Hottest Women in the World

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The Top Ten

Angel Locsin
So sexy, search her in the web so that you can say that she is truly SEXY
Versatile woman... She's an extraordinary lady that can do all modes of acting in her generation... A total package of true Filipina character... Beautiful inside and out, No wonder that she belong to the top one hundred.
Stunningly gorgeous a woman that redefines beauty inside and out.. Talented, simple, her eyes that will put you in the other world where beauty stand out with class and sophistication. You may not know her, but try to take a glimpse of her photo shoots and you'll end up mesmerizing
[Newest]Shes far from Sexy
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2Jessica Alba
I just Googled Sarah Brightman and Amy Lee to see how anyone could actually be above Jessica Alba and I about laughed my ass off.
She's the hottest, no doubt, the two above are just nothing in comparison with Alba
Jessica alba you are very hot and so sexy and so beautiful I love you
[Newest]Jessica alba is very very hot and sexy
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3Megan Fox
She is Real Beauty on EARTH.
I preferred She is #1 Hottest Women in the World and She has every thing every thing is so so so so PERFECT look at my eyes
I Really Like Her
I Really L O V E Her
Megan Fox is HOTTER THAN ANY OF THESE... I don't EVEN KNOW WHAT TO CALL THEM! Well except maybe Jessica Alba but still not as hot!


[Newest]She is most beautiful woman in the world and I love her deeply...
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4Anne Curtis
She is beauty, brain and an a role model to everybody... Very down to earth and such an amazing person not just because of her accomplishment but even outside her work... She is indescribable as an actress and a person... I salute her of her achievements and how she keeps her feet on the ground...
ANNE curtis is the ONE :))
she is total package.
kind heart inside and out,
goddess of beauty and sizzling hot
:)) iLoveANNECURTIS forever
Anne Curtis is the hottest woman for me, because to me her personality, inside & out really stands out, she's so down to earth, no matter how popular she is now in Phil. And here in US. Good luck Anne, can't wait for your movie, Blood Ransom. Looking forward to watc your upcoming teleserye and most of all, we'll all be happy again to watch you @ It's Showtime, finally, you'll be back on Tuesday. Love ya Anne! *hugs & kisses*
[Newest]She is one of the role model herein the Philippines..
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5Angelina Jolie
Hotness doesn't necessarily express outer attractiveness (although she is the best in that department too), she is so sophisticated, so natural, so nimble, so glowing, so outstanding, that No ONE can compare to her. Love from Lebanon
According to me angelina jolie should be on the 1st position because being on age of 50 she look damn stunning, hot, gorgeous with sexy body figure... Also she has juicy lips
So mysterious, so unique, so beautiful, she steals any scene she is in... And many hearts too.


[Newest]Voted just to say she is ugly big time

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6Marian Rivera
No doubt, she's one of the brightest stars today in the Philippine industry. She has a pretty face, sexy body and mass appeal. Not only that, she's a multi-talented actress! She can make you cry but at the same time she can make you laugh as well. She's funny, bubbly, loving, caring, sweet, down to earth, humble and most of all a TRUE PERSON!
What you see in her is what you get. She is very true and humble. Absolutely gorgeous and beautiful.
She has a very bubbly personality. Not afraid to show her real feelings.
Always has a smile on her face.
[Newest]Wow so sexy sexy for me love you Rivera
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7Jessica Jung
She is so pretty. Her beauty and voice can melt my heart!
She's so amazing, the most beautiful idol in the world. Even she can seem a little cold, she has confidence on the stage and can shine over all the other members of korea's k-pop groups. I just love her, I'm so addicted.
She's beautiful, talented and funny. She's one of the most perfect girls I've ever known. She's so unique. And her voice is like an angel call.
[Newest]She is the fool. Ha ha ha
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Shakira's thighs is the best thing that has ever happened to the world! They are extremely sexy, no, they are more than that, they are perfect! More than perfect!
Have you seen her! The rest of the trash on this page can't even come close! She's like a goddess
Shakira is the best here!
What? Sarah Brightman is #1 - are you crazy people?


[Newest]She is the Best.

9Mila Kunis
So damn hot. Shes number 1 on my wish list. After black swan I think I fell in love a little bit with those gorgeous yes. And I'm a girl.
She's just too ADORABLE for words. No one else can match her smokin' far-apart saucer-shaped EYES. Ukraine girls really knock me out, indeed!
Funny, sexy, feisty! Fell in love with her on the That 70s show
[Newest]Number 1 in my list

10Amy Lee
Amy is one of the few women in today's media that can still look good without make-up on.
Is very strange that Amy Lee is in the first place! However, I really agree!
Amy is so beautiful whatever she wears. She has raw talent which is so hard to find these days. She writes the best music and doesn't try to be something she's not.
[Newest]She has the most beautiful green eyes this world as ever known! And she is a great singer!

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The Contenders

11Im Yoona
Beautiful face is not the only thing this girl shows for all people out there, but her great personality has captured many people. The true definition of beautiful from inside and outside.
She's innocent, gorgeous, and also sexy. You cannot take your eyes off of her.

Her charming so amazing. Even I'm a girl, I have fallen for her.

