Hottest Asian Men


This is to identify who are the gorgeous men in Asia! Don't agree with the list? Vote for an existing item you think should be ranked higher or if you are a logged in, add a new item for others to vote on or create your own version of this list.

The Top Ten

Jaejoong - South Korea
Hero Jaejoong is the hottest of all! Good looking guy, super cute.. Charismatic smile.. Sexy body.. Nice voice.. Jaejoong must be the top one of all.. HE'S THE best! ^____________^
What the heck...? He should be number 1... Forever number 1...
He's beautiful, handsome, sexy, can sing, dance, act
He's kind
Jaejoong is the most gorgeous guy I have seen. He has sexy body which can drive girls crazy. His smile can melt any girl's heart. His eyes are so deep and mysterious, it's hard to take your eyes away from him. Even just a small gesture can lead girls into fantasy land. And he has the most beautiful voice and his ability to convey deep emotions in his songs have made many thousands of girls to fall in love with him. He has got to be the hottest man in this world!
[Newest]He's not only a god with his good-looks; he sings, dances, directs & produces music, and models. He's a successful entrepreneur and an ambassador for world organizations. If Kim Jaejoong isn't the definition of the perfect man, I honestly don't know what you're on.
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2Hyde - Japan
hot stage perform, angel-like voice!


His voice makes me go out of this world! Is SO sexy and He is so cool! He does not seem to age! Ever! Forever young and beautiful
Hyde is my god! I worshiped him! He has one of the best voice in the world, he has a baby face but he speaks with the most wisdom. Nobody can even replace the 1st place in my heart, not even my man. But I m not the lucky one to be his girl, being his die-hard fan is my pride!
[Newest]Hyde is the sexiest man in the world!
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3Lee Min Ho - South Korea
He's Insanely handsome, has a magnification Body, the most charming -get lost in them- eyes, sexy smile, an amazing warm personality... Overall he's the most GORGEOUS man I have ever laid eyes on. I thank God for him!
The guy has a contagious smile - when you look at him you will feel like everything's gonna be alright :) He is a beauty! A good actor, a singer, a musician - what more can you ask for? Love Lee Min Ho!
Google him and you will understand me for sure! His smile, his body, his hair! Everything about him is amazing! He is definitely the most handsome men I ever laid my eyes on! LEE MIN HOT
[Newest]Lee Minho should be number 1 in the list! :) I love you!

4Gackt - Japan
Gackt is not only hot he is gorgeous. Really beautiful man! Love you gackt!
I think Gackt is one of the hottest men in all of Japan! He is really gorgeous and I love him so much! His hottest is way to awesome and too cool to describe.
He's really cool. As a singer, as an actor and as a person. You know, he can perform really astonishing videos, and narrate beautiful stories through his songs.
His songs are full of feelings and express many hidden meanings... Or so I feel. Thanks a lot Gackt-san, for your beautiful creations.
[Newest]Gackt is interesting, HOT, COOL, stylish and absolutely PERFECT! He is also a huge S so it's amusing to watch his appearances on T.V. in Japan! He's so funny and lovable! ^-^ GACKT SUPPORT! :D
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5Hideto Matsumoto - Japan
Oh... What the hell... I know he's already gone... But I still think he's one of the best looking guy around and deserves to be on my list... Even though he wears too much make up and hid his real face... But I saw this short clip on youtube and it featured hide~sama without make up... It melts my heart... He's so gorgeous! I will love hide~sama forever

Hide~sama is everything! A musical legend!


Hide is so talented in music and fashion, what he did in the past still inspire people in the industry now.
Hide was both an amazing person and an amazing musician, and he completly changed music industry in Japan... Hide was and still is the best
[Newest]Maestro of the life, inspiration for me, tear-taker, rocking god!

6Park Yoochun - South Korea
Of course his Park Yoochun! He's just a perfect idol. Can compose, sing, dance etc.. Plus he's very professional and responsible when it comes to his works.

