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221Sungha Jung

How can you not vote for this guy? He is a very talented Korea acoustic finger-style guitarist. I can't believe so many other guitarists are above him! HE IS ONLY 16 YEARS OLD and he manages to play like... A LEGEND. Just to on YouTube and search this guy

He will be SUPERB when he grow older! I know it! He doesn't even have to sing, his guitar sings for him and that's awesome. Of all of his videos, I think that Irony was the best and Grenade was the best cover I've seen.

I'm sure he would be higher on this list if everyone heard him play. Just look him up on YouTube. The skill he has is amazing. Sure, he's not in a famous rock and roll band. But, popularity doesn't mean you're the best. - tjexler

Sungha's a boss. I'm 12 and I look up to him

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222Teru, Versailles

Teru is not one of the best guitarist on the Earth, he IS the best guitarist! He plays with emotion, and when you listen a music he has composed, you understand his feelings and what is the message he want to pass. When I'm listening to "For You", I'm almost crying and when it's "Flowery", a lot of energy flow in my veins!
Teru is my favourite guitarist for all of that and also because he plays very fast and he's very cool, nice and listening to the public. Thank you Teru!

Teru has an amazing and unique sweep picking technique and can play extremely fast.
He improved a lot during the last years.
I my opinion he's the best guitarist in the world!

Teru is amazing, he plays with emotion. His technique is wonderful.
He is a great person too and his songs are sweet and powerful...

The only think I have to say is: "Thank you Teru to share your wonderful music with us! I think you'll be recognize one day or another for your talent"

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223Roger McGuinnJames Roger McGuinn known professionally as Roger McGuinn and previously as Jim McGuinn, is an American musician.

World"s premier 12 string guitarist. His interpretation of "Mr Tamborine Man" is classic.

Roger added so much sound to the Byrds, his 12 string jangle just comes through so well, rarely bettered and I have not heard quite the identifiable impact on a groups sound as he made.
DS Sussex

224Martin Barre

Most lists are popularity contests. Nothing more. True players who study guitar know the truth. Martin Barre is one of the greatest rock guitarist ever. Top 10 without a doubt. From time signature changes, lighting speed, complex chording. No one does it all like him. He just isn't flashy. He's pure music.

Saw Leslie West right before Martin Barre at Shea Stadium. The west fans did not believe me before the show that Barre was better. Bridge of Sighs was great but by the end they were converted.

Ludicrous that this god of guitar is low down ; one of the most distinctive sounds ever ; no one else sounds like Barre when he plays Aqualung or Minstrel in the Gallery.

225Hughie Thomasson
226Hugh McDonald
227Man Kidal

He absolutely one of the most talented guitarist ever born in the world. With the blazing speed and left hand guitarist, he should be just below slash. He play with soul picking through the strings. Plays with humble in every string of his guitar!

Man kidal awesome man.. He can play left hand and so wonderful and amazing guitarist, and he like a yngwie dressing a same... Man kidal the best Malaysian guitarist

Everyone said that he is Yngwie Malmsteen clone. But for me, he's not. Maybe he's style quite same with Malmsteen. Still, he deserve top 50 position, everybody should see how he's playing his guitar. Simply atonishing! He is the best Malaysian guitarist and also in South Asia!

One of the best in the world

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228Brian Head Welch

Great player, great songs, cool guy... - `Co

Of course he is not the best but not 242

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229Jack Black

He is amazing... A great vocalist as well

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230Billy GibbonsWilliam Frederick "Billy" Gibbons is an American musician, singer, songwriter, producer, and actor, best known as the guitarist and lead vocalist of the American rock band ZZ Top.

I'm from Canada and even I know Billy belongs in the Top 5 - mirandor

Being from Canada? That isn't like Outer Mongolia. You have it going on though!

Billy gibbons even taught Jimi Hendrix a few licks he should be at least in the top 3 period.

Even the greats say he one of the best! Listen to him live on you tube he does some of the greatest riffs! And just a 2 others backing him

Billy is way better than this

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231Bradley James Nowell

I think that you should add Bradley nowell to your list of amazing guitar players because his music is so creative, and very hard to learn on guitar. (haha)

Pretty original guitarist with his own unique style of playing his chosen sound

He's a genius songwriter and created a new style plus his stuff is relly hard and different to play. There will never be another SUBLIME

232Jonny GreenwoodJonathan Richard Guy, professionally known as Johnny Greenwood is an English musician and composer, mostly known for his role as the one of the lead guitarists and main keyboardist of the English alternative rock band Radiohead.

I know not everyone agrees with me when I say he's the best guitar player ever, but you have to at least acknowledge that he deserves a better place here, jonny is one of the most creative guitar players ever and for me he's definitely the best all around musician ever

I don't know how can anyone could be so ignorant! He's a legend. Lead guitarist of one of the greatest bands today, RADIOHEAD... He's just so innovative... And my inspiration to become a good guitarist

Easily in the top 10 of active artists. Dude did the soundtrack for there will be blood. Enough said

Most underrated guitarist ever - Rorywilbren

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233Karl Sanders, NileKarl Sanders is an American musician, most widely known as the founding member of the American ancient Egyptian-themed technical death metal band Nile.

Karl Sanders is a very technical, death metal guitarist. He may not be one of the best guitarists ever, but no doubt he is very good. Songs like 'What may safely be written' and 'Annihilation of the Wicked' prove it!

234A.J. Minette
235Jack Barakat (All Time Low)

One of the best guitarists ever. If you listen to an All Time Low song you'll know what I mean. He is just amazing. Not only he plays extremely well but he also looks hot. Should be at the top at the list, not at the bottom. - Rachel

236Tony McPhee

Back in the early 70s was when the groundhogs were at there peak, Tony TS mcphee was in top 5 guitarists regular. "Split" was and still is one of the best prog rock albums ever made, and Tony could make his guitar talk. Greatly underrated, Tony still tours today

237Derek Jones
238Gary Richrath

Just listen to the solo to "Take it on the run" you can feel the angst and pain in that solo very underrated guitarist and I'm not a huge REO guy but the dude could definitely play.

Are you just Nuts? Gary Richrath could play circles around 90% of these guys. Listen to "Stillness of the night"and become a true believer!

Whoever made up this list is out of there mind, Gary Richrath from REO SPEEDWAGON is Better than 3/4 of guitarists on this list

I think he should be up about 200 spots on this Bogus list!

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239Adam LevineAdam Noah Levine is an American singer and songwriter. He is the lead vocalist for the Los Angeles pop rock band Maroon 5.

Do you guy watch with your eyes or ass

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240Ed O'BrienEdward John "Ed" O'Brien is an English guitarist best known as a member of the English alternative rock band Radiohead, with whom he has recorded nine studio albums. His makes extensive use of effects units to create atmospheric sounds and textures.
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