These two guitarist were the most technically great and complex writers ever. They were both the most versatile and had more range than any of the others mentioned. They both played with such passion. They both incorporated elements of Jazz, Blue Grass, Classical, rockabilly and country all into rock. Hendrix, slash eddy and all others mentioned never evolved or changed it up like Howe and Page. Both can play anything. The rest were limited. Howe was the most technically complex, intricate player followed by Page. Listen to the album "Close To The Edge". It is a guitar masterpiece. Hendrix could never play what Howe or Page played. Hendrix was not as complex or skilled.
Are you young people nuts? Did you even know this guy won guitar players best overall guitarist five years in a row? And is in their hall of fame? I want to hear slash do classical, jazz, bluegrass, flamenco, even country picking like this guy. I want to hear slash play acoustic guitar solos with a nylon, six, and twelve string guitars the way Mr. Howe does. I want to hear slash play a mandolin ^^ pedal steel like Steve. Slash is only an electric guitar player with one style only. Steve Howe is THE guitar man. He deserves to be #1
[Newest]Probably a generational thing, but if you don't know his work, YouTube any live "Yes" song and behold the master. Should be #1, for numerous, obvious reasons!
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61Ace Frehley
I don't know why Ace is so far down on this GD list. Paul Frehley was and IS one of the most influential rock and roll guitarists of all time. While he may have not been as technical as some other guitarists out there, Ace definitely provided some stepping stones for some modern guitar sounds. He is loud and in your face with those solo's. He produces a sound that's loud, raw and genuine. While sometimes sloppy and quick on the frets Ace always manages to put the icing on his work, his songs Fractured Mirror, Fractured Too, Fracture III, and Fractured Quantum are easily some of the best instrumental guitar pieces I have ever heard. The song "Cold Gin" has been covered by countless bands and remains a great rock favorite even to this day, his signature 2 string octave bends on the blistering "Love Gun" solo still give me goosebumps when I hear it. He is and will always be one of the most badass Guitarists of all time. Should definitely be in the top 10.


I don't see how Ace Frehley is so far down the list. He has done so much in the many years he has been on the Earth. He kick started KISS, inspired generation after generation of kids to pick up a guitar, (& in my opinion, anyone who inspires a kid to turn off Katy Perry or Taylor Swift deserves some kind of award. ) brought himself back from his drug addiction, (which, by the way, made him a better guitarist) STAYED OFF THE DRUGS, (an amazing feature by the way) & is revolutionizing the guitar everyday. Has anyone ever heard "Fractured Quantum"? How about "Trouble Walkin'" "New York Groove", or "Fox on the Run"? & what about "Genghis Khan" He puts his heart & soul into his music, & now-a-days, that's too hard to come by. Everybody in front of him, Jeff Beck, Dimebag Darrell, Stevie Ray Vaughn, & even Jimi Hendrix, should bow to the might that is Ace Frehley!
If someone is judging based on methodology and technique, then, Ace Frehley deserves to be here. However, if you're basing this on heart, soul, influential qualities, and most importantly, inspiration, then, Ace is down here WAY TOO FAR. Ace gave birth to a series of guitarist, and he inspired so many individuals to pick up a guitar that it is impossible to place him here without a major argument. Ace has his own style, and that style fit KISS so perfectly that their current guitarist must mimic him to be accepted. That's a compliment. Bruck Kulick is a better technical guitarist, but Ace Frehley is a better guitarist to hear in any format. It's just that simple.
[Newest]It is a travesty that Ace is not much higher on this list. Put simply, he is one of the most influential rock guitarists of his generation. His style is instantly recognizable and, if you know what you are listening to, so is his influence in the styles of many of the greats that came after him.
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62Jerry Cantrell
A lot of the older folk in the world today and think music has gone bad. In one perspective, that is correct. In the mainstream overhaul, most music has gone to doggy doody. (you know what I mean) With our Kanye Wests, Muse, and more, it certainly seems that way. Not to be too biased though; the artic monkeys are a fine example of good break through music.

But back to my point; music prosperity has gone down over the years. In order to obtain music with power nowadays, you have to go underground. Not just punk; most popular "punk" bands these days aren't even close to the political sneer and anarchy of the glory days.