But for me, any member of TVXQ is okay because they are so HANDSOME, HOT, CUTE and with great personality...
Park Yoochun! Of course! His voice is so sexy~
And he looks very cute~A nice boy
Yoochun's sexy voice is globally recognized! Let alone his hot body, his sweet smiles that makes your heart stop beating! Just so you know, 10 fans fainted at the latest concert of JYJ in Peru just because of his overloading hotness!
[Newest]Of course, it's park yoochun... Handsome and a very good actor in his generation... I love the way he act and the way he appreciate other people. And most of all, his way of how to keep himself fit and healthy

7Lee Dong Wook - Korea

8Kim Bum - South Korea
Hy..i like meet you
Kim bum is the best! Saranghe

9Rain - Korea
Obvious winner. The fact that he willingly left his current stardom and went into the Korean Army without asking for special treatment makes him even sexier.
Wow, Rain IS hot, I love him! He is sexy, good looking, hot and at the same time he is cute, lovely and kind! He has a beautiful smile and I think, he is type which all the girls in the world would like to be his girl friend! Oh, I've miss him so much!
Oh mai god. Rain is extremely hot. Enough said. He seems like a genuinely nice person but in terms of just looks, he has a great body, a beautiful face, great hair and good fashion sense. And a nice smile
so... TAKE your CLOTHES OFF!

10Jang Geun Suk - South Korea
Jang Geun Suk is a perfect man. He is excellent in performance (T.V. drama), singing and dancing. He is a young star; He also has many fans and he is friendly with them. His debut album 'Just Crazy' has sold 88 thousand copies in the first week. All those show that he is a perfect star.



You are handsome, cute and perfact man. You are the man who once dreamed that man see him again and that is you I can not believe that an image appears in dreams I love you really make me feel things I never felt I really love you.
[Newest]I am an older American woman who has discovered how beautiful the Korean male can be! Young, middle-aged, or older... Doesn't matter.

The Contenders

11Kamijo Yuuji - Japan
Amazing voice! The first time I heard a Versailles song, it nearly blew me out of my chair! Seriously, Kamijo has an amazing voice! He's also so hot-- just look at him in the "Destiny- The Lovers" music video. Isn't he cute?

It's a shame Versailles is so underrated. More people should open their eyes and ears and see what they have to offer.

Kamijo is awesome! Hope he gets first place~ ^. ^
He is the best, I love him very much! His voice is really wonderful. I'd like that he stay in the top
I love him is perfect ;-; the best singer of the world, I never forget when I saw versailles in concert
[Newest]Talented as a singer, musician, writer and actor! He's lead every band he's been in with his magnificent talent. He's number one wherever he goes! ^_^
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12Kyuhyun - Korea
Clever, mischievous, strong-willed with a wickedly sharp tongue and a voice that could make angels weep. Proportionate face with fine features, big beautiful dark brown eyes that just light up when he's excited and it's seriously the most charming thing ever. Good physique, neither too buff nor too scrawny (not anymore, anyways), excellent ass. Above all, real and relatable. He's gorgeous, but if you just ran into him on the street you'd never guess he was an international superstar. More like a frumpy nerdy adorable college student.

All in all, perfect because he isn't and doesn't try to be.
He's so hot!
! Love him
vote now!
his voice is as an Olympic good!
sorry for my poor English!
Love Kyuhyun he is hot and very handsome. Everything about him is sexy:
His smirk
Deep sexy voice

Love him
[Newest]Beautiful voice !L love it,forever!Kyuhyun is the best!

13Lee Donghae - South Korea
Lee Donghae my fishy I am surprised to see that you are not even in Top 10 but don't worry elfish are here to make you number 1 lets win this like we do for every other poll.. Hwaiting hae saranghae uri elfish oyeo..
Have the most charming eyes in the world! The most hottest man in the world! The most cutest man in the world! The most caring man in the world! And is a member of the famous and perfect group - Super Junior!
The most gorgeous man in k-pop! How could he not be in the top ten? Donghae oppa you have no idea about how you make us Elf's die with your drop-deap flawless fishy smirk and kissable adams apple.. Not to mention your secret realationship with Eunhyuk.. EUNHAE LOVE FOREVER!
[Newest]Donghae oppa is the most sincere and most cute person! How can one look so innocent and hot at the same time? Surely the most attractive man in the world!

14Choi Siwon - Korea
He is so hot! I always catch him first in all Super Junior mv's! His dimples are so cute! I LOVE SIWON!
I don't know what to say to describe how sexy he is.
He is tall, good looking, he has perfect abs, he has sexy smile and sexy dimples. He can sing, dance, act and play many musical instruments such as: piano, gitar and drum.
And the most important is that he is a nice and friendly guy.