She look like goddess walking in real world. Once you meet her, you'll realize what I'm saying
She's cute and oh so beautiful but when she's dancing on stage damn that girl is hot!
[Newest]She's a wonderful singer, actress, and performer. And quite beautiful as well.
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12Sarah Brightman
If you are the woman who inspired one of and the only living greatest composer in history to write the greatest musical on earth: The Phantom of the Opera... Then you should be number one on this list.W.
Beautiful, sexy, a body and legs to die for and she can sing too,
Amazingly so.
[Newest]I don't even need to see her to know she's number one. Listen to that voice and nothing else matters. But take a look at her in "Repo! The Genetic Opera". Incredible!

13Beyonce Knowles
Hottest singer in the whole wide world. Beating Sarah Brightman, Celine Dion nor Mariah Carey. Indeed, she is one of a kind.


She has got the hottest curves ever
She got a nice ass and some big tits. Good combo, kinda like burgers an fries.
[Newest]Is her last name really Knowles
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14Taylor Swift
Come on guys! Lindsay Lohan ahead of this gorgeous goddess of sweet wonderfulness? Are you stupid? This pretty little daisy should be number 1!
I know right there also stupid picture should be that number one spot
She should be way more higher than Selena or she could be number one! She has a talented voice, she's really amazing! There are no words to explain how beautifully gorgeous she is!
Most beautiful girl I've ever seen. She's absolutely gorgeous.
[Newest]This is my favourite & very cute... Decent looking...
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15Kate Upton
She's the hottest girl I've eveer seen!
She's got an amazing ass and THE perfect tits. Her hair is also very nice. All that and she's only 19!
Did you see her in the bikini? She should be number one cause she's the only one with the guts to do that. I don't really see the celebrities doing any of that on youtube.
Oh my god how on earth is kate so far down on this list she is the finest woman I've ever seen seriously you guys need some help if the words hotter than kate upton ever come out your mouth. She is an angel straight from heaven if you can't see that jump in your car right now and head to the emergency room because you probably got a tumor growing on your brain.
[Newest]She should be #1 what

16Jennifer Lopez
You are so sexy girl I am wondering why no one chose you
She is so talented.. She has a good voice and a beautiful body..
She has the finest body I have ever seen in my life so sexy
[Newest]She doesn't look one bit like 45! She looks like 25 for me!

17Gillian Anderson
Certainly she's the most SEXUAL woman! In it can not be the slightest doubts! That there is its one crafty sight! Other woman, even completely having become bare can not reach such effect, as she's only the well-known mysterious smile!
She seems to get more beautiful the older she gets. Just saw her on the Talk and she looked stunning and naturally gorgeous without looking plastic or botoxed, which seems to be the norm now. I can't believe she's turning 43!
She simply is beautiful her eyes draw you in like a siren to a sailor your enchanted and helpless and great smile on top of that so whats not to like
[Newest]She has aged well!

18Jessica Biel
An angel, cute face, awesome body. And the best thing : ALL NATURAL!


She is "The Woman". Incredibly beautiful. Take my breath away!
watch the scene in chuck and larry where she satys only in her underwear and then REVOTE!


[Newest]The athletic look is the bees knees

19Kwon Yuri
Yuri very beautiful and she has a super hot body. She is very pure sexy and lovely. She is a singer, actor and host.
The most sexy girl in the Girl's Generation.
All of the SONE know that she is the hottest women!
We love her dancing and her singing.
We love her very much!
The sexy icon of the world's most famous girl group: Girls' Generation!
[Newest]She's a wonderful singer and dancer. I love her to death.

She has million dollar legs! And has one of the prettiest faces I have ever seen! Her body is amazing!
Rihanna you are amazing you are the most beautiful the sexiest and the hottest woman in the world and I love you very much may I be a girl 12 years old but I love you more than anyone else in the world I love you and I could do everything for you because if you are happy I am happy too but I can't saw you sad I am from greece my name is lydia and I waited for your next concert in athens
RIHANNA is the most beautiful the sexiest and the hottest woman in the world. Rihanna is the best woman I ever seen in my life and if I be a singer I want sing a song together I love her more than anyone else in the world
[Newest]She really can war everything. I don't know how she makes it but she always looks beautiful!

21Jennifer Aniston
I think she is beautiful.. Maybe not to be # 1 but she is so pretty!
She is the most beautiful woman I've ever seen. I wish I was her husband I wouldn't cheat on her Pitts an idiot.
She's the perfect woman on earth that I ever know.. Very smart, intelligent, strong woman, strong sex appeal and with a good heart and brain...
[Newest]She's so sexy my dream girl I want to rip her every night

22Aishwarya Rai
Many of you people don't know who is Aishwarya Rai, she recognized by the whole world as the MOST BEAUTIFUL WOMEN IN THE WORLD. & HOTTEST!, go to for her main web page, or just Google her name to see pics of her... She acts in Bollywood Movies, & is Now doing a few Hollywood Movies.
I just love her. She was Miss. World 1995. The World's most beautiful woman and if you want to see her in her full elegance watch Devdas. One epic movie of her.
JUST LOOK AT HER SHE PUTS EVERY OTHER GIRL TO WASTE. All the other girls have to wear make up to look good but she needs it not.
[Newest]She is really very beautiful.
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23Toni Gonzaga
Wow! I was surprised when I saw her name here. Yes, toni is beautiful and what makes her more beautiful is her personality.
Toni Gonzaga is the Ultimate sexiest women in the world because of her being happy person, down to earth, good daughter and a God Fearing Christian that's Toni gonzaga Please do vote for Her! She deserves to be in the top 10
I love her personality! :) She always makes people smile. No efforts. I really loves how she deals with people. She's very pretty, bubbly, witty, funny, sexy! She's EXTRAORDINARY! :) I just love her so much!
[Newest]For me she is the hottest girl, she is a girl with substance. Beautiful inside and out