If you look at good bands, you see the 90's was really the end for most intellectually inclined music. Ironically, the 90's was a flourish (Renaissance if you will) of music. Music that contained politically charged lyrics, argued against religion, and expressed the of humanity.

Nirvana and Pearl Jam dominated the 90's while the less mainstream inclined bands like Soundgarden, Alice'N'Chains, and Blind Melon sat in the backwash.

Alice in chains was a magnificent band full of solos that made me pick up my guitar every time I hear them. The lyrics (most of them) make me think and look at life in another less instinctive form. But mist of all
No artist has been through pain like Jerry. If layne could have stayed clean, Alice in chains would have been the greatest band of the 90's. They have such a wide style from all out metal to make you cry country tunes.
This list reflects the thoughts of most of the people and teenagers out there... And this is sad. Is that possible? Syn Gates better than the god of grunge guitar? The absolute riff maker? Cantrell has changed the 90's, Syn just sweeped some harmonic minor...
[Newest]A true riff-rocker. I could listen to Man In The Box or Grind, or even their new stuff from The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here and recognize that it's Jerry playing. I love his softer guitar solos too, like in Rotten Apple and Nutshell.
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63Peter Frampton
Frampton was a child prodigy. He has been influenced by such jazz greats as Django Rheinhardt and the early rock and roll influences of Buddy Holly. He is right up there with his more recognized contemporaries such as Eric Clapton. Unfortunately, his boy pop star image got in the way of being noticed as a great guitar player. He won a Grammy for his album Fingerprints and it was well deserved.
Peter Frampton is a legend. Don't how he ever got to no 86. This man truly knows how to make a guitar work. Listen to his music and hear for yourself. I have listened to many guitar legends such as Hendrix, Clapton, The Egde, Mark Knopfler, Santana, Jimmy Page, Slash, David Gilmour, George Harrison, Keith Richards, Gary Moore, Jeff Beck and all the others. The song called Lines on my face raises the hairs on my arms, when he plays it. He should be No 2 right behind Hendrix.
Totally agree with these comments, no.2 definitely behind the master Jimi
'Do you feel like I do'. I rest my case. Find the Midnight Special version on YouTube and it will blow your pants off...
[Newest]This man plays the most beautiful solos I have ever heard

64Jason Becker
Not only are his skills godlike, his music is great too! Unlike EVERY OTHER Shredder out there (Except Marty Friedman, who is another one of my favorites)! If he didn't have ALS, he would rule the world... Listen to his solo album 'Perpetual Burn' if you don't believe me, or if you're too lazy, search "Jason Becker serrana" on YouTube...
Awesome! All I can say is search this guy on YouTube. Listen to him with your eyes closed then experience watching him. It is crazy, he is truly amazing his technique is one very few can mimic. So Jason should be in the top ten. Listen to Perpetual Burn. Higher or just Google him and listen to his music. You will not be disappointed
Billie Joe, Kurt Cobain are you nuts or something. Jason Becker is easily one of the greatest metal guitarist of all time. Listen to altitude. That songs had so much emotions that even 1000000 slashs can't match. Great changes but they just added to the beauty of the song. Really his body wasn't much supportive otherwise he could have easily been next to Hendrix. He has done so much at such an early age and then stopped, and that's quite unfortunate, that we imagine that Beethoven or Vivaldi is playing the instrument.
[Newest]Jason marty top 2
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65Steve Lukather
Why is this guy constantly overlooked?! So many of these 'Best Guitarist' lists are based on musicians who had a few great songs or a couple of great albums, or the choices are largely based on popularity - I find this disgusting! Steve Lukather is technically brilliant, has creative flair and instantly recognisable individual style; not only has he learned the academics of music but he plays with his heart and soul too. All TRUE musicians respect him for his abilities and he's worked with so many of the greatest artists of all time. Let's not forget he also writes, sings, plays piano and is a thoroughly decent guy who has been inspiring music lovers for nearly 40 years - So WHY doesn't he get the respect he deserves?! What more does this man have to do? Maybe if he'd died young, fickle joe public would have sat up and noticed him. Well I totally appreciate him - as well as contributing from the shadowy wings to scores of bestselling songs by other artists, whether solo or with Toto I recognize him as one of the most truly outstanding guitarists ever and he deserves a place up there with the real Greatest.
Steve, Every year he comes up with something new on the guitar that just makes your mouth drop! I would love to see him jam with his best bro' Eddie
Van Halen, like ALL the best guitarist's Steve has his own sound, It's a shame a lot more people don't know how good he is, Mostly it's because of his band Toto, their record company (just like poor Cheap Trick! ) would keep the band in a strangle hold making sure ONLY Ballad's were released as singles, Also the music press have a lot to answer for, They gave Toto and Lukather no respect at all! Long live TOTO & LUKATHER!
He's the best!
That's all...
I'll never heard what a great sense of melody
So, he wrote beautiful songs with toto
[Newest]One of the best guitar players of the world
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66Tommy Emmanuel
Tommy Emmanuel should be #1. Billy Joe Armstrong, really? Even Slash, at number one, cannot even dream of things this man can do on the guitar. Just because he doesn't play the electric, or sing about getting drunk and screwing girls, today's society wont appreciate it. Really saddens me.
Just see him in concert and you'll understand why he is the best. He makes the instrument talk, walk and sing. He's also an entertainer who not only plays to the audience but with them as well. YouTube him and you will see why what he does is a God given gift that he has chosen to work hard at giving back as he still practices daily. If he is ever in your area take the time, spend the money and go--you won't regret it.
Tommy does this with a guitar other players dream of doing. Tommy has all the skilss, heart and emotion. Seriously Chet Atkins called him the best ever what more do you need to here? While the rock and rollers get all the praise (only because they are mainstream) its guys like Tommy who keep it real. Line the list up on stage and true guitar lovers would pick Tommy every time, he is second to none.
[Newest]The race isn't even close. There is no contest. It is Tommy all the way. No one else is even close
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67Glenn Tipton
WHAT I can't believe that Glenn number 50 he is so under rated the way he plays solos is amazing my favorite guitarist ( 2nd place is Jimi Page)


