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Ritchie Neville


Looking at him just gives you a warm fuzzy feeling inside because he is just so attractive but also gives off such a nice, cute, sweetheart vibe as well. His cheesy smile is so adoreable, he also has a great body, but his beautiful baby blue eyes are the real melters
Ritchie still has it and does something to me when I look into his handsome eyes. He is like a fine wine, the more he ages the better looking he gets. I would love to get drunk off that. Yes sir. #1 hottest guy EVER! Love ya! Keep looking sexy, handsome, and swet! :}
Ritchie is an amazing person who I hope to have the honor to meet, he brings up a smile on my face and he always smiles, he is very special to me and only wish for him to be happy - please Ritchie come back home from Australia we miss you and Tweet us! Happy Birthday on the 23rd August 2012 you deserve nothing but happiness!
His eyes just make my tummy flutter. That lovely, piercing silver-blue eyes make me just melt.
Hot, Fit, Good, Happy, Smile, Loving, Gentleman, Honor, sweet, Absolutely Beautiful, loves his fans and tweet them back as much as possible, humbled man, and a big inspiration to my life since the second he sung "Do Ya Wanna Get Funky?! " in Slam Dunk the Funk while shaking his arse ;) #1 man for me ;) x
He is a genuine gentleman still swoons the ladies and his honesty and bluntness are to the point my vote goes to you ritchie always been my fave 5ive member n all time artist a man that any woman would worship I know I would not let someone like him go ;) he has so much going for him that the lady he decides to be with will be honoured x
Golden hearted man, a true gentleman, the eyes of a true man, respectable person, lovable personality, sweet and handsome man I could never stop caring and wishing the best to, August 23rd - Happy Birthday!
Words can not describe what I think about Rich, he is just amazing very handsome with an amazing smile and a great voice. I love you Rich and I loved you for 13 years now.
When he was in the old FIVE days ya think he looked amazing you should see him nowadays! He's 33 in August 23rd 2012 and is fitter then ever! We love & miss ya Ritchie! X
Ritchie is my point of weakness since he's the most beautiful man in the world. God bless his beauty and baby face. According 2 me, he is Mr England as well as Mr world 2012. He will rock yeah.
Sexy, amazing voice, great man, red and I bet yummy lips, bday boy soon on August 23rd, talented man, baby blue magical eyes, a great producer and a true artist! Should I really say more?
I love Ritchie's amazing personality, deep blue eyes, killer smile, awesome voice. Ritchie's beautiful in every way. Words are not enough to describe how lovely Ritchie is.
Ritchie is the hottest man on Earth! I love him. I love his twinkling baby blue eyes.. I love his amazing smile, his voice...
I love everything about him! His eyes and smile are so beautiful! He's the most talented and handsome man I've ever seen!
He's always been my favourite from 5! He's so handsome and really seems down to earth. Plus he sounds sexy as hell!
Super talented! I have loved his eyes and voice since I was twelve years old hope to see him to more soon.
Rich just have this way to make you fall in love with him. And hi s probably one of the cutest in 5ive
He is so cute and sexy, his eyes makes me melt, his bestperfomance is in rock you, I just love him!
Just love him :) he has the most fantastic eyes that my owns have ever seen... He's an amazing singer and an absolute goodlooker! Also he's really charming and seems to be a sensitive and honest man with a great sense of humor. What more can you want?
Loved him in my teenage years and still he's hot. Those blue eyes are enough to make any girl melt. Marry me Ritchie laugh out loud
He's Amazing and his Birthday is coming so come on vote for Ritchie! August 23 2012 and lets get #5ive Back! Also Follow him on @RagztoRichez Go Ritchie you handsome man!
His eyes like an ocean so blue and so deep. He has the most fabulous voice and sweetest smile)
He's got twinkling baby blue eyes, and his voice is something unbelievable! Luv him!
Ritchie Neville is the best person I've ever met and the real meaning of my life! Xx
Take a look at him and you know why you should vote for him. He is simply amazing

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