Top 10 Best First Names for a Boy

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1 Tyler

Tyler is my only son's name. He is four and my only boy I will ever have because I wanted three kids but got a pair of girl twins, but I love Love LOVE the name Tyler the second best on here is Jason the Blake. But I love the name Tyler.

My friend's name! Anyways, but voting your own name as the best name is greedy but I vote my name as rarest. Tyler is really my friends name.

Tyler is my best friends name.He is a great friend,and he only tells the truth to me and people he does not know! Also he always gives to people and never takes! P.S. if your friends name is Tyler please vote and comment!

I like Tyler Joseph from Twenty One Pilots, but not the annoying self centered 7th grader in my class.

2 Andrew

Blake, And tyler are above Andrew? What the heck That is the most stupid thing I have ever heard. Blake, seriously that is a punk name, and tyler, come on that is a girly boy name. Andrew, on the other hand is my name, and the best name ever. Andrew means strong, manly, and courageous.

This is the most amazing boys' name EVER! Andy when he's little, Andrew when he's older, and Drew as an adult! I don't know what it is about this name, but it just sounds AMAZING!

Andrew is my name, and is the best name ever. Andrew means strong, manly, and courageous. Saint Andrew the apostle is a good exapmle of that courage.

Love the name Andrew. Sweet, sporty, but also easy to spell and most of the Andrew's I know are cute.

3 Jack

Well I like the name Jack.. Jack is my boyfriend and Jack sounds really nice! I have many friends named Jack...

My brothers names jack he's my bbf (best brother forever). He's so annoying though and when I told him his name was first he started jumping up and down and started telling all his mates at school with proudness and triumph

I HATE how everyone just votes for their own name! I mean really. I'm such a Hippocrate my names jack.

It's great, if you're an Irish YouTuber! This name lacks in effort, but the person who does have this name is strong and brave.

Overall: 8.7/10

4 Blake

I know a Blake and they are a little kid who lives near a playground. But once when we visited them he kept on following me around asking my name. When I told him he kept on asking me. So sorry guys, I don't like the name.

This is a great name! Really shows off all te potential of a person with this name has, the only thing better than this is Blaze.

Overall: 9.8

I have a baby sister named Blake! I like the name Blake and it works for both girls and boys.

Blake is my sons name, he's almost 18 and I still think it's the best name ever!

5 Noah

I have a son called Noah he's the cutest thing and he's getting a brother soon I think I'll call him Hugo. Noah has two sisters called Lauren and holly which are my favorite girl names but Noah is the best names for a boy

I have 4 boys Noah, Liam, Jay and Hunter, and two girls, Ember and Sparrow. I had the names picked out since I was 9.

Noah is my name and my identical twin brother is called Niall, He says he would love to swap names with me!

This name is similar to Dora and I am fine to like Noah but if you like Dora you are a drum .

6 Logan

I think I'm picking this name for my son. Such a strong
Mysterious name.

This is interesing! Logan is a great name for a sporty and relax dude, great for Hawaii.

Overall: 8.6

7 John

I love this name anyway and both my hubby and my dad is called John so it's got to mean something special to me. I just couldn't call my son this because of this reason. I can't have everyone special in my life called John.

I know so many johns, one of my best friends boyfriends names is john, I don't like him.

I love this name. It means 'God is gracious'. If I had a boy, I would name him John.

I like this name. It's simple yet formal enough to be a full name.

8 William

There is a boy at my school and his real name is William, and his middle name is Andrew so he does by Drew for short. He is actually attractive, and all the girls like him. But it sounds like more of a British name..

I think that this name is the best for a boy because it is my brother's name, and he is so awesome, funny, and cool. I mean, who wouldn't love that name. It's awesome!

Justice William Rehnquist, who recently passed away, bore this name. Justice Rehnquist was a United States jurist who served as an associate justice in the U.S. Surpreme Court from 1972 to 1986, when he was appointed chief justice (born 1924).

Yesss I super like this name. William, Will, whatever. Cool name all around. Will is cute and short, for a child, and they can grow into William as an adult.