The Glen (and KK too) are a few of the most underrated guitarists in history as they both have mastered the fretboard and blaze up and down it like Metal Gods, thus solidifying that oh-so sinister authentic sound that is Judas Priest
This is a disgrace. Every music list leaves out Judas Priest. Tipton (and Downing) are just some of the the best guitarists ever. Together, they are a force to be reckoned with and the first of the two is number 66. Just terrible
[Newest]Why did I waste time typing this when kurt santana is ranked higher than glenn tipton? One word. Ignorance. One compound word. Painkiller. Magnum opus.

68Johnny Winter
Best blues guitarist I've ever heard. Combines the classical blues sounds of greats like bb king and robert johnson and adds the technique, speed and skill that modern rockers still strive for. And he was playing his ass into the ground back in the late 60's before and during when Hendrix, duane, clapton and others were in their heyday
He was lightning-fast, yet never played a note that didn't make complete sense. I can't say that about any other guitarist. Jimi and Johnny were the best... even Jimi would say so! RIP both of you... and keep ripping those guitar strings!
Johnny Winter... All I can say is just watch this man play! I think no one has this guy beat on speed and style! Should be in top 25 any day of the week and I would put him in the top 10!
[Newest]RIP Johnny! You were one of the greats and I was lucky to have seen you play,

69Paco de Lucia
The best in Spanish and flamenco music

Just look for it in YouTube

It's the best one we ever had in Spain
Perfect technique, full of passion; many others can play as fast as he does but the pack is not full but Paco's is.
Nothing more to say.
I see you have a bunch of 12 year olds voting who can play rock star. Paco de Lucia is far better than Slash or Hendrix, of course if you've never heard him play, than you don't know. Do yourself a favor and look him up on you tube.


[Newest]Flamenco, acoustical guitar, brilliant technique. Who needs more?