Cutest dimples, hottest abs, this man is just so gorgeous overall. Hands down.
[Newest]Everybody now that he is hot. Just vote

15Jung Yunho - South Korea
Yunho is absolutely the hottest Asian man in the world. He's tall, physically fit, has a smile that lights up a room, dances like you cannot believe, sings with a voice that will melt your heart, and he has a wonderful, caring personality on top of all of that. He volunteers without being asked to; he helps people in need despite not having any obligation to do so; he gives his all to everything that he does, and though he might not be perfect, he's as close to perfect as can be. To be as wonderful as he is and still be humble is what makes him the hottest man alive.
He is handsome and hardworking. He always keeps his faith, never give up. He is a leader, he is successful, he is the king of stage, I love he very much. Although I am a chinese, I feel pride because of him.
Yunho His height, his body, his manly attitude, his soothing sexy voice, his dancing skills I love every single thing about Yunho He's definitely the hottest asian man.
[Newest]He's tall, handsome, cute and hardworking. No matter what happens he will always try to stay strong. A perfect leader that takes care of everyone well. He can sing, dance and has the most beautiful smile that could make you smile as well. He's so humble despite being world famous. He's definitely one of the 5 kings. TVXQ!

16T.O.P - South Korea
He's so sexy without even trying. His talented. The way he stares as you makes you look right into his eyes. It captivates you in an instant!
One look at his face and you know he's damn sexy. Listen to his voice and you'll fall in love. Immediately. (;
What more could I say... He just simply the hottest... Not only his look evrything is just so perfect... His voice his personality his humour... I would say he should b number 1 overall... He simply has the most amazing qualification of all time... Couldn't ask more... Vote for TOP... -gy3-
[Newest]He is a naughty man, who I would like to meet... To listen to his delicious rap, of course!

17Han Geng - China
He is so so sexy. He dances very well. He is my favorite man and he teaches me never give up to let the dream come true.
He is handsome and good at dancing. What's more, he never give up his dream whatever happen. As a Chinese, I love my country and love the man that give me energy when I was in my hard time. In a word, in my heart nobody can instead of him.
He is awesome and handsome, his dance is perfect. He is the man who I think is the most sexy person in my heart! What make me love him is not just his good appearance but his attitude to life, his perseverance, his hardworking, his optimism, etc. He never says die and always smiles to his hardships. All of that give me good examples to learn.
[Newest]So many people love Han Geng---this is true! There are a lot of reasons---he is handsome, kind, honest, warm-hearted... He loves his motherland so much. He loves his parents. He loves his fans. He always wear a smile even when something unfair happened... He dances so well! He sings so moving. You can learn many things from him. He can let everyone feels warm like sunshine. Chinese feel proud of so perfect a man!
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18Jerry Yan - Taiwan
I think he is one of those who have managed to keep his privacy and one of the few who despite all the populairty have remained simple... And that makes him super sexy!
He is second in my book to Andy Lau Tak Wah!
He is my faverite. I have amazing him since Meteor Garden...

19Coco Martin - Philippines
He's really cute and a very nice actor
He is really nice and has a good charm
He's a very good and handsome actor
[Newest]God <3 No plastic surgery

20Max Changmin - South Korea
I love Max Changmin, because he is so pretty, whatever, as a singer, he is so hard that his voice become so excellent, for me, Max Changmin of TVXQ is the best forever, what's more, he has a kind heart and so on, no matter what, I love he! FOREVER
He is a smart boy. As a star, he always keeps a low profile and he is my life coach. When I have some trouble his words like the light in my darkness. Thank you, changmin, you are the source of my everything.
He has slim figure, long legs, the cutest smile and super voice!

21Kenichi Matsuyama - Japan
I love this baby face sweet devil & like his complex psychological description method.
His performance in Death Note is so great, he's like the real L Lawliet there
Really great actor and looks even more hot as L
From the Anime, Death Note 33
[Newest]He's the most handsome boy in Asia, I love him, and he is a great actor

22Choi Minho - South Korea
OMO! The hottest man in all of Asia... Seriously! He can act, he looks so hot, and he is one of the best rappers on the planet. What is not to love?
Hottest boygroup member EVER in asia. Abs, rap, voice, modelling and act. He is just the one who introduces me to SHINee, SHINee World and Fangirling life. Saranghaeyo, minho-oppa!

