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Ask almost any Brit what the greatest song of all time is and they will say Bohemian Rhapsody. They will also say is that the Beatles are first but Queen is ALWAYS right behind. Not Zeppelin, Bowie, Kinks, Stones, or even 1D! Queen is an amazing band who is not only led by one of the greatest vocalists of all time, the late Freddie Mercury (RIP), but also one of the greatest guitarists of all time, Brian May. May is just as talented as Van Halen and Page but unfortunately gets caught up in the pop flair that Mercury preferred, However if one truly delves deep into the Queen vault they can find extraordinary solos and riffs by May. Brighton Rock is a campy driven song at the beginning in the end but is completely interrupted by an insane echoing solo by May. Even simple hits like Killer Queen, We Will Rock You, and especially especially We are the Champions have great solos. Plus May could pull off intense rhythms as well (I.E. Sheer Heart Attack). All in all May is one of the most underrated guitarists who is instantly preceded by the name Queen and not entirely recognized for his amazing guitar work.

So, let me get this straight. Everyone, and I mean everyone on this list eats Slash for breakfast. I simply can't see your point when you fuss about him being the best guitar player, or even the best 'soloist'. Really, people? November rain is the best you can get? Well, if you pop in any Queen song, it will most definitely have a solo that humiliates all. But if you are going for harmonies, try My bijou. If it's for creativity, check out Brighton rock. And if you are someone to be amused only by the speed (which is a shame), then Princes of the Universe shall blow your mind. But then again, I could have mentioned basically any songs from the band, from The march of the Black Queen to Crazy little thing called love (for those rockabilly fans), so this is just a little appetizer for you all, and also a friendly reminder that you should check out others before you decide to stick with the current favourite.

For all the creative genius of Roger Taylor and the dramatics of Freddie Mercury, it was Brian May's musical talent and in particular his amazing talent on guitar that made Queen one of the greatest bands ever. It's harder to make a statement with the guitar in the style of Queen than with the heavier metal but May achieved it in spades.

Brian is the BEST of all! Including Slash and the overrated Jimi H.
QUEEN is the GREATEST BAND on Earth, largely due to the genius of Brian May, as well as the rest, esp, of course, the greatest frontman ever to have lived, FREDDIE MERCURY! They had this wonderful symbiotic relationship in which they brought out the best in each other, encouraging one another to go higher and better, which they did, thereby becoming the most awesome and absolutely THE BEST BAND on the planet, going where no other band had ventured, before or since, producing over 40 different genres of music, each so diff, so unique, so incredibly brilliant! Most innovative and eclectic band ever! QUEEN!

Come on, people! You can't forget forget May! I mean, besides being an awesome guitarist, he's an awesome songwriter. He's not a showman like Hendrix, he's a pure musician. He doesn't need speed to impress, he focused on making the music sound good. Guitar is accompaniment, and that's all it needed to be for him. Of course, he had some awesome solos too.

He's very underrated. That probably has to do with the fact that MOST Queen classics don't feature much guitar play. But if you listen to the guitar heavy Queen songs as well as his solo songs, you will be blown away with the things he could do with that guitar. There's a reason Queen put on their early albums "No synthesizers", because people wouldn't realize that those sounds were actually from Brian's guitar. He also built his guitar, literally with his own two hands, so he's responsible for his guitar being able to make unusual sounds. Not number one, but deserves to be mentioned with the likes of Hendrix, Clapton, Slash, and Beck.

Brian May deserves a number 1 spot! The fusion between the melodic and the hard rock riffs is amazingly wonderful. Also he's very talented as a songwriter and song engineer. Aside from the many well-known hits by Queen, which most of us still love to hear and talk about, I will enhance songs like Father to Son, White Man, Sail Away Sweet Sister and Brian's touch on Fight From the Inside, it's all very emotional and tough at the same time. It seems the more careful you listen to the songs the more you seems to find. Like a colourful painting where fine strokes hides among the obvious. Queen music without BM would be very naked and would not have been able to tell the stories properly. May delivers the magic dust that makes the music insanely interesting and provides an everlasting durability.

So versatile: not only with his red special but also with acoustic guitar not only big arena and theatre playing but also in smaller venues. And a very generous player as well, always willing to help younger artistes. For me that makes him the greatest player. But Brian himself would say that Jimi Hendrix and others deserve that because he is modest. But what shines out whenever he is playing, whether as a Queen member or in his own right, is his love of the music. For that alone he deserves the number one slot.

Immediate distinctive and never relied on sheer speed just to impress. His virtuosity and creative talents are incredible and he is also a great songwriter

It takes just one single note to say "it's Brian! ", and that note is much better than any incredibly fast solo.. Nobody has his touch and sound, and come on, nobody on Earth became so great with a home-built guitar and is at the same time a fantastic (and innovative) guitarist, a Hall of Fame songwriter, a great singer, a doctor and much more.. Queen are made of 4 genius's and incredibly talented and unique musicians at the same level, no other band's like them!.. All these guitarists are fantastic, DR. MAY IS MAGIC!

