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Duane Allman


This is bull jimmy page could not lay a finger on Duane Allman, Jimi Hendrix is the only one who even comes close mainly because he could sing, not because of his skills on guitar.
I don't care who plays the fastest, has the best technique, the slickest... Whatever. It comes down to telling an emotional story, note by note and Duane could do it better than anyone. Add Dickey and they weaved a story untouched by and duo. Then duane adds slide in the mix and just takes your heart and mind to places no guitarist has reached. Just listen to Live At Filmore, considered by many (Rolling Stone, Playboy others) as the best live album ever recorded. After that, get abeverage, a couple hits, headphones and put on Mountain Jam from Eat A Peach for the ride of your life.
This is simply asinine. People need to have their eyes opened up to what Duane was all about. Please go listen to Live at Fillmore East. Oh and by the way, have you ever heard of a little song called "Layla? " Duane gave Clapton those seven notes that made that song what it was. Also, listen to the slide guitar at the end of Layla. God, wake up people
Any guitar player worth their weight could tell you that duane is the best slide player in the electric era. And he didn't need a slide. The man's fingers could make the guitar scream with such intensity it cuts through you like a hot knife through butter!
You guys don't know guitar if you haven't heard Duane Allman. Why are all the most overrated guitarists in the top ten? (Slash, Eddie Van Halen, Syn Gates) Just listen to whipping post and be amazed by his skills. David Fricke of Rolling Stone put him at #2 on his list, and Rolling Stone put him at #9. He is the best slide guitarist. Eddie Van Halen doesn't even make a top 50 for me, all he does is tap. Slash sounds the same in all his solos, and I don't even know what Syn Gates was doing there. So please, take the time to listen to some of Duane Allman's guitar work.
Duane Allman was to the guitar what Bill Evans was to the piano. They both understood music at a level few can comprehend and their virtuosic ability on their respective instruments allowed them to create music that soars above the rest.

I find it interesting that a list of great guitar players doesn't include any Jazz artists. I would put Pat Metheny and John Scofield in the top 5.
He died aged 24 and probably made more decent musicin that time than most of the rest of the people on this list put together, not only with the Allman brothers band, but also playing sessions for people like Aretha Franklin, Wilson Pickett etc etc. And he was the other guitarist in Derek and the Dominoes - because Clapton respected him so much.
I find it hard to believe that the talentless crap guitarist from 30 secs to mars and avenge sevenfold are higher than Duane alman. Duane is with out question the best guitarist who ever played a note. All you kids need to listen to classic rock more and maybe you'll actually find out how good music can be.
Duane Allman helped create the wave of Southern rock in the 70's despite his death in 1971. I've never heard anyone play slide guitar like him. Just listen to In Memory of Elizabeth Reed and you'll change your mind. Nobody in this list can match his improvisational skills either.
Easily the best electric blues slide player that ever lived. Just
listen to "Don't Keep Me Wonderin" from the 'Atlanta Pop' just blew me away. A man barely in his 20's can play slide like that....what a shame he died so young and with unlimited potential.
Please people, listen to Live at Fillmore East and then tell me he is only the 54th best. "SKYDOG" is without question a top three, or better guitarist. He is a legend, and not enough people have been exposed to his greatness.
The genius of melodic slide. Also, someone who could play music with anybody. Most can only play what they are good at. His melodic guitar solos are like a separate beautiful melody woven into a song's original melody.
I defy anyone to not be absolutely transfixed by the breadth and majesty of the virtuoso performance of "Skydog"on "Whipping Post" on the Fillmore album. It can and will take your breath away.
This list sucks. Duane could do it all and basically single handedly put southern rock on the map. His slide guitar inspired the slide guitar in free bird.. definitely number two. Think if he wouldn't have died...
ok, again its jimi duane... sort out the rest if you want to cause thats what they are the rest.
the only person who may be better is hendrix and he's not just slightly more original and inovative.
what the hell is duane doing at #56. this list is ridiculous; prince at #2? that's messed up. Duane reinvented the slide guitar and put himself out as probably the #2 guitarist of all time and only lived to 24.
When one off the greatest solos of all time (freebird) was written in honorror off u , u r a GUITAR GOD hands one of the best #2 mabye Top 5 definitly
Obviously most of you children are too young to know about Duane Allmans music, top 5 at the very least.
I find it a joke that Duane is 32nd. I think he should be 2nd only behind Hendrix. Perhaps, his short career and small body of work don't merit so high a standing, but he'll always be No. 2 to me.
Like 1 of my other votes he created a style!

It's seen in all of their singing songs but no more exhibited in Jessica.

No vocals but doesn't it grab you, hold you and ultimately enthrals.

Definitely, in the top 10 'because he created a style unfortunately no longer heard or imitated. The later a mark of his genius.

Listen to the Soul Serenade tribute solo he played to King Curtis' memory during You Don't Love Me on the A & R Radio gig August 1971. It always makes the hair stand up on my arms when I hear it. The guitar was an extension of his soul. He got it.
Music is so personal yes, but also definable in talent and complexity. OBVIOUSLY most here are not familiar with Duane. Top ten hands down.
Duane is the best! I am born long after is death but you just have to listen once to his recordings to understand his greatness.

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