23Junsu - South Korea
He is the hottest guy in the whole world for me. He is not just an idol but a true man. He could be hot and cute at the same time which makes a great package. His voice and dance moves could melt anybody
Is the perfect! So sexy, so beautiful, wonderful and very talented &
Xia Junsu Fighting! Love you!
His voice and dance moves could melt anybody
[Newest]Kim Junsu needs to be seen to be believed (and even then you might doubt your eyes) But not in any normal photo shoot, you need to see him MOVE. You need to see how he sings with his whole body, dances with his complete being. You need to see that a man *can* move his hips like that. ;-) (Check out "Tarantallegra" on YouTube)

24Nichkhun Horvejkul - Thailand, South Korea
He has muscular body. Good attitude and good looking. I think his perform is so hot. He also multi-talented man.
His abs, his attitude, his face, his voice, his dance, his looking, his talent, his gentlemen, his sweetest~ make hottest 'called for 2pm fans' melted and so OVERWHELMED
The most perfect man SO HOT! Plus really multitalented, hard worker, sweet and a total gentleman.

25Lee Joon - Korea
Joonie is my favorite of all idols^^ He can't only sing and dance very well but he is also a very kind person. On top of this, he has AMAZING abs not convinced just watch Oh Yeah or Y MV! Last but not least: He is funny. I always have to laugh very much about him

26Tetsuya Ogawa - Japan
Tetsuya Ogawa is the one who is very awesome! He is the bassist and the leader of L'Arc~en~Ciel who drive the band to be very successful for 20 yrs! He is an optimistic and full of potential leader! L'Arc en ciel is the first band ever who plays in Madison square in USA! He also has his own band 'tetsuya. He composes many legendary hit songs like 'Anata' 'Ready steady go'. And now he also becomes a producer for new jrock artist "Piko"! How awesome he is! (by the way, he also has a good taste of fashion too! )
He himself is not that hot, but all everything he has done is. It is his mind that so hot! As the leader and bassist of L'Arc-en-Ciel, he changes part of the world!

27Dennis Trillo - Philippines
The best actor ever! He is the very good actor I've ever watched.. With his roles which makes him versatile...
One of the hottest man in the Philippines.


Very handsome, cute, very adorable, and such a hot guy, very nice to think at night.

28Kim Hyun Joong - South Korea
He is amazing... Multitalented... Perfect looks... He is indeed walking scultpture on this earth... Nothing can beat him... PRINCE... He has his gorgeous looks... And even more elegant actor... And no need to describe his singing and dancing skills... 4D PRINCE... LOVE HIM... He is hottest cutest perfect person in this Universe...
Because he's perfect guys and interest everything. I'm one in our TripleS. I love and always support he and all member every time!
Combination of cute hot lovely amazing... Inshort everything... He is awesome... Love Him...
[Newest]A smile that can conquer the world, as your heart... It will melt. Perfect skin, sweet and sexy voice, a funny personality make him my favorite k-star.

29Jin Akanishi - Japan
He is sexy and handsome. His voice is beautiful.
Jin is sexy, cute and so talented! His music is amazing!
He is very very cool man!
[Newest]Jin has talented and so cute!

30Yoshiki Hayashi - Japan
X Japan just won best International Band award at Golden Gods in LA. Yoshiki is super talented, gorgeous and super sexy

31Jonghyun - South Korea
Jonghyun is just like amazing, he's got the cutest smirk, and his voice! Its amazing, its wonderful, its spectacular.

He's just got it all.
Jonghyun SHINee! He has the best voice and the hottest guy to Shawols ^. ^ Even he looks like a dino, who couldn't love him? He's my world :-"
Jjongie! He's sexy. He's hot. He makes us-Blinger proud. Yeah! ~ Daebak, oppa! Jonghyun fighting~~

32Osamu Mukai - Japan

33Yoon Doo Joon - South Korea
Leader of Korean group BEAST
awesome vocals, rapping skills, dorkiness, talent in piano charm and gentleness are just some of the million reasons why you will love and adore him!
He has amazing shoulder muscles!