9 Ryan

Apparently all the mean boys are named Ryan? Well, that's weird, but it doesn't affect the actual name. One of my OCs is named Ryan, and he is definitely not mean. I was elated when I saw this name on the list.

This name is very interesting , I used to go to school with boy named Ryan Sweet and he would constantly bully me all the time and get on my nerves of every minute .

Wholesome, manly name. Anyone with the first name Ryan will be liked by all and lead a happy, productive life!

Ryan is your normal Canadian name, eh? Seriously, this name is like, exclusive to Canadians, and I have to say, it's great!

Overall: 9/10

10 James

I think James is a great name my friend watches a show called big time rush and loves it one if the main people is names James so rock on!

Love it! My dad, my grandpa, my great-great grandpa all had that name! I'm even considering naming my kid that. (And if your wondering my name is NOT James, it's a boys' name)

My brother used to say in a really deep voice: My name is James. I run the stuffed animal factory, fluff department.

When I think of "James" I imagine a very spoiled bad mannered rich white male who who's growing very very old.

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11 Michael

I don't know why. I have always liked this name. My old friend (not anymore) has this name. I hate him, but I still like the name. Tell me why?

Beautiful name. I love it, partly because I'm a fan of Michael Jackson, and also it sounds very nice. Lovely name. Love you, Michael Jackson!

My real name is Michelle but everyone calls me Michael and I really love it!

Michael Jackson, enough said!
I love this name because of Michael Jackson..

12 Liam

Famous bearers: Liam Neeson (famous Irish actor - Star Wars, Les Misérables, Kingdom of Heaven, etc) and Liam Aiken (Klaus in A Series of Unfortunate Events).

I have a cousin named Liam. His name means "determined protector" in Celtic

I adore this name! Liam Payne

Liam is the best name ever.

13 Ethan

Same, I have a crush named Ethan! Ethan can be sweet, kind, unique, intelligent, committed, faithful, and loyal! However, this name means strength, and it's common for boys. I vote for this name also because it sounds cute.

I have a crush/friend called Ethan. He's nice when he's by himself but a bit annoying when with friends. Overall he's lovely

Way to go Ethan Allen ! Ethan Allen is a fellow Vermonter just like me and Ethan Allen is my hero !

A famous bearer of the name is actor Ethan Hawke.

14 Jason

Jason should be number 1! This guy who made it made a big typo! Blake? That name isn't so popular. That name is for a ninja!

Jason is an awesome name, I've heard so many people with this name, it's a great name. Vote for this name, please.

What's tough about having my name is that it's often associated with a hockey masked psychopath.

Jason is a really good name, I love it. By the way, its mine.
My father was called Jason, just like me.

15 Matthew

I have always loved this name. It sounds great. Even though my name is Andrew, I think this is the best name. Some people don't deserve this name...

A lot of people I see named Matthew don't really look like a Matthew

This is the name of both my brother and one of my best friends. I mean come on, How is this not AT LEAST in the top 5.

My mom named me Matthew after a kid who was the best son a mother could have. I was the same for her.

I really like the name! I know two people named Matthew. And Matt can be a great nickname.

16 Chris

Chris is a shortening of Christopher. Christopher means christ's bearer. Chris is one of the best names ever.

Really cool name. @ all guys named Chris outta there, your parents have a good taste in first names

Basically the equivalent of the name Chad.

Best name by far, very strong.

17 Aaron

I don't mind spelling/pronounciation difficulties some teachers might have when it comes to this name, I think it's one of the most beautiful boy names.

Pardon me, are you Aaron Burr, sir? That depends, who asking? Oh well sure, sir. I'm Alexander Hamilton I'm at you're service, sir. I have been looking for you

Super cool name. Very masculine but also kinda artistic.

Nice-sounding name, but would be cooler if it were spelled "Eren"
Right, AOT fans?

18 Justin

I don't know, just when I think of the name, it just sounds so cute probably because I used to like Justin Bieber when he was a kid, not now and it sounds like a cool name too.