When people think "best guitarists ever", it keeps the same clich├ęs. Hendrix, Page, Clapton, Van Halen. Brian May is usually on that same list, but lower. Much lower. People usually underrate Brian May for various unnecessary reasons. But if you are a Queen fan, you know how good this man truly is. He's the reason that for Queen's first 8 albums, there were GOOSE-EGG synthesizers: the reason was Brian. He's the reason his homemade guitar, the Red Special is probably the most famous homemade guitar ever: the reason was Brian. Everything about this man was perfect. The majority of fans of guitar gods keep to Hendrix, Page, Clapton, etc... But the greatest guitar-god fans say Brian May is one of the greatest, if not THE greatest, guitarist of all time

Absolutely... What an insult that this guitar god is at 12 on the list. I get sick of people always being sniffy about Queen in general as if it's a little embarrassing to say it like it really is. they are quite simply the best of british rock bands ever and Brian May quite simply the most intelligent, inventive and accomplished around and also a thoroughly decent person. Check out record and ticket sales let alone the influence on other bands and artists. MAY you rock on forever

This guy is simply awesome, has a brilliant and isntantly recognisable tone, and great virtuosity & technical skill. He can rock hard (Stone cold crazy, the riffing in keep yourself alive, brighton rock, I want it all) he can create very beautiful emotive work (Last horizon, bijou, friends will be friends, love of my life) & playing which can be simply described as: Brian May (Killer Queen, lazing on a sunday afternoon, the solo in keep yourself alive, march of the black queen). He is a rock guitar genius.

Brian guitar melodies are awesome. Listen to songs like Days of our Lives, Bohemian Rhapsody, Too Much Love Will Kill You, We are the Champions, and of course you will realise that Brian May may just be one of the greatest guitarist to ever grace this planet... Lest I forget, he is also a brilliant songwriter with hits such as Who Wants to Live Forever and We Will Rock You. But Brian strength lies in the fact that he can do just anything with a guitar!

For me the greatest guitarist race is like the knights of the round table and Brian is Arthur. He may not have the talents of Lancelot (Eddie Van Halen), but so long as he wields Excalibur (The Red Special) he will always be king. Plus he masters solo construction, is the king of effects (especially delay) and knows when to be more present and less, accompanying a song in the finest manner. He is the man!

Brian May is a musical genius, he has a home made guitar which he's been using since a teen, he plays with such precision and concentration and the sound is just like no other, you immediately recognize a Queen song from Brian's guitar, his solo in Brighton Rock blows every guitarist out of the water. Watching him play is amazing. He also has a PHD which he put on hold to pursue his music career, the man is truly the 8th wonder of the world!

Brian is amazing. He might not be able to play as a fast, but, his ability to crate riffs that are so catchy and, well, legendary, is amazing. He composed "BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY", yeah, 'Boh Rap'. He deserves the top 5 just for that, ya' know, I don't think anyone can beat Brian in terms of just plain ability. He plays guitar, he's a composer, added he can WRITE songs like " Fat Bottomed girls" or " The Show Must go on", he's also a singer as well he helped freddie get the high note in 'Boh Rap'. That's not all he can also play piano, WHAT! Piano? I know right, perfect! "Killer Queen"? "We Are The Champions"? These have some killer guitar riffs, with solo's that Brian composed as well, not just played, composed, he even made a ten minute guitar piece, ten minute! Which is now regarded one of the best guitar pieces ever made. Also the hair, THE HAIR for goodness sake, the HHAAAIIIRR, come on people its like a mane, a well groomed one at that. Give him extra points for that at least, teeheheh. ^_^

The last reason is that I think that guitarists are FIRST OF ALL musicians. He can play guitar, piano, bass, drums, harp, synths and sing. These are skills that guitarists like Slash or others don't have and that's why Brian is a better musician (so he is a better guitarist too) than them. The Best Song Ever By this Top Ten Lists is played by Queen with Brian May on the Guitar

Someone once said, "With Freddie Mercury as your front man, You're lucky anyone even notices you play guitar". Brain May is so underrated. He built that guitar, the Red Special, with his father when he was 17. He pulls out of it the most unique sounds. And even when he's just shredding it... It still sounds melodious.

The top 5 should be this (in no particular order, they're too awesome for me to decide): Eddie Van Halen, Slash, Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Page, and Brian. May can do everything from flamenco to hard rock (plus he can play piano! ) Honestly, him and Red Special just make magic together. Like I said, these GODS of guitar need to be the top 5. Like, right now.

Amazing guitar player. This man played his guitar like a angel! He should be at least number 5 on this list. He deserves to be right next to Jimi Hendrix and Bob Klose at the top of the chart! He is often underrated or unnoticed because he played in a band with the most successful and greatest singer of all time.

Brian may was and is still the greatest guitarist ever to go into the music buisness. He built his guitar and unlike many guitarists, he is calm while he is playing yet he is amazing. He is not like, for instance, Angus Young and his "spasms". Brian May should be number one on this list.

Shocking! Its like The Beatles became a death metal band for like one zany zesty testicle-quaking number (from Flea and Chad RHCP )

Brian May is a great guitarist because he doesn't do some solos with as many effects they can have and rely on a speedy repeating solos. He writes real music and it's so disappointing that he's so underrated and underestimated. For me he is the greatest guitarist of all times.

May is very unique, very disciplined unlike Eddie. I really wonder why he is so underrated. Most guitar player explore one genre while Brian succeeded just about everywhere. Gosh just listen to the big band he created on Good Company from the Opera album, superb.