34Chantavit Dhanasevi - Thailand

35Piolo Pascual - Philippines
nice face, nice singing voice, soulful eyes that melt your heart... excellent actor, model, host and producer... what more can you ask from this guy? Well just to make the list complete he has one hell of hot hot hot body
. . , I want piolo pascual is the no.1 hottest asian men because he has a complete qualities of a matini idol!
He is probably the handsomest and sexiest Filipino alive. He is very humble and charming.

36Sho Sakurai - Japan
He's the whole package! Cute face, sweet muscles, wit, intelligence, musical talent... The fact that's a newscaster too adds a a new dimension to the term "idol". He should top this to prove that "hotness" is beyond looks.
Sho Sakurai. A sweet smile, an awesome and a voice I would always want to hear. A great actor and a beautiful, cute, hilarious personality which makes him so lovable.
SO HOT! Plus really multitalented, hard worker, sweet and a total gentleman.

37Onew - South Korea
The most perfect man ever! He is handsome, sweet, his smile is dazzling and all in all just perfect. His hair is amazing, so shiny and soft... Or it looks soft.. I haven't touched it, so I wouldn't know..
He has a sweet smile

38Yesung - South Korea
So cute and awesome voice! Love him! He should be much higher on the list in my opinion!
Yesung is so cute! He is also very great at singing, dancing, and acting. He has worked hard in his career too. Please have more votes for our beloved and hardworking Yesung!
He have a voice so warm and strong. We love him so much. I think Yesung should be much higher on the list in our oponion.
[Newest]He's so adorably cute :) He has an absolutely amazing voice, and is also very good at dancing. I haven't seen him acting in a proper role, but I have a feeling he's awesome at that too. All in all, I think Yesung should be number one. VOTE YESUNG! YESUNG FOREVER!

39Miyavi - Japan
Excellent musician, Great Person, Samurai Guitarist, JPN PRIDE & Glamorous!
He's the best misician, guitarist and wonderful person

40Hrithik Roshan - India
Hrithik Roshan is the hottest Asian.. Period. The Chinese and Korean guys in this list before him may be cute, but Hrithik has a manliness that none of them do. Plus he has a perfectly sculpted body, which even Hollywood stars ar unable to build.. Faulty list..
This man will always be my perfect man.
He is an AMAZING dancer, and I heard that he had to overcome a LOT to get to his quality now. He's also a fantastic actor (just his look of pure love makes me melt inside. )
He's also got quite a nice 6/8-pack
Hrithik is most hottest superstar with every quality! Looks, acting And don't forget his dance move will shake the ground below every feet! His well toned body makes even a greek sculpture jealous!
[Newest]Simply hottest in true sense, great looking, excellent movements, perfect physique

41Lee Seung Gi - South Korea
Multi-talented artist in South Korea.
He recently released his 5th album in Korea and also in Japan and topped the Oricon Chart in Japan on it's release.
Singer, MC, Actor.
He makes every girl fall in love with his sweet smile.
The BEST entertainer of his GENERATION!
from young to old women, everybody likes him. Even guys like him.. He's simply irresistible!
Lee Seung Gi can act, sing and dance. What else can you look for? He also knows how to play football, he has a good personality, gentleman, have a perfect body and handsome(natural beauty). No wonder his dramas is famous.
He is the most handsome and charming guy ever! He is very multi-talented that makes him very hot though he is shy to show off his abs. Just that moment when he smiles absolutely melt all the girls heart especially his great voice will definitely leave you screaming.
[Newest]He is simply perfect in every way.

42Marc Nelson - Philippines
Marc nelson has good body
I love you

43Kim Hee Chul - South Korea
You will always be a blossom in my heart. Missing you until you come back!

44Akihiro Sato - Thailand
Close-Up Model, Lacoste... Nescafe...


supercalifragelisticexpialidocious man I've ever seen!
Ranked number 2 in Thailand's 100 Most Sexiest Men!


45Mario Maurer - Thailand
Very cute and hot! A favourite for both guys and girls should watch all the movies he acted in to make a fair judgement of how perfect this guy is :P
Mario Maurer was a handsome man. He was played many film, one of them is The Love of Siam and First Love ( A little thing called love ). He play it with NAM. Such a good person. VOTE for him forever, and you will find that he is a perfect and excellent person in your life!
He is not a Pinoy but he has the heart of an Asian. True, brave, beautiful, stunning, very manly. Love him a lot.
[Newest]He's very cute and perfect :D you could see his films!

