Beyonce Knowles

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Wha… WHAT! She should definitely number one, and to all you HATERS saying she is a booty shaking fake, get a life. You're JEALOUS! If she is so horrible why is she being called the whitney houston of her era (by the way, whitney is the voted and chosen as the greatest female singer of all time) How could taylor swift be in front of her. She is ugly without makeup and Selena, I understand her being in front of taylor… but beyonce is a total package. How could this girls be in front of her.
NIW the cutest women in the world, I maybe could understand, but hottest... We talking ABOUT body too. How is Jessica alba in front of beyonce… you kno wwhat, I'm out

Beyonce Knowles at 16!? She is the most stunning, gorgeous woman on this list! Jessica Alba and Shakira are both beautiful but, nobody is a patch on Beyonce! All the other people above her should not even be in the top 20! Beyonce is phenomenal and she has the most amazing body! People please just type Beyonce in to google images and you will be stunned! And I don't get the huge hype over Megan Fox... I mean she is quite beautiful but really? She's not all that.

She is my idol and to others too. She is kind funny and has a bubbly personality. A great family which she has now. She does so much to make everyone happy. Every word I sing is brought out of my soul thanks to Beyoncé, there is no way I could thank her for being such a great inspiration even though she may be part of the Illuminati. I highly believe that if she wasn't, she'd still be at the spot she is now.

she is so cool... and she musnt be at the bottom list! she is so talented... ever! she is a great dancer... and a powerful singer! oh God I can't express it... ahhmm... she's a great actress and at the same time, a very great performer... and! she have a very nice Body Language! - shekaina09

Bey once is the sexiest and most talented woman alive. She has perfect body, voice, and she has a good heart, you can tell by looking at her. Who cares if angelina has like 10 adopted kids. Beyonce should be the numer one.

Beyonce not on the top five she is beautiful. She has like the perfect body, face, vocals and man in thw world she should be number 1. None of them other girls have albums. movies to br on the top charts. I DON NOT AGREE WITH THE LIST

If you want to be fair, she is Not the best singer, but definitely the HOTTEST one around today. No doubt about it. No way should be under the 13 named before her.

Beyonce is curvaceous and stunningly beautiful. How she's not in the Top 5 or at least Top 10 is beyond me. She is one of the most beautifulest women alive.

I think that beyonce has always been the finest out of every girl in the world, and I love the curves beyonce, and not only her body is awesome, her singing is off the hook

One of a kind. Can burn up a stage in a blink of an eye. That's what you call Beyonce heat! Nobody else can do it. Truly exceptional beauty and talent only Beyonce possesses.


How is beyonce this far down! She is the sexiest woman alive

1% of votes? Madness, she's the most beautiful woman of an entire generation, with all due respect to many of the other knockouts on this list. - KnutHudson

Duh, don't even need a reason to vote for her, shes pretty much flawless, if you don't find beyonce pretty, there's something wrong with you ) x

She is hot best singer best dancer and mother of one beautiful baby girl she should be in top 5 at least I love you number#1 fan love you

Go Bey! She has a perfect body! Many people have been inspired by her in order to get a body as hers. She should be #1 on the Top 10!

I hate her singing, but I really love that ass, plus she is cute and has nice boobs

she and shakira got to be my favorite two

How is she not in the top ten? She is just so beautiful. Honestly I would go lesbian for her. Beyonce is just too amazing for words.

Really I don't know how too classify you... you the best babe everything about you is hm sweet keep it you

She has so much emotion in her eyes... Unlike anything that is currently out there. Her drive and energy is second to none!

Well first of I love African Americans. But she is just perfect in every way then you throw in her voice and its over.

Are you kidding me!? Beyonce IS the HOTTEST! I LOVE her singing and just her speaking voice alone makes my heart melt.

Er... no. She is the hottest woman ON EARTH AND BEYOND, AND SOO THE BEST SINGER TOO! - HenP

She don't need a description, everybody knows that Beyonce is one of the hottest woman's in the world

Beyonce is the hottest singer in the world how did she come in 22% place ill tell you 2 words "VIDEO PHONE"