70Albert King
I concur with the previous comments, and If you really appreciate rock/blues guitar look into it's history. Maybe it's only other guitarists who really appreciate him. Long live this King
It's sinful and blasphemous that Albert King did not make the top 100. But like Robert Johnson's ranking, time will adjust all things. In 50 years, 98% of the people in the top 150 won't be known.
That this man isn't even in your top 100 is a joke

AOI is THE BEST GUITARIST ALL OVER THE WORLD from THE BEST BAND ALL OVER THE WORLD. He's better than anyone. He can't be beaten. He's AOI.
He is a guitarist from The GazettE, second best only to Uruha
Aoi from the GazettE, you are amazing guitarist! He composed beautiful music in uncertain sense and shiroki yuutsu. He also nice and cheerful person.
[Newest]Aoi guitarist of the GazettE band he is the best guitarist I've ever seen. Love you Aoi

72Les Paul
How is Les Paul so low on the list, he's LES PAUL creator of one of the best guitars on earth
If influential was a category this genius would be No. 1. Has had an impact on at least 99% of anyone playing an electric guitar if they know it or not... Check out this guy's story.
Where all those before mentioned artists are truly great... Les Paul has to be No1. Not only did he invent all the techniques and sounds he and his wife Mary set the presidence of all future lead guitarist's to the present day!
[Newest]Jimi Hendrix may have been the one who is known to have perfected playing the electric guitar but this guy is highly underrated and he was the true one to have invented it all! Every time my brother (mostly plays bass) talks about guitars he has had or wants, he hits himself over the head for selling his Les Paul all those years ago which he couldn't afford to buy in this day and age!

73The Edge
Its not the speed at which you play the guitar that wins the crowd but it's the quality of sound that wins the crowd! Listen to the riffs played by him and you will agree with me.
The Edge is the greatest guitarist ever! Did you listen "One" live in Chicago? His solo was much better than slash!
Come on, rate The Edge!
Definitely the greatest guitar player today (& dare I say better than most worshipped show offs of the yesteryears) the man has laid down so many classic riffs, not only just that he is also superb lead player, what he can do in a couple of notes can't be done by most shredders in a million minute solo
[Newest]I have been scrolling through this list for 20 minutes trying to find the edge. So I found him. At number 882. WHAT THE ACTUAL HELL ARE YOU PEOPLE ON! HE IS A PHENOMENAL GUITARIST!
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74Michael Angelo
He's the fastest guitarist that I currently know of (and I know plenty of fast guitarists), as well as being fluent in multiple picking techniques and being an amazing teacher. Watch a live recording and say that he's not within the top ten.
If he's not on position one everyone of you knows nothing!
Michael Angelo not in the top 10 what!. God must forsake this world after all. Because of this generation choosing the best guitarist base on charisma
[Newest]He deserve in top 10

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75John Mayer
I got to sit down and watch his special and I have always been around music due to both of my parents singing and play an instrument and me, myself having a couple of different bands and being a lover of the sweet sound of a guitar just screaming or cry out to you, I have been a Stevie Ray fan for as long as I can remember and I can say after seeing the John Mayer special I second guessing heavily that it could be argued that he is the best guitarist. If your a guitarist freak then you should watch this guy in action. Soulful and talented beyond my wildest dreams.
If you don't consider John as a top 10, then you probably also think his only song is Wonderland. He is probably a top 3 or 4 right now and will finish his career better than that. Not taking anything away from Hendrix, certainly not, he's a man amongst boys, but he simply didn't have a full life to finish what he started unfortunately for this world... Mayer and others are picking up what he left us and who knows where it will go. In conclusion... Mayer is sick.
John Mayer is the best guitarist on this list. He does not get the respect as a guitarist that he deserves. The baby boomer generation needs to get off this Clapton, Hendrix, Angus Young, Slash thing and give credit where it is do. He is about much more than teeny bopper pop songs, this guy can shred and has the most soulful licks I've ever heard. You don't believe it? Catch one live show, better yet YouTube Gravity Live "Where the Light is". 90 is ridiculous. He is the best!
[Newest]Find me one person of current generation guitarists who can mirror image blues style Hendrix as close as this man can. And no, Stevie Ray Vaughn is not this generation.
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76Guthrie Govan
The best.
I feel that more people should listen to this God play.
Being that I have listened to most of the guitarist on this list, I can safely say that he is the best I have seen thus far. His Chord progressions are angelic, his solos, impeccable, and his phrasing, fluid. He is the archetype of the perfect guitarist. As stated by people like Joe Satriani Steve Vai, Tosin Abasi, he is the best guitarist in the world, today.
What can I say. A guitarists guitarist.