46Eunhyuk - South Korea

Has a very cool specifications including : sexy guy His skin is very impressive, and white as Snow White, very funny, good person, High ethics, dancing machine of Super Junior, Simple personal, he looks so hot and has the largest popular and fans
so, million reasons why you will love and adore him
The dancing machine of Super Junior. He is definitely the hottest guy especially when he dances
Very sexy and very very very very handsome and the best body I saw him with that slim and good heart in this life and fun
You will not find something similar in the ground
[Newest]He is so hot! His strong reputation in super junior and good person, very cute

47Vic Zhou - Taiwan
Vic zhou yu min is not just a mere face value, the guy has talent not just in acting but as well as in singing.. He is smart too.. He answers well during interviews, direct but polite and courteous.. He is ambitious but does things in the right way.. He does not want to step on anybody just to get to the top.. Instead he works hard for it.. Very family oriented and generous to his love ones.. Leads a simple, very modest life... Gentleman, well mannered and very refine...
By looking at his face, it's obvious he isn't an eyesore. But then he starts talking and you can see his goodness isn't just skin deep. He's a wonderful human being.

48Wu Chun -Taiwan
He's SO... HOT HUNKY SEXY yet... He's rated 19 roughly out of 30 for hotest man so... Sad because I'M HIS number 1 FAN!
He's a charming prince...!


49Jon Avila - Philippines

50Jang Hyun Seung - South Korea

51Cakka Nuraga - Indonesia
Cakka is very talented boy. I love him and he always in my mind
Cakka is COOL. Very COOL. I'm in love with him. He always in my mind.
Cakka is very talented boy. Cakka have an unique and exotic voice. Make the girl melted with his sexy voice and handsome face. He can played the guitar very skill.

ror":{ "message":"(#803)someof

52Shahrukh Khan - India
He's got the looks and the personality. SRK is the Badshah of hearts. He's done so much.
The king khan... King of all actors. No one campr with them
Srk you are the to god sexxy seweet and friendly mann ever,

53Leeteuk - South Korea
He's the hottest guy for me. Aside from being a multi-talented person, he's also super caring making him the BEST LEADER of a group. He consider his co-members in SUJU as his family. I adore him so much. Everything in him, I love it. I can't seem to forget him. Guess I'm falling for him.. Hahaahah, silly but true.. What more can I say, he got it all. SARANGHAE!
Hottest man alive.
Cute dimples, awesome hair, sexy body, just perfect

54G-Dragon - South Korea
G-dragon is a very good man. He is the leader of BIGBANG. He is a fashion man. And he is very kind and friendly to everyone. I love him forever GD you're the best man in my heart. I love your look, your smile, your songsyour everything. You must care for yourself. And fighting I believe you
Gdragon is AMAZING.
Leader of BIGBANG, talented musician, singer, composer, songwriter, rapper, dancer and more.
AND he's adorable, and hot, and super good looking.

55Sungmin - South Korea
Sungmin is a prefect man! I love his voice, his personality, his talent and ALL! I love you Sungmin and please support SUPER JUNIOR, THE LAST MEN STANDING! SUPER JUNIOR FIGHTING!
I love sungmin 's voice,
He is cute and polite
Please supprt sungmin and super junior!

56Dingdong Dantes - Philippines
. He's asia's finest.. He was once hailed by E- entertainment top 2 World's hottest men alive.

57Lee Taemin - South Korea
I love him very much. He is really cute and beautiful. His smile is very sweet
He is very good in personality. He is really smart. His fashion is very good
He is very cute and beautiful.. His smile really warm. He is the youngest member
Of group. I love you very much... Fighing Tamin!

58Kim Hyung Jun - South Korea

59Vino G. Bastian - Indonesia
Sixpact body, sexy voice, good acting, cool style, handsome face.
Vino G Bastian Is COOL Strong And Dilligent Men

60Morgan Smash - Indonesia
Morgan is member of boyband Sm*sh. He is very handsome, cool, smart
I love smash n for smashblast morganous support morgan guys


61Dennis Joseph O'neil a.k.a Dennis Oh - South Korea
Well... lots of people compared him with another gorgeous korean-American model, Daniel henney... but I prefer Dennis Oh though... he's superb!


he is super hot that words aren't enough to describe him. he can't be compared to any korean guy because he is much much handsome than the others

62Kim Ryeo Wook - South Korea

63Utt Panichkul - Thailand

64Jun Matsumoto - Japan
! <3 Such a handsome person! He looks cute in Gokusen, looks badass in Bambino and Smile, and so violent and romantic in Hana Yori Dango!