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24Kim Kardashian
She is absolute perfection, perfect body, perfect face. Never saw anyone so pretty, she even beats out Angelina
Even if you think she's too artificial now look at photos of her from before she was famous, she truly is a rare beauty.
[Newest]I think that she is 110% beautiful

25Kate Beckinsale
She is more talented and beautiful than any of the dumb women in this list. ALSO she has an iq of 160.
Not so common in the other retarded superficials.
well, I really don't find women in movies or pictures to be beautiful. I know they look good, but I have dated a few women that model. I have gone to the photo shoots and, although, the women I dated were stunning in real life, there were some women that were average, at best in real life, but they did look very good in pictures. So what I am saying is people look different in pictures. A lot different. But out of all of these women, Kate Beckinsale is far more beautiful than the rest. Take a look at her waste guys. But when I first saw her, she stood out right away.
For a women to be in her late 30's she looks like she's in her early 20's. Still bangin and always will be. I love her. Great legs too!
[Newest]When they created a woman in Weird Science, their wildest imagination could not even come close to creating a woman as perfect as Kate Beckinsale.

26Jennifer Lawrence
No Jennifer in here? She's one of the most beautiful women if ever seen.
I don't know what's wrong with you of your not voting for her...
More hotter than any other person In the world's best acting skills
[Newest]She plays the hot crazy chick role so well! Talented and sexy is a rare combo (i'm talking to you Scarlett Jo! )

27Ariana Grande
To call her hot would be an insult, she is the pure embodiment of beauty from her voice to her figure to her gorgeous face to her amazing hair, I could go on but I think I got the point across
Shes the new girl in Victorious and HOLY CRAP I wish I were famous first thing I would ask her out. But I would do it on live T.V. so she can't say no. Think bout it
She is on of the hottest new female celebrities in the business. She will definitely be coming into her prime in the coming weeks.
[Newest]Too beautiful! I wanna marry her!

28Jennylyn Mercado
Very beautiful even WITHOUT MAKE UP. Beautiful inside and out! A HOT mama.. She's so sexy... Beautiful, talented (can sing, act, dance, play guitar piano drums and violin, a painter, knows photography(underwater and land)
and she's sporty, can make her more SEXY (a triathlete and she's into jujitsu)

Very pretty.. And sexy.. And talented

singing acting hosting can dance..

can be an international actress too
Jennylyn Mercado, the name itself is naturally beautiful even without make-up. Indeed, her beauty is effortless and bearing a powerful charisma and talent. She possesses the talent in DANCING, SINGING, ACTING, HOSTING and SPORTS ENTHUSIAST (Triathlon)...
[Newest]Jen is the most gorgeous and strong woman in the world! Go vote for her!

29Adriana Lima
My god are you people high! Adriana has the eyes, the hair, the lips, the face in general, the facial expression, the boobs, butt, the body. SHE DEFINES PERFECTION.


I think Adriana Lima is the HOTTEST WOMAN IN THE WORLD. She's almost perfect from Sexy body, Perfect face and shes down to earth.
Adriana is wayy more hot then anyone on the planet she is so sexy she got the eyes, the hips, the body everything. I mean no one can resist to her smile. even straight women would be lesbian with her. almost everygirl wanna be like her. she is the best supermodel in the world so why are you guys wasting yuor time voting for bitches use your brain VOTE FOR ADRIANNA!
[Newest]Make up cake, nothing else

30Jessica Simpson
Definitely. Hard to make a top ten list because different men have different preferences, but oh well.


mesmerizing... first time you see her you just keep staring. can't take your eyes off her. and don't want to anymore. you just want to keep ogling... she is not burning but melting hot!


Most beautiful woman in the world
[Newest]she the most beuthiful girl of the star she have big...

31Rosie Huntington-Whiteley
When I saw transformers 3 I knew I did not miss megan fox, and by the way Amy Lee is NOT the sexiest girl I have ever seen!


Hard to believe that maybe above average Amy Lee is number one, while a stone cold fox like Rosie doesn't even have a page...


You can't even describe her. Angel. that's about it. I think the only reason she isn't number one is probably because she isn't as famous as the others. She should be number one and really is number one. No doubt.
[Newest]Starred in Transformers. Insanely HOT!


32Britney Spears
Britney became a superstar, had sold out world tours, became the sexiest woman alive, started partying, started marrying, started having kids, shaved her hair and ended up in a psychiatric ward. Years after the incident, she is now considered a legend still making hits with her songs and still sells a world tour. What’s amazing with her? Even though people pull her down, she neglects them and focuses on her main goal, to entertain people. Britney said in one of her interviews that she has nothing to prove to people anymore. She has been in the industry for more than 10 years, and people just keep on bashing her and got tired of them, so now she is just doing her thing, enjoying while entertaining people and creating wonderful music coming from her heart. She’s still discovering new stuff to better herself and have more edge in the industry she is in, but she never fails to make time for her children and still become the most loved entertainer of her generation.
So sweet
You can't describe her beauty


She's the most beautiful ever, all the others should avoid being compared to her
[Newest]I get a boner every time I see her

33Miranda Kerr
She is a goddess! So unique and adorable. I think Miranda Kerr is #1.
How the hell is Lindsay Logan in front of the beautiful, elegant yet sexy, yet adorable Miranda?