It's still a good name... just think about Justin Timberlake and NOT Justin Bieber.

Justin Martin is awesome DJ from San Fran. Every Justin I've met was a cool chill dude.

It's a fantastic name that got its reputation killed by a certain singer...

19 Kyle

This is my name lol. It's funny, because I honestly don't really like it very much. It has always reminded me of an awkward little kid with freckles and braces, which I suppose used to be me. Now I'm just awkward hahahahaha.

I just like it because lot of people owned this name is pretty smart and it means hurricane/typhoon..

All the Kyle's I know are mean, drama-making weirdos. It's a cool name, it sounds boyish, but yeah.

Kyle is a great name because it is owned by me.

20 Austin

Such a great name! Once I get older and marry someone, I'm naming my child Austin if it's a boy. What a beautiful name! Austin. Just has a beautiful sound to it.
Vote Austin to the top!

Austin is my brother's name and I've always liked the name. I think it's a cool name and really like it.

This name is amazing I really like it. My crush is Austin. I also like the name Colin.

That purple kangaroo from the Backyardigans.

21 Sam

The primary reason that this is one of my favorite name is because my adorable nephew's name is Sam(uel)! The second reason, which is also very important is that my best friend's name is Samantha, but she has always gone as Sam, so I feel very attached to it.

Love this name. It's not too exotic but it's not too common. And it's such a sweetheart type of name. Short for Samuel, a biblical name. I'd name my son Sam for sure.

I am a girl. So I'm not voting for my own name. Like some people. But sam is just hands down brilliant

Coolest name ever. Every person I meat meet named Sam is nice. Also it is my name

22 Jacob

Properly speaking Jacob and Wilhem Grimm are not the "authors" of the Grimm fairy tales. I am not sure of the most correct noun... collectors, or compilers. Just to be punctilious.

Most amazing name ever. I think it's pretty cool

It's my name, so it's cool, Tyler isn't though.

Jake is my name it's the best name ever I like it sounds so awesome and great like Jake the great

23 Kevin

No. Not everyone should be named Kevin. Because nobody could tell which Kevin is which.

This is the best name ever! Everyone should be named this!

That's my brothers name! I don't know him well

My friends name is kevin.

24 Jake

I honestly couldn't choose between Jake, Austin, Aaron, and Alexander bcs I love all of these names so much! But since Jake was the lowest I voted it.
Once I grow up if I have a boy child, I'll name him either Jake, Aaron, Austin, or Alexander. And if I have four boys then it won't be such a hard choice! (The only problem is that I don't think that there are any saints out there with the names Aaron and Austin, and I'm gonna name my children after saints. But maybe middle names! )
Not to mention that I've had good experiences with boys named Jake and Alexander (I've never met any Austins or Aarons yet). I have a very close friend named Alexander and a crush named Jake who is very nice but has unintentionally caused me heartbreak. But that's a different story.
My point is that I love the name Jake and I think it deserves to be in the top ten right along with Aaron, Austin, and Alexander

I LOVE this name, and not just bcs I have a crush named Jake (who's pretty awesome and nice in my book), but also bcs I love the sound of it. Jake. It just has some rly cool ring to it. It's crisp but nice sounding. I don't know this may just be me, but it does

Sighhh...I feel as if this is now a nightly ritual for me to play someone like you while thinking about my crush named Jake every night...
Ik I probably sound like a creep...sorry I rly am not a creep.
But anyway I vote the name Jake bcs I like the sound of it, just like I like the person with the name

I love this name. Cool sound, timeless

25 Alexander

Totally love this name. Deserves to be higher. I have a rly good friend named Alexander and I've always loved his name. I also rly like the girl versions of this name too: Alexandria and Alexandra.
Alexander for the win!

Love my name. It's powerful and strong. Use Alex for casual terms. Alexander to be fancy.

I don't know why, I ALWAYS loved This name, I never met someone with this name but I love it.

The crown prince of the Netherlands is a famous bearer of this name: Willem-Alexander.

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