The closest thing we have to the pinnacle of modern guitar playing. This man encompasses every generational stylistic voice on guitar. A beastly improvisational player, with chops and feel to boot.

Some may find him to be too shreddy, but when he shreds it is always tasteful, and he has phrasing for days. I hesitate to call him the "best" (as Guthrie would never use those words himself) but he most certainly is the most versatile guitarist I've ever heard. Can literally play any style.
Not really many words for this dude because words in this case are inadequate. I am a mediocre guitar player and in my life time when I heard really great guitar players it would make me want to put the guitar down but, Guthrie is one great guitar player that makes me want to pick the guitar up. He says everything that I've always wanted to say and more, yet somehow makes me feel that there is more in me to express. Two Thumbs and Two Big Toes Up!
Ernest Ballard.
[Newest]Guthrie Govan @ 74th LOL. This list is meaningless, really!

77Chuck Norris (Session Blues Guitarist)
How come chuck norris isn't first?
Chuck norris is always the best.
His Pinched Harmonics make dormant volcano's come alive.

78Chuck Schuldiner
The Godfather Chuck Schuldiner from Death is the best guitarist in the world perfectly balanced technically melodic sound solo in every song fast paced, shred, bend whatever his a full book and number 1. Vocals at the same time as well nor needs to even look at his guitar to play a technical solo.
The band can't go on without him irreplaceable pure talented melodically 100% individual.
Horrible list here guys...131 should be 1 Chuck IS and always WILL BE the BEST guitar player the world has ever seen!
One of the most underrated guitarists ever. No explanation is needed. Just listen to Voice of the Soul or Without Judgement.
[Newest]Best metal guitar player ever! Died to early and his tattoo standing on my arm, RIP my friend!


I'm certain the only reason he isn't in at least the top five, if not number one on this list is because he isn't as exposed to Americans as Slash or Jimmy Hindrix, cause Miyavi rivals both of them. Hands down my favorite guitarist ever, and he has the charisma and personality to match his musician skills as well! An all around brilliant performer!
Miyavi is the best guitarist ever, I haven't seen anyone who can play guitar like him, Miyavi is totally crazy when he is playing guitar he can also playing his magic box I don't know how to call it laugh out loud, Miyavi rocks!
Miyavi can rock like no other. He is the reason I'm playing guitar right now, love playing his riffs. Rock on Man!
[Newest]He has such an awesome guitar style! So envious! I'll try learning
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80Jeff Hanneman
Jeff should be un the top 50 just listen to chemical warfare
Jeff Hanneman's corpse has more talent than Synyster Gates. RIP Jeff.
Greatest metal guitarist ever!

81Tosin Abasi
I don't believe this list. While Hendrid, Clapton and many other classic players are deserving of top spot, when it comes to people like Synyster, and this is not hating on a7x, who I like, with enough skill anyone can do what he does. Granted, he is a very skillful player but one of the things that makes Animals As Leaders my favourite band is that you don't hear anyone else doing anything like it. To me, as talented as Syn may be, and however great his solos and leads are (Hail To The King intro is genius) it just doesn't have the same individuality, because any shredder can follow the fornula of alternate picking and sweep picking, and unless someone does something new with these techniques, it all begins to sound a bit samey. What grabs me about Tosins playing is his double thumb slap technique, which I have never heard from another guitarist, and his use of extended chords helps give AAL its signature sound. Please vote people like Tosin and Paul Gilbert higher to stop this from becoming another 'most popular guitarist' list
Tosin Abasi is most probably the most all round guitarist of all time. For anyone who has watched his Prog-Gnosis videos will know that he holds an immense knowledge of music theory as well as being able to master complicated time signatures that are not even parallel with the backing drums. The fact that this man has such adversity with his musical knowledge as well as being able to play faster than I can respire means that he deserves recognition as the most accomplished technical guitarist of all time.
Tosin Abasi is possibly one of the greatest guitarists alive right now. Definitely brings all of Animals As Leaders together. Although all of his songs are instrumentals the notes speak for itself. He may be Meshuggah inspired (don't get me wrong, Meshuggah is great) but he definitely has his own flavor.
[Newest]Probably the best guitarist on this page. Ever.

82Daron Malakian
Daron Malakian is the best guitarist of the 21st century and he is on 50? Do you even hear his songs and his amazing solos both live and in studio?