And what the hell? Selena Gomez, Natalia portman and kim kardashian.

Miranda is a real woman.
Selena, Natalie and Kim aren't real women? Wow someone should tell them.
[Newest]Love her dimples. by the way she should b 1st

34Pamela Anderson
For making it to 11 Playboy covers, and crushing records, I think Pam deserves a higher spot indefinitely!
I can't even talk when I think about you..the words just don't come are such a 10...:o)
She's sexy, she's hot, and she's everything a guy like me could ask for!

P.S. She's the cutest chick in the world!


35Avril Lavigne
Best face ever! It is just perfect and she has unique lips. She is a raving beauty. Vote for her, she should be number 1!
She looks so cute, hot, beautiful she has everything :R
Avril's face is perfect. That's all. You just can't deny it.
She should be in the first place!
[Newest]I can't stop loving her

36Emma Stone
So hot. Should be top ten, not just because of her looks, which are great by the way, but she has the X factor that other women on this list don't have. Her voice is so sexy and her personality is amazing. Loved her in Zombie Land. Has the X factor that no other woman has on this list. Adorable.
She is amazing I just love her. Beautiful face, beautiful smile, beautiful eyes. Perfect.. I LOVE you ♥
The hottest woman on earth. Loads of people on this list are overrated but emma stone should be in the top 10. If you haven't already watch superbad, easy a and amazing spiderman, if that doesn't change your mind you need to see a doctor.
[Newest]I preferred the original Spiderman movies to the new ones, but Emma Stone was much better then Dunst. Gotta love those blondes!

37Keira Knightley
Absolutely Gorgeous!
Beautiful voice.
Classic beauty.. She is too hot to be true.. Watch pirates of the Caribbean
She is SO HOT and beautiful and plus she has her head on straight unlike most of these on here. She should be #1 by far! I loved her in Pirates 1 2 & 3 (& hopefully 4! ) and in Pride & Prejudice!
[Newest]She looks so much like Sharon Tate! I'm shocked to see her resemblances with Sharon! Both are classic beauties

38Hayley Williams
Hayley, in my opinion, is the prettiest girl all around. I mean, she's so versatile. She can be adorable, or hot, or crazy or anything. THE WAY SHE IS IS ALREADY ALL OF THESE. And she's young. Not to mention she has awesome hair and a bubbly attitude. Ever seen Paramore concert videos? Best voice, best entertainer and best personality. I'm a girl, and I admit this. Best. Ever. Singer.
Hayley is really just naturally gorgeous. She has her own style and not only has a beautiful overall appearance but also a beautiful personality. HAYLEY WILLIAMS IS HOT
Hayley Williams is really pretty... She has the best personality you can ask for... She's funny... Shes cute... Shes hot... Shes everybody's fire headed dream girl laugh out loud... Hayley Williams deserves to be number 1...
[Newest]Simply the most beautiful woman in the world. There's no one like her, and there will never be

39Victoria Justice
She's pretty, and talented. She can play guitar, piano and other musical instruments, she can act and her voice is awesome, and you know she know how to dance too. VICTORIOUS!
Victoria is the most beautiful woman in my opinion. Beautiful flawless face, exotic dark eyes, amazing smile. She's got that sexy Latin thing going on. Great booty. Has an innocent quality. Seems sweet and kind. Pleasant personality, great since of humor. I'd marry her.
I love victoria justice because she has a beautiful voice that no one can defeat her voice she had it all shes beautiful, talented, pretty

40Eva Mendes
I think the comment thing is retarded so I'm going to spend some meaningless seconds writing about nothing.
By the way I'm white and I have no racial preferences.
59 is an insult for Eva Mendes, this girl is smoking hot


I would drink her bath water


[Newest]Has a face like a man.

41Charlize Theron
one and only. when I watch a movie with Charlize I simply can't belive how stunning she is, in every situation, under every circumstance, with or without make up. the most beautiful woman on earth, never seen better.
The Oscar for Best Actress goes to Charlize Theron. She's bold, beautiful, one incredible actress. She defiantly deserves the Oscar.
one of the best blonde bombshell ever seen
[Newest]Why! 40 she is so beautiful

42Nicole Scherzinger
nicole sherzinger is the most beautyfull women alive she is so freeking hot wen i look at er my mouth warters n i am thinking i wish i could have a pieace her
good looking and talented!
[Newest]Nicole Scherzinger is beautiful, she has a lovely singing voice but she's also very kind.

43Blake Lively
She is bubbly, down to earth and really hot! Also, she looks gorgeous and fab in all her outfits. :) she is also a very flexible and versatile actress
Amazing and absolutely gorgeous actress. She's my role model and someone all girls can look up to! I love seeing her in my favorite T.V. shows like gossip girl in which she stars in! She has such beautiful hair! She doesn't even have to brush it!
Based on pure physical beauty, Blake Lively is so much higher on this list than 48. It amazes me that a girl that looks like a wet chipmunk (Taylor Swift) could be 15 and the amazingly gorgeous Lively is this far down... It's a shame
[Newest]She's the embodiment of a California beach girl. Tall, skinny, tan, blonde. The perfect combination.