65Jesdaporn Tik Pholdee - Thailand
I do think he's hot!... especially in his drama 'Leurd Kuttiyah'... he looks so perfect!


66Daniel Wu - Hong Kong
He's still gorgeous... and will always be!


67Atif Aslam - Pakistan
The young blood with a great voice, a voice which made the people move
My crush likes him...
N he's good
Don't forget his singing
He is the most handsome men of the world
[Newest]He is the most handsome men in the world

68Taeyang - South Korea

69Reita - Japan
Reita from The GazettE大好き! He's funny and cute, he's always making me smile.

70Siddharth Joshi - India
He is best... Why siddharth not in top of the list...?

71Paulo Avelino - Philippines
Hot, sexy young actor. Gorgeous! C", )

72Ali Zafar - Pakistan
He is one of the sexiest man in the world, right after Imran Khan, and Imran Abbas.
I like his style and he has a great prsnlty
He is sexy, multi talented can sind act and paint.

73Fahrin Ahmad - Malaysia

74Leehom Wang - Taiwan
He is handsome and he is a bystander. Go for Wang lee hom

75Ryosuke Yamada - Japan
My favorite, my idol. You are the warm sunshine in my life. Your smile is the most beautiful view in my eyes. You work hard, and you prove that it pays to do so!
Yama-chan is so HOT! He should at least be in the top 10, dammit! His smile totally warms my heart and man, can this boy sing. Haii... He's so sexy!
Wahh! Why is he ranked as 99?!? He is a whol lot better than anyone from the top ten!

76So Ji Sub - South Korea
He is the most gorgeous man alive. No one can surpass him. Take a good look at him, not just his looks, although he is the most handsome man my eyes have ever seen... Take a good look and see the treasure that is him. He is gorgeous, not just because he is handsome but also because of his character and who he is. He is beautiful inside and out. And in the end, isn't that what we all want?! A man that have substance! That man is So Ji Sub! If you don't see what I see, then take another look! Look deeper!
He is such a great actor. Plus he is so cute and kind. I can't help but love him. It's like I get to see a little piece of him in each role that he plays. He is number one in my book.
What can I say? I love him. He is just too fine for the eyes. Hot from head to toe and inside out. The most beautiful man I've ever seen.

77John Lone - Hong Kong

78Key - South Korea
BECAUSE HE IS ALMIGHTY KEY <3 He can dance, sing and rap and does it absolutely HOT. That's why he is the hottest man~!

79Tatsurou Iwakami - Japan

80Kazunari Ninomiya - Japan

81Atsushi Sakurai - Japan
He is a man with awesome looks...

82Kiyoharu - Japan
He's the hottest J-rocker trust me! His voice, his attitude, his aura... Very sexy
Vocalist of Kuroyume and SADS. He simply radiates sexyness

83Bang Mir - South Korea
He's the most beautiful maknae, he's in MBLAQ, is the main rapper, funny, cute, hot, sensitive and very talented!

84Kim Soo Hyun - South Korea
A new generation talent, excellent both in comedies and dramas. As Kim Hyun Joong, he has an amazing smile and a elegant face.

85Tetsuji Tamayama - Japan
Yay! He's super gorgeous and he deserves to be number 1 in my list! He got it all!


86Witwisit Hiranyawongkul - Thailand
I love him. And we all love him.
He is a good guy.
For us, he ia our sun.
He is very cute, very handsome

87Jun "J" Onose - Japan

88Kwon Sang-Woo - South Korea

89Lee Hong Ki - South Korea

90Nadech Kugimiya - Thailand

91Jung Yong Hwa - South Korea

92Haruma Miura - Japan

93Jay Kim a.k.a Typhoon - South Korea

94Raymond Lam - Hong Kong

95Junpei Mizobata - Japan
He's TOO much cool.! Since the first time I watched his movie High School Debut I fell inlove with him ^_^,

96Niel - South Korea

97Chunji - South Korea

98Sugizo - Japan

99Masaki Aiba - Japan

100Yusuke Yamamoto - Japan

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