This is a hilarious website. I bet 100$ that whoever is voting for the other guitarists actually have no idea who Daron Malakian is and what kind of songs does he play.

He deserves a spot AT LEAST in the top 20. But apparently, the community here is too ignorant to rate those who perform with pure skill, and actually vote for those who perform with the aid of autotuners etc. Etc. Etc.
He's not only one of the best guitarists of this new millennium. But also a first class composer...
Him @ 30-38 and matthew bellamy @ 18? Yes this is a dream I should probably forget about it... ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Matthew bellamy doesn't know how to play guitars he just uses the "effect" thing LISTEN TO DARON AMIGOS
[Newest]Bad ass guitarist. Deserves top 20 for sure.
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83Joe Bonamassa
There is something special about this guy. His head is totally into his music and it has been since he was a child. Unlike other music savants, he seems to channel all of his energy and talent into "growing" in his work. I was able to see many of the amazing guitarists in the 60's and 70's and I'm not sure how anyone can vote for anyone but their own personal favorite. But I believe, if it were possible, to get all the greatest guitarists on a stage at the same time (playing in their prime) Joe very likely might be the last man standing. He's not even 40 and he's been playing professionally for over 30 years. And with his attitude and love for his work, more and more people are going to discover this huge treasure and gift to the world. If you get to know him, You'll love him.
I would say this number will change as people get to see this man play he is every bit as good as Page or Beck...
Joe is the best that I have ever seen or heard. I started listening to all types of music in the mid-50's, especially blues -based guitar starting with Robert Johnson until now. Joe embodies all that is past and present with a unique sound that is unmatched. Each note has a purpose within the songs he plays, some slow, some fast, and each remembered. Albert King, Hendrix, Clapton, and Santana come close, but at this point in time, Joe is the best. Check out the song "The Great Flood" if you don't believe me. It will bring tears to your eyes.
Joe bonamassa has to be the best blues and overall Guitarist and Soloist, his side projects in Black Country communion show his skills are not limited to blues alone but Rock and metal. HIs solos are blistering in speed and technical ability When I am asked who are the best... Its Satriani and Bonamassa, most rock guitarist do not compare. Its not about a few solos on an album here and there Bonamassa performs almost every day all over the world and his corpass of material is staggering. I suggest you listen to some of the albums he has out The other commentator is correct. Hendrix King Clapton Santana, are close, but not as superior as Joe Bonamassa, IN every note he plays,
[Newest]Joe is better than many on this list and continues to improve his craft
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84Tommy Joe Ratliff
Tommy Ratliff specializes in the bluesy funk guitar sound, but he's able to play a variety of music types. As Adam Lambert said about his bassist/guitarist Tommy Ratliff "he plays so tastefully and as an ensemble. " Tommy's fun to watch and spectators can tell that he loves what he does!
Anyone with as much talent as this man should be much higher on the list. He's self taught and absolutely amazing to watch and listen to!
Great, talented, mesmerizing guitarist. Unforgettable if you heard him even once. Such a strong charisma
[Newest]Tommy should be number one!
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85Mark Morton
Man! He's the greatest soloist... I searched up the list, ended up in 155th greatest guitarist... Mark morton is Great, but he should be just below John Petrucci (no. 22). I like him very much, I can give my life to meet him, he's the best of Lamb of God.

86Steve Morse
I find it unbelievable. 91? What is wrong with the world. I'm am a high level guitarist who plays Iced Earth, Megadeth, and Steve Morse is god to me. I would like to thank him, his music has made me very happy over the years, it means a lot to me, and always makes me feel better. Thank you Steve Morse, for beautiful compositions. Your music has got me through some very hard times.
Steve Morse is simply the best guitarist in the world that no one has heard of. He is the guitarist that other guitarists want to be. In Guitar Magazine (a mag for guitarists) he won best guitarist so many times they created a hall of fame category just for him so other guitarists could get an opportunity. That speaks volumes.
I'm a steve morse fan and it's frustrating to see Steve Morse rank 50th among other guitarist which I believe not even deserving to make the top 200. I would like to thank Steve Morse, for his Instructional video. What I've become right now, is a product of Morse video and other guitar influences.
[Newest]Steve Morse is THE Shred Baron! One of the best ever to pick up a guitar. A true master.
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87Nuno Bettencourt
It's a shame Nuno hasn't achieved more mainstream recognition, but those in the know would have him in the top ten. How many guitarists on here have their own designed brand of guitar?
Technical virtouso and creative approach to guitar riffs. From delicate to raw and he can shred with the best of them. Totally underrated. His gifts are his timing and musicianship. Ih you love great guitar playing listen to He man woman hater- I guarantee you'll be blown away
He is a genius, funky by nature. His solos are truly amazing!
[Newest]Leave the "soul" and "art" out of it. This guy is the fastest guitarist with a right hand that ever lived. Look up "do you want to play? "