44Kaley Cuoco
shes beautiful, sexy and funny her best show was 8 simple rules I think she should be at least number 12
Should pose naked some time and she is amazing on big bang theory so I reckon she should do a sex scene
She's got the body of a goddess. I literally watch the Big Bang theory and stare at her boobs.
[Newest]I agree she is hot, but she looks bad with that hair cut


45Sam Pinto
She defines the new 'sexy'. I swear this girl takes HOTNESS into a whole new level!
She has appeared in the
Cover of various magazines
Such as Woman Today,
Gadgets Magazine, and most
Notably the covergirl for the
July issue of FHM magazine in 2010.

46Zooey Deschanel
You try watching 500 days of summer and not falling in love with Zooey! What a looker! Great singer/songwriter too! Watch the videoclip for "In the sun" by She and Him and you will just melt. Those eyes, that adorable face, man, what a perfect woman.
She is the only woman that blew my mind without showing a part from her body and just her face, she is the kind of woman that when you see her you'll say "I want to marry her" and trust me on that, I showed Yes Man to 3 guys 1 at a time and they all said that they want to marry her not f her (I mean not that we don't want but she looks too cute for that word) they all went crazy over her for her face and her adorable personality, I don't know what will happen to them if they find out that she is a singer and has her own band (She & Him) and plays the piano and the ukulele in it too. What an amazing, talented and underrated woman! Zooey is a REAL man's woman, every girl should be like her
I'm so in love with her she is perfect
Perfect eyes, perfect smile, perfect hair, perfect face, perfect voice, and a perfect actor
[Newest]Her sister Emily is better looking.

47Carmen Electra
She's Sexy! I wish I had her beautiful ocean blue eyes. Dave Navarro is making a big mistake of divorcing her.
! She is the hottiest effing hottie to ever live I swear I'm so in love with her!
What? Carmen electra is the hottest girl in the world! Should be #1


[Newest]If you don't vote for electra, you're missing out on a fine piece of ass

48Marilyn Monroe
I believe she should be at least in the top 25! I'm appalled at the fact that she is this low on the list! Marilyn Monroe is amazing! She is such an inspiration, being adopted, and she was amazingly smart! A reader, lover, kind person, beautiful woman, great singer, actress, and overall an amazing woman! Her physical appearance was beautiful! She was gorgeous! Her curvy body is what I wanted to be forever! Marilyn is my inspiration, was beautiful, and is my favorite celebrity! So glam...
The epitome of beautiful and sexy...
The epitome of beauty, but probably is lower on the list than she deserves because she passed away a long time ago and people are thinking about the now.

49Yulia Volkova
Beautiful Russian Woman (part of the Pop Duo T.A.T.U.)
She's just amazing! Love her with all my heart!
Check out her New Single "All Because Of You" on Youtube!
Hypnotizing voice and truly beautiful face. Love her as a tatu girl or a solo singer. Pure talent, love her so much!
[Newest]Lover her the best

50Vanessa Hudgens
I'm a girl so I can't say she's hot but she is pretty
I love her I found she is a way better than selena
I can see her sneakers on she so hot.


51Christina Aguilera
If you look up the word "Sexy" in the dictionary, you'll find a picture of Christina Aguilera.
She puts everyone else to shame no matter how you look at it!
I'm in love with Christina A. She's always been my fantasy girl and no one can ever replace her.
[Newest]If you do not see her overwhelming beauty then there's nothing I can say!

52Candice Swanepoel
Probably the sexiest woman alive. How can she not be first? Tall, gorgeous legs, and she still looks good w/out makeup!
Watch her walk down the ramp, halt, blow your mind, turn around and walk straight back.
She's the most perfect woman I've ever seen! Why is she only 57? Candice and Adriana Lima are the only two women for who I would become lesbian!

53Scarlett Johansson
Scarlett is bringing classic sexy back. Amazing actress, too, by the way.
Have you seen the b***s on that chick? The face is great too. Two words: Iron Man - or is that one - Ironman?
She is hotness personified. Just one look at her and your heart melts.
[Newest]I think she is basically what you call a big huge babe!

54Catherine Zeta-Jones
Number 1 without a doubt. She's classy and simply beautiful. Please tell me why Sarah Brightman and Angelina Jolie are in the top ten. Has the world gone blind and mad. They shouldn't even be close to the top ten. Also, why is Halle Berry so low. The majority of the people on this site have horrible taste.


I'd tap that in a heartbeat
I believe if anyone had decent good taste you all should pick Catherine for number 1# gorgeous brunette in the world! She is a very elegant and very much a lady! She stands by side Marilyn Monroe as the sexiest brunette!
[Newest]Number One any time...

55Nicki Minaj
She may not be 100% real but she's still pretty sexy
Absolutely not sexy! Number 1 of the top ten Ugly woman in the world! So horrible woman & artist... Everything is horrible with Niki Minaj!
Nice body and a pretty nice face
[Newest]Fake ass fake chest

56Anni-Frid Lyngstad
She was hot as a starting artist, but still is beautiful both on the inside and the outside. Love her forever!


She is gorgeous inside and out sexy, sultry and with a sense of humor like no other. My beautiful Dancing Queen!

57Alicia Keys
Beautiful in general, beats britney spears, jessica simpson and pam anderson.
She has talent and beauty that can't be defined
What can I say she is a mystery girl she have everything, she is every man dream because she got the beauty, hot body, intelligence, humanity, kindness, responsibility, joy, love etc... I adore her everyday! Having all this who else going to be hot than her! She deserve to be on the top of all women!
L from addis abeba

58Sandara Park
Dara has one of the sweetest voices I've ever heard form a musician! Her looks are recognised all over Asia and she's the face of popular girl group 2NE1! Makes me a proud BlackJack~
She's beautiful and more younger at age of 26. Also, she is very humble and funny person
Have you seen her? She's nearly 28, but she looks like a 14-years old teenager. The cutest girl of 2NE1 is the most desired as girlfriend. Do you know why? Because she's very pretty, cute, funny and she's got a very sweet voice!
And her eyes are big, if you see :) I'm an Italian BlackJack, I really hope a 2NE1 concert in Italy, and even if I haven't any bias in 2NE1 (IN GENERAL I haven't any bias ), I voted for Dara because she is simply... BEAUTIFUL. Nothing else to say, I think I said everything of Dara.
Love, an Italian BlackJack
[Newest]Even if she does look like a teenager, that all blows over when you discover she's thirty! She's all natural and very beautiful, without or with make up!

59Monica Bellucci
Ok, everythings subjective but this woman really needs to be much much higher, along with her blonde counterpart, Charlize Theron. Putting them this low is really an insult to God's artistry.


There isn't a word that describe Monica's beauty. She is simply the most beautiful women in the world, and she grows more beautiful than before. She has a perfectly shaped body, amazing features in her face, elegant dresses, and most erotic woman I've ever seen in films.
Beautiful face, gorgeous figure, beautiful curves... She is more beautiful than the above skinny sick girls
[Newest]Not words to say monica

60Tiffany Hwang
She's THE BEST, the most beautiful girl with an angelic eyes' smile..
How... PERFECT is she...
Tiffany is the most beautiful and hot girl in the world!
Tiffany from a well-known kpop group, Girl's Generation.

She's famous for her extremely attractive eye-smile. Her smile is able to melt both guys and girls' heart. On a side note, she has a cute and bubbly personality which never fails to bring a smile to her fans' face.

With a humble background and a family which is unsupportive of her pursuit of career, she nevertheless did not give up and always strive to be at her best in her music and stage performances. Her efforts can be seen from the tremendous improvement in her vocal range since debut. Plus she's always looking so hot and sexy on stage!


[Newest]My bias in SNSD, I love her to death.

61Salma Hayek
Another sexy Latina from Mexico. My favorite movies from her are Desperado, Fools Rush In, Studio 54, Once Upon Time In Mexico and her other roles.
This hot tomale should be in the top 10. What in the heck is she way down here for.. SHE'S ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS! Even my wife thinks so. Check her out in the movie from dusk till dawn as she dances with that snake wrapped around her body and you tell me! ABSOLUTELY STUNNING!
Classic dark haired beauty. Intelligent, sensitive, strong, what else could you want in a woman.
[Newest]Can't believe she is 60 on list, should be in top 3 easily.

62Cheryl Cole
Simply Perfection. The sexiest and most beautiful woman I have ever laid my eyes on. The fact she's not in the top 5 amazes me. Would literally do anything to make her my wife.
perfecto, deserves better than ashley, should be in the top 100, and definitely the top 5. stunning.


How is this goddess not #1?! She's absolutely perfect, face, body and even personality.
[Newest]This woman is ANNOYING.

63Elisha Cuthbert
Hello who can resist the girl next door especially when she was a porn star
She is one fine woman, I'd love to be the guy dating her!
She has a thing for hockey players, currently with Dion Phaneuf, Toronto Maple Leafs captain
now...she is one thing i certainly cant stop lookin at...she is wat i call a flawless female..
[Newest]For me the most beautiful girl... I was in love with her after watching her movie the girl next door... Adorable


64Lena Katina
Ahh, what makes Lena Hot... Her natural beauty, I love that she's stayed the same... From her hair color & length, to everything, including her top front teeth, which I find adorable. Of course I think she's got a great body and voice too. I found the Song NGGU a couple years ago now, I had to look up on web who sung it and found T.A.T.U. I now own every english tatu CD, and of course want more. Even the Russian ones, because even though the music sounds the same, it's usually a whole different song in Russian. Lena is putting out more music than J.V. right now, and has the old band with her... She looks good and sounds good. She can get a bit excited on stag, but that's fun to watch too. So, there's lots on the web about Lena, my favorites are the videos, I like the Truth Concert in St. Petersburg, and the Fankix Concert, and right now the Melody Video is playing while I type. This woman must have been raised right, because she has a wonderful personality, and so sweet. She's not obsessed with looks, would be happy in pajamas curled up next to you reading, and right before that, she was rocking the house with a kick'n concert.
She is really beautiful, nice and hot girl! Also Lena is very talented. I love her. She deserves the best.
This big boobed redhead, with a great ass is the hottest woman here! You should see that body of hers, you'll need a blanket to weep the drool! And plus all that, she is smart, kind, cute and extremely down to earth, what do you want more?
[Newest]Vote for Lena. A natural beauty. She's getting even more beautiful with age. She's always been hot, red-hot.
More comments about Lena Katina

65Solenn Heussaff
Half Filipino, half French celebrity. She has a tanned skin, slim and sexy body with beautiful and angelic face matched with her oozing sex appeal
She is sexy and beautiful. She is a talented also..
All I can say to Solenn is that she is gorgeous. !

66Carla Abellana
She's beautiful :))
Talented and very humble
A true Filipina beauty!