88Steve Hackett
A true jack-of-all-trades. Could go from tapping runs (1971, who else did this is 71! ) to Segovia style classical to frantic squeals and squonks (pun intended) in the space of eight minutes. Highly underrated because band he was in didn, t get big in America until after he left. And when Hackett left, Genesis was never the same band.


Touring now playing "Gabriel" era Genesis. Going to see him for a second time. Outstanding guitarist. Loved him and Genesis in the 70's. Seeing and hearing him now he is even better than I thought he was then.
He was tapping and sweeping in the early 70's. Way better than Yngwie Malmsteen and Eddie Van Halen
[Newest]When Steve leaved Genesis so Genesis lost itself.

89Paul McCartney
He is a great BASS player but that is different from these guys.
He is a fantastic guitarist. He is the memeber of the most famous ROCK band in the world.

90Buddy Guy
One of the most influential blues players ever and he still rips it up... To see him live - The most moving performance I have ever witnessed
What a fantastic Bluesman. A great player who has never disappointed in the many times I've been him play! Definitely underrated here.
Eric Clapton rates Buddy as the best ever, shows how much you idiots know that he is at number 86.

91Frank Iero
Frank Iero! He is an amazing and talented guitarist! He deserves to be the Number 1! He totally plays with his whole heart!
Great Talent Playing with my Chem is his great feat off of the guitar he is named is he who must get attention and that is Robin Hood
He plays some of the most amazing songs ever. He has always deserved to be with My Chemical Romance. Imagine this band without him
He plays some of the most amazing solos
[Newest]I've seen him live and its amazing, not to mention that he's the sweetest guy.
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92Joe Walsh
Anybody that knows music would tell you what an awesome guitarist this guy is. He should be in the top twenty if not higher.
I think Joe should be in top ten I play guitar and I always try to match his sound it's awesome I wished I could play wit him and learn just a piece of what he knows and I don't his style is just great
Singlehandedly gave the Eagles an "edge." Top 25 player, without-a-doubt. Also, check out the riff at the beginning of Funk 49... A classic.

93D.J. Ashba
He is very attentive and humble. A real magician. Besides he cares about teaching to his fans how to play the guitar. Best guitarist ever!
He is amazing! He has the talent and creativity that make it unique in its kind and unlike most he cares what he does because he knows that keeps it alive
He is amazing and should win out of everyone of these people.. He is very talented and cares for his fans!
[Newest]In some respects I find Ashba better than slash
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94Ray Toro
Dude have any of you heard him play? He is a guitar god! And did you see the new SING IT FOR Japan video? He has a huge heart also!
Ray Toro. He's the best guitarist on this planet. No one can beat him and that's the truth. Everyone of you know it. So keep voting.
He's simply the best, puts so much heart and soul and he is an amazing person to, an guitarist everyone should look up to!
[Newest]Ray is criminally underrated, and is top 10 material at the very least.
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95Michael Paget
Such an underrated guitarist, and all his limelight gets stolen by Matt Tuck and Jason James. If you actually listen to some of the stuff that Bullet have released, you will hear Padge's brilliance, especially the solo from Tear's Don't Fall, that was amazing. Padge has so many talents, he can play fast, and then he can play ballads as well (start of All These Things I Hate (Revolve Around Me)).
Michael Paget has very very nice skill. He can play guitar rapidly. He also can play guitar harmonic melody.
You can listen his skill on solo from the song "waking The Demon".
This guy is a beast he should be in the top ten listen to tears don't fall around 3:47 into the song.
[Newest]Michael is a great man and playing guitar so cool I love bullet for my valentine and best forever my wishes for always with you