67Lindsay Lohan
perfect girl! her cute face makes me forget that she is 24 now
Lindsay is Gorgeous! She should at least be in the top 20.
She's pretty! She has beautiful hair and her freckles are cute.
[Newest]She should have stayed away from the plastic surgery, then she would have made the list.

68Anne Hathaway
Girl-next-door look with just enough sex appeal. Lovely and luscious.


She's amazing I love her she should be on the top ten
I actually got to see her boobs in love and other drug's! She is easily the hottest!
[Newest]She should be at first position

69Hilary Duff
She is like a soft ice-cream. Too cute to be true. Her Lizzie look will never fade away because she still looks as sweet as before. I wish I find some one in India like Hilary.
the cutest thing on earth... a true angel.. so small so girly. you just wanna hug her forever
hilary always rockz and shes the punk princess always...
[Newest]I want to play the guy that sweeps her off her feet in the Cinderella Story


70Mariah Carey
Well it is truth, Mariah has endured through the years and definitely has remained her beautiful and unique voice, she really is the perfect concept Diva! but has also proven to be kind and realistic with his audience. The music industry is an area very stressful! in spite of his 20 year career has managed to stay focused on the ups and downs of the trade! anyone in the industry can compare with her! She defined the word DIVA! THAT´S WHY SHE IS THE BEST FEMALE ARTIST OF ALL TIME! AND YEAH! I´M A SUPER LAMB! GO MARIAH FOR ANOTHER 20 YEARS!


well, with her age, she's the most hottest 40 yr old woman in the world..


She is the best singer in the world and has the most hottest body in the world
[Newest]Why isn't she at the top of the list?


71Sarah Geronimo
Shes very talented person. Known as The Concert Queen of the New Generation and the Popstar Princess who can sing, dance rap and can sing with dancing. Plus her beauty with or without make up. She is also a goodhearted woman. She can able to sing or dance with international or local artists that have talents. She can able to duet with international or local artists that have talents. She is very popular performer. I repeat she can rock with international or local artists that have talents like Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Celine Dion, Michael Jackson, Regine Velasquez, Evanescence, Britney Spears, Lea Salonga, Lady antebellum, Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, Lady GaGa, Shontelle, Madonna, Beyonce and etc. That's why if there new singer, dancer or rockster is people wants to compete them with sarah geronimo. Sarah have a very nice voice. Complete diction and can hit the highest notes. She can sing with fastest notes also. So Sarah Geronimo is always a NUMBER-1.
Sarah Geronimo is one of the hottest women in the world because she had proven it since she started showbiz, that was 9 years ago. She's a total performer (singer, dancer, T.V. host & Actress). Her movies are all block busters and was crowned 2 times as movie queen. She was given a slot for her own show called Sarah G. Live because of her non stoppable talent and so others will have a chance to shine also in her previous show called ASAP. I believe she's very qualified on this contest base on her perfomances which is is hard to recall them all. Good Luck Sarah G...
I think she should be in top 50 as a beautiful Singer and Actress. She has her Own show Sarah G which is show all over the world. AS a singer she's in the top 30 nad in beauty should be in top 50.
[Newest]She is the best ever. Beautiful inside and out.

72Eva Longoria
She's Latina, she's beautiful, and I love her role in Desperate Housewives.
Perfect body, super sexy legs, great smile and a classy intelligent woman. Every mans dream woman!
Number 1 for sure no to ways about it.
Absolutely drop dead sexy.. The only thing good about desperate housewives is her..

73Halle Berry
Halle Berry is an angel, she should no doubt be in the top ten, she is such a brilliant actress... And so sweet


The Oscar for Best Actress goes to Halle Berry. An incredible actress. Eric Bennett is so stupid to cheat on her. WHO WILL CHEAT ON HALLE BERRY!
[Newest]Genetic perfection, can't believe shes not on this list

74Hayden Panettiere
How is Hayden Panettiere not higher? Have you seen her? She's so beautiful.


She is hot, way too low for Hayden. Should definitely be higher than people like Gillian anderson uhhhg


The next big thing, definitely

75Shania Twain
Wow! Hot looks, red hair, great voice... She can sing me to sleep anytime!
Shania is the hottest country singer ever. Look at her videos, so sexy!
Shania twain is amazingly hot with her young and angelic face.
I never thought she was that beautiful till I saw her in the video having a concert in Chicago.. 5 thumbs up.

76Kim Taeyeon
Is a South Korean idol singer, host, radio DJ, dancer, actress, and promotional model. She is the leader and main vocalist of the South Korean girl group, Girls' Generation.
Her voice that sometimes cute, sometimes sad, sometimes charismatic is attractive leading man.
Her Smile is so cute, and she is a very talent singer and I love her dance performance.
[Newest]She is a dorky kid leader with the baby face. My top bias in SNSD ^^

77Ashley Benson
I am so jealous of her. She's the perfect blonde-hair blue-eyed beauty.

78Nicole Kidman
NiKi is the best of all... as they say... 'she's all that'...


Kidman is an international star, sought after by film directors, producers and writers to be in their favorite film project... Too many projects for one person to do but she is in huge demand.
She is always nude in her movies and good at sex scenes thats what makes her my #1

79Vida Guerra
She has quite the rear end. Truly an illustrious rear. She has the face to back up the caboose, which makes her even hotter.
She has a booty with no equal, a face with no equal, and a personality without equal. She is the sexiest ever.
if u want perfection here is perfection no other then the butt beauty herself vida guerra
[Newest]If you don't think vida looks good, something is wrong with you


80Alyssa Milano
Watch Embrace of the Vampire and THEN tell me that she doesn't belong in the top 10
Please, she's just perfect! She's the hottest and the most beautiful woman ever!


Keep staying true to yourself, my wife and I think you are great.

81Sophia Bush
Sophia Bush is number 58. Sophia Bush, the perfect woman with the hottest voice ever, is number 58. The world is coming to its end.
The most underrated woman in terms of how hot she is. Sophia Bush is incredibly hot in every way


Sophia Anna Bush at 70 what she has a fantastic personality and is immensely talented... You'd know if you watched One Tree Hill

82Lucy Hale
Cute and beautiful face

83Lucy Torres
Got the most luscious legs for me, and she's tall and beautiful, absolutely smokin' hot
She's the loveliest and prettiest celebrity mom/politician around. And she's sexy too.
The most beautiful celebrity/politician ever. She's one hot 'milf'.
[Newest]Long-legged flawless beauty. So desirable

84Brooklyn Decker
The girl from just go with it

85Olivia Wilde
Most Beautiful face! Has charisma all over here. No over the top stuff, just down to earth. Have liked every movie I've seen with her in it. My Dream Woman!
Are people blind over here... ? Only 2 people on this list deserve's to be at the top place... One is Oliva Wilde and other is Megan Fox... GOD's Finest, Flawless creations... Till date... !
[Newest]Sexy cheekbones! Love her

86Kristen Stewart
Have you seen her legs? Sorry but she deserves to be at least in the top tens! Shes so beautiful even in her simple jeans and t shirt, she doesn't need high heels and tons of make up to look pretty, shes already born beautiful, just breath taking!
She's an effortless babe with her t-shirt, jeans and sneaker she's a babe, very cool person's, her mistake wont affect who she is, it just a reminder that everything happens for a reasons... Kristen FOREVER!
A young and carefree actress beautiful inside and out,
sexy and beautiful in effortless way... Just wearing her t-shirt, jeans and sneaker... Effortless babe


[Newest]She's really pretty! Although she's got a blank expression

87Dianna Agron
She is absolutely inspiration to all girls all around the world because not only she is extremely pretty, but also kind, caring, loving, humble, gentle and down-to-earth.
From Glee. I beam with glee when I see her hot very sexy indeed.
Cannot believe she wasn't even in the list! Way hotter than most people on here
[Newest]I really can't resist such a beautiful girl of this kind. She never failed to let me feel softened every time I saw her.

88Alyson Michalka

89Selena Gomez
Selena gomez is talented beautiful cute pretty and come on she should be first place
She is so hot. She should be number one. Why did people not vote for her. She should not be dating justin bieber. She could do so much better
The most attractive woman that I've seen plus I'd tap her
[Newest]Your smoking hot every big wants you

More comments about Selena Gomez

90Sunny Leone
Although she's in the Adult Industry she's truly one of the hottest women living.
Present image is important than past. Salute to her struggle
She is absolutely beautiful


91Deepika Padukone
Hotness personified! A dusky beauty who is elegant, charming and also HOT! HOT! HOT!
Look her up, she deserves to be at least number 13. Very, very sexy.
Super sexy good legs wow another Bollywood siren.
[Newest]She is lest in my sweet actor

92Kim Hyun-a
HyunA is a talented singer! Vocals, rap sexy! Hot dance! But to the general public with glamorous image, but in real life she is very sociable and lovable different than on stage! Her dances are always fascinated viewers all the way!
Unlike other Korean idols, she has a natural beauty, charming but also very cute!
I think only a few years off when it comes to HyunA everyone will know it is a female idol talent and charm.
I like hyuna she is so sexy
Get this higher people! She is so hot.

93Cameron Diaz
She is top 5 for sure. She makes Jennifer Tilly look like Mama Cass Elliot.
My favorite! She definitely could have been number 1!!! Great skin, great legs, great hair great underwear. She is PERFECT! And damn she has gas!!


I sorta had a lesbian crush on her and Gia Carangi.. I am really surprised to see that Gia Carangi is not in this list! And Gia is way prettier than diaz and everyone up there combined

94Sofia Vergara
She's so hot! For those that don't know her she's in Soul Plane as the latina flight attendent and Four Brothers as Tyrese's girlfriend.
I'm surprised she's not on this list. She is hands-down one of the most beautiful women on T.V.! She's 40 and looks a hell of a lot better than most 20 yr olds!
She should be at the very top


95Emilia Clarke
235 come on people make her get to the top 10 where she deserves to be
Actually she es hottest and going up quickly
She is just amazing

96Emmanuelle Chriqui
She is the most beautiful girl I have ever seen in a movie. Are you kidding? She has everything. I first saw her in a movie about a guy that kissed a girl inside an elevator during a blackout. A she looked absoluty breath taking.
So not right that she couldn't crack the top 100


97Demi Lovato
She is a very good singer and beautiful girl. I love her so much!
[Newest]Demi is so pretty much prettier than Selena and Katy Perry

98Martina McBride
Perfect voice, with extreme beauty to match, just look at those eyes...

99Ashley Tisdale
It's one of my favorite actresses in the world! And it is really sexy. I can't believe how few votes received.

100Amanda Seyfried
Her eyes may be a tad large/don't seem to proportion well with her face but this blonde is pretty hot. Certainly she should be at least in the top 100?

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