96Mick Mars
Amazingly underrated as a guitarist. Just because he's in Motley Crue does not mean he can't run the stings like the Guitar God he is. Think about this: almost all those guitar notes on the albums are from him. He covers double duty as both rhythm and lead. This is from a man who is being slowly mangled by a severe form of arthritis to the point he's had hip replacement surgery, then got onstage and went to work on a massive tour. Show me another modern rock/metal guitarist with that kind of dedication.
Mick is a true rock God. He is underrated because he makes it look so effortless. In spite of a crippling disease he can get up on that stage and play like the best of them. I saw him with Motley Crue this past summer and it was the best concert experience of my life. Watching and listening to MIck play just blew me away. He is beyond amazing.
He should be much, MUCH, higher on the list. He gets on stage no matter how much pain his disease causes him, For 33 years (Almost 34) He's always been the only guitarist for Motley. Not only does he perform in front of 50,000 people pretty much everyday, but he makes it look easy. Mick Mars is an inspiration to me, Yes Eddie Van Halen, Slash, And Kirk Hammet are good guitarists, But Mick Mars is the greatest in the world to me.

97Pauli Rantasalmi
He is an excellent artist! I love him, and I know that he can play every song! Obviously Pauli must be in the number one, no 44 place! But I hope all his fans vote for him! Also when he plays in live the guitar is like magic!
WE LOVE PAULI as we love THE RASMUS! He is so artistic, I definitely adore his style and when I met him in the concert that The Rasmus has given here in Greece, I anderstood the he was different from the other "stars/divas", he was so simple, so down on earth! Before the begining of the concert he was sitting with us and playing songs for us! I would really like to listen to him live again! He is a real artist!
At Pauli I have the feeling that he plays his guitar as he likes with his wife also played a better;-) He is one of the best Gitarissten out there. I can not wait for him in a few weeks ago to watch :-D in Hamburg/Germany

98Mikael Akerfeldt
This guy is a masterpiece.. he is the greatest heavy metal musician ever.. without him there would be no OPETH which is the greatest band ever.. he should be on top 5 with DIMEBAG, ALEXI, PETER LENDGREN and DAVE MUSTAINE
Mikael should be #15 at least lets get him there


Masterpieces are always underrated

99Michael Schenker
I feel the same way about Michael Schenker's playing now as I did as a teen back in 1979. Nobody I've heard since can get near the guy in terms of style, technicality and above all feeling and emotion. He put drop-dead moments into songs rather than isolated flash.
Obviously not many out there have even heard of Michael or they would have placed him in the top three with Satriani where they both belong.
Way better than his ranking here. UFO and the Scorpions were never that big in the USA which partly explains his lack of recognition.
[Newest]Favorite classic rock band. It's all a matter of opinion really. Its not like schenker is "technically" great. Its nostalgia.

100Chet Atkins
He's the greatest, period. I'm a huge fan of these other rock/metal guitarists... I mean a really big fan! But the fact is; you can find a hundred videos on YouTube of people playing their licks note for note. Nobody can play Chet's stuff! Maybe they'll know 1 or 2 songs, and most times they're not playing it like Chet did... Leaving out notes here and there. It's impossible to beat him. Take my 30 second Chet Atkins challenge and see for yourself! Learn just 30 seconds of a Chet song (note for note, no mistakes) and then learn 30 seconds of ANY other song by ANY other guitarist on this list. See for yourself which one takes you longer to learn. Also, you can't find many tabs for Chet's stuff... Because nobody can play it. He's Mr. Guitar for a reason! Listening to it, you'll think you can play it like him... But you'll fail. Chet forgot more about playing guitar than most great guitarist will ever know in they're entire careers. SS
Chet appealed to diverse groups of music lovers. He was at home and admired it the country/western world. I saw him at the Kennedy Center and the place was packed with people from all walks of life. There was no "gimmickry" just great music from all the categories. He was well received and appreciated no matter what crowd he was entertaining. JR
For pure unadulterated guitar SKILL no one touches him. If you sat him next to any guitarist on this list and told them to duel by playing MUSIC and actual tunes without special effects there is no question who'd win.
[Newest]He could play lead, rhythm and bass at the same time.

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